Best 125cc Dirt Bike for Beginners

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Are you a young bike riding enthusiast looking for the right bike to ride for fun? Are you a beginner in need of the right dirt bike to use for riding practice? Or are you just looking for the best 125cc dirt bike? With so many options on the market, you can never lack what your heart desires.

Dirt bikes are more popular today than ever before. In fact, there is no part of the world in which they are not popular. This is one of the reasons why more companies continue to create these machines. Even pre-existing companies continue to create new ones. Here are the top 125cc dirt bike reviews.

Taotao DB17


Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)

  • 4 stroke
  • Hydraulic
  • Ideal for stunt
  • Amazing speed
110cc Dirt Bike

Budget Friendly

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Red

  • Hydraulic discs
  • Lightweight
  • Amazing speed
  • 4 speed manual
X-PRO 125cc

Editors Pick

X-PRO 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Adults Dirt Pit Bike 125 Dirt Bike Dirt Pitbike,Big 17"/14" Tires! Cradle Type Steel Tube Frame! (Black)

  • 45 MPH speed
  • Good build quality
  • Great braking system
  • Lightweight

Top 5 Best 125cc Dirt Bike Reviews

1. Coolstar-Best 125 2 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • PCC motor
  • Up to 45 MPH speed
  • Brand new in crate
  • Requires assembling
  • Suitable for younger kids and adults who may less than 220 pounds
  • Require mechanical knowledge and skills to use and maintain

This is one of the best 125cc pit bike 2 stroke so far. It has been around for quite a while but still stands a top in a great way and for several reasons. This model has an excellent build quality for a dirt bike within its class.

Coolster is reputable for producing these kinds of bikes, and this specific model is one of their best dirt bike 2 stroke works. Find coolster dirt bike reviews to determine if it is right for you.

45 MPH

When it comes to speed, this dirt bike can go at a rate of 45 MPH. Considering its quality and class, such a speed is more than just excellent. It a feature that makes it great for racing and recreational riding. Besides, it is CARB approved, which means it is street legal in California.

Wide Range of Users

The Coolster 125cc is the excellent dirt bike road legal suited for kids who are 12 years old or above as well as adults whose weight is 220 pounds or below. That is a good age and weight range and can, therefore, be used by a variety of people. Also, if you need the bikes for beginners, this would be a good bike to try out.

Excellent Breaking System

Your safety is well catered for through the braking system. The front wheel has a double piston brake assembly. Similarly, the rear wheel has hydraulic disk brakes. Together, the two wheels have a great breaking combination that forms an unbeatable system.

We have dirt bike helmet reviews, so you can find the best one for your needs.

  • It is designed to support balance and control by newbies
  • A maximum speed of 45 MPH
  • Great for beginners
  • Efficient braking system
  • Brand new in crate
  • Cases of leakages have been reported

2. Apollo DB-X18-Best 125 Dirt Bike for Trails

  • 125cc engine
  • Four-speed manual
  • Cover up to 55 MPH
  • Comes in a metal crate
  • Operates with gasoline
  • Front and rear brakes use hydraulic discs

Apollo db-x18 dirt bike reviews explains more about this bike that is a good choice for beginners in bike riding. It has a variety of innovative characteristics to boast of. There is so much to like it for, especially if you are a fan of lighter bikes.

It has a smaller cubic centimeter, hence the lightweight. So if you are a teenager seeking to venture into dirt bike riding, this would be a nice bike for you, whether you are an experienced rider or a newbie. Check the apollo 125cc pit bike reviews here.

Horsepower and Weight

This dirt bike has a horsepower of 125cc and features a lightweight design. The engine functions on gasoline as the fuel and consumes very little compared to most of its major competitions. Its lightweight design also makes it excellent for kids and beginners. The horsepower is also great for newbies and young riding enthusiasts.

Amazing Speed

The Apollo DB-X18 runs at an amazing speed. It covers up to 55 MPH, which is faster than an average 125cc pit bike. The speed is neither too slow nor too fast, which makes it best dirt bike for beginners and young riders. Though it is not meant for racing, you can use it for minor trails and street riding.

4-Speed Manual

This dirt bike operates on four gears. All the gears are upwards except the neutral, which seems to be downwards. The gears are convenient to change and are as effective and efficient as you may expect such an innovative bike to be. The bike is generally a reliable piece of technology.

  • Highly efficient brakes
  • The wheels are superb
  • 4 efficient gears
  • Amazing speed of up to 55 MPH
  • Lightweight design
  • It is not suitable for racing

3. Apollo DB-007-Best Cheap 125cc Dirt Bike

  • The engine capacity of 125cc
  • Ignited with a kick start
  • The front wheel is 17″ while rear wheel is 14″
  • Comes inside a metal crate
  • Requires assembly

Do you have a kid who is a bike riding enthusiast? This would be the perfect gift to buy for such a child this year. Apollo DB-007 stands out as a cute and enjoyable ride that any beginner or just young riders would love every bit.

You can ride it on tough and rough roads and still enjoy it abundantly. Everything about it makes it suitable for nurturing young talents and giving youngsters something interesting to spend their free time on.

Lightweight materials

The general weight of the Apollo DB-007 is lower than many bikes of its size. The fact that it is made from lightweight materials makes it pretty light too. This is one of the reasons why it is convenient to maneuver through meandering roads and tight spaces with this bike.

Built for rough terrain

The bike can take on even the roughest terrain like it is nothing to it. The engine size and quality play a great part in making it capable of handling dirt roads and rough surfaces. The engine powers it effectively, giving you just enough control to help you make make riding more fun.

125cc engine capacity

Though it comes in an assortment of motor and engine sizes, the 125cc is one of the most common. Any enthusiastic young rider would get the best out of it. You can ride it constantly for hours without the engine getting heated in the process.

  • Has front and rear hydraulic disc
  • It is lightweight
  • Generally easy to control for youngsters and beginners
  • Elegant appearance
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • No headlight and turn signals

4. Apollo AGB 37-Best 125cc Pit Bike

  • 4 stroke single barrel air-cooled motor
  • Quick and pressure-driven brakes
  • Well balanced carburetor setting
  • Made of lightweight materials
  • High quality CNC-machined triple clasps

This is another kids’ dirt bike with exceptional features. If you need a dirt bike that can suit older kids, this can be the perfect model. It also has an attractive design that any young rider with love for elegance and style would really appreciate it for.

Apollo produces some of the good chinese 125cc motocross bike on the market, and the AGB 37 is one of those with the top selling 125cc dirt bike reputation in performance and reliability.

Quality Wheels and Tyres

It is equipped with genuine 17-inch tires that run through the rough terrain steadily. The wheels and tires minimize the chances of accidents. Which means that they are safety enhancers. Likewise, the tires do not wear out easily, even with constant use.

Strong and durable handlebars

The quality of handlebars determines a lot in terms of control, balance, and maneuverability. The handlebars are well designed and have been made strong and durable. You can make close turns very swiftly if you are an expert rider. The best part is that you can achieve all these without risking losing balance.

Sturdy and Steady

The design of the cylinder has been enhanced for optimal sturdiness. It is the same design that supports the general balance and steadiness of the bike. With just a little effort from the rider, keeping this bike on track is an convenient task.

  • The swingarm has been amended for higher utilitarian dependability
  • Excellent construction with lightweight materials
  • A durable tube that gives the bike a high degree of solidness
  • Fun to ride on uneven road
  • High responsiveness to the adjustable fork
  • Needs complete assembly

5. Taotao DB17-Best 125cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • Comes with 4 stroke
  • Uses a single cylinder
  • Comes with a front hydraulic
  • Has a common rear suspension
  • Maximum speed of over 55 mph
  • 4 speed with manual transmission

Another fantastic bike for kids 12 years and above. It is a true dirt road cruiser. It is also meant to nature new riding skills in newbies. This bike is also good for adults since it supports an upward of 230 pounds. Various parts have been designed innovatively and have therefore greatly enhanced the bike’s general performance.

It is capable of running on different terrains with wheels, tires, and shocks that are suited for it all. I hope the taotao 125cc dirt bike review will enlighten you.

Supports more than 230 pounds

This bike is for both children and adults. Riding enthusiasts as old as 12 years and above can use it. Both armatures and experienced riders can use it equally well. The fact that it is capable of serving riders with a weight that is more than 230 pounds shows you how large the age or weight bracket that it supports is.

Ideal for stunts

Riders who perform stunts use it a lot. Its design supports stunts and makes the employment of such skills very easy. Besides, the design also supports safety. Balance and control is superb, which is partly why most stunt coordinators prefer it.

4-speed manual clutch

This bike is a 4-stroke that gives every rider an easy time changing gears. The gears are easy to change, and the speed is amazing. With a maximum speed of more than 55 MPH, be ready to enjoy the thrill.

  • Amazing speed and control
  • Strong and sturdy design
  • CARB approved for California
  • Suitable for stunts
  • Supports more than 230 pounds
  • King of the rough dirt road
  • Kids younger than 12 years cannot use it

Buying Guide and Additional Information

So what is The Outstanding 125cc Pit Bike Out There?

There are lots of amazing dirt bikes out there. However, you need to recognize the fact that some do not deliver what their manufacturers promises. The dirt bikes mentioned here are among the top 125cc road legal dirt bike that there are on the market. All the models mentioned above appear in almost any list of the best dirt bikes you would find on the internet. Some of the mentioned models plus others that are not included here but are among the top rated dirt bikes include:

  • Coolstar 125cc pit Bike
  • Razor MX350 rocket electric Motorcross
  • The Honda CRF125F
  • Apollo precision tools AGB 37

What’s The Big Deal With Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bikes are better suited for rough road riding. Therefore, if you are an aspiring rider or riding enthusiasts looking to improve your driving skills, dirt bikes can be great for your ambitions. Riding off-road bikes improve your skills in road and track riding too. Using a dirt bike instead of a road bike will greatly improve your performance as a rider.

Are you looking for a sturdy and durable dirt bike tire that is ideal for riding on off-road terrain? If so, we have the perfect product in mind.

Besides, it works your body and helps make you fit. You are highly likely to tone your muscles really good if you ride dirt bikes often. People who are used to riding dirt bikes will also say that it gives an exceedingly fun experience. The satisfaction you get from driving dirt bikes is unrivalled.

2-Stroke or 4-Stroke Dirt Bike?

This question had been the center of a debate that has been around for quite a while now. The answer or to this question varies with a lot of things. Therefore, there is no specific answer to this question since different people may have different answers depending on, among other things, personal preferences, and the kind of riding experience you need.

It also depends on the kind of rider you are. In comparison, the 2-stroke bikes are simpler to control but harder to handle, tougher in build, and more powerful in performance. Likewise, with the 2-stroke bikes, you have to mix fuel with oil.

On the other hand, 4-stroke bikes are best 125 dirt bike for beginners. They are smoother to ride and are easier to control. However, to maintain the 4-stroke bikes, you need to be skilled in mechanics. This type of bikes requires more skilled maintenance. In terms of overall cost, the 4-stroke bikes cost more than their 2-stroke counterparts in the long run.

Which Manufacturers Make 125cc Dirt Bikes?

Numerous companies make dirt bikes, leave alone motorcycles as a whole. The companies can be categorized into common brands and new brands. This categorization does not indicate which of the two is better.

Though the companies that have been producing motorbikes for a long time and that produces reputable models are still the most trusted by customers, there are newer brands that have even surpassed the old ones. Therefore, as a user, you need to do your analysis with an open mind to determine the 125cc motocross bike for yourself, considering the uniqueness of your needs.

Regardless of the method of selection you employ or the kind of taste you have, we still recommend that you consider the tried and tested brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, and KTM.

How to Ride a 125cc pit Bike

You need to get used to the bike and its control first. The handlebar-mounted control is much easier to use. A combination of the handlebar controls and the foot controls is what makes the bike run the way you need it to.

The controls at the two handlebars include two levers and a throttle twist grip. The lever on the right handlebar is the clutch. The feet also controls two levers. The lever controlled by the left foot is the gear lever while the rear brake is controlled by the right foot.

To begin riding the bike, the clutch should be set at neutral. You can start the bike either by the kick or by ignition switch when the gear is on neutral. Once the bike is on, you have to pull in the clutch to engage the first gear.

In fact, you have to pull in the clutch to engage any gear. Once the first gear has been engaged, and with the clutch still pulled in, apply the throttle while you release the clutch slowly, both at the same time.

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Picking the Best 125 Dirt Bike for Beginners

Once you have analyzed the dirt mentioned above bikes, you can pick the one that best suits your needs. These are the 125cc motocross bike reviews. They can guide you in finding the best model. Each of the five bikes has its unique characteristics. Likewise, they have their unique strengths and weaknesses that you should look keenly into.

As a rider, whether experienced or a beginner, you should be extra choosy when picking your bike.

For beginners, the first bike should be special. Before you settle on any model, you need to make sure that the bike you are choosing is the right one. It should be able to tackle the obstacles that serious riding may present to it. Use this as a guide to help you make the right motorcycle choice.