Best 4 stroke Dirt Bike for Trail Riding Reviews

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Do you love intense bike racing? Are you into trying out new experiences?

Well, you should probably try out trail riding. This can be some new riding experience you have been missing out. Taking four stroke engine dirt bike rides on ridges can be a bit interesting! However, choosing the best dirt bike for trails and track is a hard task.

Coolster 70cc


Coolster Kids Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Youth Gas Pit Bike Semi-Automatic 4-Speed CRF50 Style (Blue)

  • Single-cylinder engine
  • Stiffer springs
  • Semi-automatic
  • Strongly built
Tao Tao DB14

Budget Friendly

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)

  • 110 cc
  • Max speed 40 mph
  • Automatic transmission
  • Heavily built frame
Apollo DB-X18

Editors Pick

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Kick start system
  • 4-speed manual clutch
  • Affordable

Therefore, you must do detailed research on dirt bikes that will be ideal for training to make your racing awesome. Here are the best 4 stroke dirt bikes reviews that will be of great help.

5 Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bikes for Trail Riding

1. Coolster 70cc- Best Gas Dirt Bike for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • 70cc single-cylinder engine
  • Wheelbase (Front/Rear wheel): 36.4″
  • Min ground clearance: 190mm
  • It is air-cooled
  • Easy to manage with fuel injection for easier starting and automatic clutch for novice riders
  • Specificities a 24.5-inch seat
  • Has stiffer springs

This is the best dirt bike suitable for youths and kids between the ages of 7 years up to 13 years. With this kind of a dirt bike, I can recommend it for a beginner. It’s a semi-automatic gas-powered bike with four gears that is ideal for dirt biking. However, the dirt bike has no clutch. Besides, it can sustain a weight of up to 130lbs and hold about 1 gallon. It comes with a speed of about 30 mph. This depends on the type off road and the weight of the rider.

Great for Beginners

With a 70 cc four stroke engine dirt bike, you can be sure of the safety of your kids. The off road dirt bike plays well in the mud as it is made out of strongly built material that are solid. Not forgetting the larger wheels that can hold up any the weight of a kid.

Helping you find the perfect budget dirt bike helmet has never been easier! We have a selection of reviews in our blog, come check them out today.

Fully Assembled

This bike comes 90% assembled so you have less tasks. You only need to attach the handlebars and the xc tires. It can also support a total weight capacity of 130 lbs.

  • Has an ability to start up quickly
  • Greatly supports weight
  • Reliable with decent knob tires
  • The seats and brake levers are comfortable
  • Easy to put up together
  • Has a poorly designed shift pattern

 2. Apollo 70cc

  • 3L tank capacity
  • Steel body material
  • 5 KW Brush Motor, 6HP / 4.5 KW maximum horse power delivery
  • 75 lbs net weight/102 lbs gross weight
  • 135 lbs maximum weight capacity
  • 65″/ 550 mm height to seat measurement
  • They have an electronic fuel feed into the transfer ports
  • Automatic 4 stroke single-cylinder air-cooled motor
  • 37 mph top speed
  • Suitable for bigger children and small adults
  • Is a 70 cc gas-powered engine
  • It’s fully automatic
  • Wheel Base: 930mm Front and Rear Wheel: 2.5-10″ and 2.5-10″
  • Ground Clearance: 5.79inches
  • Speed comes at about 35 mph
  • Specificities a horsepower of 6.1 hp
  • Features an air-cooled single-cylinder head

In our opinion, the best beginner 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding should already pose challenges to their skill level and wits. This is why we believe that the Apollo 70cc trail biking dirt bike can be a suitable choice for many children at this age.

Apollo 70 cc electric start dirt bike is the best bike for kids of ages seven up to nine years. In most instances, it suits kids who are probably you’re looking for 4 stroke dirt bikes that have power and offer smoothness. It also comes with training wheels that are perfect for maintaining the safety of the kid.

As a fully automatic gas dirt bike models, the Apollo DB-25 is a whole different beast than a kiddie bike. Thats already considered as the best 4 stroke trail bike by many because of its solid features, so any youngling will discover it an exciting off-road riding.

What makes it special is its powerful motor. As it comes with a 70cc, 6HP motor, this bike models can already help your little one take their trail biking to the next level. Because of thats an automatic, it’s easier to operate, so even juniors will get the hang of trail riding it in no schedule.

The unique style of the off road dirt bike with an excellent perimeter frame provides high performance. In most of the ultimate bike for trail biking, this kind of trail dirt bike offers great quality. Also particularly good for a beginner dirt bike rider is having an electric start system.

Features a Great Design

Bigger children can already handle more powerful trail bike since they’re usually more mature and skilled enough. So if your kid is going to begin trail riding at 9 or 10, they can already safely enjoy and take advantage of the features the Apollo DB-25 comes with.

Its specificities so great to enhance the performance of the dirt bike. Additionally, its design enhances the ability to provide an effective ride. It features an aluminum material that is of a high quality that, in return, offers smoothness and stability of the bike. The handlebar also a soft pad that gives comfort and safety while a trail road trip. The automatic clutch is designed in a way that ensures effective automatic transition.

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Reasonable Price

Some trail bikes with lower capacities and performance are pricier than this product, so if you’re after something that your little one can get a lot out of, this can be a solid option.

Comes with Quality Material

The perimeter frame specificities a tough material that is rugged to make sure durability. Furthermore, the material can withstand any surface. Nevertheless, there is a mild steel swing on the dirt bike that allows simple acceleration.

  • Fully automatic 4 stroke engine
  • Enough power delivery capability
  • The training wheels can be easily removed
  • Has an air filter that is a high performing
  • Its rear shock absorbers is highly advanced
  • Has a thicker gas tank
  • The chain and skid plate is made up of heavy-duty material
  • Tire tubes tend to break down some period of usage

3. Apollo DB-X18- Best 125cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • Fuel Capacity. 1.03 gallons
  • Body Construction or Material. Plastic body with heavy-duty steel frame
  • Motor. 7500 rpm max power delivery
  • Weight. 147.7 pounds
  • Weight Capacity. Can handle even weight of 220 pounds
  • Seat Height: 36.5 inches
  • Fuel Type. Regular pump gas
  • Engine Type. 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder
  • They have an electronic fuel injection
  • Max Speed. About 55 mph (or 40 to 60 mph depending on the weight of the biker)
  • Engine Cc. 125cc
  • Front/Wheel Base: 17″
  • Rear Wheel: 14″
  • Features a maximum power of 6.5kw/7500rpm
  • It’s a kick start system
  • Features a 4-speed manual clutch

Becoming a teenager for many is a rather significant milestone. At this age, your kid isn’t probably a beginner anymore when it comes to beginner trail bikes. They’re more experienced now, and they’re certainly more responsible. That makes the Apollo DB-X18 a best 125 4 stroke dirt bike for trail riding for them. The off-road dirt bike comes at an affordable price. With the great quality material of the dirt bike, it can handle an adult. However, it is designed to perform well along with the carburetor.

In fact, why not have them assemble it themselves? You can help of course, though the assembly won’t be all that hard. This is already 80% preassembled. You only need to put in the metal rack, the handlebar, and the tires (along with a few other stuff).

With good maintenance of the off road dirt bike, it can serve for a longer period. It is also ideal for recreational trail riding experience.


This is here on this list because despite the rather reasonable price, you get a bit more than what you can normally expect. It offers very good value for money, starting with the rather simple assembly. This is big and powerful enough for 13-year old younger with riding experience, and even when they get older and bigger, they won’t have to outgrow this. After all, you buy this thing not for racing but just because you (or your youngsters if you’re the parent) want to have a bit of fun on the trail riding experience.

Safety Measures

The seat height is high enough for many teenagers these days, and everything works properly. That’s not always true for other trail riding dirt bikes. The shift lever and transmission are easy to use, there are no problems with the brakes and clutch lever, and the rear shock absorber deals nicely with small and medium bumps.

 It’s Powerful

It is pretty so powerful. For instance, it kicks off at the first or second kick. Additionally, it allows you to learn on it easily. With the help of carburetors, the dirt bikes offer excellent acceleration. Not forgetting its awesome off road dirt bike suspension. If you bottom out the front fork, you can still get a swift ride with the front wheel. It can even go fast, but then again it won’t go fast enough for serious racing. That’s not the point of this bike.

Every biker knows the importance of a good helmet, and we’re here to help. We’ve compiled an article with some reviews on dirt bike helmets that you can read today.

Quality Wheel Design

The dirt bike is equipped with excellent wheels and you can get them in different sizes. You can get full confidence when you are trail riding this stroke engine dirt bike and get the best results. The off road dirt bike has a speed of 55 mph but this can vary based on your weight and road condition. The dirt bike utilizes four gears that are upward. However, the neutral gear looks like it is downward.[/su_box]

  • Everything works fine
  • The assembly isn’t hard
  • Can accommodate teens as they get bigger
  • Decent acceleration
  • Doesn’t look like a kiddie dirt bike
  • The dirt bikes has a good acceleration
  • The brakes and clutch lever works well
  • The frame design is easy to maintain
  • Well fit seat height perfect even for an adult
  • This is not really a racing dirt bike
  • No electric start system
  • If you crash, you’ll most likely break something
  • The small air fork bolts might come out during tightening
  • The carburetor performance is not sufficient

4. APOLLO AGB 36- Best 250cc 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

  • It a 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike
  • Fantastic rear wheel traction
  • Has a remote engine
  • Requires assembly of its parts
  • It is equipped with quality and powerful braking system
  • Easy to manage with fuel injection for easier starting and automatic clutch for beginner dirt bike riders
  • Features an electric start battery

This is a stylish, well-designed off road dirt bike with high performing, electric start features for dirt bikes. With the 250 cc, this is the best pick for adults. Additionally, its abilities can impressively give you a speed of up to 115 kh/hr. Nevertheless, with this 4 stroke dirt bike, you practically assemble the aftermarket parts yourself, thus gives you a great opportunity to understand your ride. Moreover, it has a great ability to maintain power and with powerful electric start too.


Since it comes unassembled and you have to do it by yourself, you, in return, find it easy to operate. The height seat is also perfect; thus, your feet barely touch the ground. The titanium valves are easily adjusted to give you an awesome brake. It does great work on trails. It also gives you a good break with a great climbing ignition. The 4 stroke dirt bikes is also very easy to put up as you don’t require instructions

  • It maintains a great power
  • The electric start is much convenient
  • It is quite affordable
  • With its large tank, it limits gas usage
  • Has a poor quality control in summer
  • Some of its parts are a bit weak
  • The suspension rock tends to be hard on some people

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5. Tao Tao DB14

  • It’s a 110 cc dirt bike
  • Features 28 inches seat height
  • Weighs 125lbs
  • 17″ front and 14″ rear wheel
  • Offers a maximum speed of 40 mph
  • Easy to manage with fuel injection for easier starting and automatic clutch for novice riders
  • Has an automatic transmission

The best part about Tao Tao dirt bike is that it easily handles trails perfectly. Its 4 stroke engine that is cool aired engineer helps to ride smoothly.

Additionally, the weight is light due to absence of electric start, which can be handled easily. This also helps a dirt bike rider maneuver well in the trail riding, it is made up of durable material to be used for longer periods. The off road dirt bike can offer up to 110 cc. It is one of the best choice for your riding style that target intermediate skill level and beginners in the industry.

Heavily Built Frame

The dirt bike is made up of heavily built frame that can withstand all the wear and tear you pass through. Additionally, the material are made of steel and comes in an awesome unique design. This also helps the off road dirt bike to maintain a consistent amount of control during braking and trail riding experience.

Has Disc Brakes

It features disc brakes both at the front and at the back that great in making stops or slow down whenever you need has a maximum speed of 40 mph just depending on the kind of the road you are using.

  • Has a great engine start
  • The cylinder comes with a four-cycle engines
  • Features a hydraulic disc at its front
  • Has an awesome seat height
  • Tends to be fast for beginners

Buyers Guide of Ultimate 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

What is four-cycle engine?

It refers to a type of engine where the combustion takes place is four different cycles. In this type of cycle, the piston should complete four different rotations, mostly preferred to as strokes while turning. In other words, four-cycle engine capacity refers to the movement of the piston along the cylinder in any direction. Besides, strokes come in different varieties — for instance, the exhaust, combustion, intake, and compression.

In intake, also referred to as the suction or induction. In this type of cycle engine, it begins at the top and ends at the bottom. Mostly, the intake valves is located in an open place whilst the piston pulls air into the cylinder and creates a vacuum pressure, which eventually provides a downward motion.

In the exhaust, the piston comes from the bottom to the top while the exhaust pipe is open. Besides, the combustion cycle engine ignites. The cycle engine gives mechanical combustion that facilitates the work. Lastly, the compression one, the stroke engine begins at the bottom and ends at the suction area. The piston power stroke compresses the preparing air mixture. At this stage, the intake and exhaust valves close at this point

Two strokes vs 4-stroke what is best?

Well, I can’t easily judge which one is the best. It all depends on your preferences. The difference between the two is how fast combustion occurs in their engines. Well, take a look so as to make the right decision. Both are good, but one tends to outweigh the other.

  • Two Stroke

In 2-cycle engines, the whole process of combustion is just completed by one cycle engine that is the compression stroke. After that, it is then followed by compressing of the fuel. On its return, the outlet lets out a fresh air mixture that goes into the cylinder. On every single revolution, the spark provides fire, and power is gained after every two strokes of piston motion. Keep in mind that this two-strokes ensures that the oil is well pre-mixed.

  • 4 Stroke

In this type of engine, the piston ensures that each 2-cycle engine revolution is completed. It features the compression and the exhaust.

On top of that, the return cycle engine follows. Fire is plugged after every movement in each revolution. This ensures that power is produced at every four strokes of the revolution of the piston. They don’t require pre-mixing of the fuel since they feature another compartment to store the oil.

Is a four-cycle engine dirt bike fast?

In most instances, the arguments about which engine is fast are hard to tackle. This depends on what you love and prefer. However, four-cycle engines tend to kick fast as compared to other engines. This is because they pose complex features that enhance their playability. They feature all four types of stroke, compression, exhaust, intake, and compression. Besides, the engine release sparks of fire after every two revolution of the strokes. This typically means that there is more energy delivered, which can be predicted.

Furthermore, these kinds of engines provide a smooth power band that makes the 4 stroke dirt bike effective to ride. This can be the ultimate dirt bike for mountain trails as it tends to flow easily. The ability to control energy makes the trail dirt bike fast, and one uses less effort on trials. You can probably have an amazing ride. With the convenience of the great engine size, you can spend less effort on brakes, clutch, and shifting of these four-cycle engine dirt bikes.

However, with additional moving parts, the engines tend to be heavier. This means that they will be a bit expensive as you need to maintain them well. Most riders prefer these types of 4 stroke dirt bikes as they are easy to maneuver with great energy control.

How fast does a 4 stroke dirt bike go?

It all depends on the type of four-cycle engines dirt bike you are using. Some 4 stroke dirt bikes with 250 cc can give up to 80km/hr of speed or more depending on the cc of the dirt bike. First, most of the dirt bikes are easier to use as they tend to be light due to absence of electric start.

With a light 4 stroke dirt bike that you got much control over, trust me, you can ride at a higher speed. However, with kids and beginners tend to use a low type of speed that is safe for them since they are learning the ways of ridding.

The speed of the four dirt bikes also varies depending on how well you are gearing the 4 stroke dirt bike, your weight, among other things. This means that everyone can have different speeds while trail riding. Aggressive riders tend to conquer a much higher speed as compared to others.

How Long Can Trail Dirt Bikes Run?

The type of mini trail bike you want to give your child will determine its operating period. For gasoline-based trail dirt bikes, they’re limited by their fuel tank size. Some dirt bikes will have a 20-minute operational time with a full gas tank.

Take note, the size of the tank can change depending on the brand and model. But in most cases, they have a carrying capacity of 0.2 gallons. In the long run, this type of dirt bike is more ideal since expert bike rider won’t need to take breaks.

As for electric dirt bikes, they function as long as there’s an electric charge in its battery. It uses a 120V power outlet to charge, and the required amount of time needed to get a full battery varies. The general average is 9-12 hours. Tip: Keep a trickle charger on the battery if you don’t plan to ride for a while.

The average operating period for electric 4 stroke dirt bikes is 30-60 minutes. It will depend on whether you’re trail riding at full speed, as well as your weight. But the downside is that you’ll need to finish a full charge cycle before you can use it once more.

Is a four-stroke dirt bike street-legal?

I would say yes. This is because the four-cycle engines dirt bike has a couple of unique features that can be of use when trail riding the dirt bike on the street. First, these types of dirt bikes are not noisy. The calmness of the dirt bike when starting makes it perfect for off-road riding in the United States or anywhere around the world.

Additionally, its engine produces less emissions as compared to 2-cycle engine dirt bikes. If you insist on having the 2-cycle engine dirt bike legalized for street use, you might just have difficulties as it might fail emission tests. So you better go with the dirt bike for trail riding.

Nevertheless, the four-cycle engine trail dirt bike uses less fuel, thus the best dirt bike tire for trail riding. The new four-stroke engines are more efficient as they tend to consume less fuel for longer rides. You will probably fall in love with such benefits. Plus, you don’t have to go through the pre-mixing of fuel as the 4 stroke dirt bike comes with a separate tank for fuel.

Keep in mind that if you’re looking to street ride, get the best dirt bike for 10 year old boy that is legalized for such, or instead, you might find yourself facing the law. Have the right four-cycle engine dirt bike that is legal in the streets!

How Much Maintenance Does a Dirt Bike Require?

It takes a lot more time and effort to maintain a four strokes dirt bike than to take care of a regular dirt bike. After all, you also have a motor to consider. If you’re the parent, you may want to print out or send a file of this section for your off-road riding 4 stroke dirt bike.

Here Are Some Things You Need to do for Your 4 stroke Dirt Bike on a Regular Basis

1. Wash the trail Dirt Bike

You probably should do this after every ride, especially around a muddy track. The key rule is that you take care and wash it gently.

You can get started with some brushes and a bucket of water so you can get rid of the mud sticking to your dirt bike. A pressure washer works too, but then you have to be a bit more careful in aiming it. You’ll want the water to go away from the 4 stroke dirt bike once it washes off the mud. That’s because you don’t want mud and water getting into more sensitive places in the dirt bike.

In fact, even if you use a water bucket you may want to use an airbox cover as a seal for the carburetor.

2. Drying the 4 stroke Dirt Bike

The next step to trail dirt bike maintenance is inspection. But you have to do this when the electric dirt bike is absolutely dry. So, after you wash it, you may want to use a leaf blower or a dryer to accelerate the process.

3. Look for Leaks

Now that everything’s dry, you want to check for leaks. Check under the motor, and of course check the ground too. You should also see to it that your brake fluid and coolant fluid aren’t leaking either.

4. Check the Chain

First, you should make sure this is clean. If the drive train is really muddy, you may just want to let it dry while you sleep and then you can take care of it in the morning. By that time, the mud would have dried so you can just use a nylon brush to get rid of it. Then you should a good-quality lubricant for the drive chain. Brands you can trust include Bel-Ray, Maxima, and Klotz.

5. Checking the Chain Tension

There should be some slack to your chain, because this slack compensates for the movement of the suspension system. So, it can’t be too taut.

At the same time, it can be too loose too. This is too loose if you can take out the chain from the rear sprocket. You then have to replace it.

A nice compromise here would be to have a half-inch slack for the chain when you have the swingarm parallel to the ground. This should compensate for any suspension movement.

6. Check the Bolts

These bolts could have loosened after going though all that vibration. So, look the hardware over and tighten the bolts as necessary.

7. Look Over the Controls (Including the Cables)

If your clutch and throttle cables are kinked or frayed, then this is time to replace them.

Check the throttle control and that you have just enough free play. You can put the electric 4 stroke dirt bike on a work stand first. Start it up, then let it idle. Now rotate the handlebars as far back as you can in all directions. Did the motor RPM increase? If it did, you need more free play for your throttle cable.

You should also test the responsive action of the throttle control. It has to snap back smartly when you twist it.

8. Cleaning the Air-Filter

The air-filter should be kept clean, so that you maintain your electric dirt bike performance and you avoid any expensive damage to your engine. You can use a premium spray-on air-filter cleaner for this, though you can also use a household cleaner mixed with water. When the filter dries, cover it with a coat of premium air-filter oil.

9. Checking the Tire Pressure

You really should get into the habit of checking the tire pressure before each time you drive your electric four strokes dirt bike. That means you need to have a tire pressure gauge. If you’re running on muddy grounds, keep the front tire at 8 psi and the rear at 6 psi. If you’re on dry ground, the front tire should be 14 psi and 12 psi for the rear tire.

10. Check and Change the Oil

Check the manual to see how often you should replace the oil. Some of these manuals will tell you to change the oil after every ride. Don’t complain; your engine lasts longer when you change the oil more frequently.

11. Replace the Brake Fluid

You need to do this every now and then, because brake fluid has this annoying tendency to absorb moisture. That makes the brake fluid less effective. Use DOT-4 alcohol-based brake fluid, as this is recommended for most trail 4 stroke dirt bikes for riding.

12. Check the Coolant

Check the coolant level and top off if you need to. Flush the coolant and replace it about once a year.

13. Grease the Necessary Components

Use moly grease, petroleum-based grease, or PTFE-based grease for these areas that need the grease. Apply the grease to the steering head bearings, the rear shock seals and forks, and the wheel bearings and seals. Don’t forget the sealing area of the air-filter, the swingarm, and the hardware.

14. Check the Brake Pads

When there is only 1mm of it left (or if the indicator marks have become invisible), this is time to replace the brake pads.

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Final Words

Finally, the time is here for you to battle over what will be best for you. With the best four stroke dirt bike for trail, I would recommend Apollo DB-X18 125cc 4 stroke Dirt Bike for trail.

All the other remaining four dirt bikes are unique on their own, but there comes a time when one outweighs the others. It’s unique that dirt that comes unassembled. This allows you to understand the 4 stroke dirt bike as you assemble it.

Additionally, the 4 stroke dirt bike is made out of quality material that are of quality. The material can withstand long, tough terrains. Besides, the seat height is perfect for anybody. By this, I mean that even the adults can ride the dirt bike if your weight can be supported by the dirt bike. It comes in at an affordable price.

The great value that the 4 stroke dirt bike will offer is worth your pennies. However, with all that said, choosing a four strokes dirt bike for trail biking will depend on what you like and feel good with. We have highlighted the best 4 top 4-cycle engine dirt bikes for trail biking that are outstanding in the market. The rest remains with you.