Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Kids Reviews

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Ever thought of getting your kid the best motocross bike? Taking rides with a dirt motocross is the best activity for kids. Therefore, purchasing a motocross sport bike for your kid is not a walk in the park. Especially if your kid is a beginner, it may not be secure. You will probably need to do a lot of research on the best 50cc dirt bikes for kids’ reviews.

It will help you have enough information on what to choose. Mostly, dirt bikes are the best for kids. Most of the bikes with this range are small, thus perfect for kids.

X-Pro Bolt


X-PRO 110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Kids Dirt Pitbike 110 Dirt Pit Bike,Red

  • Two-stroke bike
  • Speed control
  • Pull start
  • Great safety feature
X-PRO 110cc Dirt Bike

Budget Friendly

X-Pro 110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Kids Dirt Pitbike 110 Dirt Pit Bike with Gloves, Goggle and Handgrip (Blue)

  • Swing arm
  • Two-stroke
  • Twist throttle
  • Lightweight

Editors Pick

SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike Holeshot 50cc Gas Power Mini Dirt Bike Pit Bike Fully Automatic Transmission (Yellow, Year 2021)

  • 4-stroke
  • Electric Start
  • Long-lasting
  • Great performance

Who Makes the Best 50cc Dirt Bikes

1. SSR-Best Cheap 50cc Dirt Bike

  • Has a swing arm
  • It is a two-stroke motocross with a single cylinder
  • Features an ignition switch for security
  • The single-speed transmission with an automatic clutch
  • The air system is a YZ-type air filter
  • Seat height: 23 inches
  • It has an integrated twist throttle
  • Never use the kill switch
  • Starter system: pull start button
  • Front and rear brake: Disc
  • Recommended for kids dirt bike riders of 12 years old or over

SSR 50cc bike is one of the most affordable pit bikes in the market. Probably I would say it is a cheap motocross bike and most suitable for beginner kids. This comes in a variety of colorful colors that your kids will fall in love with.

Besides, it features a front disc brakes that enhances stability when making stops. The wheels come in 33 inches, large enough to improve firmness on bad roads. The adjustable speed limiter helps to maintain the power and control of the bike.


With its 45lbs, the kid can be able to carry the 50cc dirt bike whenever they drop it. Furthermore, it makes the bike easy to transport from one place to another with less effort. The weight can also handle the weight of the kid.


This bike comes at a meager and affordable price. If you are running low on budget, you can consider purchasing this kind of bike. With this, your kid can enjoy dirt biking as it comes with unique features best for the price.

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Superb Design

It comes in a fantastic design that is best bike for kids. The pit bike is built of sturdy materials that can withstand frequent use hence offers durability.

  • It comes at an affordable price
  • The pit bike is way too light
  • Its parts are easy to put together
  • Comes with the necessary safety gear like helmets, riding boots, gloves, knee pads, and other protective outfits
  • It is excellent for beginners
  • Ground clearance is only at 5.8 inches
  • It runs smoothly and tops out around 30 to 35 miles per hour
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • Has a poorly designed chain system
  • Tends not to be stable
  • No kick start system
  • The plastic material might be fragile

2. X-Pro Bolt- Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Adults

  • It is a two-stroke bike with an air-cooled engine
  • Has a variety of colors
  • The speed control is safely designed
  • Features a package that is anti-drop
  • The single-speed transmission with an auto clutch
  • Low ground clearance
  • Pull start
  • It has an easily adjustable throttle control
  • Recommended for kids dirt bike riders of 10- 12 year old

It is a way better motocross for the kids as it comes with everything you will need to assemble the bike. Nothing comes missing. It also has a long cable of about 4 inches that gives a lot of room. It is a best 50cc motocross racing dirt bike 10 year old as it features pegs that hold the low seat firmly.

It gives you a top speed of 25 miles hence the best 50cc two stroke dirt bike for young riders. Furthermore, its unique design works to ensure safety.

variety of colors

With this kind of motocross, your kid will catch everyone’s attention in the neighborhood. You should consider a bike with a companion that is irreplaceable. It helps to ensure that when your kid grows up, they will still love the bike.

High Performing

This bike is a two-stroke engine with an air cooler. It ensures that there is no overheating when dirt biking. Additionally, the engine does not need a lot of maintenance. It is also a powerful engine to maintain the speed that is essential for beginners learning throttle control.

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Great Safety Features

The anti-drop feature used in packaging ensures that the bike is delivered safely. The front, the rear disc, offers excellent stopping power. More natural control is also felt.

  • It is easy to assemble
  • The handles design is at a suitable height
  • Comes with training wheels
  • Comes in good quality for high performance
  • Has a unique design
  • The front brake and wires tend to be dangerous while braking
  • The plastic material for the goggles breaks up easily
  • No kick start and electric start system
  • The gloves do not fit the kid

3. SYX MOTO-Best 50cc Road Legal Dirt Bike

  • Has a 50 cc engine
  • Comes with suspension for comfortability
  • A front and back disc
  • Has a 21-inch seat height
  • A shock absorber
  • Pull start and Electric Start
  • Strong low-to-mid range power delivery that can be easily handled
  • Recommended age of rider is 6 year old and up

It is one of the lightest 2 stroke bike. It is made up of a sturdy material that can hold the dual suspension of the 50cc bike . It also features unique features that make it outstanding in the market. The incredible thing about the motorbike is the fast.

It gives up to 30 mph maximum top speed. It can be fun for kids who prefer higher speeds. With the provision of a warranty, it is the best rated 50cc dirt bike.

Offers security

 If you are concerned about the power output, you can use the throttle limiter screw to ease your mind and improve safety. For a comfortable ride on motocross track, pull the screw out a bit more enabling more throttle twist. The 50cc dirt bike specificities a throttle limiter that works to ensure that your kid is safe. The throttle limiter efficiently limits the speed, thus ensuring that the kid does not go so fast since it can be dangerous.

Easy to Operate

The motorbike has a seat height that makes it easy for the kid to riding. The high control of power and speed makes it easy to ride without training wheels. You should not have to waste a lot of time trying to train the kid. The bike is easy to understand its operations.

Additional Accessories

The box comes with tools that will hasten the process of assembly. With this, you can easily install the rear shock absorber and the wheels. The motorbike material is of high quality.

  • Has a sturdy frame design
  • Start the bike correctly with on a single start
  • Offers perfect speed
  • It is easy to assemble with good quality
  • Has a powerful engine to handle any type of a road
  • It is difficult to find replacement parts
  • No kick starter system
  • The bolts tend to be loose

 4. AR DONGFANG- Best 50cc Dirt Bike for Racing

  • Comes with accessories
  • It is available in different colors
  • It is a four-stroke engine
  • Pull start and Electric Start
  • Recommended age of rider is 8 years old and up, but you should determine the ability level of your child before allowing them on any motorcycle

If you are probably looking for the 4 stroke motocross bike, then you should consider this motorbike for young riders. It has a lot of unique specificities that enhance how it works. Additionally, the wheels and suspension come with matching colors. The brakes are also easy to manage. They ensure that slow down and braking is steady.

Besides, the sizeable wheels enhance the balance of the bike against the weight of the kid. It is the best budget 50cc dirt bike as it offers full transmission that is automatic. With this, you don’t have to worry about shifting gears.

 Great performance

It is a 50 cc bike with a four-stroke engine. It gives it the ability to maintain speed and power correctly. A four-stroke engine, noise pollution is limited; hence the kid can have so much fun while trail riding. Its pull start feature effectively allows the kid to start the bike at the single pull.

Quality Material

The wheel is made out of aluminum material that is much durable. The material ensures it withstands frequent use by the young riders. With this, the kids can ride without fear of wear and tear.

We have a guide for you that will help to find the best dirt budget bike helmet.

Quality Rear Suspension

This ensures that shock is absorbed. Keeping the kid’s safety while riding should be of great importance to every partner.

  • Offers high braking power
  • It is easy to assemble the motorbike
  • The product is so durable
  • The engine is so high quality
  • a fully automatic transmission
  • The product does not come with a manual
  • No kick starter system
  • Doesn’t comes with training wheels
  • The tools that accompany the product are irrelevant

5. Fit Right 2020 DB001 gas powered- Best Chinese 50cc Dirt Bikes

  • Has a two-stroke engine that requires oil mixing
  • The seat height is 22 inches
  • Gives chain drive transmission
  • Front & rear dual disc brakes
  • Comes with an automatic clutch
  • Gas powered with easy pull start
  • Can offer top speed 20 mph
  • Wheel size 69 inches
  • It has a choke knob
  • Gas tank capacity: 0.26gal(1L)
  • This bike also has a throttle stop
  • Start System: Hand Pull Start
  • Recommended age of rider is 8 years old

It is a fantastic starter bike for young riders that has a 49cc air-cooled and two-stroke engine for high level of performance. Furthermore, the bike has a one-liter tank that minimizes the use of the oil. The mini 50cc dirt bike for kids gives the kid an opportunity of a lifetime of fun. It is the best 50cc mini dirt bike young riders.

The chain system is impressive as it provides a high grip on the motorbike. Furthermore, the design of the brakes is fantastic to give smooth and fast braking power. The additional accessories ensure that nothing is loose when the bike is assembled.

 Easy to Install

The good thing about this mini 49cc kids dirt bike is that it comes almost ready. By this, I mean that it is completely put together. The only feature you have to work on is the handlebars, footpegs, front fender, and a front tire. Mostly perfect with kids who don’t weigh a lot.

Great Speed

The kid dirt bike is too fast for you. The give the kid time to ride with parental supervision. Since the mini bike allows the kid to have better control of the power and speed. The brakes are good at maintaining the rate at which the bike stops.

Affordable Price

The motorbike for young rider has great specificities that your kid will fall in love with. With such great specificities, it is worth your pennies.

  • Great for first-time riders as it is automatic
  • Has limited specificities to assemble
  • It is light-weight thus easy to handle
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Gives effective results
  • The manual has little information

Best 50cc Road Legal Dirt Bike FAQs & Buyer’s Guide

How Fast a 50cc kids Dirt Bike Go?

Most of the time, parents are insecure about how fast dirt bikes go. You will probably be asking yourself, what is the best chinese 50 cc dirt bike? Well, most of the 50 cc dirt bikes can go as far as 25 or 40 miles per hour, depending on the type of dirt bike. This may look like a dangerous speed for younger kids. So as a parent, if you are insecure about the speed of the motorbike, you should install a throttle limiter control. It ensures that the speed of the motorbike is minimized; thus, the risk of getting injured is reduced. If you succeed in reducing the speed limit, then it is safe for the children.

However, no speed is recommended if your kids are not putting on protective dirt bike gear. Even though dirt bikes have a high speed, the kids at times tend not to reach the maximum speed. This should not change your mind. All activities that the kids are involved in have risks in one way or another. Besides, parents worried about high-speed injuries should know that research states that kid dirt bikes do not pose significant risks. Allow your kids to explore.

The Ideal Age to Ride 50cc Dirt Bike

There is no perfect age for the kid to start riding bikes. Riding dirt bikes is a hobby for everyone. It all depends on your kid, if the kid feels ready to get on to a speck of dirt, then you should allow them. There are a variety of dirt bikes that even a kid as old as three years old can ride. In general, there is a motorbike for every kid. You probably should just know the weight and the height for the kid. You will find the best 50cc two stroke dirt bike that suits you. In most instances, the first time riding, it might be tough. As parents, you need to encourage the enthusiast kid to keep pressing on. With few days into riding dirt bike, the kid gets used to the bike. Keep in mind to find a light bike that can maneuver easily.

Kids Dirt bike Cost

Getting the perfect first dirt bike is not a walk in the park, especially if it involves the price tag. There are various types of dirt bikes, and the models vary in prices. However, there are two types of motocross bikes, such as electric dirt bike and motorized bikes. It all begins with what you want to buy for your kid. The electric dirt bikes tend to cost cheaper as compared to the motorized dirt bikes.

Furthermore, there are a variety of aspects of dirt kids you need to consider. Depending on the advancement of the specificities of the bike, dirt bike also costly, depending on the type of motorbike for young rider. Additionally, some dirt bikes that come with safety tools and protective gear can be a bit expensive. You should probably work with your budget. However, it is recommended to buy a dirt bike that will save you a lot of money from repairs.

Why is a 50cc Dirt Bike Right for Your child?

When shopping, you should consider 50 cc dirt bike. It is most convenient for beginner kids. There are a lot of reasons why 50 cc dirt bikes are great for kids. It is the best starter young rider as the kids can sit on it comfortably and handle the power of the bike. Most of the bikes are automatic, and 50 cc is the smallest engine in the market. Furthermore, the technical issues of this dirt bike are easy to understand and handle. Solidly designed to control what a kid can put it through.

Is Dirt Bike Riding Dangerous for Kids?

According to most researchers, riding dirt bikes is not safe for kids. However, you should put in mind that there is no safe activity for the kids. Everything is unsafe, but you should let the kids do what interests them. With the help of proper training, wear protective gear clothes, among others, the kid is probably safe for dirt bike riding. When the kids become responsible, they can ride smoothly without you worrying about their safety. Ensure that you set the motorbike for young rider at a speed where the kid can handle it correctly with less effort.

What are your Key Considerations in buying a 50 cc dirt bike?

Height of the Kid

When deciding on the best cheap 50cc dirt bikes of your kid, you should consider the height of the kid. It will help a lot when it comes to determining the seat height of the bike. Additionally, the height of the kid plays a vital role to enhance the comfort and how the kid handles it. One of the most significant ways to know if a dirt bike fits you is to sit on the bike and see if your feet touch the ground. Importantly, this helps to put more weight on the suspension, which in return gives you steadiness.

The Weight of the Kid

Another essential factor to consider is weight. You should go for a motorbike that best supports the importance of the kid. It helps to distribute the load across the bike. Not all beginner kids should not begin on a small bike. Their weight might affect their suspension. However, most people learn to ride fast on smaller bikes. Go for a bike that can comfortably handle the suspension. It gives the kid a smooth ride and much fun. You should learn without training wheels that whenever the kids outgrow, they will need a bigger cc bike. So get the right weight motorbike.

The Level of Experience of the Kid

Most of the kids have different levels of experience with dirt bikes. We got beginners who will take a motorbike that is safer and easy to understand. It gives them a better opportunity to ride with courage. For kids that are advancing from one dirt bike to another, will need something different. These kinds of kids have some experience and are willing to have a more advanced dirt bike that will be challenging for them. Ensure you get it right.

How Much Maintenance Does a Dirt Bike Require?

Investing in the maintenance of a dirt bike is like adding another budget on you. These dirt bikes for kids should probably do a back to back maintenance. It is to ensure that the bike is safe before the kids leave for riding. The support all differ with the type of dirt bike. For instance, the four-stroke bikes require to check air filter and clean it periodically and with a lot of maintenance. Kids who do this as a sport would also need a day to day maintenance to ensure the durability of the bike.

Maintenance of over to overtime might just be the perfect thing to do when it comes to kid’s bike. This is a fantastic way to ensure that the bike works effectively. With this, you don’t need to worry about the safety of the kid. It’s like everything is set for them to enjoy. You should go out and check the maintenance routine for dirt bikes like if you have no information about it. It will take you through the correct procedures on how to handle Maintainance.

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Picking the Best Rated 50 cc Dirt Bike for Your kids

There comes the point where the ball falls in your hands. It is the time where you will be forced to choose from the best 50 cc dirt bike reviews we have reviewed above.All the above products are excellent and fabulous. However, they come with different features, which makes them different.

Besides, you will find that among these products, one outweighs the other. Among the five best 50cc road legal dirt bike for 10 years old, we choose the AR DONGFANG. It is because the bike comes with a four-stroke engine. With this, it offers high level of performance. The engine is less noisy and produces a considerable amount of power.

The rider can easily control the power and maintain a steady speed. The bike also safe for use with any kid of any age. This buying guide has a lot of unique information that contributes efficiently to riding experience outcomes. In general, most of the dirt bike is easy to handle and operate. Dirt bike riding is an excellent sport for every enthusiastic kid ready to join the industry. With the right research and information about dirt bikes, you should probably be sure to choose the best dirt bike. So, let’s get it right!