Best Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews

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With China being the manufacturing giant that they are, are you willing to give their dirt bikes a shot?

Most folks are fine with lots of their items being made in China but is it okay to use Chinese-made recreational vehicles as well?

We’ve found it necessary to look into the best apollo dirt bike reviews to find out if you should really give such products a chance

Apollo 007


110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Mini Gas Dirt Bike Kids Youth Dirt Bike Pit Bike 110cc Gas Dirt Pitbike ,Red

  • Manual clutch
  • Air cooling system
  • Easy operation
  • Good suspension
Apollo AGB-36

Budget Friendly

SMART DEALSNOW Brings BRAND NEW APOLLO Dirt Bike 250cc AGB-36 APOLLO with Standard Manual Clutch - MIDNIGHT BLACK Color

  • Manual clutch
  • Heavy-duty
  • 4-stroke engine
  • Dual fuel option
Apollo DIRT BIKE DB-x18

Editors Pick

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Green

  • Strudy build
  • 4 stroke engine
  • Kick start
  • Smooth drive

Chinese bike manufacturers are tempting riders with their very affordable prices and rugged designs. Since this brand is one of the rising stars in the industry today, more and more folks are trying to find out whether they’re worthwhile options. If you’re one of them, check out our detailed review below.

Best Apollo Dirt Bike Reviews

It’s completely understandable if you’re hesitating in getting a apollo dirt bike. Their manufacturing performance and standards aren’t exactly up to American standards so many still frown upon their products. Dirt bikes are amazing bikes to ride because they are perfectly suited for the off road.

However, with so many things made in China nowadays, a lot of them still get to deliver good results, right? So based on this, we can’t really say that all China-made items are bad. Some will even surprise you.

Apollo is one good example of the dirt bikes that will pleasantly surprise you. Sure, there are still divided opinions about it but the fact alone that they’re not all negative makes it quite promising. Besides, they wouldn’t be known as the Chinese version of Honda for nothing, right? Like with many other dirt bikes in the market today, you just need to find your perfect match among their offerings to get the most out of your purchase.

Which of Apollo’s products should you look into? Here are a few of our top picks.

1. Apollo DB-x18 Dirt Bike- Apollo 125cc DB x18 Dirt Bike Reviews

  • 7L gas tank capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel frame material
  • 4 stroke single cylinder engine
  • Kick start
  • Air cooling system
  • Braking system: Front and Rear Hydraulic disc brakes, you will love its front and rear suspensions
  • 8 lbs body weight
  • 280 lbs weight limit
  • Front Wheel 2.5 -14″
  • 125cc displacement
  • Recommended for kids aged 16 to adults

We chose the 125cc Apollo DB-X18 Apollo Dirt Bike to kick start our roundup of our top picks for its versatility and popularity. This is one of the first items lots of people will look into as they try to get to know this brand as it suits the needs of many first-time dirt bike buyers.

With a 125cc engine, it offers enough engine power for first-timers to enjoy the ride without putting them in too much risk. It’s already a full-sized dirt bike that will let you do a lot but won’t scare you too much as well. This makes it perfect for adult beginners and young riders who are now ready to transition to the big leagues.

1. Easy to Operate

What makes this item a suitable pick for beginners and transitioning riders is its easy operation. Its controls are easy to work with and it’s very responsive. It starts with just a kick or two, guaranteeing that you can get to dirt biking as soon as you get on this beast.

2. Smooth Ride

Dirt biking may be all about rough riding but it doesn’t mean that your body should just take in all of the impact created when you move around on bumpy terrain. The Apollo DB-X18 dirt bike has dual suspension so it can offer you a less jarring ride. It’s non-adjustable, though, so that might be a bit of a drawback for some.

The dirt bike helmet reviews are the newest thing on our blog and we want you to know about them.

3. Sturdy Build

Since this item is already suitable for serious rides, you can count on it to be built for the battering dirt bikes usually take on. Its frame is solidly built from high-quality materials. So if you intend to use it for jumping and taking on rocky terrains, it will surely be able to withstand everything that is thrown it’s way. You will love riding this dirt bike. Buy one and enjoy your off-road fantasies.

  • Robust build with a modified frame
  • 1 down and 4 up manual shifter pattern
  • Upgraded rear shocks for a smoother ride
  • Provides good stability
  • Attractive design
  • Open oil filter, transmission, and engine
  • Non-adjustable suspension

2. Apollo AGB-36 250cc Dirt Bike- Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review

  • Manual clutch
  • 8L gas tank capacity
  • Manual transmission
  • Front and rear hydraulic disk brakes
  • 9A12V battery
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • Chain drive motor
  • 8 lbs body weight
  • 440 lbs maximum capacity
  • Single cylinder, 4-stroke engine, air-cooled engine
  • 115 km/h
  • 250cc dirt bike engine displacement
  • Recommended for adults

Searching for a great affordable option for a very powerful ride? You’ve come to the right place as our Apollo Dirt Bike 250cc review will prove to be useful to you. The AGB-36 250cc dirt bike is hailed as the brand’s best chinese dirt bike for motocross riding for its wonderful design and engineering. It’s also available at a fraction of the price of many of the most popular dirt bikes in the market, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a powerful dirt bike.

Also referred to as the ADB-36-250cc dirt bike, this dirt bike has quite a few unique features to offer. For starters, it has a dual fuel option so you can switch between the two when necessary. Information on the battery is quite scarce but it’s often compared to a small car’s, so it can be quite reliable. It has an 8L fuel capacity anyway, so that should be enough for lots of riders.

It also has a kick and electric start since it has two fuel options. The method you’ll use to start up your bike will affect which of the two motors you’ll use to run around.

1. Dual Fuel Options

Equipped with a gas fuel tank and an electric battery, the AGB-26 can run on two power modes. It’s a great feature as you can be sure that you always have back up power to run with. It can also help lengthen your ride times, giving you more opportunities to have fun.

2. Generous Weight Capacity

This 4 stroke engine dirt bike can handle up to 440 lbs of weight so it’s a truly promising pick. Not only can it be a good bike choice for a lot of riders but it’s also a testament to the sturdiness of its frame. Lots of folks aren’t very confident with dirt bikes’ construction, so this can be a good reassurance for them. This rating is also a good sign that it can take on trails and bumpy terrains without too much difficulty.

For those who are looking for a dirt bike helmet, you should try the Smith Vantage Helmet. It’s made out of carbon fiber and offers good ventilation.

3. Very budget-friendly

As mentioned above, this 250cc dirt bike costs a fraction of the price of other popular dirt bikes. This alone already makes many riders consider this dirt bike.

  • 2 ways to start
  • 2 fuel options offer great flexibility
  • Suitable for trails and street racing
  • Reliable performance
  • Assembly is a bit tricky
  • Replacing the carb may be necessary after a while
  • Some replacement parts for this model are hard to find
  • Battery details are hard to find

3. DB25 – Best Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike Reviews

  • Electric starting system
  • 3L tank capacity
  • Heavy-duty metal frame construction
  • 5KW brush motor
  • Automatic transmission
  • With a traditional full front and rear apollo bike suspension
  • 102 lbs body weight
  • 132 lbs maximum capacity
  • 1P47FMD 4-stroke engine, single-cylinder, air cooled engine type
  • 70cc displacement
  • Recommended for bigger kids to young teens

According to many 70cc Dirt Bike reviews, this item is often chosen by parents for their little ones who are looking for a more powerful upgrade from their electric or 50cc dirt bikes. They’re popular among kids who are already getting serious about riding or among older children who are just getting into dirt biking.

Why? It has a lot to do with its ‘just right’ features. It offers ample power and speed for those who can already handle such so it’s both a safe and exciting option. It can already speed up to 37mph which is very fast and it can certainly take on trails and bumpy terrains with ease.

It’s also very easy to operate with its electric start system and fully automatic transmission that there’s no need for a shifter. There’s not a lot of things to fiddle with so your child can focus on balancing and controlling their speed first instead of getting the hang of their machine.

1. Suitable for Beginners and Young Riders

70cc may seem like a lot for some parents but if your little one is already skilled and responsible enough, this dirt bike will be a great match for them. It will offer them more speed and more power to take on challenging terrains. It will surely thrill them and develop their riding skills.

You can also tell that the DB25-70cc is meant for beginners and young riders because it comes with a pair of removable training wheels. Some parents don’t like using them as they delay the learning process of their kids but it’s a nice sign that the bike is ideally meant for young riders.

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2. Rugged Look

Aside from the features, the appearance of this dirt bike will also appeal to young riders. They’re rugged and fashioned after actual dirt bikes so your child will surely find it a cool option.[/su_box]

  • Accessories are easily available
  • Reliable features
  • Easy to operate
  • Attractive appearance
  • It is hard to find replacement parts
  • Tire tubes will need replacing a few years down the line

4.DB-007- Apollo 007 125cc Dirt Bike Review

  • Manual clutch
  • 7L fuel capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel frame body
  • 10kW motor
  • 180 lbs body weight
  • 4 Stroke engine with Single Cylinder
  • Air cooling system
  • 4-speed, 4 UP shift transmission
  • 125 cc displacement
  • Apollo DB-007 has a front suspension that is non adjustable
  • It has an air-cooled system
  • Made for older teens and adults

The DB-007 125cc dirt bike is another beginner pick from the said Chinese brand. Lots of reviews compare it to the DB-X18 125cc 4 stroke engine dirt bike since both have the same engine displacement size. The total weight is around 148 pounds which is light enough to give your flight on any dirt track as per you best see fit.

While the two shares a number of similarities, they’re also a bit different as the DB-007 has a slightly smaller gas tank and a lower seat height. This makes the DB-007 a more suitable pick for young riders who are ready to take on a more challenging ride.

1. Smaller Size

As mentioned above and in many Apollo 007 dirt bike reviews, this item is smaller in size, so if the DB-X18 proves to be bigger than what you or your child can handle, this can be a more suitable choice. It has the same features anyway, so you won’t be settling for anything less.

The difference in size is just solid proof that Apollo recognizes their market and that they know beginners come in different shapes, sizes, and ages.

2. Easy Operation

Since this item will be most likely used by beginners, it also makes perfect sense for the manufacturer to simplify its operation. They did a very good job in this regard, as its controls and handling proved to be very beneficial for those who are just getting the hang of dirt biking.

  • Small size suits many beginners
  • Easy to operate
  • Solid features
  • Maximum load is not listed
  • Shifter is not similar to other full-sized dirt bikes

5. AGB 37 – Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike Review

  • 5L tank capacity
  • Heavy-duty steel frame construction
  • 0 KW/8.2HP motor
  • 180 lbs body weight
  • 220 lbs weight capacity
  • 4-stroke, single-cylinder powerful engine type
  • Ideal for off-road
  • 125cc displacement
  • It is cheaper than the big name brands
  • Recommended for adults

A great dirt bike option for adults is the AGB 37 apollo 125cc. Despite being a mid-range option, a lot of users will agree that this specific model is more suitable for grownups to use due to its heft and handling. So even though older teenagers can already work well with the power and speed this bike comes with, it might still prove to be too much for them.

Adults, on the other hand, might enjoy its offerings better as it also offers a challenge for them. While it’s a good bike for beginners for its ‘just right’ features, its weight throws in a layer of difficulty as it’s not exactly as maneuverable as other Apollo products. As a result, you’ll need to balance better in order to achieve the movements you want to make on your bike.

1. Comfortable Height

Some folks may not mind having to settle for a dirt bike with a lower seat height than what they need and that’s alright. However, if you want something that will fit you better, this dirt bike might offer you a more comfortable option. Its higher seat height makes it a better fit for many adult riders.

2. Easy Operation

Like other bikes, the AGB 37 is also very easy to work with. 125cc dirt bikes are popular among beginners so the manufacturer made sure that those who will get this item will find it fuss-free to work with. This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off-road.

  • Easy to operate
  • Good suspension
  • Attractive rugged appearance
  • Fuel-efficient
  • Assembly instructions can be a bit confusing
  • Carburetor replacement may be necessary

6. DB34 – Best Apollo 110cc Dirt Bike Reviews

  • 1-gallon gas tank capacity
  • Spare steel frame body
  • 10 kW 6.9HP motor
  • 82kg body weight
  • 280 lbs weight capacity
  • Semi-automatic
  • 110cc displacement
  • The wheels and engine are designed for off-road riding, dirt biking, racing, and doing stunts
  • Recommended for teens and older

If you’re looking for some 110cc dirt bike reviews, this would be the perfect item for you. The 110cc Youth DB34 is something that will surprise you as its features are rather unique and interesting.

With a 110cc displacement, you can already expect that this dirt bike isn’t the most powerful in the market today. However, it still impressively packs a punch, especially since its top speed isn’t too far off from the 125cc options available from the same manufacturer. It can still go fast and haul dirt during rides even with a rather middling displacement size.

Recommended for those who want to sink their teeth into more powerful rides without putting themselves in harm’s way, we think this bike is one of the most versatile options out there.

1. Small Size, Powerful Engine

It’s important to highlight that even with a smaller engine, the D34 is still worth looking into because of its balance between size and power. Despite having a small build and overall size, this dirt bike can’t be looked down on because of how powerful it can be. This is the bike to go for if you’re looking to have an amazing time in the off road.

2. Very budget-friendly

Available at a fraction of the price of other top-ranking dirt bikes, the D34 is definitely a budget pick. It does not cost much so if you’re not sure yet whether you should or shouldn’t invest in a dirt bike, the D34’s price tag doesn’t seem to be all too much. For its functionality, it’s certainly a major steal.

3. Flexibility

Since this item is suitable for beginners, first-timers, and experienced riders, it can be a very versatile 2-wheen vehicle. It’s nicely designed so you won’t struggle in its operation, so no matter what your skill level and amount of exposure to dirt bikes, you’ll still find it very easy to use.

  • Attractive design
  • Available in various colors
  • Small in size but packs a punch
  • Flexible and will suit different kinds of users
  • Great for families

Buyers Guide and Additional Information  

What You Should Know About Apollo

Aside from their products, you might also want to get to know more about the Apollo brand. It’s just natural to get curious about this manufacturer since lots of people are talking about them, wondering whether they should give them a shot. So if you want to get to know Apollo better, here are a few key things that you should know about them:

1. Offers some of the most affordable gas dirt bikes in the market.

This can be expected after seeing the products we’ve listed above but it’s still worth noting that Apollo bikes are some of the most affordable in the market. While lots of other manufacturers and distributors of dirt bikes make it their goal to provide accessibility to the general public, Apollo just really commits and provides some of the lowest-priced options available.

2. It has been in the industry for 16 years already.

The manufacturer started out as a plastics manufacturer in 2003 then started to create electric scooters and skateboards the following year. They started to produce dirt bikes in 2006 after a Honda rider recommended they try it out.

Their excellent timing allowed them to benefit from the burgeoning dirt bike and ATV scene. Their dirt bikes started joining races in China and Hongkong just a few years later. Soon after, they were exporting their products to other bike parts of the world.

What is the General Consensus on Apollo?

What, exactly, do people think about Apollo dirt bikes, you might be wondering? To be honest, opinions on this brand are extremely varied. It shouldn’t be surprising, however, since all Chinese brands are generally frowned upon in the West. Lots of people aren’t big fans of items made in China since they have a bad reputation when it comes to quality and construction.

However, if you’ll look at the places where Apollo dirt bikes are discussed, you’ll find a lot of people who are standing up for the brand. Every discussion thread about Apollo dirt bikes perfectly depicts the division of opinions about the brand. Many have doubts because they’ve never seen or handled one before but those who have actually owned one say that they’re worth looking into.

Those who are not for the brand says that the construction and materials are questionable, especially since they’re manufactured in China. On the other hand, those who are standing up for the brand say they are of reliable quality and can stand up to the abuse that dirt bikes are supposed to experience.

While there are some concessions, like more frequent maintenance and parts replacement, they’re not that bad. At the most, riders say that you only really need to run your Apollo bike at least once a week to keep the engine in great shape. And when you need to replace bike parts, they’re rather cheap, especially if they’re from Apollo as well. With these, it can still be said that the brand is a convenient and practical pick.

Apollo’s dirt bikes for kids tend to get more positive feedback, however. Their electric and small-displacement dirt gas bikes prove to be excellent options for kids who are starting out in the sport and they have been delivering good results. This further helped establish Apollo as one of the best brand that is worth considering.

What Sets Apollo Apart from Other Dirt Bike Companies

If you’re going to choose Apollo over lots of other dirt bike manufacturers, you might also want to know what makes them different from their competitors. For some, Chinese dirt bikes brand are all the same and it’s easy to see why. They all tend to pattern their products after the more popular Japanese manufacturers so they don’t necessarily have a distinct look or character.

Despite this, however, Apollo still stands out from its competition by being an actual brand that makes and distributes its own products. Lots of the dirt bike brands in the North American market today are either just distributions or re-branded products. This comes with a number of implications including the following:

  • They are not exactly innovative or capable of taking steps to cater to the requests of the market. Since they don’t really make their own products, they’re not capable of adding specific features that their customers want.
  • They can’t do much in terms of addressing concerns and complaints. They can try to fix them but the same problems are not always improved upon when manufacturing new products.

In Apollo’s case, even if it’s a Chinese brand, it’s operations are already managed in North America. This means that they are now just as easy to reach as any other dirt bike brand made in the West. You don’t need to struggle with translation software and apps if you ever need to contact them.

As they also design their own products, you can expect unique innovations from the brand. This is a guarantee that there’s a lot more to look forward to with this manufacturer.

Things to Look at when Buying an Apollo Dirt Bike

Another important topic to discuss as you try to decide whether to go for an Apollo dirt bike or not is the things you should look for or into. Certain points will help you better learn more about a brand and its products. They will also help you tell apart which item will be the best fit for your needs.

For Apollo bikes, here are some of the most important things that you should look at if you want to make the right call:

1. Size

Apollo dirt bikes come in different sizes since they carry models for kids and adults alike. They’re not categorized by age so you don’t have an easy basis when you need to tell apart which ones are for kids and which ones are for adults. All of them also sport the same look so you should also be very particular about the size of the model you’re interested in.

The best way to determine whether a dirt bike is the right fit for you or for your little one is through its seat height. This is the measurement from the ground to the top of the seat which will help you determine if you can sit on the bike with your feet lying flat on the ground. You’re supposed to match it to your (or your child’s) inseams so you don’t need to find a way to find a local dealer just so your child can try them on.

2. Engine Displacement

If you’re not getting an electric dirt bike for your small one, you should be very particular with the engine displacement of the Apollo dirt bikes you’re looking at. This shouldn’t be a problem as this information is often included in the product’s name, making it easy to tell if you’re looking at a 70cc or a 250cc dirt bike item.

As you would already know by now, the size of the engine displacement is an indicator of the power of the dirt bike. So the higher it is, the faster the dirt bike can go. It’s important to stick to a speed limiter option for your child to somehow reduce the dangers that they’ll be exposed to.

Stick with 50cc and 70cc options for very young riders then work your way up as they grow bigger and become more adept at dirt biking. In any case, small kids won’t fit in high-displacement options anyway, so there’s also that.

3. Body Weight

You also have to be mindful of the corresponding weights involved in choosing a dirt bike. There are two kinds of weights involved in the process, the rider’s body weight and the actual bike’s weight. These two play a huge role in the performance and safety of the activity, so you shouldn’t skip this detail.

If you’re getting an Apollo dirt bike for your little one, make sure that it’s not too heavy for their small frame. Dirt bikes are not featherlight but some of them are more manageable for kids to maneuver compared to others.

Usually, gas options are a bit lighter than electric ones. This is especially true if the kind of battery used is large or higher in voltage. If your little rider is very young and very small, make sure that their dirt bike doesn’t weigh too much.

The rider’s body weight is also an important consideration when buying a dirt bike. They shouldn’t exceed the weight limit of the bike they’re getting to make sure that it will perform accordingly. Lots of dirt bikes can handle a lot more weight than what they advertise but the heavier the load they carry, the more strained their performance will be. This is why it’s best to stay under the limit so you can be sure to get what you paid for.

Of course, staying under the weight limit is also recommended for safety. While Apollo dirt bikes are not constructed flimsily, going over the weight limit will still put too much strain on the bike. It will still put the rider at risk as there are lots of things that can go wrong when a vehicle is overloaded.

4. Features

Naturally, you’ll need to look at the features of the Apollo dirt bike you’re interested in. We just thought it’s worth repeating because this brand’s products can vastly differ from one another. Various models are designed and engineered differently so it’s important to look at the features closely before you decide which one to get.

Pay close attention to how the small details as they can make a lot of difference in the performance and value of a product. Most of them will be included in product listings and the ones you can’t find can be learned by reaching out to the brand’s support team or by asking other enthusiasts.

5. Reviews

Not all Apollo products are made and perform in the exact same way so even if the brand is getting known for its good performance and durability, it’s not wise to take the public’s word for it. It’s better to have a more reliable source for such details so you can better evaluate your options and effectively find out whether Apollo dirt bikes are worth your while.

Product reviews are some of the best sources for such info. By reading feedback, you can get some accurate information about the product’s performance and durability from actual people who tried and used the item you’re eyeing. Not all of them are completely credible, especially in our day and age of fake reviews, but with a keen eye, you’ll be able to filter out which one is true and which one isn’t.

What is the Customer Service Policy of Apollo?

Like with lots of dirt bike manufacturers, Apollo’s customer service is coursed through the dealer that fulfilled your order. They will provide you the assistance you need in case something is wrong with your unit.

What are the Warranties and Return Policies of Apollo?

Depending on the item, Apollo dirt bikes can have 6 months to 1-year limited warranty. Return policies depend on the dealer, however, so it’s best to check with them before you make a purchase.


What is an Apollo dirt bike?

Apollo is a Chinese dirt bike manufacturer with a global distribution hub in Quebec, Canada. The brand is gaining a lot of traction lately because of its rugged appeal and very affordable pricing. Their dirt bikes are also getting a lot of attention as they offer cheaper alternatives to Japanese-made options.

As not all little riders need the toughest dirt bikes available, a good Apollo dirt bike can already be the perfect pick for many.

Are Apollo bikes good?

You’ll get two polarizing answers when you ask this question online and those would be yes and no. Depending on who you will ask, Apollo bikes can be something you should stay away from or something worth looking into. Based on everything mentioned above, however, we say that it’s worth looking into.

With their wide range of products that are made with different kinds of riders in mind and their friendly price points, we certainly believe that they can be good options for many. If you’re on a budget and you’re not ready to commit to a serious hobby, this brand can be a great pick. You might just need to learn more about the trade-offs that come with the lower price tag and make sure to meet them to avoid major problems.

What is Apollo best known for?

Apollo bikes are getting quite popular for their bikes. They’re certainly one of the most buzzed-about brands for dirt kids bikes as they have quite a number of offerings available. You can get both electric and dirt gas-powered bikes and pit bikes for kids from them, giving you ample choices to choose from.

Apollo bikes are also popular for being easy to fiddle with. If parts break, they’re cheap to replace. Finding compatible components is also not that difficult so if you want to tweak your unit, it’s not hard to do. Since they’re quite affordable, lots of buyers use them as practice units when they want to experiment on a dirt bike. 

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Picking the Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc Reviews for You

With everyone’s personal experiences with China-made products, it’s not surprising to learn that lots of people are hesitating to get their bikes. While not all of their offerings fall apart right away, they’re also not always that nice. You get what you pay for, as they say.

Is this the same case with the Apollo dirt bike? It depends on how good you are as a buyer, really. Of course, if you bought the wrong bike, you’ll be wasting your time and money. If you don’t choose the right item for you, there’s a good chance that you won’t get your desired results.

Which one is the best Apollo dirt bike? The answer to this question is relative as there are so many factors that affect a product’s performance. Some Apollo bikes may be fantastic but they might not be what you need, so you have to match the specifications to your set of requirements.

But if we’re really to choose one from our top picks, it would be the Apollo DB-007.

Why? It passes the Goldilocks test being the ‘just right’ pick for many. Its engine displacement size, physical size, top speed, and build will all suit first-time owners as well as beginner and transitioning riders. It’s not intimidating but will surely challenge its riders and help them further enhance and develop their skills.

Of course, you might also have a different opinion, especially if you’re looking for something different or more specific. Your pick of the best Apollo dirt bike is your call anyway, we just hope our recommendations were of some help to you.