Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet: Guide to Off-Road Motocross Helmets

Helmets are the most important part of your dirt bike gear because they protect both your head and face.

Safety measures is always the top concern when it comes to riding dirt bikes. Accidents can be fatal. But, with the right kind of helmet, you can actually save your own life. And this applies the most to those who use dirt bikes on a regular basis.

Off-roading on a dirt bike can be a treacherous feat. But, when you have a good motocross helmet on you, things get way easier.

And this is where we come in. This article will help you choose the best dirt bike helmets in today’s market. So, let’s jump in, shall we?

10 Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmets

When it comes to dirt bike helmets, the cheapest item is not always your best bet. Yes, dirt bikes under $100 are a great bargain in theory but with cheap options come low quality features like comfort and safety.

Here are reviews on 10 cheap dirt bike helmets that made it to our top picks thanks to their handy features and meeting proper standards.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get down to the reviews and check out what makes these cheap dirt bike helmets so good despite their low prices. Here goes:

1. Fox Racing Matte Men’s V1 Off-Road- Best Dirt Bike Helmet Under 200

Quick Summary
  • A complete redesign that gives a very modern and aggressive touch to the whole helmet
  • Outer shell made of injected molded Polycarbonate and ABS for durability
  • Super ventilated design to keep the wearer’s head cool while riding
  • Comfortable padding for the perfect experience
  • Double buckle closure to avoid accidental removal

The first entry on this list is by Fox Racing. When it comes to off-road riding, Fox V1 is a fan favorite. And what makes them an amazing manufacturer to follow are their eye-catching designs and well-crafted cheap dirt bike helmets that are all well-protected. And the Fox V1 off-road helmet is no different in this case.

The fox v1 helmet has different sizes available in 3 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes options. The best option will depend on the rider’s head circumference, weight, preference of front or rear coverage

The fox racing helmet has some of the best protection credentials that we have seen and definitely exceeds our expectations in that regard.

Along with that, the motocross helmet has a more than alluring design that caught our eyes in an instant. Moreover, the whole thing also happened to have quite the interiors, making wearing it a comfortable experience.

For this specific model, a composite material was used to make an extra tough shell that can help protect your head from danger while riding in rough terrain or competition.

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This helmet gets a spot here thanks to its amazing design and protection ratings, which surpasses both DOT and Snell M2015 standards- thanks to its incredible safety features.

We are big fans of Fly Racing. They make awesome helmets that protect the wearer while looking great. I love their True Vent System because it allows air to flow through in hot weather.

It includes removable and washable lining which can be thoroughly washed to decrease the smelliness.

Moreover, the ‘X-Static’ comfort liner is easily maintainable, and interior also houses 9 intake vents and four exhaust vents. Along with all that, the helmet has a Magnetic Visor Release System as well.

  • Both Helmet Liner and Cheek Pads are removable and washable
  • Comes in 3 different shell sizes for more variety of choices
  • Houses 9 intake vents and 4 exhaust vents for better cooling
  • We didn’t find any here

2. RS Helmets RS-8696-R Red- Best Dirt Bike Helmet Under 100

Quick Summary
  • The shell is made of impact-resistant ABS material
  • Specially made for off-road use and Motocross bike users.
  • Smooth-Finishing comes with high-quality UV Painting, which won’t come off easy
  • Has 5 different ventilation points to keep the interior cool while riding the bike

This entry is by RS cheap dirt bike helmets, who are not that well known but do an amazing job making the right kind of helmets for consumers out there.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art helmets and competitive pricing, people can get a good experience at an affordable range. And, the RS-8696-R is not different.

It is the most comfortable and breathable on the market with removable inner lining for multiple air vents. It’s got great padding so you can wear it all day without feeling too hot or sweaty!

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The RS-8696-R doesn’t specifically stand out anywhere, but it gives out a good overall experience and is perfect for beginners.

This helmet is approved by both DOT and ECE after passing tests. Moreover, the face shield protects your eyes against UV rays, and the interior is breathable- housing multiple vents.

  • Hard Shell is constructed from hard materials to handle impact better
  • The removable liner can be washed
  • Has a quick release system for immediate removal
  • Comfortable padding
  • Comes out a bit bland on design compared to its competition

3. Vega Helmets VRX Advanced Off-Road- Best Dirt Bike Helmet Under $300

Quick Summary
  • Comes with a fully vented EPS system to keep your head cool while you ride
  • Max-Flow liner system can be removed, washed, and even replaced if necessary
  • The airflow system is multi-channeled to make thing easier for you as you use it on a daily basis

Now, we have a helmet by Vega VRX Helmets. Off-road lovers have always trusted Vega blindly thanks to their top-notch cheap dirt bike helmets that have never disappointed. And the same goes for the Vega Helmets VRX. It’s full of features that will surely be of high value to you and everyone else who uses it.

The helmet features an innovative multi-density, EPS lining that absorbs impact energy. This technology is designed to keep you safe in the event of a crash while out riding!

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The Vega cheap dirt bike helmets VRX is durable enough for optimal protection. Along with that, this one comes with ample airflow ensured. But what caught our eyes for this one is the fact that even the head protector is ventilated in the case of this helmet.

Moreover, this helmet offers a face shield that can be used during snow and is constructed of durable polycarbonate.

  • Includes a great airflow system for better ventilation and cooling
  • You can wash it pretty easily
  • The helmet liner is replaceable
  • Shell is constructed with polycarbonate for better protection
  • Might not fit everyone.
  • Visor screws might come off unexpectedly

4. Fly Racing F2 Carbon Shield Helmet- Best Inexpensive Dirt Bike Helmet

Quick Summary
  • Packed with their very own Multi-Directional Impact Protection technology to ensure your safety
  • Comes in 5 different color variants
  • Carbon fiber outer material for both durability and style
  • Lighter compared to the previous version of the FLY F2

When it comes to safety, the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Shield Helmet is a definite favorite.

The Fly Racing F2 is another great entry on our list that has properly earned its place thanks to its proper blend of features when weighed with its price range. Start your adventures with the Fly Racing F2 Carbon Shield Helmet.

Fly Racing is known for making motocross helmets that pose no problems when it comes to protection. Moreover, the previous version of F2 was well received.

The Fly Racing F2 has been designed with input from pro dirt bike riders and is approved for both the UCI World Tour as well as minor leagues.

We believe, thanks to all the updates in this version, it’s a better buy for everyone.

For a sub $400 helmet, this kind of lightweight MIPS protection and venting properties is a complete steal. We think this will provide great value for your money.

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Fly Racing F2 made with a durable carbon fiber construction, so it can hold up under tough conditions as well as keep you cool while racing thanks to its high-tech ventilation system.

Fly Racing F2 houses 11 vents that pass air through the EPS lining and also happens to comply with both ECE 22.05.

  • Proper security ratings which authorize its use in almost every country
  • Very lightweight for less strain on the neck
  • Easy to put on and use
  • Properly ventilated with 11 intake vents that force the air out
  • Could include more venting

5. Troy Lee Designs Adult Stage Helmet Camo W/MIPS- Best Dirt Bike Helmet for the Money

Quick Summary
  • Dual Density EPS, which has been co-molded with EPP both high and low-speed coverage
  • Anodized hardware, liners, and padding
  • Mesh paneling is breathable for more comfort
  • The comfort liner is washable with cool-max and dri-lex materials to dry off the rider
  • Comes with MIPS protection to protect your head from major injuries that can cripple you for life

Now we have a helmet by well-known motocross helmet company Troy Lee Designs.

In my opinion, the first thing a dirt bike rider looks for in an off road helmet is that it’s lightweight. Because they often carry their helmets while riding, weight can make a big difference.

They have used their understanding of lightweight helmet design to make a helmet whose design is worth reckoning.

Moreover, it comes packed with features that make it perfect for those who want to try things out as beginners.

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So, let’s get down to review and see how these features can come of use to you.

Riders who have ridden with this helmet said that it is an exceptional fit, and keeps them cool. There’s no need to worry about sweat in the eyes thanks to its lining and ventilation system!

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Starting from the DOT and Snell-certified protection to the washable comfort liner with cool max and dri-lex material all the way to the MIPS Protection System, this helmet checks all the boxes. MIPS can help riders by distributing the impact energy and saving their heads.

So, we would gladly recommend it to you if you’re looking for something that gives you all the perks.

  • Comfortable interiors
  • Breathable mesh paneling helps the head stay dry
  • Additional cooling from materials cools off on the run
  • Favorable protection ratings
  • Only for adult heads; might end up being too large for some

6. Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Dirt Helmet (Matte Black – Large)

Quick features
  • Bell MX-9 Comes in both Motocross and Adventure options
  • Has MIPS protection to keep your head safe in case of accidents
  • The polycarbonate construction not only makes it stronger, but also adds a cool black matte finish
  • The peak can be removed when not needed
  • Double-D Ring reinforced fastener.
  • Packed with features when compared with prices

For this entry, we have the MX-9 MIPS by Bell. They are renowned for their high safety ratings, i.e., 4.4 out of 5 on average in the 14 tests carried out throughout the years. So, without waiting any further, let’s check out what’s best about this helmet and why you should buy it.

Bell MX-9 dirt bike helmets come in three different shell and EPS sizes to ensure the best possible fit for various rider head size.

The Bell MX9 MIPS has Velocity Flow Ventilation System that enables the best kind of cooling and complies with Snell M2015 and DOT regulations.

Along with that, you can get a personalized fit for a wider variety of head shapes, which also has a three-layer impact liner that can absorb impact energy.

Adding to that, the Bell MX-9 uses the Magnefusion Emergency Release System (MERS) and also utilizes its front vents to transfer air through the internal EPS liner. The MERS Cheek Pads system to help sustain a hurt rider in case of accidents.

  • Venting done right!
  • Top-notch finishing with a comfortable fit
  • Visor provides a proper field of vision
  • Goggle Interaction is worth noting
  • Interior gets drafty during cold weather due to always-open vents
  • Can get a bit noisy on the highway

7. Biltwell Gringo ECE Helmet Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet – Metallic Champagne/X-Large

Quick features
  • Great finish, coupled with a hand-painted finish
  • Gives out a satisfying shine
  • Diamond stitched interior for more comfort
  • Removable cheek pads
  • Includes additional chin padding
  • Has both flat and bubble option for the visor

This is a helmet brought to us by Biltwell. As the name suggests, all their helmets are built well. So, they have quite a reputation among the customers. The Gringo helmet is no different. It’s an all-inclusive helmet that gets all the work done properly.

The Biltwell Gringo has a premium finish that no one can ignore. The lustrous paint and hand-painted effect make it more premium than most of its competition.

Moreover, the diamond-stitched interiors make things a whole lot better, giving better comfort, and are removable and washable as well.

So, the traditional style, the amazing fit, and lustrous looks make it a great buy and awesome helmet.

  • Very comfortable, right out of the box
  • Comfortable interior due to top-notch padding
  • Great value when it comes to a cost-benefit analysis
  • Hand-painted to perfection
  • Chrome trim joint is unsightly
  • Creates noise in a windy situation

8. HJC Helmets RPHA 11 Pro Helmet – Venom 2 (Large) (Black)

Quick Summary
  • A composite shell crafted with carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid, and other material that makes it strong
  • Thanks to the HJC helmet’s Premium Integrated Matrix Plus technology, the helmet is also lightweight
  • It’s designed to be aerodynamically stable to have no issue at high speeds
  • Face Shield has a 95% UV protection feature
  • Has space for speaker placement in the helmet
  • Comes with a top vent, a chin vent, and 4 exhaust vents for ventilation

The RPHA 11 Pro helmet by HJC Helmet stands as the eighth entry on our review of helmets, and it’s got features that caught our eyes almost immediately. This helmet has some amazing safety features.

It’s pretty evident that HJC Helmets focused on making the helmet as safe for its users as possible, and they even did a good job with the outlook.

Due to its protection features, which make it perfect for people who need a helmet for daily use, the RPHA 11 Pro stands out.

It is DOT certified and happens to comes in different shell sizes according to your need. Moreover, the interior is both removable and washable, which makes it easy to maintain.

Along with all that, HJC uses the Fluid Inside™ technology to handle damage during an event of a crash by dissipating both rotational and linear energy targeted towards the brain.

  • Top-notch protection features
  • Great ventilation system for fast cooling
  • Perfect for normal use
  • Can be hard to maintain

9. Leatt GPX 5.5 V20.1 Adult Off-Road Motorcycle Helmet – Zebra/Large

Quick Summary
  • Interior mesh is breathable for a more comfortable experience
  • The inner liner is both washable and anti-odor
  • Has 360 Degree Turbine Technology for better protection which reduces head impact and safeguards the head from concussions

Now, we have the GPX 5.5 as our ninth entry on this string of reviews. This helmet looks like your average helmet when you take it out of the box, but it holds a feature that makes it different from the rest. So, let’s check what makes this helmet so special in our eyes and much more.

The inner helps the riders to be more comfortable in longer rides. The padding on this design ensures that you will stay cool and dry for hours of riding!

The GPX 5.5 has one feature that’s bound to catch everyone’s eyes. We are talking about the 360-degree Turbine technology, which is capable of saving its wearer from concussion in case of accidents.

It safeguards the brain from external damage. Along with that, the helmet also has a removable liner, which is also washable.

  • Washable and anti-odor interior
  • Dries up a sweat on the go
  • Neck brace compatible
  • Thin yet protective
  • We didn’t find any

10. O’Neal 0628-705 5SRS Face Shield Adult Helmet Wingman (Multi, XL)

Quick Summary
  • Constructed out of reinforced ABS polycarbonate
  • Coolmax liner is ultra-plush
  • The padded liner is removable and used a wicking technique to cool you off on the go
  • The visor is adjustable from the get-go
  • Most importantly, it meets AS/NZS safety standards
  • Premium-priced safety features packed into a lower-priced helmet

Last but definitely not least, we have another well-respected dirt bike gear brand, the O’Neal.

Now, this is a rather interesting entry, thanks to one of O’Neal’s gestures. So, without waiting any further, let’s discuss all the features of this helmet and understand that one thing that O’Neal did to change the game entirely.

This helmet is amazing for two reasons. The first among them would be to meet the AS/NZS safety feature along with the mainstream DOT and ECE 22.05 standards. This shows that you can use this helmet at any corner of the world without hesitation.

But what impressed us is O’Neal’s gesture. They included security features from their premium helmets in this low-priced helmet, and it shows how they want to give their users the best kind of experience. Hence, this helmet gives out a balanced experienced to its users, thanks to this blend of features.

It has a Magnetic Visor Release System, enabling you to release the visor with ease and get an unobstructed view.

  • Definitely good value for money thanks to the premium features included in this low-price range helmet
  • Comfortable interiors
  • Perfectly blended features
  • Easily maintainable
  • We didn’t find anything wrong with this helmet

DirtBike Helmet Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have read the reviews to 10 of our top picks when it comes to budget dirt bike helmets, let’s check out some factors that you should look at before buying a dirtbike helmet altogether.

These factors are pretty important when it comes to safety, so be sure to double-check them throughout.

Safety Ratings of Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet

The first thing to look at in the case of a cheap dirt bike helmet would be its safety ratings. You need to get them right to get the proper value out of them. These ratings come from different institutions and indicate different tests carried out on the helmet itself.

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These safety ratings come from the likes of the Department of Transport (DOT) of the United States of America, the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) if you’re from Europe, and other institutions like the Snell Memorial Foundation.

They are crucial to your judging the helmet’s ability to keep you safe. So, you can’t go any way around this.

The DOT Ratings for Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet

The ratings put forwards by the Department of Transport (DOT) of the United States of America are an absolute necessity for dirt bike helmets. Companies cannot release a helmet in the market legally without passing this test of standards.

But they have a rating system, and the bikes with higher numbers are better for you.

However, any helmet that bears the DOT sticker is good enough to keep you safe in your biking endeavors. The US Department of Transport makes sure of it through their tests which are meant to ensure the safety of wearers.

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Sharp Helmet Rating for Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet

If you’re from the United Kingdom, you’ll have to look out for bike ratings released by the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme or SHARP by the British Government. Similar to the US Department of Transport, to improve motorcycle safety, the British Government carries out these tests on helmets.

Helmets are tested straight from retail shelves to see if they are actually safe for the normal retail consumer or not. So, these tests are very reliable thanks to this gesture. Helmets are put through 32 different tests to ensure proper helmet safety and rates them from one to five stars.

Five-star helmets are said to provide excellent protection.

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ECE 22 Rating for Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet

The Economic Commission for Europe has issued a standard for dirt bike helmets with their ECE 22 rating. Helmets are exposed to quite a number of tests to meet the ECE standards. Road crashes are simulated with different machines to see if the helmet actually holds up in these situations.

An ECE approval gives out minimal approval, but an ECE 22 rating certified helmet provides better protection due to rigorous tests.

ACU Gold Standard

Till now, we talked about ratings that certify a helmet for use on and off the road. But the ACU Gold Standard is an absolute necessity for using a helmet on a motocross track for racing.

The Auto-Cycle Union sets this standard for MX helmets. So, if you intend to use the helmet that you’re buying on the track in the UK, look for the ACU Gold Sticker. Otherwise, it won’t be allowed.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet

In this buying guide, we mostly focused on safety features ratings since they are the most important. But there are other things that you should consider during the purchase.

And that includes things like padding and the proper weight for you. So, check the inner padding to find the perfect fit, keeping an eye on the weight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bell a good helmet brand?

Bell, both according to fact and customer ratings, is a good helmet brand. But if you look at all the tests done, then Bell helmets have scored a 4.4 out of a total of 5 on average on all the 14 tests that have been carried out on them over the years. So, we can say assured that Bell helmets are excellent for protection.

Why are MX helmets different?

Compared to the other bike helmets on the market, MX helmet is a bit different due to their build.

Due to the dynamics of dirt bikes, MX helmet is made lightweight to reduce strain on the rider’s neck, with bigger vents that don’t get clogged by mud that easily. These helmets mostly focus on better visibility, proper ventilation, and lightweight for the sake of the sport.

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Is there a Possibility for a Motocross Helmet to Offer protection? Or, is it just a namesake?

Motocross helmets indeed do offer good protection. Despite being lightweight, they have to go through a number of tests before being certified for use.

Because Motocross bikes are more dangerous than normal street bikes; hence MX helmet manufacturer have to pass certification tests to be legal.

What is the Purpose of the Helmet Liner?

Helmet Liners are a sort of reinforcement in helmets that protect its wearer from damage to the head. It’s kind of a stiff headgear that’s made out of plastic or fabric that reinforces the head in case of any accidents or such. So, it’s an important part of motocross helmets if you’re concerned with proper safety.

Picking the Best Cheap Dirt Bike Helmet for You

All the entries on our list seemed pretty intriguing, right? Well, all of them are top-notch. They came head-to-head with each other.

So, choosing the best dirt bike helmets out of them was difficult. But, if we had to choose one, we would definitely go for the V1 Helmet by Fox Racing.

This helmet is the perfect blend. The helmet exceeded expectations in safety ratings, has a removable liner and cheek pads, provides excellent ventilation, and even comes in three different shell sizes.

Now, we did our part and told you all you needed to know. Put this information to good use. And let us know about your decision.

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