Best Coolster Dirt Bike Reviews 2021: Tested and Ranked

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Do you have kids who are enthusiastic about dirt bike riding? Well, this reviews will give you enough information to make the best decision. Nevertheless, buying dirt for your kid is not an easy task. You should probably do detailed research on what types and qualities you should consider.

Coolster pit bikes are outstanding in the market and are in a lot of varieties. Most of these types of bikes can suit every kid. There are a lot of different bikes that can suit every age of a kid. Additionally, they are so safe to ride on various roads.

QG-213A 110cc


Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike Blue

  • Air-cooled engine
  • Semi-automatic
  • No clutch
  • Lightweight
125cc Dirt Bike

Budget Friendly

125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Adults Dirt Bikes Pit Bikes Youth Dirt Pitbike 125 Dirt Bike,Green

  • 4 stroke
  • 125cc
  • Excellent power
  • Amazing feature
Coolster 70cc

Editors Pick

Coolster Kids Mini Dirt Bike 70cc Youth Gas Pit Bike Semi-Automatic 4-Speed CRF50 Style (Black)

  • Auto transmission
  • Two-stroke
  • Powerful engine
  • Great suspension

Best Coolster Dirt Bike Reviews

1. Kids Gas Mini

  • It is suitable for up to 13-year kid
  • It can handle even muddy area
  • It is automatic and features four gears
  • Features a plastic body
  • Comes when almost entirely assembles
  • Comes with replacement parts
  • With a speed of 30mph, it can load up to 130lbs

It is an outstanding bike among the 49cc. It is a two-stroke dirt bike that is the best dirt bike for 11 years old. It is similar to 50cc dirt bike. It consists of unique features that make it perfect for kids of this age and below.

Additionally, it provides safety to the kids during riding.  With these unique features, the kid does not need supervision. So easy to handle and gives an impressive experience.

It has a powerful engine

This dirt dike is featuring a two-stroke engine that enables a quick start of the bike. The 49 cc bike comes with a single-cylinder that cools the bike. It runs smoothly with a high speed of up to 30mph.

Features a great suspension and frame design

It comprises of a sturdy steel frame that works to ensure the durability of the bike. The astonishing rims and front, rear suspension brings about precise braking and energy over the bike.

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Gives an amazing transmission

It has an automatic clutch that requires less effort in shifting. The gearbox allows the kids to steer and control the bike effectively.

  • It starts up quickly with one kick start
  • It can support up to 130 lbs. weight of a person
  • The bike is very reliable
  • Comes with comfortable seats and adequate knobby tires
  • It requires minimal assembly
  • The bike is fast enough
  • It features a poor design of the shift pattern

2. 125cc Dirt bike

  • It can hold up to 220 lbs.
  • Suitable for teenagers as from 12 years and above
  • Features a maximum 75 mph
  • It is legal in the streets
  • It is a four-stroke dirt bike with a single cylinder

On the best 125cc dirt bike, you can consider buying this bike. With its great features, the bike is suitable for a 14-year-old kid. These features are ideal for youth who are venturing into motocross bike riding. The impressive specs offer a maximum of 72 mph and a 125cc range.

The bike comes with significant control of energy, which in return gives a full manual transmission of the bike. Its design is smooth and stable, thus easy to ride.

It is easy to put up

The bike comes almost complete. It allows you to assemble the minimal remaining parts, such as the handlebars. You can a lot of time and energy as it a simple installation. Futhermore, you will love the work of your hands!

Offers excellent power and speed

It is high-performing as it has a four-stroke engine. The engine allows the bike to start quickly at the first kick. The speed gains as you ride and the kid gets an opportunity to maintain it throughout the ride steadily.

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Has amazing features

Features such as heavy stiff springs and fork tubes work to improve the thrills of the bike. It gives incredible spills over a wide range of terrains. It is an amazing pit bike.

  • Its engine is so powerful
  • The bike is light-weight
  • It comes in a stylish design
  • It is made out of a durable and sturdy material
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Not suitable for young riders
  • At times the protective liquid gas lid peels off

3. Black  Dirt Bike

  • Has an air-cooled engine
  • It is semi-automatic
  • Offers 125cc range of capability
  • It has no clutch
  • Has a front wheel and a double piston

It is one of the best outstanding pit bike that have positive ratings. It comes with different amazing features that make it best among many. It is light-weight and has an acceleration up to 45 km/hr. What makes the bike more wanting is the fact that it is affordable.

It is most suitable for the youth of around 12 years. It can also support adults if you weigh 220 pounds and below. Additionally, this kind of bike is street legal. It means you can ride it on the roads without having problems with the law.

The superb engine

The amazing four-stroke engine makes the bike more comfortable to ride. It kicks off well and does not make noise if you compare it to others. It quickly creates excellent control over the bike; thus, your kids are safe with such bikes.

It is light in weight

It allows the kid to maneuver around easily. They get full power over the bike. You can also carry it around easily; thus, it is less hectic.

Suitable for a variety of roads

The bike is so useful. With the sturdy wheels and a solid frame, you can ride over a variety of terrains with ease. Therefore, the bike can correctly handle any type of road.

  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • It is street legal
  • Comes with a maximum speed of 45mph
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Comes in a fantastic design
  • Some of its parts may start to leak
  • It tends to be difficult with some young riders
  • It might break down with time

4. QG-213A

  • Has a stroke type of engine
  • Is a 110cc pit bike
  • An electric starter bike with an air-cooling cylinder
  • Offers an automatic transmission
  • Gives a maximum speed of 40mph and power of 7500rpm
  • Has a seat height of 23.2 inches

If you have a desire for a 110cc pit bike, then consider having a look at this bike. Its great features include the fully automatic transmission and adjustable rear shocks. In most 110cc pit bike, the unique features enhance comfortability and stability during rides. Since it is fully automatic, the clutch starts quickly hence high for beginners.

Furthermore, it creates brevity, especially if the riders will transit to using manual. You will also love the speed and power the bike generates.

Features large brakes

It is a fantastic feature that provides safety during riding. The brakes offer braking power that is advance. It allows you to stop and break steadily. Additionally, the brakes come in a sizeable drum-like shape.

Has an excellent foot guard design

The foot guard is wide enough to provide an artificial surface for the feet. It then gives superb control and stability of the bike. Its design also keeps the feet secure from the friction of the tires

Features a dual front suspension

It is hydraulic to ensure it achieves smoother rides. The forks are also high performing and improve the quality of the bike ride while in motion.

  • The packaging tends to be messy
  • Only suitable for a particular age

5. Red

  • It is a fully automatic dirt bike
  • Gives up to 110 cc
  • Features a seat height of 29.4 inches
  • It is red

It is one of the high-quality motocross bike that has fantastic color. Sometimes, kids tend to love colors. So with this kind of a dirt bike that has excellent features, the kid can enjoy their ride. The height seat is at 29.4 inches that is suitable for a bit taller kids. Nevertheless, the bike is excellent for beginners. Its design works well to enhance safety during bike rides.

The most stupid thing about this bike is that it requires some mechanical knowledge to maintain it. Additionally, you should have a better understanding of automated products to enhance ease when handling the bike.

Features sturdy wheels

Its wheels comprise a material that is sturdy to enhance its usability. The wheels can correctly handle and make rounds on any type of terrain. Its material also ensures that the bike lasts longer and maintains its condition.

Easy to fix together

It comes when it is almost ready for use. The minimal remaining parts to assemble are more manageable. It takes less time to complete assembling and get it on the road.

Has a powerful engine

The 110cc engine generates a lot of power to enhance the speed of the bike. It starts at the first kick, thus gives you a fantastic experience as it consumes less energy. It can also maintain high speed and power.

  • It is a quality product
  • Its assembly is reasonably fast
  • The price is affordable
  • Provides high speed and power
  • It has a durable material
  • It might not start on the first kick
  • It tends to break down easily
  • The gears tend to be sloppy

Buying Guide

Things You May Want to Know Prior to Buy Coolster Dirt Bike

Dirt bike era made for great and exciting, not only to entertain yourself but to go around as well. If you are there and you have discovered dirt for a sale that looks like a good match, you have to make sure it is a great as it seems. You may use some of the factors to boost your chance as satisfied customers.


This is an important factor to help you when buying a bike, it may cost you a thousand dollars. You have to go through the price carefully and look at your current income and financial obligations. In addition to that, you have to mindful of all the maintenance cost both standards schedule and unforeseen cost.

For example, regular maintenance is supposed to be done according to the manufacturers’ recommendations and understanding the demands you will be putting on the bike may be costly need for such part replacement. Will you be able to change the tires yourself? Consider whether you can be able to handle the job yourself or you are going to have to pay someone to do it for you.

If you’re looking for a great dirt bike tire, I recommend the Michelin Pilot Power. It has good traction and it’s durable so it’ll last long.

The type of seller

You have to know whether is a dealer or a private seller. A licensed dealer will be required both legally and ethically when fixing any problem on the bike before selling it. This may come with a higher price but it is worth it. In private seller, you cannot find a used bike and it allows room for negotiations in pricing.

The type of bike

This is where you may like to buy a new or used bike. Buying a used bike, they are is quite an initial cost reduction. However, buying a bike that already has damage can take some of the pressure off a new rider. Buying a new bike, you are likely to get the most technologically advanced option available.

Important Tips for Safety with Dirt Bike for Kids

When your kid sits on a dirt bike for children you should be very cautious because anything can happen. Below I will share with you some of the safety tips to help you minimize the chances of a kid’s accident.

Wear a bike helmet

If your kid wears a helmet that fits every time he or she is on a bike it will help to protect the face, head, brain when he or she falls down. It is very important to wear a bike helmet whenever he or she is on the bike. A helmet is so important hence the US government has created rules for them. A helmet is required to have a CPSC sticker this is to show it meets the rules set. Consider your kid to wear a helmet every time even if it’s a short ride. Make sure that your kid wears a fitted helmet and if they have worn the helmet in the right way so that it can protect.  Make sure your kids’ forehead is covered and always fasten the straps. Your kid should not wear a hat under the helmet. Make sure you put a reflection sticker on your kid’s helmet so that driver can see your kid better

The right bike for your kid

When your kid is on bike feet are flat make sure he or she stand to straddle the top of the bike so that the on the ground. Make sure your kid seat, handlebar and wheel feet tightly. Check and regular oil the bike. Make sure the breaks are working well and tire too

Safe place to ride

Before allowing your kid, you should check a place where is allowed to ride a bike. You should check whether your kid should ride on the sidewalk or on the street and make sure your kid keeps an eye out for car and truck.

Road rules

Before allowing your kid to ride a bike make sure he or she understands important road rules.

How to Shift On a Coolster Dirt Bike

When a person buys a bike, you might be tempted to ride it immediately. It is important to understand how to use it better so that you can get the best performance. Here are some tips on how to shift on the bike.

Turning on fuel and checking gas

Make sure that your bike will be able to run. On the left-hand side of the engine look down and the edge of a plastic panel should be a switch with a hose running through it. It the switch is turned on the engine will not get any gas, make sure the fuel tank has gas in it.

Shifting using the clutch

To begin shifting pull the clutch and this is on the left side of handlebars of a dirt bike. When shifting hold the clutch, shift lever for a bike is on the left side of the bike

Shifting while in gear

You need to pull the clutch, pull the shift lever and the release clutch when you are applying throttle. When it comes to downshifting, pull the clutch and the push the gear as you shift down when you are slowing. Avoid downshifting when riding at a high speed because it can cause damages on the transmission.

How Fast Does A Dirt Bike Go?

Are you there looking for a fast bike but you don’t have an idea about where to start? I am going to give you some faster dirt bikes.

1)    250cc dirt bike

They have an average speed of 78-45 miles per hour and its lowest is 71 miles per hour while its highest speed is 88.8 miles per hour. It has a stroke of four engines.

2)    400cc-450cc dirt bike

They have an average speed of 96.67 miles per hour. The top reported is 87 miles per hour. Each of the have four-stroke engines.

3)    510-660cc dirt bike

The average speed is 102.88 mile per hour the highest reported is 110 miles per hour and the lowest is 98 miles per hour.

4)    50-70 cc dirt bike

 This bike is really small, it gets up around 40 miles per hour which is greater considering how little they are.

5)    70-140cc dirt bike

The size of this bike is designed to get going at much faster. The speed lies between 40-60 miles per hour as a top faster.

6)    150-250cc dirt bike

They get going around 70-80 mile per hour as a top speed. They are great for gaining.

Picking the Coolster Bike for Your kids

Above, we have an assessment of some of the best dirt bikes in the market. All of the products are amazing, but there comes a time when one outweighs the others. Our top pick today is the gas mini dirt bike. It is a small size dirt bike perfect for kids younger than 13 years.

If you want to start your kid at a tender age, then consider this kind of a dirt bike.

It has a 49 to 50 cc range and is very light in its weight. It comes with a great suspension of the front brake. It ensures that safety is kept when braking or stopping. Besides, its seat height is perfect for the kid’s height. It ensures that the kid’s feet touch the ground if they feel like trembling over.

However, all the above dirt bikes are similar in effectiveness. The ball is in your hands. It all starts with what you prefer and like. The above information is just a guide to help you make a well-informed decision. All the best in your purchase!