Best Dirt Bike Brand For Kids

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Best Dirt Bike Brands For Kidsirt Bike

When shopping for a product, what is the first thing that you look at? The majority of our population checks the manufacturer’s name as such information will give you get an idea about the product’s quality among other things. If a motocross company is consistent enough in producing great products and services, they’ll be able to establish a best reputation which will attract more buyers over time.

The same concept applies to kids’ toys, especially the more expensive types. If you’re going to shell out good money, you will want to make sure you’ll get a high-quality product in exchange. This is why the search for the best dirt bike brands for kids is an important topic for many parents.

If you want to learn more about it, we’ve come up with a detailed guide that can help you with your search. Read it below.

10 Best Dirt Bike Brands For Kids

As a parent, your child’s safety is a maximum priority. Dirt biking already comes with its own dangers so it’s important to reduce them by getting the most reliable dirt kids bike. This task can be quite tricky, however, so finding ways to simplify the process is necessary.

One good way to go about this search is by looking for the dirt bike in the market right now. By doing so, you’ll get to narrow down your options and save time by focusing on the ones that have already established their worth. Once you have an idea which brands are the most reliable and reputable, you can already pick up the pace on your search.

To help you get started, here are our top ten dirtbike brands picks:

1. Apollo

Lots of consumers aren’t exactly going gaga over Chinese products due to their bad rap. They’re often believed to be cheap but in a bad way. Despite being affordable, their quality was always questioned, forming it hard to trust and rely on something made in China.

Quick Summary
  • Purveyor of gas dirt bikes for motorcyclist of all ages
  • Reasonably priced products with outstanding features
  • Wide range of products guarantees that there’s always a good match for everyone
Apollo Dirt Bike- Best Chinese Dirt Bike Brands

The Apollo Dirt Kids Bike is one of these manufacturers that are breaking out and making a name for themselves lately. With their focus on research and development, they have impressed the most discerning shoppers and experts and proved their worth to the market. They also make everything in-house, guaranteeing innovation and a strong commitment to quality.


1. Wide Range of Products

Apollo offers 2 ranges of dirt kids motorbikes, designed for motorcyclist of different skill levels. Their offerings for beginners will suit school-aged kids to teens. As they’re all fashioned after actual mini dirt bikes, their rugged looks are very appealing. They’re also perfect for transitioning from kiddie electrically powered dirt bikes to bigger gas bikes as your little rider grows.

2. Outstanding Value for the Money

While there are cheaper mini dirt bikes in the market, Apollo’s range still gets to offer outstanding value to your money. Why? They’re well thought out and will prove to be challenging and enjoyable enough for their intended motorcyclist.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive dirt bike helmet, the Cycle Gear helmet is a great choice.


  • Wide selection of dirt bikes
  • Customer support available
  • Reasonably priced
  • Replacement parts are easily available[/su_list][/su_box]


  • Assembly instructions can be better

2. Taotao- Best Beginner Dirt Bike Motocross Company

Another Chinese dirtbike brands to look into is the Taotao Dirt Kids Bike. They’ve been gaining a lot of traction lately with their products proving to be big hits among riders of all ages. However, they can also be considered as one of the leading brands of kids off-road bike for lots of different reasons.

Quick Summary
  • Offers both electrically powered and gas powered bike options
  • Known for their affordable product range
  • Their products are dubbed by many riders as Chinese beasts
Taotao Dirt Bike - Best Beginner Dirt Bike Brands

The first thing that makes Taotao one of the most popular dirt kids bike brands is its price tag. Their gas and electrically powered dirt bikes are all surprisingly affordable, so those who are on a budget should certainly take a look at their offerings.


1. Wide Product Range

As mentioned above, Taotao dirt kids motorbikes are available in electrically powered and gas varieties. Because of this, you have more options to choose from for your little rider. You can start out with their electrically powered options as they have lower maximum speeds then move to their gas options later on when your child can handle more a challenging ride already. Upgrading to a more advanced unit shouldn’t be too much of a problem since Taotao products come with friendly price tags.

2. Very Affordable Options

Taotao dirt bikes are also gaining popularity for being extremely affordable options. Their most expensive offerings are just a fraction to half the price of many leading bike brands for kids. So if you’re on a budget or not yet sure if your child will appreciate motor biking, this dirtbike brands is worth considering.


  • Lots of options available
  • Very affordable
  • Reliable quality and performance
  • Customer support available


  • Old-looking website might not instill confidence in some buyers

3. Razor – Best Dirt Bike Manufacturer

A roundup for the best Razor dirt rocket bikes for kids in the world will not be complete without Razor Dirt Rocket dirt bikes. Being one of the biggest names in the ride-on toys segment of the toy market, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that lots of parents consider them as the best dirt bike brands for kids.

Quick Summary
  • Offers excellent-rated electrically powered dirt bikes
  • Wide selection caters to very youth riders to young teens
  • This brand has longest-standing reputation and recognized for many years
  • Dependable customer support
Razor Dirt Bike - Best Dirt Bike Manufacturer

Why not when Razor products have consistently been reliable? Their non-motorized offerings have dominated the market for decades, thanks to their quality. Now, their motorized products are also doing waves as they offer dependability and peace of mind for parents.


1. Attractive Selection

Razor’s dirt electrically powered motorbikes are all beautifully designed forming them attractive options for your little one. They’re cool and stylish that your child will surely be delighted and proud to ride them around. They’re all fashioned after actual dirt electrically powered motorcycle, just scaled down in size, so your young rider will surely enjoy how they’ll look riding one.

2. Reputable Dirt Bike Brands

We’ve already established above that Razor is one of the most reputable ride-on toy brands today. They’re practically a household name in the USA so it’s really hard not to trust this dirt bike brands.


  • Popular high-quality ride-on toy manufacturer
  • Offers features that are considered very safe for youth riders
  • Attractive designs
  • Different options for all kinds of youth riders


  • Quite pricey options
  • Age recommendations are not always reliable

4. SSR- Best Company of Dirt Bike

SSR motorcycle are also from China but because they’re often compared to Japanese brands, lots of folks became very interested in them. They’re best known for their pit motorcycle and dirt bikes which is not surprising since their first offerings are limited to such. It wasn’t only until recently that they’ve started to widen their product range and offer ATVs and UTVs as well.

Quick Summary
  • Offers electrically powered and gas-powered motorcycle for kids and adults
  • Organically grown a following over the many years
  • Some models are suitable for dirt jumping
SSR Dirt Bike - Best Dirt Jumper Bike Brands


1. Excellent Build

Lots of experienced pit bike riders can attest to the fact that SSR products are nicely built. Many are actually surprised by this fact, especially since Chinese brands tend to have a bad rap. However, SSR has been consistently reliable and durable, so they have satisfied the needs and requirements of many riders. With this fact, you can also be guaranteed that their products will be great choices for your little one.

2. Reasonably Priced

SSR motorcycle are available in a very wide price range. The high-end ones come with rather hefty price tags but their entry-level offerings are very affordable. Because of this, you can be guaranteed to get your money’s worth and maybe even more.


  • Nicely built products
  • Budget pricing
  • Reputable dirt bike brands


  • Parts can be a bit hard to find

5. Monster Moto – Best All Around Dirt Bike for Kids

One of the well-loved dirt kids motorcycle manufacturers in the USA is the Monster Moto mini Bike. As the dirt bike brands assembled their products in the US, it can be considered as one of the few bike companies to partially make their products inside the country.

Quick Summary
  • Widely known for their unique-looking dirt mini motorcycle
  • Products are assembled in the US
  • Offers electrically powered and gas-powered options
Monster Moto Dirt Bike - Best All-Around Dirt Bike for Kids


1. Safe Features

From their appearance, it’s already easy to tell that Monster Moto’s products are designed for kids. Its features further establish this fact since it has a speed limiter and lower maximum speeds than many dirt bike available today. Such features are also outstanding signs that they’re meant to grow with your child, ensuring that your little rider will get a lot of fun outings with their bike.

Since their products are also built to be wider than other dirt bikes, you can also expect them to be more stable and easier to balance. As a result, your little one won’t have to struggle to ride them comfortably.

2. Good Investments

Lots of people say that Monster dirt bikes can hold their value pretty well. Since your child will most likely outgrow this motorized ride-on toy sooner or later, it’s nice to know that you won’t lose a lot of money by getting it. If you’re going to resell your unit, you can still get a nice price for it, unlike other kids’ off-road bikes.


  • Equipped with features that are deemed safe for younger kids to use
  • Affordable price tag
  • Holds their value well
  • Unique dirt mini bike designs


  • Has recently gone out of business

6. Coolster – Best Selling Kids Dirt Bikes

With its youthful name, it’s not hard to get drawn to Coolster Bikes while searching for the dirt bikes. The branding alone already oozes fun and excitement, forming it an attractive option for many dirt bike. But it’s not just its branding that will win you over. Its products’ friendly price and solid features are also great reasons to give this dirt bike brands a chance.

Quick Summary
  • Offers an attractive range of gas dirt bikes
  • No electric components to worry about
  • Designed with the same control features as actual dirt bikes
  • Rugged dirt bike design
Coolster Dirt Bike - Best Selling Kids Dirt Bikes


1. Very Affordable Price

One of the missions of Coolster is to provide affordable options to the public. Bikes aren’t cheap, especially the perfect ones. So if you want to enjoy the sport, you’ll need to shell out for it. However, with Coolster providing affordable and great-quality options, you don’t have to spend too much anymore just to get a taste of the thrill.

2. Solid Selection of Dirt Bikes

They may not have the widest range of dirt bikes but Coolster has enough to cater to the needs and requirements of various riders. Very young ones will certainly have a blast with the two 49cc options available. Options are aplenty as well, since these items come in different colors. Older riders can choose from 70cc and 110cc, on the other hand.


  • Easy to build
  • great selection of bikes suitable for kids
  • Emphasizes the appropriate usage of different models based on their age
  • Affordable price
  • Reliable customer support


  • Known to require regular maintenance

7. Burromax – Best Motocross company

Opting for a product made by an actual dirt kids dirt bike brands is an exciting prospect but there are also those parents who want to stay on the safe side in order to further minimize the risks for their little ones. If you’re one of them, Burromax Bikes might appeal to you.

Quick Summary
  • Designed with children’s safety as a priority
  • Built the way actual motorcycles are constructed
  • Offers a wide range of electrically powered kiddie bikes
  • Not just a distributor of Chinese bikes
Burromax Dirt Bike - Best Kids Motocross Bike Brand


1. Involved Product Development

If you’re not a big fan of Chinese bikes but can’t justify the cost of other brands, Burromax is still a great option for you as they’re not just North American distributors of a Chinese dirt bike brands. They’re involved in developing and designing their products so they promise better quality and innovation.

2. Designed Like Toys, Built Like Motorcycles

Dirt kids bikes come with a lot of dangers which makes it a lot more enticing and exciting for those who enjoy riding them. As a parent, however, you do not want to put your little one at risk so you’ll want a reliable dirt bike company like Burromax to have your back. As their products are developed like toys with lots of safety features and built the same way as actual motorcycles to ensure durability, their pit bikes can help you have some peace of mind while your child spends time on the trails.


  • Specializes on kids dirt bikes
  • Comes with lots of safety features
  • Attractive design
  • Information on the products and dirt bike company are easily available


  • Accessories can be a bit pricey

8. KidsFunWorld – Best Motocross Company Bike

Looking into upping the ante for your little one by getting them a more powerful dirt trail bike compared to their first one? KidsFunWorld Dirt trail Bikes might just be the best option for you since their small-displacement offerings can be exciting choices for children.

Quick Summary
  • Offers a great selection of small-displacement dirt gas bikes
  • Attractive motocross-style design
  • Affordable products
KidsFunWorld Dirt Bike - Best Kids Dirt Bike on the Market


1. Solid Build

One of the most notable things about KidsFunWorld dirt gas bikes is that they’re solidly built. This can ensure that they won’t easily buckle under your little one’s weight while they take conquer bumpy terrains. It also promises safety and value for your money as it won’t easily fall apart through regular use.

2. Attractive Price

While dirt gas bikes are cheaper and more powerful than electrically powered bikes, this motocross bike company tends to offer a lot more affordable options to the market. As a result, it can be a solid option for parents who are on a budget.


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Reliable performance
  • Suitable for kids who are getting serious about motor biking
  • Appealing rugged design


  • Not a lot of information about the company is easily available
  • Size recommendation is not accurate


An impressive new player in the kids’ bike game is the Say Yeah bikes. Despite being a fresh face, it is slowly building a name and reputation for itself, forming it worth looking into.

Quick Summary
  • Offers an interesting selection of electric ride-on toys and a few dirt gas bikes
  • Produced by a reputable manufacturer, MotoTec
  • Affordable offerings
SAY YEAH Electric Dirt Bike 24V500W -Best Off Road Electric Dirt Bike


1. Advanced Features Available

Say Yeah has quite a wide range of bikes and some of them are equipped with more advanced features. So if you’re looking for something more exciting than a dirt starter bike for a very young rider, you can still find a great one from this company. They even have electrically powered bikes that are already comparable to basic gas dirt bikes.

2. Established Parent Company

Since Say Yeah is made by the same folks behind MotoTec, you can be guaranteed that they have the same quality in terms of construction. This can also promise safety for your little riders.


  • Very affordable
  • Wide range of offerings
  • You can choose from gas and electrically powered options
  • Attractive rugged product design


  • No readily available information about the company online

10. SYX MOTO – Best Apparel Motocross Company

Worried that a dirt gas bike will be too much for your little one but you still kind of want to get them one? Then check out Syx Moto Dirt gas Bikes. They offers dirt gas bikes for kids so you can rest assured that they won’t allow your child to get too dangerously fast.

Quick Summary
  • Offers a range of small-displacement dirt gas bikes
  • Attractive appearance
  • Very affordable products
SYX MOTO Dirt Bike- Best Dirt Bike Apparel Brand


1. Gas Variety

If Burromax and Razor exclusively sell dirt electrically powered bikes for kids, you can consider Syx Moto as their gas counterpart. As Syx Moto only carry small-displacement dirt bikes that are designed for small riders, they can certainly make a case for junior riders who want a more powerful ride.

2. Very Friendly Price Tag

Dirt gas bikes for kids are typically less expensive than topmost-of-the-line dirt electrically powered bikes, so if you’re after some additional power anyway, it might be better to get a Syx Moto product than spend more on a popular electrically powered option.

3. Equipped with Safety Features

Since this company mostly caters to kids, they also made sure to add safety features to their creations. Their bikes have speed limiters so you can make sure that they won’t gun the bike the first chance they get.


  • Made for junior riders who are ready to get more out of their bikes
  • Very appealing, rugged appearance
  • Affordably priced
  • Reliable customer support


  • Noisy engine

Picking the Best Dirt Bike Brand for Kids for Kids

Best Brand of Dirt Bike

There’s no doubt about it: parents will be more than willing to search high and low for the dirt bike brands for kids if it’s one of the best ways to ensure their little rider’s safety. This task isn’t simple to do which is why we’ve created this guide. Hopefully, with its help, you’ll get to find the answer to the burning question of ‘what is the best dirt bike brands?’

Honestly, all of our picks above can be suitable answer to this question. It’s just that some brands might suit your requirements and preferences better, so there’s no one universal answer to this query.

However, if we’re to make a top dirt bike recommendation, we’ll go with Burromax dirt bike. They’re designed and built for children’s use so they blend safety and functionality well. We believe their offerings can be great starter options for the young motorcyclists.

Of course, it’s still your choice which one to go for, though. We’re confident, however, that our list would be of great help in pointing you in the right direction.