Best Dirt Bike for 10 Year Old Beginner: A Complete Guide

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Are you looking for a great way to spend time with your children? If so, getting the best kids dirt bike for 10 year old is your optimum bet. Dirt biking is a great way to get them out of their bed and gadgets and enjoy the outdoors.

One of the things to consider is the cc rating which measures the displacement of the engine. The good part is that there are lots of good and inexpensive options out there in the market.

SSR Sx50


X-PRO 110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Kids Dirt Pitbike 110 Dirt Pit Bike,Red

  • Good brake system
  • Runs on fuel
  • Automatic start
  • Lightweight
Apollo DB-X18

Budget Friendly

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Red

  • 125cc
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maneuver
  • Powerful motor
Razor MX650

Editors Pick

Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket Electric-Powered Dirt Bike with Authentic Motocross Dirt Bike Geometry, Rear-Wheel Drive, High-Torque, Chain-Driven Motor, for Kids 13+

  • Easy control
  • Dual suspension
  • 650-watt motor
  • Great brakes

But with the sheer number of choices available, you might not know which ones work well for your child. That’s why in this guide, we’ll recommend some of the perfect ones you can give pick out first dirt bike for your children with perfect cc rating, and features.

10 Best Kids Dirt Bike for 10 Year Old Beginner

1. SSR Sx50- Best Starter Dirt Motocross Bike for 10 Year Old Kids

  • Automatic Starting feature
  • Brake system
  • Comes in different colors
  • Runs on Fuel
  • Seat Height Kids: 23 inches
  • Appropriate Age: For kids 10 to 12 years old

Children aren’t equipped to operate manual racing bicycles or ones that need a kick start. That’s why it’s important for a dirt bike to have an automated start. The good news is that this kids motocross bike for 10 years old has that feature while running on fuel, meaning there’s no need to charge it. This SSR bikes for kids is cheap. But that means the materials used for the product aren’t of the highest feature. After a few uses, you might see some damaged parts.

1. Automatic Start

The automatic starting feature is great since all your child needs to do is to press the key for its motor to start running. This makes it one of the best dirt bikes for beginner kids. After all, they have more control as soon as they start, giving them confidence in what they do.

2. Good Brake System

This SSR motorbike has two brakes: one at the front wheel and the other at the back. With this, your child has a smooth brake when necessary. It’s quick, ensuring that they avoid a possible collision. You have some options when choosing a color for this dirt bike. The available ones include blue, black, green, red, white, and orange.

The Kenda Small Block Eight is designed to work well in tough conditions. It’s a great choice if you ride off-road and need an aggressive tire for woods riding.

4. Runs on Fuel

Unlike a lot of kids dirt bikes uses fuel to run instead of electricity. It’s a more convenient option since you won’t need to plug them into outlets for several hours a day. It means more hours of fun dirt biking for your child.

  • Relatively inexpensive, making it a good beginner dirt bike
  • Has two brakes for safety
  • Lightweight
  • Skills aren’t necessary
  • No electric start available
  • Has some faulty parts
  • Can use more durability

2. Coolster 70cc- Best Beginner Dirt Motocross Bike for 10 Year Old Kids

  • Appropriate Age: 10 years to 13 years old
  • Great frame design and suspension
  • Top speed of 48km/hr
  • 24 inch seat height kids
  • Amazing transmission

This Coolster dirt bike is one of the best dirt bikes for 10 years old. It’s a cool-looking vehicle that’s sure to tick all your positive boxes. It’s semi-automatic with four gears, as well as a responsive kick-starting feature.

1. Powerful motor

This Coolster dirt bike for 13-years-old has an air-cooled, 4-stroke motor. It enables your child to quickly start the motorbike, along with its intuitive kickstart. This 70cc motorbike has a single cylinder, helping the motorbike cool down even while revving up. The motor allows your child to go as fast as 48km/hr. With that, the dirt bike for your kid is great for children who live for adventure. It’s right dirt bike size if you wish to take your kid for trail riding and kick up the dirt.

In this article, you will find the top 10 dirt bike helmets for under $100. Each helmet has its own pro and con that we have talked about in detail.

2. Great Suspension and Frame Design

The bike’s frame remains solid and sturdy, with larger wheels as well as stiffer springs. It gives the suspension when it’s most necessary. It will start up every time, meaning your little one won’t need to hold back on their precious riding dirt bikes moment. This dirt bike for your kid has an automatic clutch. That means your kid won’t need to put in more effort when they’re shifting. With its gearbox, they can steer and control their kids dirt bike more effectively.

  • It can start with a simple kick
  • It supports around 130 lbs of weight
  • Reliable and fast
  • Comfortable seats and needs minimal assembly
  • No electric start available
  • Shift pattern is four down instead of one down, three up
  • This pattern makes it out of sync with other motorcycle models

3. PCC DB214FC

  • Powerful KLX Style 125cc
  • Suitable for young children and adults weighing 220lbs or less
  • Up to 72km/hr speed
  • Excellent brake system
  • Seat height kids: 29.13 inches
  • Appropriate Age: 12 years old

If you buy this motorcycle, expect it to come in a crate. With that, you’ll need to do it assembled on your own. This can present a problem if you’re not skilled enough to do it.

1. Powerful Engine and Speedy

When considering the speed, this dirt bike can go as fast as 72km/hr consistently. With its quality and class taken into consideration, you can say that its speed is more than great. With that, you can rely on this vehicle whether it’s for competitive racing or recreational riding dirt bikes, which I would recommend. Its KLX Style 125 CC motor can help you cross almost any terrain. All that while maintaining good fuel efficiency and cooling. It’s a performance-based dirt bike for your kid that can withstand long and hard use.

2. Wider User Range

The Coolster 125CC is a competitor for the best dirt bikes for 12 years old and above. It’s also a good kids motocross bike for 10 year olds to use if you’re a young adult weighing 220lbs or below. It’s an excellent age and load range when determining its versatility. Are you worried about your child’s safety? If so, don’t fret since this bike’s braking system has it covered. The rear wheel possesses hydraulic disk brakes while the front wheel has a double piston brake assembly. With this combination, the Coolster’s braking system becomes impeccable, making it safe for beginners.

  • The design supports balance and control, even for beginners
  • Higher maximum speed compared to some racing bicycles
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The braking system is efficient, guaranteeing the safety
  • Seat height isn’t ideal for small bike riders
  • Several reports of leakages

4. PCC DB214S

  • The Dirt bike has an air-cooled motor
  • It offers a 125cc power range
  • It doesn’t have a clutch
  • It’s semi-automatic and has a double piston
  • Seat height kids is approximately 31-32 inches
  • Appropriate Age: 10 year olds and above

This is among the best dirt bikes for kids, and a lot of people give it a positive rating. Its various features are nothing short of amazing. It’s a light-weight dirt bike, and it can go 72km/hr. Most of all, this motorcycle is affordable. This makes it a good choice if you wish to obtain the right bike for 10 year old kids.

1. Superb Engine

This Coolster dirt bike for kids has an amazing four-stroke motor. With this, you’re make sure that your child will have more comfortable riding experience. Compared to other racing bicycles, it doesn’t make any noise and kicks off quite well. The motor enables your child to have excellent control over their riding experience, making it safer. Without the bulk, your child can make easier maneuvers with this motorcycle. This gives them full control over their ride. If you need to carry it around, it’s less hectic since you don’t need to heave a lot.

Helmets are essential for dirt bike riders. Without a helmet, you risk getting injured or even dying after crashing into an object.

3. It’s Suitable for a Wider Variety of Roads

Your child will find this motorcycle to be really useful. It is vital that you pick the right size of kids dirt bike for 11 year olds with  sturdy wheels, it can easily ride over a wider array of terrains. Its solid frame makes the experience even more stable, enabling them to handle any road type without difficulty.

  • It’s very affordable
  • Its maximum speed of 72km/hr makes for a wild ride
  • It’s a good starter motorcycle for newbies
  • The design is excellent
  • Some of its components might start leaking
  • No electric start available
  • Seat height isn’t ideal for small bike riders
  • Its lightweight causes it to break easier with time

5. Taotao DB17

  • It has a 125 air-cooled, four-stroke motor
  • Good size and excellent brakes
  • Seat Height kids: 30.70 inches
  • A slight learning curve for the four-stroke motor

This dirt bike for kids is a good option if your child already has some riding experience. Having the right seat height is important factors, don’t just focus on the CC rating. It’s not as small as some of the racing bicycles featured on this list. What it means is that older children and younger adults can rid it.

1. Excellent Engine

This great dirt bike’s 125cc air-cooled, four-stroke motor can get to 60km/hr. If your child wants to ride it, they need to get ready with a safety helmet. But youngsters experienced with motocross will adore this motorcycle since they’ll see this as an upgrade. The DB17 dirt bike for kids 10 to 13 years old can handle different activities. Whether your child is doing wheelies, jumps, or intense trail riding, you can trust this motorcycle to deliver.

2. Bigger Frame and Excellent Brakes

Its seat height is 34 inches while its ground clearance is at 13 inches. If you’re inclined to give this motorcycle a try, you can since its design can accommodate adults too. You can give it a kick start and it will run without fail. This Taotao motorcycle uses hydraulic disc brakes. Coupled with its impeccable suspension, you get a mini kids motocross bike for 10 year olds that can do the job. The learning curve needed to master the four-stroke motor is worth the quality. That means fewer adjustments and regular maintenance. It’s also simple to assemble, making it a fun activity for you and your growing child.

  • Powerful motor with 60km/hr top speed
  • Bigger frame, meaning teens and young adults can use it
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for safety
  • Excellent off-road capabilities
  • Slightly expensive
  • Seat height isn’t ideal for small bike riders
  • The bigger frame isn’t good for small kids

6. Taotao DB 14

  • It has a 110cc four-stroke motor
  • It has a bigger frame, allowing adults to use it
  • Seat Height kids:30.70 inches
  • Good brake system and includes accessories

Is your child already experienced enough to want an upgrade? If so, the Taotao DB 14 has higher power than what they probably have now. Giving them this motorcycle will make them feel that you’re trusting them with more grown-up biking experience.

1. Powerful Engine

This Taotao motorcycle has a 110cc four-stroke motor, which has a maximum horsepower of 7HP. With this engine, your child can go at a top speed of 48km/hr. That’s why a lot of experts consider this an actual dirt bike for kids, so consider this fact before buying a dirt bike.

2. Bigger Frame

The seat height for this dirt bike is 28 inches while its ground clearance is 11.4 inches. It’s a motorcycle that caters more to older children and younger adults. If you have a rapidly-growing child, this Taotao dirt bike can be a viable option. But with its frame, it’s heavier than regular dirt bikes for children. The DB14 is 125lbs heavy and higher seat height, making it difficult for smaller children to handle it.

3. Good Brake System and Transmission

It has the kick start feature, alongside CDI ignition and 44 inches of wheelbase. This makes the mini dirt bike feel more like its adult counterpart. It uses front and rear hydraulic disks for its braking system, making it safe. With a semi-automatic transmission, you can teach your child the skills needed to transition to a full-sized dirt bike.

  • Excellent four-stroke motor
  • Semi-automatic transmission
  • Big frame, perfect for older children
  • Impeccable hydraulic disc brakes
  • Expensive but worth the price
  • Assembly needs some expertise

7. Razor MX400- Best Electric Powered Dirt Motocross Bike for 10 Year Old Kids

  • Slick and eye-catching design
  • Dual suspension enables smooth rides
  • Powerful 350W motor
  • Seat height on the MX400 is about 22.5 inches
  • Electricity-powered, with 30-40 minutes of ride time per charge
  • Durable steel construction

This dirt bike uses an electric motor, which will maximize your child’s fun times due to its efficient propelling. It’s the best dirt bike for 12 year olds and above. Its cool design will make your kid proud of it.

1. Attractive Design

If you see this bike, you’ll know why it’s captivating. The Razor MX400’s design uses the geometrical frame of a real professional dirt bike. Your child will love it, especially if they’re fond of dirt bikes.

2. Powerful Electric-powered Motor

This bike’s motor gives good performance with its 350W motor. It’s chain-driven and only has one speed setting. Regardless, your child will get the thrill of riding real dirt bikes due to its extreme power output. The bike’s top speed is 22km/hr, slower than most of the racing bicycles mentioned on this list. But it’s a good feature since it’s safer for beginners.

3. Durable Construction

This Razor bike’s construction allows it to hold up to 140lbs of weight without any problems. It’s made using durable steel, making it a good choice for holding bigger children. Even if they use it roughly, the bike can last for a long while.

4. Good Minor Features

The motocross has a retractable kickstand, making it easy to park anywhere. Its front-wheel mudguard makes it look closer to the real thing. While it needs assembling, it’s easy and straightforward—just follow the manual.

  • Quiet but powerful motor
  • Can carry weights up to 140lbs
  • It is the right size and has the right power delivery
  • Durable due to its steel construction
  • Minor features make it convenient and attractive
  • Long battery charge (8 hours)
  • No suspension

8. Razor MX350-Blue- Best First Dirt Motocross Bike for 10 Year Old

  • High performance on all terrain types
  • Professional and modern design
  • Ideal for smaller children
  • Electric start
  • Seat height: 22.5 inches
  • The battery lasts for 30-60 minutes of intense riding

This Razor dirt bike is something that children will love to have. It has a menacing yet appealing design. As for performance, its electric motor and durable frame handles rough terrains while carrying weights up to 140lbs.

1. Awesome Design

The bike’s design closely resembles racing bicycles that children use in professional contests. If your child is a motocross enthusiast, you’ll make a great purchase with this Razor motocross. Its big wheels and comfortable-looking perfect seat height will make your child want to try it out as soon as possible.

2. Better-suited for Smaller Children

Is your child nimble and small? If so, the Razor MX350 dirt bike is a great choice for them. While the manufacturer advertises this bike for 13 year olds, its 44 x 24.5 x 31-inch dimensions can make them look cramped. That’s why it’s better to buy it if your child is 7 years old. That way, they’ll grow with it and have more fun times riding it.

3. Electric-powered

The bike can go up to 22km/hr, depending on a load of your child. Regardless, it’s powerful enough to speed past different terrain, such as fields, grass, and dirt. But for an ideal, longer ride, they should go for normal pavements and gravel. Its power makes it versatile, carrying your child wherever they want. But always make sure to remind them about the operational time limit.

  • The electric motor that can achieve a maximum of 22km/hr
  • Versatile when used on different terrains
  • It is the right size and has the right power delivery
  • Great and durable design
  • Excellent brakes
  • Cramped for teen use
  • 12-hour charging time

9. Razor MX650

  • 650W electric motor that can reach 27km/hr
  • Adjustable handlebars for easy control
  • Dual suspension enables smooth rides
  • Seat height: 24.5 inches
  • Excellent design

Do you want your teen to have something fun to do on a clear summer day? If so, dirt biking with the Razor MX650 can be the break they need. It has the right size and power (650 watts) and will give them the adrenaline rush and entertain them for a long period.

1. 650-Watt Electric Motor

With this wattage, you’re assured that the dirt bike for kids will have lots of power. If your child needs to go dirt biking over rough terrain, this Razor dirt bike can be their new friend. It can cut through both dirt and gravel without difficulty while maintaining the 27km/hr speed. The motor is also chain-driven with high torque. It’s guaranteed to give a higher power without the noise.

2. Amazing Handlebars, Great Brakes

The MX650’s handlebars are adjustable, which means your child can fit it according to their comfort. This makes them feel one with their dirt bike, cutting through dirt hills like the wind. It improves their experience and enhances their control. After all, the hand-operated brakes and the twist-grip acceleration are within their reach. Its front and rear disk brakes are impeccable. With complete braking control, your child will have safer riding experience.

3. Great Design

This is one of the best dirt bikes for racing to make your kid look cooler. Its bright paint job will captivate an audience as they zoom by. Its accents give it a lot of flairs, making it look like a genuine race dirt bike. The Razor MX650 has a seat height at 24.5 inches, which is higher for beginner kids.  

  • Ultimate comfort with the adjustable handlebars
  • Excellent braking system
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Safe speeds of up to 27km/hr
  • 12-hour charging time
  • Needs monthly charging for maintenance

10. Apollo DB-X18

  • 125cc gasoline-operated motor
  • Four-speed Manual/Semi-Automatic Clutch
  • Outstanding Design
  • Seat Height: 36.5 inches
  • Durable steel construction

Is your child a beginner? If so, the Apollo DB-X18 is a outstanding choice, especially when they’re not used to the more heavyweight racing bicycles. Regardless, it’s a fast dirt bike with four gears, with each gear capable of going up to 24km/hr.

1. 125cc Gasoline-Powered Engine

Before buying a first dirt bike for your child, you need to think about its horsepower or the cubic centimeter. The reason is the weight, which determines whether the dirt bike is easy to handle. With the 125cc engine, you’re assured that the bike is lightweight. This gasoline-powered engine is great for trails, streets, but not racing. When used as a pit bike, the wheel plating will start getting lost. But the speed is impeccable since it can reach a whopping maximum speed of 88km/hr.

2. Impressive Four-Speed Manual/Semi-Automatic Clutch

This bike’s clutch is easy to use since all you need to do is to press it. Use your left leg and press the shifter down. After that, release your hand gently to release the rear wheel’s gas. Interestingly, each gear covers around 24km/hr. As for the braking system, both the front and the rear use hydraulic disks. That makes the dirt bike for kids stop when it’s most needed.

3. Outstanding Design

The bike has a small seat, but it exceeds the average seat height of this dirt bike for Kids that caters to a wider variety of sizes. The steel cover is robust, making it durable and reliable in the long run. Also, it looks like a legitimate dirt bike with its green paint job, wheel design, adjustable handlebars, and the kickstand.

  • Lightweight but powerful motor
  • Easy maneuver
  • Steel frame
  • Quiet operation
  • Inefficient carburetor
  • Seat height isn’t ideal for small bike riders

Additional Information

What are the Main Types of Mini Dirt Bikes?

Mini dirt bikes will often fall into two main categories: gasoline-powered and electric. It’s one of the main things that you should think about when buying dirt bikes for an 10 year olds or older. But what it all boils down into is your child’s needs and preferences.

If you want to buy a gasoline-powered bike, it’s usually great if you’re looking for a vehicle that can support higher weights. It’s also cheaper to buy compared to its electric bikes counterpart. As for its speed, it’s faster and can reach higher speeds at a shorter timeframe.

The main drawback of gasoline-powered dirt bikes is the fact that some states find it illegal. That means you need to be conscious of the dirt bike laws in your state before buying your first dirt bike for your youth. Also, it needs regular maintenance, which can be taxing if you have a busy schedule. For electric dirt bikes, they don’t need a lot of maintenance. Once they’re bought brand new dirt bike, the running costs will be cheaper compared to gas dirt bikes. Its lower speed range is a boon to beginners, making their first few rides comfortable and safe.

The trade-off is that an electric dirt bike has lower weight limits and has a bigger upfront cost. Another thing to look out for is the 30-60 minutes operation range since it can hamper your child’s fun. After all, it will often take 8 to 12 hours for the bike to finish recharging.

How Durable are Mini Dirt Bikes?

The majority of mini dirt bikes can plow through moderately rough terrains. Most will often see some use in backyards and sidewalks. In some cases, you can see these dirt bikes for 10 year olds in suburban neighborhoods. Mini dirt bikes can take quite the punishment when used. It’s due to its designers’ assumption that children will handle these vehicles. Depending on the model, some will come with track-in suspensions while others might not.

The good news is that the durability of most dirt bikes is consistent. As long as they’re used by their intended age range, you can count on them to last for a long while. For example, if a young adult starts using your child’s mini dirt bike, its durability gets shorter. That’s why you need to check the packaging first and see if it’s a perfect fit for your child. It’s better to get a bike they can grow into instead of them rapidly outgrowing it.

How Can I Maintain the Durability of the Bike?

A lot of experts say that dirt bikes that had a suspension system were more likely to fail. It’s due to the extra added parts. This holds true if your child goes over the maximum weight threshold allowed by the bike’s intended design. You can get a bike that doesn’t have any suspension. But that means your child will have a rougher time dirt biking their mini bike. The advantage is that it isn’t as likely to fail and won’t need as many replacement parts and maintenance.

A bike with a suspension system is only ideal if your child will use it regularly. After all, the majority of impacts coming from jumps and acrobatics will decrease. So, if you want to maintain the durability of the bike, you might need to compromise some of your child’s comfort.

In the end, its durability all depends on the brand and quality of the bike. That’s why you need to check the materials used for its frame and components.

How Fast are Mini Dirt Bikes?

Two factors often affect the maximum speed of mini dirt bikes: the weight of the bike riders and the engine output. Most mini dirt bikes will often have two-stroke engines with an output of 50cc or 49cc. The size of these motors is often similar to the ones seen on chainsaws. As a general rule, gasoline-powered dirt bikes have an average speed of 40km/hr. Their electric dirt bike counterparts have a 20-30km/hr speed range. This means the latter is a friendlier option for beginners since their top speeds are more manageable for your children.

Your choice of mini dirt bike depends on the amount of experience your child has. If they’re proficient in operating it, a gasoline-powered bike is better for them. But if you want to make sure, try contacting the manufacturer since they can give you recommendations.

How Do You Maintain the Dirt Bike?

To preserve the best shape and form of your dirt bikes for 10 year old kids, you need to know how to take care of it. You should inspect it regularly since taking the initiative lets you identify pressing issues. This allows you to solve them before they get out of control. The moving parts of the bike should have frequent lubrication. In ideal cases, you should do this before use or after storage retrieval. Your main objective is to keep the smooth motion consistent for as long as possible.

Also, some of the moving parts and components can get loose over period. That means you need to tighten these using a spanner or a wrench. If you leave these parts untightened, they’ll end up getting looser and fall apart while your child cruises rough terrain.

Are Mini Bikes Legal?

It’s legal to own mini dirt bikes for 10 years old, but some states forbid you from using them on the road. To make it street-legal, you need to modify it and include features found in regular bikes. Some of these include rearview mirrors, license plates, horns, and others.

Once the mini bike has the necessary equipment, it needs to pass a speed test. The procedures will be different depending on the stat you’re in. If you’re unsure about the regulations in your area, make sure to ask your local motor vehicle agency to know the way forward. Regardless, an unmodified mini bike isn’t legal to ride on the street. It’s possible within the neighborhood or block, as long as it isn’t a major road. The safe assumption is that mini dirt bikes for 10 years kids often can’t get insurance or registration the same way full-sized motorcycles can.

Picking the Ultimate Dirt Bike for 10 Years Old Kids for You

All these mini dirt bikes have their strong and weak points. But one thing is certain: these bikes are some of the best ones out there in the market. The best dirt kids bikes options for your child depends on their specific needs and preferences.

But if you’re looking for the best among these bikes, the Razor MX650 is your best bet. It’s a fun machine designed using the most authentic dirt bike frame designs, allowing your child to have more realistic dirt biking experience. It’s best-suited for teens 13 years old and above, as long as they don’t weigh more than 220lbs.

The main reason why it’s the top pick is due to its versatility of usage. With a durable steel frame and a speed of 27km/hr, this Razor bike offers a lot. Most people who bought a brand new dirt bike and reviewed this bike liked and appreciated its robustness since it can comb through various terrain types.