The Best Dirt Bike Grips: The Ultimate Guide For Choosing An Awesome Pair

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So, what do you really mean when you say you want to get your hands on the best dirt bike grips? Let me guess! Durable density, anti-slip texture, and provide top-notch service during any weather condition.

Now it’s true that the marketplace doesn’t have high-end bike grips much. The ones that do have these features are sky-high expensive. I did all my homework on versatile buying bike grips, including new dirt bike grips and triple density grip.



Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip - Twist Throttle (RED)

  • Durable material
  • Provide tack for control and absorb vibrations and impacts
  • Gives a good grip to the handlebars
  • Hard stock grips
Renthal G165

Budget Friendly

Renthal G165 Natural Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin/Firm Compound Motocross Grip

  • The soft diamond pattern makes these grips extremely comfortable
  • Known as medium compound gripping solution

Editors Pick

HIAORS 7/8" Motorcycle Hand Grips for CRF YZF WRF KXF KLX Pit Dirt Bike Motocross Motorcycle Offroad Dirt Bike Black

  • Soft Compound which reduces vibration and arm pump
  • Excellent grip

I thought, why not share my views on some products I’ve done my research on?

And that’s when I decided to write this article for you. Here are the top 10 dirt bike grips, in my opinion.

10 Best Dirt Bike Grips Reviews

Here is my top-ten list of the greatest dirt bike grips you can get for the money. No matter which one you pick from here, you will never have a complaint; I cross my heart!

1. Renthal G165 Motocross Grip- Best Dirt Bike Grips for Vibration

Renthal G165 Natural Diamond/Waffle Kevlar Resin/Firm Compound Motocross Grip

These Renthal grips G165 are one of the best grips for your dirt bike that you can have today. And it comes with an inexpensive price tag, which is great news!

With this product, you will get the durability of a hard compound grip. But the most amazing part is, the Kevlar construction made it soft enough to absorb all the vibrations and allows you to have a comfortable grasp all the time.

In addition, it is designed with a tacky surface so you can grab it securely in any muddy or wet weather condition. And the diamond pattern is remarkably thin; hence, riders with small hands won’t have any trouble while holding on to it.

Thanks to its ergonomic features, professionals rely on this grip. Moreover, it is available in both tapered and dual compound products; thus, getting the most suitable one will be easy.

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Final Words


When you want to get a high-end service but don’t have the budget for it, you can take a look at this one. However, you will not get any color choices, which is a bummer.

2. Renthal G091 Full Diamond Grips- Best Dirt Bike Hand Grips

Renthal G091 Black Full Diamond Firm Compound Motocross Grip

When it’s about reliability, Renthal motocross grips are one of the best grips that manufacturers we can consider. Therefore, this is another product by this brand on my list.

These motocross grips are guaranteed to provide an optimal service which riders prefer and seek to most grips.

One of the most praiseworthy facts of this best grip is that you have the liberty to choose from different types of density. Moreover, you will get color options, which is pretty impressive.

From dirt bikes to ATVs, this grip can be used for any type of vehicle. And it is a super durable product, so you will get a greater value for the money at the end of the day.

The high-quality grip comes in three pattern options and is made from durable materials, to ensure the most secure hold on the road. Moreover, these grips are exceptionally tacky, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

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Final Words


Therefore, to ensure the safest and most durable service, you can think about getting this one without any doubt.

3. PRO TAPER Pillow Top Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Top Lite Grip - Twist Throttle (RED)

Dirt bike riders are always looking for the best grips and a pro taper pillow top that fits their bikes. And that’s why; I am going to tell you everything about these Pro Taper grips.

As they have their pro taper pillow waffle pattern, you will never experience any vibration while riding because they are well facilitated to absorb movements. Additionally, the raised pads make the ride so comfortable.

On the top, having the key functionalities, the pro taper pillow top keeps away the shed mud from the outer surface. Selfly cleaning the shed mud from the outer surface makes this pro taper pillow tops as best grip.

Besides being super inexpensive, there are plenty of color options available for this product. Therefore, anyone can get the most suitable one for themselves without hesitating.

Pro taper pillow top comes with a Kraton rubber compound surface that makes it outstandingly tacky in wet and muddy conditions. Therefore, you’ll have a secure hold no matter what the weather condition is. And the inner compound is remarkably hard; hence the grip will have an improved bonding with the bars.

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Final Words


The Anti-Rip tip design enhances the longevity of this pro taper pillow top durable grip; there is no doubt about that. However, the pillow-top construction and its waffle pattern are mostly suitable for riders with larger hands.

4. Scott Sports 233925-0001

Scott Sports 233925-0001 Black Radial Full Waffle Motorcycle Grips

While discussing the most excellent dirt bike grips, we cannot skip Scott Sports as having a full, firm grip on the bars. And so, I am keeping this full waffle product by this brand on my list.

This grip comes with soft density; hence, you will not feel any vibration while riding your motorcycle. And it is designed with integrated safety wire, so you don’t have to worry about its durability, trust me!

Apart from the half-waffle, thanks to the full waffle pattern, you will never lose your clutch, even if you are riding aggressively because of the safety wire. And the whole thing is super comfortable; thus, your longer bike ride sessions will be breezier than ever!

Riders, who bought this best dirt bike for the first time, had hard times believing it was a cost-effective product. It gives you a quality feel, more vibration, and less grip than medium and soft which you will get only from high-end grips.

And the less grip function is pretty impressive, to be honest. In fact, the initial grip installation method involves the usage of compressed air, and you are required to have an air compressor.

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Final Words


On top of everything, the installation process of these grips is quite effortless. So, when you are planning to get a straightforward product with top-tier service, you can choose this one with your eyes closed!

5. Anxin Universal

2pcs 7/8" Universal Motorcycle Hand Bar Grips Pillow Grip Anti-Slip Rubber Racing Grip for Dirt Bike Motocross CR80R/85R, CRF150R, CR125R/250R, CRF450R(Red)

These super cheap motorcycle grips are for those who are running on a tight budget right now. You will get everything in this product from anti-slip quality to enhanced durability without spending a hefty cheque!

As it comes with a pillow-top pattern, you won’t feel any vibration no matter how bumpy the roads are. So yes, when it’s about optimal motocross experience, you can pick this grip for your dirt bike.

Furthermore, the soft construction gives you a cushioning feeling; hence, you will feel the ultimate comfort while riding.

And it has a tacky surface with an anti-rip tip, so you will have the most secure hold while driving.

This grip is robustly made for higher durability and reliable service in any condition. Once you get this one, you don’t have to go for another grip in a long time, which sounds pretty amazing to me!

If you’re looking for a spot to put your dirt bike, look no further than this handy stand. It’s made out of high-quality steel and has an adjustable height so that anyone can use it.

Final Words

2pcs 7/8"

In addition, you can easily install it in your dirt bike and do all the alterations you need pretty effortlessly. And you will get plenty of color options, which makes it suitable for any user out there.

6. Pro Taper Pillow Top MX Grips- Best Dirt Bike Handlebar Grips

Pro Taper Pillow Top MX Grips - Black/Grey/Blue

This Pro Taper Mx Grips are equipped with innovative Vibrasonix cushioning technology for reduced vibrations during your motocross events. Hence, when planning for the most incredible dirt bike ride, you should definitely keep this one on your list.

Why is this top pick?

It is designed with a tacky gel-like surface that will offer you thinner grips in any weather condition. So, it doesn’t matter what kind of off-road adventures you love, this grip will be the perfect one for you.

The soft cushioning will absorb all the impacts and shocks when you are riding through rough terrain. In this way, you will never lose your control while going aggressively. The range grip is highly compatible with Mx, and its lock-on grips advantage will care for keeping your hands from slipping off.

With a robust inner compound, this grip will allow you to bond better with your bar. Additionally, the anti-rip tip will prevent any signs of wear, and that is something I was looking for!

Its throttle tube is just mind-blowing. Because without wrapping your thumb around the throttle tube you can turn your palm outward. Undeniably the full-sized bike handlebars and throttle tube will give you much pleasure.

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Final Words


It is great equipment for trails and muddy situations. So, if you are looking for something for those conditions, you can keep this one on your wishlist!

7. HIAORS 7/8″

HIAORS 7/8" Motorcycle Hand Grips for CRF YZF WRF KXF KLX Pit Dirt Bike Motocross Motorcycle Offroad Dirt Bike Black

This dirt bike grips by HIAORS are the cheapest ones you can get, and it offers top-notch service to the riders. Moreover, you will have tons of color options to choose from, making this thing more user-friendly.

It is made with a hard compound that allows you to have a secure hold for better performance. And this feature also lets you control your vehicle effortlessly, making things easier for beginners.

To enhance the friction, this grip is designed with a waffle pattern. And the whole equipment is made with soft rubber; thus, you won’t feel any discomfort even if you hold it for hours.

Once you install these diamond grips, you won’t feel much vibration while going through unfavorable terrains. And the Kevlar resin construction makes this product a highly durable one.

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Final Words


For intense and aggressive off-road adventures, this grip has been proven to be an ideal one. So yes, if you buy this one, you will never regret your decision!

8. KTM 2013 Enduro Grips

KTM 2013 Dual Compound Enduro Grips 78102021000 (Original Version)

This KTM grip is an absolute favorite of many professional riders. Let me tell you why.

Thanks to the dual-compound construction, this grip is going to be both durable and comfortable. And that’s a rare combination, to be honest!

You will be able to adjust the grip density to create additional grip, and the diamond pattern medium compound will help absorb extreme vibrations.

The surface has a thin and soft diamond pattern for an ergonomic hold. For this reason, users with small hands will have a relaxed clasp during dirt bike adventures. And trust me, that’s a sigh of relief for a lot of riders!

The standard dual compound patterns, grip diameter, and lock-on grip facilities will drain away moisture and any debris that you kick up.

These dirt bike grips are manufactured with integrated safety wires channels for the most secure clutch. Furthermore, the firm compound construction makes it exceptionally wire and tear-resistant. You can go for trail riding with it, the thin grip will ensure better value for the money.

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Final Words

However, this product is only suitable for KTM riders. Thus, you need to remember that before you add this to your cart.

9. Odi J30RGB-S

Odi J30RGB-S Grips

Sometimes riders with large hands have trouble finding the right dirt bike grip for themselves. And if you are suffering from this problem too, you can try getting this one for an optimum experience.

These dirt bike grips are designed with a large diameter, grip glue to ensure a comfortable clasp for the users. Moreover, this grip is made to withstand all the shocks and impacts, so you will never feel any vibration in your hands while driving.

The textured surface has an excellent raised pattern for a better clasp in every weather condition. And it will also allow you to have excellent control over your dirt bike in any terrain.

This grip has ¾ flanges for protection from handlebar components. If you have previous experience with motorcycle grips, you may already know that only the high-quality product has this feature to make your rides safer by eliminating the issue of a nasty arm pump.

Having these dirt bike grips, you will get rid of that unpleasant arm pump on the bike.

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Final Words


In addition to all, you won’t have to spend a bulky amount at all to buy this grip! Well, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

10. Progrip 788 Pa078800WRN

Progrip 788 Pa078800WRN Progrip Motocross Handlebar Grips-White/Red/Black

The final product on my list is by Progrip, and just like the other ones, it will ensure an outstanding experience for you. From different color choices to affordable price tags, it has everything you expect from an excellent dirt bike grip.

It is made with a triple compound construction to ensure the most durable service for you. If you decide to go with this one, you won’t have to spend money on another grip shortly. And that sounds like Mozart to me!

Despite having a robust core, the exterior is designed with a soft gel-like surface. Hence, you will have an extra-secure grip if you are riding in the pouring rain. In any situation, you will have an ergonomic clasp; there is no doubt.

If you want perfect comfort and longevity, go for it as its waffle pattern is medium density.

On top of everything, the anti-slip base material will allow you to control your vehicle better and solve issues with the arm pump. The work-to-end arm pump on the bike should move around resistance particularly.

Having the key attributes of safety wire, synthetic rubber compounds, and dual compound grips will allow you to be free from smooth riding and arm pump problems.

The dirt bike boot is the most important part in maintaining your feet while riding. The best protection for you and also keeps all of that nasty weather out.

Final Words

It is made with a measurement that is accurate for any standard dirt bike. Therefore, for a trouble-free adventure, getting this one will be a wise idea, I believe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you change your Old Bar grips to new grips?

It’s a pretty simple task as your grandfather can also do it. Remove the tired old grips, clean the ends of the handle bars. It is essential as it guarantees the actual bonding between the new grips and bar ends. And finally, heat the new grips.

What is lock-on grips design?

Let’s discuss the term lock-on grips. The lock-on grip design is the perfect choice for users as they don’t be inclined to slip. Lock-on grips are a trendy design. It will hold your hands from slipping off.

Why are dirt bike helmets so expensive, you ask? They need to be in order for them protect your head. A cheap one would surely not do the job of protecting us from any physical harm on these bikes.
What are the different styles of bike grips?

Dirt bike grips come in different styles so that you can pick the most suitable one for yourself without any trouble. They are available in various patterns and compounds to ensure top-notch service.

Here are the different styles of grips you can get for your dirt bike rides.

There are three different types of grip compounds, and they are made for accomplishing diverse purposes. The types of compounds are- Medium, Hard and Soft grips.


Just like the inner core compound, you will get plenty of options when it is about the surface patterns of the grips. The handlebars are bonded with this inner core compound very well so that dirt bikes won’t slip.

The most popular grip patterns are- Diamond Pattern Diamond grips, Full waffle, Half waffle grip, and Pillow top. The half-waffle pattern design integrates a complete diamond design. During riding, this half-waffle will give you a softer feeling and not affect the palm.

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How to install dirt bike grips?

The installation of your dirt bike grips can be completed in two steps. Firstly, you have to prep the new grip for installation; then, you will have to put on the new ones.

  • First of all, read the instruction manual of the glues as each one comes with a different application method.
  • Wear apron or old clothes as the glue can ruin the whole outfit if anything goes wrong.
  • Keep some wipes in front of you to get rid of the excess adhesives.
  • Lastly, poke a tiny hole in the grip to let out the trapped air.
  • To install the new ones, you have to remove the old grips in the beginning. And then clean the handlebar properly.
  • Apply a thin layer of glue on one side.
  • Now insert the grip slowly on the handlebar to the end. If you can’t enter it directly, you can twist it once in a while to make things easier.
  • Get rid of the excess glue with a wipe.
  • After that, let the glue be set according to the instruction of the packaging. When it’s dried, you can go for a ride.
How do I keep my dirt bike grips from slipping?

To secure the grip properly, you can use a safety wire and wrap it around the grips tightly. But when you are using high-quality glue, you don’t have to worry about that, to be honest.

What glue should I use for my motorcycle grips?

Top-grade glue will prevent your motorcycle grip from slipping so that you can avoid accidents on the road. Therefore, while buying this adhesive, you need to be cautious!

You can use the Renthal Grip glue or the Pro Taper Instant dirt bike Grip Glue. Any grip glue is made to ensure a heavy-duty and long-lasting service.

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What are grip donuts?

Grip donut is an accessory used by riders to protect their hands from blisters and arms pumping. The donuts will slide into the grip and allow you to have better cushioning.

Some accessories also come with slots to keep the grip locked in. In this way, you can enjoy advanced safety as the grip won’t twist at all.

Are all dirt bike grips of the same size?

Yes, all the right dirt bike grips are made of the same size. Each of them is either 7/8″ or 22mm in diameter.

What dirt bike grip texture should you choose?

The choice of grip texture varies from rider to rider according to their preferences. But if you are a beginner, you can start with a half-textured grip to get acquainted with the grip. It would be better to pick a half-waffle or half-diamond texture as they are the most common and comfortable to use.

Once you gain experience, you can switch to full-textured bike grips. And if you are looking for the steadiest ride, choosing a full diamond textured grip will be a great idea.

How dense do you want your grips to be?

The grips come in three different densities; they are Soft, Medium, and Hard.

Firstly, the soft ones provide an optimum grip to any user and are excellent for use on rainy days and mud ridings. The soft grips have half-waffle design ridges than a standard grip. Its rubber compound is comparatively smooth.

Moreover, they reduce the vibrations efficiently, which makes them one of the popular choices. However, these bike grips aren’t that durable, and you will have to replace them quite frequently.

The medium grips are less grippy than the soft ones and don’t provide a great service on wet days. But yes, these clasps are durable and absorb vibrations successfully.

Now let’s talk about the hard ones. Riders don’t really recommend this one as you will face vibrations while wearing it, and you can’t hold onto it comfortably. However, you will enjoy a long-lasting service which is a plus point.

Additionally, some bike grips come with dual-density and triple-density. The dual-density ones are soft on the outside but have a hard tip. By contrast, the triple-density grips are soft on the outside, medium density on the donuts, and hard on the tip.

Therefore, for an overall experience, you can pick the grips that come with medium or triple-density grips

How long do the dirt bike grips last?

To be honest, the longevity of your dirt bike grips depends on their density and grip pattern. The soft grip is less durable, and the hard grips tend to last longer.

Moreover, The Lizard Skins and ODI Grips are the most prominent brands for dirt bikes that grip longer.

Why the mountain bike is a luxurious bike?

The high quality rubber, smaller hands, dual compound grip, soft compound, and top-notch technologies make mountain bike grips exclusive to other traditional grips. All these make mountain bikes exclusive and expensive.

Define handlebar grip, heated grips, and handgrip.

The handlebar grip is no longer one size of equipment that might match all components.

A Hand grip is working insistently to make your finger, palm, and wrist muscles robust.

On the other hand, the heated grip is mandatory if you are willing to ride in heavy traffic to prevent your hand fingers from cold.

Picking the Best Grips for Dirt Bike for You

So, which one’s perfect for you? Picking the best dirt bike grips for trail riding is less complicated if you go through this blog. For an overall experience, you can get the Renthal dirt bike grips- G165 Motocross which are an absolutely better grip than others. It has all the advanced features and offers a greater value for the money. So that’s a jackpot!

Furthermore, you can also look at the HIAORS 7/8″ Motorcycle Hand Grips when you are running on a low budget but still want something efficient.

And for professionals, the KTM 2013 Enduro Grips 78102021000 will be excellent. It has the most secure clasp and dual compound density. Moreover, this product doesn’t really cost that much!

You can also consider the PRO TAPER PILLOW TOP LITE GRIP and Anxin Universal Motorcycle Hand Bar Grips because they are also made to provide a satisfactory experience in any condition.

I hope you won’t have much of a problem now getting the best dirt bike grips for you.

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