Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

There is no doubt that a helmet is an essential part of motorcycle gear. Without it, you are not safe at all. When it comes to buying helmets for dirt bikes, you need some extra safety feature.

It is crucial that you purchase a dirt bike helmet that is great in quality, safe, and also meets all your needs.

And for that, you must know about the best dirt bike helmet brands. Here we have suggested some great brands that you can purchase from. If you want to make a safe bet, this is where you should look.

10 Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

The brand of the dirt bike you are buying will say a lot about the product’s quality. Here are a few brands that have delivered well in the past and are trustworthy.

1. Shoei VFX-EVO

Quick Summary
  • Shoei VFX-W EVO designed with a built-in motion energy distribution system
  • Only high-quality materials and unique design features are used in the making
    The brand has years of experience, so it’s well aware of customer demand
    Expert team with more than 20 years of experience in design and safety
    Handmade by 50 selected workers in Japan
    The motocross helmet is made with M.E.D.S technology

You will know that a brand is safe to trust when they have their research done by professionals.

Shoie has an expert team that helps design helmet. With an aerodynamic design and superior ventilation, Shoei VFX-EVO is one of the best dirt bike helmets on the market.

While constructing an outline for the helmet, two factors are given utmost priority; comfort and safety.

For example, this VFX-EVO has four shell sizes. The fit can be customized even after your purchase the helmet. Front vents allow col air to pass through to the rear exhaust ports.

The Shoei VFX-EVO Helmet is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for a lightweight and comfortable helmet that will keep them protected.

The VFX-EVO using the popular M.E.D.S, which stands for motion energy distribution system. VFX-W EVO adds an EPS layer to help better absorb any harsh blows.

You can get your kid a dirt bike that’s not electric, but why bother? Electric bikes are safer for kids to learn on.

It’s quite clear that VFX-EVO uses all the latest technology in their making process, but they also give importance to customer feedback. The brand has been around since 1959.

Just as the first Shoei helmet was made, to this day, every unit is handmade. After testing and thorough examining a group of 50 people is selected to work on just one VFX-W EVO helmet.

“Shoei” means “premium,” and we can assure you that the brand lives up to its name!

2. Fox Racing V3 Dirt Bike Helmet MIPS

Quick Summary
  • Popular amongst beginner and professional motocross racers
  • Has over 40 Supercross and National Motocross championships
  • You’ll be amazed by the comfort and breathability of this Dri-Lex® Comfort Liner
  • Magnetic visor release system
  • All dirt bike helmets is D.O.T. approved
  • Their products meet the FMVSS 218 standard for riders safety and comfort

If a competitive or professional motocross biker is using a motocross helmet from a company, surely the brand must be doing something right, isn’t it?

This Fox Racing v3 is quite well known in the professional world of racing. Therefore Fox Racing v3 helmet already has a huge fan following. We’re sure you imagine their bright red, orange and yellow gears while reading this!

The Fox Racing company was started by Geoff Fox, who believed that his top-notch suspension and engine components could easily beat the running and popular Japanese brands. Boy, was he right! As of date, Fox has over 40 Supercross and National Motocross championships.

Because most of what the brand makes is geared towards racers, the v3 helmet is made with added extra protections. The Motif Men’s Fox Racing V3 Dirt Bike Helmet, which is one of their most popular Fox Racing models, has a soft layer placed near the rider’s head. This dual-density EPS liner system has been tried and tested several times.

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The Fox Racing V3 helmet has a magnetic visor release system. This allows you to open and close the visor with no hassle. The magnets are also hidden, so they don’t stand out or have an aesthetic impact on the helmet.

MIPS technology reduces rotational forces on impact, which was proven by scientific studies. Fox Racing v3 meets the FMVSS 218 standard and is also D.O.T. approved! What else could you look for in a brand?

It has been making and selling Fox Racing v3 helmet for quite some time now. The vast amount of experience has allowed them to grow and flourish into one of the most successful helmet brands.

This is an all-around great choice, and with these upgrades it has made its way to the best dirt bike helmets in their class.

3. Alpinestars Supertech M10 Dirt Bike Helmet

Quick Summary
  • Helmet have high customization functions to meet the customer’s needs directly
  • Large eye port design to give you excellent peripheral vision
  • Helmet have thick but lightweight paddings that cushion during a collision

Alpinestars Supertech M10 is one of those go-to brands that the common man counts on. The brand is especially well known for its fittings.

The company was founded in 1963 by Sante Mazzarolo, who was a leather craftsman in Europe. His designs for motocross gears have made quite an impact on racers. Now the brand has offices all over the world and has become a successful multinational company!

For example, the Supertech M10 is a universal fit. Now you might think that a universal fit won’t cater to your not so commonly shaped head.

But no, Supertech M10 has the special adjusting features that allow you to get a perfect not too tight, not too loose fit. Even the top pad height can be fixed according to the user’s liking.

The ventilation system is made from a revolutionary material that channels warm air through the porting system and out of your head.

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Alpinestars Supertech M10 is sure you want to surf if finding the right size is difficult for you. Besides this universal fit, they also have sizes ranging from S to XXL.

The paddings inside are very soft and can protect from severe injuries during the collision. Interior fabric is anti-bacterial, so you don’t have to worry about sweat causing irritation.

4. Bell Moto 9 Carbon Flex Dirt Helmet MIPS

Quick Summary
  • Has a great collection of off-road helmet with a variety of colors and sizes
  • Makes their motocross helmets with the velocity flow ventilation system
  • Includes easy magnefusion emergency removal system so that medical professionals or responders can act quickly
  • The frame comes with a removable washable comfort liner, making it easy to clean after use
  • Uses carbon matrix shell construction for lightweight and durability

Surely, Bell moto 9 Carbon Flex Dirt Helmet is great for an off-road bike helmet. They cater to all your needs and also meet safety standards. The Moto-9 has one of the best safety feature I have ever seen. It’s a three-layer impact liner and it can withstand impacts from all angles.

Bell Moto 9, the now very popular motocross racing Gear Company, was born in the 1950s by Roy Richer. Although the company was founded in California, it now has stores and offices all over the country.

While driving, it is important to keep cool. Otherwise, it might be difficult to make the right decisions that a situation demands. Therefore for your comfort, Bell moto 9 also has a specially designed velocity flow ventilation system.

Adjustable flying bridge visors also help you to get the right fit so that the helmet stays on for good no matter how windy or bumpy the path.

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During the event of a serious accident, helmet removal is one of the most important things to do. The moto 9 motocross helmet also includes an emergency release system. If necessary, you can remove the helmet quite easily. A feature as such is vital if you drive quite rough or professionally because a quick release feature allows medical professionals and emergency responders to get access to any injuries faster.

5. 6D ATR-2 Helmet

Quick Summary
  • The omnidirectional system helps distribute the kinetic energy management design in a wide area instead of just one zone
  • Designed to decrease the chances of fatality
  • Their dirt bike helmets provide both angular and linear protection
  • This is more comfortable for longer rides because the inner grid and chin straps are made of foam
  • EPS liner can be replaced instead of having to purchase a new helmet

One of the most important things to look for when buying a motocross helmet is safety. And when it comes to that, you can trust 6D ATR-2 Helmet blindly.

Bob Webber, the co-founder of the US-based company, has built the company like his own child. And truly, the effort shows.

ODS or Omni-directional suspension system is something that the brand uses on most of its motocross helmets to manage kinetic energy. Instead of impacting just one area during a collision, the helmet helps distribute the forces to a wider zone. Therefore, even if you do get hurt, the injury is not fatal.

This technology has given quite great benefits while protecting a rider’s brain from both angular and linear forces.

If you’ve been using 6D ATR-2 Helmet for quite a long time now, you can change the parts that have worn out instead of investing in a whole new one.

The EPS liner, which can get quite gross due to sweat, can be washed. These linings are also hypoallergenic and latex-free. This lowers the risk of an allergic reaction occurring form the lining materials.

But once it has served its time, you can also replace it quite easily. It’s things like this that make 6D ATR-2 dirt bike helmet worth the purchase!

6. O’Neal Dirt Bike Helmet

Quick Summary
  • The company was created by a motocross gear enthusiast, so he knows the public’s demand
  • Focuses on functionality and added advantages besides style and safety
  • Carries a range of sizes with reasonable weight
  • Has been running for over 50 years with no users complains

In 1960, Jim O’neal was living the typical American teenage dream. Riding bikes and cruising like there is no tomorrow. The smart teenager then turned his passion into a business and started his own motocross gear company in 1961 in Los Angeles. And hence, O’neal motorcycle helmets were born.

You can still spot the owner racing and riding through the roads of California.

After 50 years of running, currently, their office is in the old Hopetown track.

So what has made this company so successful? As the owner was a motocross gear freak himself, he could understand what riders needed. He understood the basic needs and delivered more than what was expected from a mere motocross helmet.

Not only does the company focus on looks and safety, but they also give importance to design and functionality.

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They carry different sizes and focus on comfort as well. Their L-sized motocross helmet stands at a weight of 1450 grams.

All of their dirt bike helmets also meet the required E.C.E. 22-05 and Dot standards that all American motocross gear should.

7. Arai VX Pro 4 Dirt Bike Helmet

Quick Summary
  • Carries vibrant and funky designs that pop
  • Everything from the shell to the lining and painting is done by hand
  • Makes it easy to get the perfect sized helmet with its detailed sizing chart
  • 8 ventilating systems in the back and front of helmets

If you’re into looking and keeping up on the dirk bike helmet world, we’re sure you know about this brand. Arai VX Pro 4 has made its way into millions of customer’s hearts with its colorful and funky designs.

They have a wide range of designs and colors for you to choose from. When sporting a dirt bike helmet from Arai VX Pro 4, you will surely turn some heads!

Besides their signature colorful neon dirt bike helmets, they also carry basic ones for customers who are not into making that bold of a statement. So they carry something for everyone. Besides being a treat to look at, their helmets are also great in quality. They work well in ventilating air.

Counting from the back side to the front, there are about 8 vents in the system.

Most of their work, from building the shell, adding the inner layers to even painting- is done by hand. So you know there is a lot of effort going into making your helmet.

8. Fly Racing Dirt Bike Helmet

Quick Summary
  • Carries sizes for most people
  • Minimizes damage to the brain
  • Both lightweight and bulky options available
  • Helmets made with (MIPS) multi-direction impact protection system

Founded in 1998, this US-based company has gained popularity for its high-quality racing helmets. The company is considered one of the fastest-growing brands for off-road dirt bike riding apparel.

And rightfully so, their products are made with only the finest materials. They experienced different kinds of materials for the build. So you have lightweight options and options that are a bit bulky as well.

They cater to every rider’s needs. Not everyone is a fan of the extra feathery helmets that fly off of your head at times.

Their most popular motorcycle helmet are the ones made of carbon matrix, like the F2 one.

Because the motocross helmet has the ability to maximize rotation impact and also low speed, it is a popular choice amongst professional racers.

This benefit is all courtesy of the R.H.E.O.N.-built impact forces cells.

Another benefit that this build gives you is that it minimized damage to the brain in an impact.

You also have color options to choose from.

The brand also carries sizes from X.S. to XXL. It’s really easy to get the right size for you using their sizing chart. Users seldom end up with a dirt bike helmet that is not their size.

9. Troy Lee Designs

Quick Summary
  • Made with a carbon fiber shell that is both durable and light
  • 16 air intake vents to get rid of sweat buildup
  • Has worked with F1, NASCAR, Indy, M.T.B., and BMX
  • Uses (MIPS) multi-directional impact protection system for their helmets
  • Makes helmets for freestyle, dirt track, road racing, and also the road racing

Troy lee designs helmets are a perfect representation of what the brand carries as one of the leading motocross racing gear companies.

Emergency release system cheek pads of troy lee designs helmets have you ready for any situation that might call for an easy opening of the helmet. A particular scenario where this comes in quite handy is when you need immediate medical attention.

Also, air vents in their design keep you chilled during your rides. There are a total of 16 intakes for this—no need to worry about sweat buildup inside!

Like most of the moto gear brands today, they too use the full MIPS- multi-directional impact protection system. This ensures better safety.

The troy lee designs was founded by a passionate teenage motocross racer named Troy lee. What started as painting helmets for his friends in his parent’s garage now has turned into a successful multinational company.

They have even worked with F1, NASCAR, Indy, M.T.B., BMX, and a lot more. If the best in the world can trust this motocross racing gear company, why shouldn’t you? They have an expert team of talented designers and staff who put all their efforts into crafting the perfect dirt bike helmet just for you!

Throughout the years, they have modified and better their gears to fit today’s needs.

10. Suomy

Quick Summary
  • The world-renowned brand for racing helmet
  • Worked with Troy Baliss during his World Title Win
  • Signed a deal with Ducati just a few years after being found
  • Known for making incredibly safe dirt bike helmet for off-road racing as well

Right after the materials to be used, the company puts its brightest brains and funding into the protection development. So your main concern, safety, is sorted when you are buying from this company. This is one of the reasons why the company has had such great luck signing deals with racers

Suomy is an Italian company that was born in 1997. Just after three years in the market, they signed a deal with Ducati, giving them instant verification and approval from racers and consumers from all over the world.

Then in 2001, Troy Baliss, a marvelous racer from the S.B.K. World championship won the World Title with Suomy.

We must admit, as a brand, Suomy has achieved a lot in very little time. This prodigy of industrial discipline surely has something special in their gears, which has led them to such success.

The helmets of the company are made to be lightweight but with a strong base. So their helmets won’t make you feel like you have too much weight on your head. This can sometimes bring severe discomfort resulting in distraction from the road.

Buying Guide

Before you settle on a brand, you need to consider a few factors. Here are the things that will help you make a better purchase.

What You Need To Know About dirt bike Helmet Construction

Dirt riding is considered to be an extreme sport. The bikers who are in this sport have to be maintaining safe gear for them to be in good health. This sport involves the riders to ride their bike in the uneven, muddy, mountain-like area, so they have to face heavy jerks and dirt while there are biking.

This is not like normal bike riding. So, let’s learn more about dirt bike helmet construction.

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Thebest dirt bike tire for trail riding is the Maxxis DTH. This tire has a tread pattern that grips well in many different terrains, and it’s durable enough to provide traction on almost any surface.


The helmets are specifically constructed to suit the environment of the sport. Firstly when you are dirt riding, you will face heavy jerks. These jerks are not as usual jerks that you face on normal roads.

You will be riding the bike in a hilly area, so you will want your helmet to be tight with your head. Now, you don’t want your helmet to be wobbly.

Imagine when you are biking, your helmet is not fixed. You will be very uncomfortable. Also, you will lose most of your attention in fixing your helmet and feeling uncomfortable rather than riding the bike. It will affect your performance and the whole experience of dirt riding.

Dirt bike helmets are specifically designed, keeping this factor in mind. So the heavy jerks and movement will not have much effect on the helmet.

Air Ventilation

Air ventilation is another big factor to consider in dirt bike helmets. Dirt bike helmets are usually full-face helmets. Now the problem with full-face helmets is that it gets very hot very quickly.

Since the whole face is covered by the helmets- with you breathing and the temperature outside, it can get very hot. You might also face breathing problems wearing the helmet. Therefore proper ventilation is crucial.

Dirt bike helmets have very good ventilation better than any other type of helmet. This is because dirt biking needs a lot of energy and usually exhausts the riders. Since there is heavy panting, and the sport is for summer, the temperature is high.

So to keep the temperature cool inside the helmet, the producers put enough ventilation system in the helmet.

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Why Are Dirt Bike Helmets Different?

To many people, all helmets might seem to be the same. This is because when they think of helmets, they think only about the basic function of helmets which is to protect the head. In a way, they are not entirely wrong because the primary need of the product is the same for all.

Protection and Ventilation

Construction helmets are made to protect the upper part of the head if something falls from above. Dirt bike helmets provide more protection to high-speed crashes, and they are more aerodynamic.

Also they have specific features which help in the sport, like the air ventilation, which was spoken about earlier, unlike any other helmets.

The sport is conducted on the sunny days of summer, so the temperature in the helmet gets very high. Additionally, the heavy breathing of the motocross rider will also increase the temperature. The visor of the helmet can also become foggy if there is not enough ventilation.

So the helmet has an excellent ventilation system, which will keep the airflow in the helmet in check. It allows air to access the helmet keeping it cool.

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Dirt bike tires are special because they can handle more bumps, and they grip better.


The second most important thing you will notice about the helmets is the shape. You will notice that the shape of the helmets is not like conventional helmets. They shape more like the head of a fox. The chin of the helmet is long, which allows it to have more padding and better ventilation.


There also an additional hood or shade on the helmets, which helps to prevent sunlight directly hitting the eyes.


Finally, the weight of the off-road helmets is very light. Compared to other types of helmets, off-road helmets are the lightest to keep the rider in a comfortable state. The rider can easily move and look around. The helmet’s lightweight increases the rider’s flexibility.

 How to Measure Your Head for a dirt bike Helmet

You must understand that the size of the helmet matters a lot. If your helmet is not of the right size, then it can completely ruin to motorcycling experience. It will make you uncomfortable, and you can also lose the head’s flexibility if the size is not right.

So here is a step-by-step explanation on how to properly measure your head for dirt biking.

Step 1: Knowing your Head Shape

You first need to know the shape of your head. There are mostly three common shapes, Long oval, round oval, and intermediate oval. To determine which shape falls under and then compare that with the shape of your helmet.

Step 2: Measuring

Now it is time to measure your head. Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your head. It can be a difficult task because your grip can get loose when you are taking the measuring tape out.

You can get assistance if you need it but make sure that the measurement is right. This especially important if you are buying online because if you mess up the size, then you’ve ordered the wrong sized helmet.

Step 3: Comparing Size With Chart

Find the right-sized helmet. Sometimes it might happen that you are falling in between helmet sizes; in that case, always go for a smaller size.

Try the helmet on and see if it properly fits you. Move around a bit, shake your head, try to roll the helmet to see whether the helmet is tight with your head or not. If it feels comfortable and stable, then you are all set.

Safety Standards for Dirt Bike Helmets

The safety standards for helmets vary from country to country. If we specifically talk about the U.S.A., the helmets there have to pass the D.O.T.: Department Of Transport of the U.S.A. standards.

Most of the renowned brands meet the safety standards, which are more or less universal. They are very safe and reliable because of the high quality and durable material they are made with.

 How to Know When to Replace Your dirt bike Helmet

Usually, helmets come with a replacement period. It is always wise to follow that time and change the helmet within the due date. The time of replacement varies from helmet to helmet, and it also depends on the usage of the helmet.

If you use your helmet more frequently, you might need to change the helmet sooner than the company recommended time.

However, in some special cases, you should change the helmet as soon as possible. Like you have been in an accident, or you drop your helmet and damaged it enough for it to have cracks. If you have noticed a crack after a minor drop, then get a new one immediately.

Picking The Best Brand For Dirt Bike Helmet For You

If you are worried about the helmet getting too hot, then go for Arai VX-Pro4 Helmet. It will keep the temperature inside the helmet very cool. Both Fly Racing F2 and Troy Lee Designs are very good helmets at a low rate. It will provide you with great protection, and they both are made of very durable material.

But considering all aspects, Shoei takes first place amongst the helmet brands. The Shoei VFX-EVO, without any doubt, is the best dirt bike helmets with the best features. It’s reasonable price range, very comfortable, and durable.

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