Best Bike Hitch Carrier: Top 10 Best Dirt Bike Hitching Tactics

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It’s no surprise that dirt bike carriers can make your life easy if you’re a bike enthusiast. But there’s a catch, though. You have to go for a heavier one. The typical ones will just be another pain in your back.

You have to go for the one that comes with a black widow carrier, anti rattle device, self-storing loading ramp, and carrying capacity. Unfortunately, not any heavy duty hitch carrier will meet your demands. The ones that do are expensive.

Keeping all the features and the budget in our head, we tried our best to hunt down the best dirt bike hitch carrier. All you need to do is roll your eyes on the reviews a bit and take your pick.

What Is a Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier?

A dirt bike hitch carrier is the simplest, safer, and less expensive way to transport your dirt bike. To use it with retractable tie-down bars , all you have to do is hitch the carrier to the back of your car,motocross bike, pickup truck, or SUV by using its 2″ factory-installed receiver tube .

Then, you have to load the bike on it and fasten it with the provided hitch lock, and that’s all. The hitch carrier will keep your bike steady in an elevated position allowing you to travel without causing any harm to your bike or vehicle.

On the top, retractable tie-down bars are given top-notch services to enhance stability and protect the motorbikes from listing when driving.

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What Types of Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Are There?

There is a broad range of heavy motorcycle hitch carriers available in the marketplace. Choosing the wrong motorcycle carrier can cause long-term harm to it.

Consequently, the typical carrier rail is 71.5 inches in length. So, here are a few types of hitch carriers so that you can choose the perfect one that meets your needs.

Double Dirt Motorcycle Carriers

This type of motorcycle hitch carrier allows you to carry not one but two motorcycles at a time.

Folding Motorcycle Carriers

As the name suggests, you can keep them folded after you’re done with unloading your bike. Hence, they’re super-easy to store.

Heavy Duty steel Carrier

While the regular carriers aren’t compatible with larger bikes, this type is more suitable for transporting bigger and heavier motorcycles.

Extra-Long Carriers

Longer carriers for your Cruiser or Touring type of motorcycles. Based on the frame material there are 2 types of motorcycle carriers.

Aluminum-Made Carriers

Made with Aluminum, these are more lightweight and affordable. They aren’t subjected to rust and scratching. More suitable for light-duty motorcycles.

Steel-Made Carriers

As steel is a strong material, heavy-duty steel construction carriers are compatible with bulkier motorcycles. They are tougher and safer for carrying any motorcycle. However, they’re more prone to corrosion.

Are Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Legal?

Well, there’s no straight answer to this question as it can be both Yes and No, depending on the state you live in. In terms of motorcycle hitch carrier, it might obstruct the view of your license plate and taillights while loading a motorbike.

This raises the question of legality. Some states permit exemptions for motorcycle hitch carriers that obstruct the license plate. However, if your state doesn’t, you can relocate your license plate to avoid legal issues. For taillights, you can install a light kit on the hitch carrier. That way, all the legality issues are solved.

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10 Best Dirt Bike Hitch Carriers Reviews

Picking up one hitch carrier among many can be daunting, especially for newbies. To save you from this hassle, we’ve narrowed down the top 10 motorcycle hitch carrier reviews that are hot-selling on the marketplace. Have a glance at our list and choose the perfect one for you.

1. Black Widow- Best Trailer Hitch Dirt Bike Carrier

Black Widow Hitch-Mounted Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier - 400 lb. Capacity

When it comes to manufacturing the highest quality carriers, Black Widow is one of the best motorcycle hitch carrier that you can rely on more than other hitch carriers.

So, our first pick is the best-selling AMC-400 carrier Motorcycle hauler from Black Widow.

Being made of high-strength Aluminum, the hitch carrier is exceptionally durable, versatile, and lightweight, with an anti-rattle device and anti tilt lock bracket. Plus, the Aluminum body won’t rust or scratch. So, handling and installing the carrier is a breeze for you. But, make no mistake, the carrier is also super-strong and able to haul weight up to 400 LBS.

You are amazed to come up with the impressive features of a seven-position adjustable wheel chock it. The wheel chock could be versatile in motorcycles’ length. However, you can’t deny it, as the adjustable wheel chock is essential for any motorcycle owner.

Thanks to the self-storing and heavy-duty steel ramp, it stores flat within the carrier once your work is done. There’s no chance of losing it while in transition. Plus, you can load and unload your heavy bike on it from both left & right directions as it can be set on either side.

This helps you in tight parking spaces. Specific hitch carriers even allow you to transport two bikes simultaneously, just like a trailer.

The motorcycle carrier also comes with an anti-rattle tool that settles near the hitch and provides stability. A spacer bar is provided too for transporting smaller 50-80cc dirt bikes. This means you can carry more than one bike at once! How amazing is that?

While the carrier is a pro in every way, the aluminum body isn’t further coated for protection. So, you have to be a little careful about dents and scrapes. Except that, having the key benefits of anti tilt locking device, the carrier is one of the best for lightweight dirt bikes all-around.

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People Also Ask

Define a wheel chock.

You can describe a wheel chock as an entire pack of robust material, and the raised adjustable wheel stop is used to stabilize it. Another name of wheel chock is the rubber that is utilized to put off accidental movement.

How to Tie Down Black Widow Hitch Mount Carrier?

First, install the hitch mount with your vehicle’s receiver and fasten them with the necessary pins and bolts. Then you have to attach the D hook of the straps with your carrier.

Now load the bike and tie the straps around the handlebars. Do the same for all the outside and inside straps. This way, your bike is tied down from all sides.

2. MotoTote MTX- Best Hitch Mount Dirt Bike Carrier

MotoTote MTX Sport Motorcycle Carrier

Want a heavy-duty carrier to seamlessly haul your dirt bike? Meet the MTX sport Motorcycle Carrier by MotoTote.

The carrier is made of high-grade steel to ensure maximum durability. Steel-made carriers are more durable and heavy-duty. The steel enables the carrier to haul weight up to 600 pounds.

Additionally, the ratchet strap is used to hook one end to the other.

So, you can transport your heavier sports bikes without any concerns even on the rough terrain.

The problem with steel is, they are vulnerable to corrosion and rust. To prevent these, the motorcycle hitch carrier is black powder-coated steel that restrains the moisture of the air from causing any harm to the steel body.

Concluding a removable loading ramp, they’re steel-made and more prolonged than regular ones to reduce angles. It also provides maximum traction while loading the bike and terminate bottoming out at the ramp top. It is designed to secure up to 5 inches front tire and supports track adjustability up to 65 inches wheelbase.

One highlight of this carrier is its remarkable Zero-Wobble design. This lack of stability can eventually harm your bike and vehicle. Say goodbye to all these concerns, as the zero-wobble design makes sure that the carrier stands still during transportation.

Clearly, motocross dirt bikes are weighing up to nearly five hundred lbs. The downside of this carrier is that it’s a bit heavy and can be cumbersome to move from one place to another. Otherwise, the carrier is excellent for hauling heavy-duty motorbikes.

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People Also Ask

How Do You Strap a Bike to a Mototote Mtx Hitch Carrier?

Once you’ve assembled the platform and installed it with your vehicle, you have to strap the bike. Secure two tie-down straps on your bike. Next, drape the straps with the handlebars for ease of access. After loading the bike, attach the straps with the tie-down arms and ratchet. And the strapping process is done.

3. Versa Haul VH-Sport Bike Carrier

Versa Haul VH-SPORT Sport Bike Carrier

So, you went through the reviews above, but still, wondering if you can get maximum carrying capacity? Worry not. The VX-Sport Bike Carrier by Versa Haul is here to offer you more.

The most striking part is, this carrier has a load capacity of 600 pounds. It’s better to pick the standard features while determining the specifications of hitch receivers.

You can fit it into Class iii hitch and iv hitch receivers perfectly. These two hitch receivers make the carrier extremely versatile. Consequently, Class IV hitches are rated for nearly 12,000 lbs.

Another uniqueness is that the package includes a taillight kit. Loaded bikes can block your taillights and cause legal issues. The taillight kit eliminates the problem and provides you with some more safety for the night rides.

Talking about safety, the hitch mounted carrier comes with an anti-tilt bracket that safeguards your bike from falling accidentally. The accommodate light bikes are also carried any spare tire.

As the carrier is made from heavy gauge steel, high durability is guaranteed.

The Versa Haul Carrier also comes with a ramp length for loading and unloading your bike easily. You might get additional advantages to transport two bikes such as a trailer at the same time.

However, installing the heavy-duty steel ramp can be a bit troublesome. The package also includes reversible rails and four retractable bars to tie down the bike fixed.

All in all, if you’ve heavier bikes that require heavy-duty ramps, this is THE one for you.

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People Also Ask

How Do You Use a Versa Haul Hitch Carrier on a Motorcycle using a hitch pin?

Attach the support brackets with the hitch bar of the trailer and settle the carrier in the middle. Now, you’ve to place the anti-tilt device. Put it on the hitch.

Next, you’ve to settle the carrier platform on the hitch and connect the two with a hitch pin.

The trailer hitch pin is usually tightened the receiver tube into the hitch. Then you can mount the convenient self-storing ramp and load your bike on the carrier. The carrier is ready to use now.

4. Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X Steel Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Rage Powersports Black Widow MX-600X Steel Motorcycle Carrier

Love the best motorcycle hitch carriers from Black Widow? Here is another one, the MX-600X from Black Widow, which is an allrounder.

While the other one is made of Aluminum, this one has a powder-coated steel structure. Steel allows the utmost carrying capacity of 600 lbs (300 per bike). The incredible build quality and impressive design, anti-tilt locking device make the carrier durable.

As for the ramp, it’s 4ft 11.25-inch long and has a 7″ width instead of the typical 5″ width. Larger bikes with a 7″ wide wheel will fit into the ramp easily. And again, the heavy-duty steel ramp length is self-storing, and you can load the bike from both left and right sides.

You get all top-class features by spending less than half the money compared to other carrying options like trailers or tow trucks.

To soothe the Powersports Black Widow, it has anti-tilt lock bracket functionalities. It works on pitching the core hitch tube of the towing product firmly into the trailer hitch receiver. The anti-tilt locking device is cleanly attached to this automobile with a simple bolt-on design.

The best part? The carrier is entirely safe. The 5/8″ pin completely secures the bike with the carrier, and the anti-rattle device prevents it from wobbling back and forth. No matter how long your journey is, your bike will be held steady in its position.

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People Also Ask

How Do I Know If My Bike Is Compatible with the Rage Powersports Hitch Carrier?

As the carrier can carry weight up to 600 pounds, your bike should weigh less than that. Besides, the front tire width of your bike should be 5.5″ or less to be compatible with the Rage Powersports hitch carrier.

What do you know about the Black widow AMC 400 hitch carrier?

The black widow AMC 400 is one of the top-notch hitch carriers that is straightforward to install. You are happy to use black widow AMC 400 everywhere with tires. Remember that black widow AMC 400 will do really pretty well anything else to 400 lbs.

Nevertheless, the black widow AMC is not applicable for heavy sportbikes.

5. Raider TOW-104 Hitch Bike Carrier

Motorcycle Scooter Dirt Bike Carrier Hauler Hitch Mount Rack With Loading Ramp Anti-Tilt Locking Device 500lb Capacity

If you’re looking for a high-grade reliable hitch-mount carrier that has bits and pieces of all the good traits, we have good news for you. The TOW-104 Hitch Bike Carrier from Raider has everything you need for your next trip.

We love this particular carrier because it has a user-friendly design that makes it pretty simple to use. If you’re using a hitch carrier for the first time and do not want all the drama with bolts, nuts, and pins, this is the ideal one for you.

Picking the appropriate carrier rack is mandatory as the right hitch carrier rack will give you much freedom for swifter movements.

Load your machine up on the carrying platform with the help of the ramp. Secure the wheels with the provided bolt-in pins, and that’s it! Your bike is loaded. After that, unhook the ramp and store it on the frame for later use. Easy-peasy, isn’t it?

These versatile steel carriers are suitable for any class III or IV hitch receiver and can carry a maximum of 500 LBS weight. The carrying platform is 5″ in width and 76″ in length.

As for the body, it’s slim and compact. The carrier weighs only 44.7 pounds which makes it easy to transfer and install. In order to prevent rust, the body is coated with black powder. You can store it anywhere without the fear of damage.

It is safe to say, all these excellent features make this carrier one of the best out there.

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What Is the Easiest Hitch Bike Rack to Use?

We can’t really say that hitch bike racks are easy to use as they require a lot of hardware to be installed. However, like Raider, some manufacturers have brought down the hardware count to a minimum for newbies.

We would say the Raider TOW-104, having a solid steel frame, is the most accessible hitch bike rack to use.

6. Goplus 600 LBS Dirt Bike Hitch carrier

Goplus 600 LBS Motorcycle Carrier Dirt Bike Rack Hitch Mount Hauler Heavy Duty with Loading Ramp, Black

Want a tough and sturdy bike hauler that can transport your toy safely? The 600 LBS double Dirt Bike Carrier from Goplus will fulfill all your requirements.

Let’s talk about the amazing construction first. The carrier is constructed from high-strength steel that makes the rack sturdy,powerful and tie downs equipment during transport. It will carry the weight of your bike firmly. As the steel is powder-coated, the body surface is impermeable, and it won’t rust.

As for the carrying capacity, the carrier has a huge load capacity of 600 pounds. Whether you have a lightweight dirt bike or a larger sports bike – doesn’t matter; the rack can carry them both.

When it comes to versatility, the rack is the ultimate winner. You can attach it to any vehicle with a two-inch square receiver and also adjustable for class III . The included hitch pin is 3/4″ and the 79″ rail has a raised wheel stop to stabilize the wheel chock. Plus, a 72″ ramp is provided with two quick-release locks for extra security while loading.

The best part? The professionalism and excellent customer service of the manufacturer. Not one but two packages are used to ship the rack to ensure that you’ll not receive any damaged parts. Yet, if you face any problem, you’ll receive customer care service within 24 hours!

The car’s total towing capacity & versatility to performance & service, the Goplus carrier is second to none and also ideal for heavy-duty pickup trucks.

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People Also Ask

How to Set Up Goplus off road Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier?

Attach the carrier with your vehicle’s 2″ hitch receiver. Use the ramp to mount your dirt bike. Then, pin the tie-down straps from all the corners. Use necessary safety pins, bolts, and nuts to suspend the motorbike. And you’re good to go.

How Complicated Is the Installation Process?

The installation process is pretty complicated if you’re a new user. You’ve to follow the instructions properly to get your job done. You might also want to get help from a friend.

7. SKY1375 Anti-Tilt Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

TMS T-NS-MRC001 500-Pound Heavy Duty Motorcycle Dirt Bike Scooter Carrier Hitch Rack Hauler Trailer with Loading Ramp and Anti-Tilt Locking Device

Let’s face it, we all want durability. Nothing compares to a product that provides years of service. Our next pick, the Anti-tilt Dirt Bike Carrier by SKY, belongs to the high-durable league.

The most impressive feature of the rack is its durability. The rack has a solid steel frame complete with a 500 LBS of carrying capacity and powder coat finish. Steel makes it highly durable and compatible with extreme environments. Buy one carrier and wave off all your troubles for years.

While most of the carriers fit class III or IV hitches only, you can fit this one with any trailer hitch rack ranging from class ii to iv hitches.

As for the ramp, it is multi-load, which means you can load it from either direction. It has some pretty satisfactory safety features too. Like, the anti-tilt securing device. It keeps your motorbike upright and prevents wobble even in rocky mountain trails.

Want more? Here’s the best part, the packaging. When you make an online purchase, there’s always a chance to receive refurbished products. To prevent this crisis, you get the carrier with factory packaging. Meaning, you’re guaranteed to receive a brand-new product.

Through and through, this carrier will definitely outperform your expectations.

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People Also Ask

How do I know If Sky Hitch Carrier Will Work with My Vehicle and Motorcycle?

First, check if your vehicle has a two-inch hitch receiver. Secondly, you have to determine the maximum weight of it. You can measure it by knowing the weight of your bike, which could be smaller bikes too.

The combined weight of your bike and hitch carrier, and the ‘tongue weight capacity,’ i.e., the maximum weight your vehicle can carry.

If your vehicle’s tongue weight is less than 500 LBS and the maximum weight is compatible with the combined weight, your vehicle is ready for the SKY hitch carrier and even for most hitch carriers.

8. TRACKSIDE Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

EGO BIKE Steel Motorcycle Scooter Dirtbike Carrier Hauler Hitch Mount Rack Ramp Anti Tilt

Our next pick, the Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier by TRACKSIDE, is another piece of equipment loaded with all the great features. Let’s have a look at the other best motorcycle hitch carrier.

First, let’s talk about construction design. The carrier is steel-made, work with any Class iii two-inch receiver and powder-coated for improved longevity. The carrying capacity of it is up to 500 pounds. The carrier also has tie-down points at the center of the platform and that is used for securing straps to keep your dirt bike carrier seated still.

Motorbike tires with a 4.75″ width will fit on the motorcycle carrier perfectly. However, at the front and rear ends of the carrier, there are adjustable pins that you can slide out and make adjustments to fit your motorbike tires perfectly. If needed, you can fit in smaller motorbikes in the carrier.

Thanks to the anti-tilt device, any excessive movement is eliminated. I know you don’t want to see the bike shifting while driving. Nevertheless, you have to tie two-wheel straps and four tie-downs for maximum security.

As for the ramp, it is heavy-duty, easy to store, and can be connected from each side of the rack. You’ll be able to fit the ramp easily with the carrier and load your bike quickly on it.

Overall, this carrier has everything to facilitate your hauling task.

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People Also Ask

How Much Weight Can My Vehicle’s Trackside Hitch Accommodate?

Typically, your vehicle’s Trackside hitch can accommodate up to 500 LBS or 227 kilograms of weight capacity. However, we’d recommend carrying bikes that weigh less than 500 LBS to prevent any chance of safety hazards.

What will be the ideal loading ramp of a dirt bike?

With our in-depth research, I would love to recommend a minimum of 7.5 feet of a loading ramp. Our recommended loading ramp might be compatible with most pickup trucks. For the motorcycle’s 72-inch loading ramp, it will be applicable.

Conversely, on behalf of the taller truck, you can pick a long loading ramp. The longer the loading ramp, the less work you are required to do as well.

9. Mockins Black Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Hitch Carrier

Mockins Black Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier | The Heavy Duty Steel Dirt Bike Carrier is 73.5” L X 31.5" W X 5.5” T With A Hauling Weight Capacity Of 500 Lbs | Includes Loading Ramp & Anti Rust

If you want a go to the best motorcycle hitch carriers for regular trips, you might want to have a look at our next pick. The Hitch Mounted Motorcycle Carrier from Mockins Black is an absolute all-rounder.

Before anything else, we must talk about the amazingly manufactured ramp of this carrier that are suitable for class iii. This heavy-duty steel-made ramp is 5.5″ in width. It is rigid, and mounting the motorbike is very easy with it. Since it is powder-coated, the ramp is corrosion-free and rust-resistant.

What makes it special is the fact that the ramp is perforated. Rainy days can be tougher for riding but not a problem for this carrier. The holes will keep all the mud and debris away from your motorbike tires. This way, you get rid of all the dirt and mess.

Up next, we have the structure design. Just like the loading ramp, the rack is also steel-made and powder-coated. The carrier’s weight capacity is up to 500 pounds. It is 73.5″ long, and 5.5″ tires can fit in it easily. Overall, the carrier is remarkably sturdy and compatible.

Need more convincing? You get a 3-year warranty for the carrier, and the manufacturer is determined to provide you with the best customer service. Without a doubt, this carrier is a bang for your bucks.

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People Also Ask

Are Mockins Black Dirt Bike Hitch Carriers Safe?

When it comes to safety, Mockins Black dirt bike hitch carriers hit it out of the park. The sturdy steel frame and the anti-tilt technology maintain the steadiness of your motorized bike.

Besides, 4 loop straps and 4 ratchet straps are provided to seal the bike from every side. As long as you maintain the weight limits, the hitch carrier is hundred percent safe.

What do you mean by class v hitch receivers?

The v trailer hitch receivers have ideally handled the weight of more than 1200 lbs.

10. ECOTRIC- Best Dual Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

ECOTRIC Motorcycle Carrier Mount Dirt Bike Rack Hitch Hauler 600LBS Black Steel |with Loading Ramp| Superior Heavy Duty (You Will Receive Two Packages for This Item)

We saved one of the best picks for the last, the Dirt Bike Hitch Hauler from ECOTRIC. From durability to safety, this one will blow your mind.

First and foremost, the versatility of this carrier is incredible. The weight capacity is 600 LBS load-bearing maximum capacity gives you multiple choices. The rack with the included ramp allows you to carry lighter dirt bikes and heavier sports bikes as well.

Any vehicle with a 2-inch square receiver is suitable to attach the carrier will work with any class iii. The 79″ rail with its adjustable wheel stop serves to stabilize the wheel chock. Meaning, the carrier can maintain both larger and smaller motorcycles.

For enhanced durability, the rack has a solid steel, space bar adapter, non-welded frame and hitch pin hole. The smooth finishing of the frame is simply remarkable. This frame, along with its anti-rust coating, provides enough strength and sturdiness to keep your bike firm on the rack.

The carrier features dual-side loading capabilities and two quick-release locks that fasten your bike firmly and ensure a safe ride. It also has side strap bars with closed hooks and ratchet straps for keeping the bike stable from all sides. So, all the possibilities of any kind of harm are eliminated.

We can assure you that this heavy-duty carrier will never let you down when it comes to performance.

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People Also Ask

Why Choose ECOTRIC Hitch Carrier Over a Trailer?

The ECOTRIC hitch carrier is preferable to a trailer for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the hitch carrier is more lightweight while still providing the same amount of functionality and safety as the trailer.

Secondly, the hitch carrier is more affordable than the trailer.

Lastly, parking the hitch carrier is easier than the trailer.

Considering all these factors, we’d say the ECOTRIC hitch carrier is more effective and cost-effective than a trailer.

Picking The Best Dirt Bike Hitch Carrier

There you have our 10 best dirt bike hitch carrier list. Now, if you’re still confused about which one to take, we can play our part here.

Although all our picks are outstanding in many ways, we have to choose one ultimate winner. Although all our picks are outstanding in many ways, we have to choose one ultimate winner. We think the Hitch-Mounted Motorcycle Carrier as the best motorcycle hitch carrier from Black Widow should be suitable for you.

There’s a bunch of reasons behind choosing it as our champion. The carrier is well-made with a high bearing weight capacity and anti-rattle device. Provided customer services are awesome, and responsible customers have very high opinions about the carrier. So, that’s the one you might want to go with.

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