The Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hare Scrambles

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Guess which one’s the game changer when you’d want to dominate hare scrambles? It’s the tires. If the tires are not great, chances are you’ll end up losing the race.  As bike lovers and enthusiasts, we thought we should do our part to help you get the best dirt bike tire.

Without further ado, here are our favorite tires from the market. By the end of this review, you can undoubtedly find one that fits your requirements for the next race.

Pirelli MX32


Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Rear Tire (120/80-19) Compatible with 02-21 Honda CRF450R

  • Unique tread pattern
  • Larger contact patch
  • Side blocks
  • Impeccable control
Sedona MX907HP

Budget Friendly

Sedona MX907HP Hard Pack Rear Tire - 110/100-18/Blackwall

  • Have better control
  • Cross-tread pattern
  • Multi-knob tech
  • Heavy-duty
Bridgestone M404

Editors Pick

Bridgestone M404 Motocross Rear Tire 90/100-14

  • Rubber traction
  • Tall knobs
  • Crisscrosses tread
  • More control

10 Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hare Scrambles Review

1. Bridgestone Intermediate Terrain Tire

Bridgestone M404 Motocross Rear Tire 90/100-14

With a width rating of 90 millimeters tops, this dirt bike tire has all the rights to sit on top of its competitors in the industry. The best dirt bike tires on today’s market are from Bridgestone!

If you need a durable dirt-bike tire which will transform your ride into an adventure filled excursion down every imaginable nook and cranny while still being able to handle all types of weather then this professional grade product by one of our most trusted brands should be at the top of your list when selecting new rubber for your wheelie machine.

The dirt bike tires come with incredible rubber traction, thanks to the M404 soft terrain tire. This makes it ideal for trail riding. As a result, inexperienced racers can ride smoother on soft terrain, hilly and wet tracks.

On the other hand, the tall knobs are perfect for making sharp and sudden turns around the corner. They give more control over the steep hills, hence resulting in a smoother journey.

The crisscrosses shape tread design is unbeatable in soft, loose environment. The thick blocks of rubber are a solid foundation for the tire to grip and not slip on dewy grass or sand while also providing enough flexibility that they do not get jammed up with mud as often.

Coming to the dimensions of this, the aspect ratio in total measured up to 100.0, whereas the rim came down to a size of 16 inches only. We think it is quite a moderate measurement for intermediate racers, so it will let you cruise smoothly.

Lastly, the factory SX/MX racing tech makes the tire ideal for different soil types, which ultimately gives riders more control over where they want to race.

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  • Commendable strength and control combination
  • Highly improved slip protection
  • Premium tread design
  • Large blocking space
  • Narrow knobs for increased grip
  • Traction depreciates relatively fast
  • Heavier than most alternatives

2. Sedona Hard Pack Intermediate Terrain Tire

Sedona MX907HP Hard Pack Rear Tire - 110/100-18/Blackwall

Think the Bridgestone tire was a bit too small for your dirt bike? No problem! The Sedona alternative is a bigger, better, and smoother intermediate tire that provides 18 inches of rim height.

For example, we start off with the section of tire’s width, which stands roughly at 110 millimeters. As a result, it makes the product tread quicker on rocky terrain. Riders will also have better control and balance on wet soil.

Alongside that, the cross-tread patterns also maximize corner-cutting, so you can make sharper turns at half the time. It stabilizes the motion and allows easier maneuvering on tight edges.

The multi-knob tech, on the other hand, is responsible for larger footprints on the soil. But they don’t simply work for the aesthetics. In other words, larger footprints result in great traction – and that is what every rider needs for hare scramble races. Also, it makes the tire perfect for those dewy, winter morning races too!

Need a hand with wet surfaces? Sit down, and let the Sedona tire do the work for you. The dimpled knobs on the tires provide incredible traction over soft terrain to keep you steady and confident through difficult trails, therefore, reducing the chances of falling or crashing into the woods.

At the same time, you get to enjoy the heavy-duty Rigid 4 ply feature on this baby too. It effectively absorbs impact from the ground, so you can ride in a stable motion even in tricky areas.  

If you need the best dirt bike tires, Sedona might be just what you’re looking for. The tire is ideal to be positioned into the rear end of a dirt bike, as the extra height and weight will balance out the swiftness of the front bike wheel.

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  • Precise tread patterns
  • Performs efficiently on most terrains
  • Specializes in hard regions
  • Adjustable knobs for quick stabilization
  • Huge contact patch for better corner tractions
  • Strains easily on intense pressure
  • Difficult to install

3. Pirelli Mid Hard Bias MX Tires

Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Rear Tire (120/80-19) Compatible with 02-21 Honda CRF450R

Pirelli has the best dirt bike tires that will give you a high-performance ride. It is designed with motocross in mind, so if you want to go fast and win races then Pirellis are perfect for getting there.

Here, we have the Mx32 hard terrain tire by Pirelli. Boasting an inch larger rim size than the Sedona product (19 inches), this model, unfortunately, sports a low tire aspect of only 80.0.

However, it makes up for this loss with its section width, which stands at a massive 120 millimeters! To put it into perspective, know that the balance and stability you will receive is unparalleled, even by the Bridgestone model!

The unique tread pattern of this hard terrain tire is specially designed to reduce rolling resistance and provides excellent grip in soft terrain, and it is also effective for hard surfaces. The larger contact patch also allows improved friction and surface area coverage.

On the other hand, the casing on the hard tire comes with depressions as well, which contribute to the steady and comfortable woods riding experience on different soil types. Hare scrambles racing is just one of the few sports this product can cover successfully!

We found the crown radius and spacing for the treads to be evenly placed out as well, which lets the rider cover more ground at once.

There are side blocks on the tire as well, which ultimately result in better grip over edges and sharp turns. Riders racing over hilly and wet tracks will definitely benefit from the impeccable control this product provides.

This dirt bike tire splashes through mud patches, leaving crusted chunks of earth in its wake. The dark ground soon gives way to green foliage as the terrain turns swampy and muddy; visibility becomes obscured by a wall of marsh plants that surround you on either side.

However, the cherry on top is the fact that the Pirelli tire has actually been used by professionals for AMA races in Motocross as well.

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  • Dimples within knobs
  • Infrastructure catered to boost handling
  • Specializes in loamy and rocky surfaces
  • Resistant to cuts and tears
  • Knobs are deep to upgrade corner grip
  • Overall grip is comparatively less
  • Doesn’t last more than 2 months

4. Protrax Tough Tire Motocross Soft Tire and Tube Combo

Protrax PT1059 Rear Tiretough Gear Offroad Motocross 90/100-16 Tire & Tube 3.50 X 16" Combo Kit - Soft/Intermediate Terrain

Here is a combination kit for those looking for the right dirt bike tire for hare scrambles and tube specifically. The rear tire comes with a moderate section width of 90 millimeters, which isn’t so bad, given that you get a tube for free too.

On the other hand, the aspect ratio is pretty good itself, falling at approximately 100.0. However, what we did not really like is the rim size of this product.

Its stands are roughly 16 inches, which seems pretty mediocre compared to the other motocross tires on this review. But, since the package is a kit, we thought it better than ignoring it completely.

The soft tire is alright and usable for off-road hare scramble races, and it is worthy enough for newbie riders. At the same time, the tread pattern on motocross tires ensures that the tire’s knobs are in contact with all surfaces of a loose terrain, giving them better traction and allowing for more control.

You might also like the rim lock feature on this, as it prevents the tire from losing shape and form with overuse. The sturdy yet soft rubber built gives the product its much-needed stability without actually obstructing its motion.

As a result, the front tire can successfully take impact from bounces and different stunts without cracking open. Even commuters can purchase this product to use in their commuter bikes, as it allows smooth cruising on level land.

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  • Innovative four-ply construction
  • Appropriately spaced treads for quick dirt removal
  • Contact patch features a balanced structure
  • Hard rubber as the primary build material
  • Knob spacing prevents mud build-up
  • Comparatively less width
  • Slightly bulky in weight

5. MICHELIN Bias Soft Terrain Tires

MICHELIN StarCross 5 Soft Motocross Bias Tire-110/90-19 62M

Here’s yet another heavy-duty tire for hare scrambles, but this one is from the brand MICHELIN. The soft terrain tires comes with impressive measurements for the section width, which falls at 110 millimeters approximately.

On the other hand, this has a rim size of 19 inches, which successfully got on our good side as well! But what really sets this baby apart is its tread depth. The spectacular 17 inches depth means that the tire provides better traction and grip over rocky surfaces, including soft terrain.

However, the heavy-duty build of the product somehow managed to balance out with the soft, bouncy texture too. As a result, you get firmness and a good bounce from the tire every time you ride with it.

The casing is also very strong but also lightweight at the same time. It can effectively lighten the weight of your dirt bike by 15 percent! In short, you get improved aerodynamics when racing.

Shock-absorption by the famous CCT (Comfort Casing Tech) is unparalleled as well. It effectively blocks out the impact, hence prevents riders’ fatigue and dirt build-up on the tire itself.

This tire is a great option for people who want to practice off-road riding, but also need something that can work well on most terrain types. The proper pressure will help keep your bike upright when negotiating rocks and boulders while the tread pattern offering you enhanced traction in just about every condition you might find yourself with dirt rubber underfoot.

However, our favorite feature is the self-cleaning tread on this! The chunky casing removes excess soil and moisture from in-between the knobs and dimples. Not only do you get a cleaner tire, but the friction of the product with the ground is also notably improved.

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  • Side knob increases traction during lean angles
  • Elevated knob designs for grasping sand
  • Compatible with blue groove condition
  • Row positioning of tread blocks for more control
  • Versatile to handle most surfaces
  • Lacks grip on a smooth surface
  • Falters during low-speed turns

6. Dunlop Geomax MX52 Soft Ground Rear Tire

DUNLOP Geomax AT81 Rear Tire (110/100-18)

Dunlop is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands for producing industry-grade dirt bike tires. And the Geomax MX52 rear tire definitely lives up to that reputation. It happens to be one of the intermediate terrain tires that stand out.

Before explaining why it is so desirable, let’s talk about the features and specifications of this tire. It comes with a section width of 110 mm and a rim size of 18 inches.

With block-in-a-block pattern knobs offer amazing cornering and tires grip and also ensures great bump absorption. As it features a recess carcass design, there are lower chances of tearing the knobs. All this makes this tire pretty durable.

The thing we love the most about this tire is that it has the perfect width, which enhances the overall performance. On top of that, the tire’s shape and size make a significant difference in the quality of riding. 

Say goodbye to overly bumpy rides because this intermediate terrain tire damps out any kind of bounce, providing a sort of suspension within the tire itself. Being derived from all the top-notch Motocross and AMA Supercross racing, this product is definitely one of the best dirt bike tires. 

If you are looking for the perfect tire wear for rear tire that can withstand rough terrains and provide you a sturdy trail riding experience, we believe that this one by Dunlop intermediate terrain is a great choice.

  • Accelerated CTCS for more carcass flexibility
  • Tread design features multiple block distributions
  • Block-In-A-Block technology for more control and stabilization
  • Tie Bars connects all the knobs
  • Enhanced sturdiness by reducing flex at the knob’s base
  • Extremely less section width
  • Relatively small rim size

7. A-Z MOTO Tractionator Enduro-IT Mud Tire

MOTOZ Tractionator Enduro IT 130/90-18 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tire, DOT

A-Z MOTO is another prominent tire brand efficient at producing trials tires that are perfect hare scrambles. Their Tractionator Enduro IT is definitely a solid choice for a dirt bike tire, and we’ll explain why.

Sporting an 18-inch rim size and a section width of 130 mm, this bad boy is of the perfect measurements. Its speed rating is L and provides blue groove traction and grip needed for winter riding smoothly.

The tread design and rubber compound provide phenomenal bike’s performance in a wide range of terrains. From sand to mud, it can endure it all! The tire’s sidewall area is highly durable and reliable even in the roughest of conditions.

Two of the most important factors of a good intermediate terrain tire are the ability to provide smooth rides to the rider and to be durable in adverse conditions. Lucky for you, this tire checks off both these criteria!

With unparalleled durability and amazing traction, it is one of the best choices for the game of hare scramble. It provides reliability in all sorts of critical situations, which makes this product one of our favorites.

An excellent choice for recreational motocross riders, the A-Z MOTO offers a smooth surface with less pressure than other options.

See how well the A-Z MOTO tire performs on soft terrain. Discover more about its features and how to make purchases.

And unlike the previous tire, it is about 20 mm wider. The wider the tire, the more it is versatile for rough terrains and conditions. So if you thought the previous tire wasn’t good enough, check this one out!

  • Additional protection in knob’s sides
  • Performs brilliantly on hard terrain
  • Self-cleaning tread pattern
  • Adaptive to all weather conditions
  • Variety in knob patterns
  • Attachments may require separate purchase
  • Relatively less longevity

8. Kenda K772 Parker 047721813C0P Hard Terrain Tires

Kenda K785 Millville II Radial Tire - 120/100R18

Okay, how about we give you a middle ground between the Dunlop and the MOTOZ one? This one by the brand Kenda measures about 120 mm in terms of width, which is the optimum measurement for a tire meant for hare scrambles.

Apart from the width, it also has the perfect rim size measuring 18 inches, just like pretty much every other tire you have seen on this list. And the tire has an aspect ratio of 100.

All that sounds great, but what sets this tire apart from the rest of the ones on this list? Well, apart from the usual versatility in a wide range of terrain types, it is unique for being perfect for trail biking in the woods.

This hard tire has a kind of raised side, which is beneficial in the woods, as it works to protect against bumps and bruises that might occur there.

Besides this, it is also efficient at letting you ride comfortably in muddy, rocky and hard, or even sandy terrain. This makes it highly durable and reliable in critical situations in the game of hare scrambles.

Kenda K772 are making sure that people get an optimal safety with their new tread pattern, which performs well on intermediate and hard terrains. With this in mind, many of the company’s dirt bike tires now include it for a smooth performance-not to mention all other types of terrain.

The knobby design like the Dunlop intermediate tires and a wider section width sure do make it a better option than at least the previous two if not the ones before. We recommend you get these knobby tires for your dirt bike and see for yourself how truly amazing this baby is.

The Kenda K772 tire is the perfect choice for riders that need a smoother surface. It has fantastic handling characteristics and provides stability in all conditions, which means you can ride it on any dirt condition without worrying about how well your bike will handle with this amazing new product.

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  • Soft and flexible sidewall construction
  • Extensively large and aggressive knobs
  • Equally efficient on dirt and straight roads
  • Strong beads to upgrade corner handling
  • Extremely affordable and huge value
  • Quickly wears out
  • Poor balance

9. Shinko Hybrid Cheater Hard Terrain Tires

110/100x18 Shinko R505 Hybrid Cheater Tire for KTM 525 EXC 4-Stroke 2003-2006

Breaking all the stereotypes regarding what a dirt bike tire is supposed to be like, this amazing tire by Shinko is truly a cheater! It lets you enjoy the best of both worlds thanks to its hybrid design, making it all the more unique.

What does this hybrid tires design feature? Well, this tire is a combination of big knobby tread lugs, and sticky soft compound built. This hybrid tire design benefits the rider in hare scrambles in a multitude of ways.

It certainly bridges any gap between different terrain types and provides versatility like no other! Letting you gain more confidence in your soft tires and allowing you to focus on winning the races, this absolute beast of a tire definitely stands out.

In terms of the basic specifications, it isn’t all that fancy. It has got a section width of 110 mm and a tire aspect ratio of 100. The rim size is typically 18 inches, but there is also a 19-inch version available. You can check out the 19 inches one if you like as well.

As it has good tire-gripping as well as a larger surface area, the hard terrain dirt bike tire is perfect for trail riding. The increased base angle radius helps you to ride more comfortably on rougher terrain by smoothing out the shock of rugged surfaces. All this provides a much sturdier and more stable riding experience for the rider.

  • Superb strength and massive knob-like tread pattern
  • Functional on all terrains
  • Extensive ground support
  • Premium casing to balance square edges
  • Strong shoulder knobs
  • Underperforms on industrial roads
  • Unnecessarily large rim diameter

10. Maxxis MaxxCross-IT Soft Ground Hard Terrain Tires

Maxxis M7305 Maxxcross IT Rear Tire - 90/100-16, Tire Type: Offroad, Tire Application: Intermediate, Load Rating: 51, Speed Rating: M, Tire Size: 90/100-16, Rim Size: 16, Position: Rear, Ti

And last but not least, we just had to include the MaxxCross-IT by Maxxis because it is just an exceptionally good tire and does not deserve to be left out of this list.

If you need a hard terrain tire that is on the thinner side, this is your best tire choice. Coming at a width of only 80 mm, it is certainly thinner than all the other dirt bike tires you have seen here up until now.

This hard tire is also one of the smallest dirt bike tires in terms of rim size. Unlike all the 18-inch rim-size tires, this one comes at only 12 inches, making it perfect for smaller dirt bikes for hare scrambles.

While the sizing is unique, its quality is definitely on par with the rest of the dirt bike tires we have reviewed. We noticed that this one also has a knobbed design for better treading. Traction is a critical feature of any motor-cross tire. This rubber compound exhibits great slip resistance and serves as both a tread pattern and sidewall protector.

Being this durable, it can ensure nearly flawless handling in quite a wide range of terrains. The advanced rubber compound can enhance traction in straight-line riding to ensure maximum control.

It is perfect for woods riding and great for all seasons. It has no problem with hard ground, but it can also handle the soft stuff which makes this dependable in both situations.

It offers unrivaled traction in all sorts of terrains while being this lightweight, which is what makes this tire stand out in our eyes.

  • Sturdy rubber compound as the primary build material
  • Broad paddle to keep the wheels clean
  • Excellent ground support
  • Efficiently scatters rocks and dirt
  • Fortified sidewall for better balance
  • High possibility of blemishing
  • Uneven aesthetics

Picking the Best Dirt Bike Tire for You

All these reviews are great and all, but we can’t just opt for all these amazing dirt bike tires, now can we? Choosing the best dirt bike tire from the 10 products we reviewed is a pretty tough task.

Still, if we had to choose only one, we would go for the Bridgestone Motocross Tire for the overall performance that it provides to the dirt bike rider. Featuring the perfect knobbed design, this tire provides rugged reliability in rough terrains. And being lightweight, it offers unrivaled speed for intense hare scramble races.

However, this is only our opinion, and you can buy whichever tire you find the most appealing for your dirt bike.