Best Dirt Bike Tire for Trail Riding

When it comes to dirt bikes, finding the perfect trail tires can make a huge difference. The right kind of tires not only speed up your game but also play a role in adjusting to the terrain. This is why you need good quality and highly resistant dirt bike tires.

But it’s not easy to find the best dirt bike tire for trail riding, especially if it’s your first time.

Let’s jump to the discussion to help you out with your tire choice, we’ve listed some of the top-notch ones.

10 Best Dirt Bike Tires for Trail Riding

Looking for the ideal bike tires for your dirt biking experiences? Here are 10 amazing products you can choose from-

1. Protrax Pt1021 Motocross Off-Road Front Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Dirt Bike Trail Tire

Quick Summary
  • Designed to offer the highest possible traction without compromising the quality
  • Adaptable with soft terrain conditions
  • Knobs are set for mud usage
  • Bears a 4-ply stiff construction that helps in providing resistance and minimizing the accumulation of mud.
  • Has an incredible amount of ground support

Protrax has been renowned for its excellent quality soft terrain tires, and this one is no exception.

If you’re looking for a dirt bike tire that will meet your expectations, this is the one. With a classic design and well-defined features, this dirt bike tire is definitely a catch. Let’s see why this tire is so hyped.

You can choose this supreme quality tire from Protrax due to its high-quality features, solid construction, and impeccable performance. Dirt bikers always want the best for their bikes, and these off road soft terrain tires are nothing less than the best.

These soft terrain motocross tires are designed to fit any mini or mid-size bikes. They are equipped with sturdy construction that provides the highest durability.

With easy knobs, your dirt bikes will work great even in muddy terrain conditions. The excellent ground support is a feature that will suit both beginners and professional trail riders. Besides, the easy mounting, control, and amazing traction are some of the best features of the product, making it a top pick for us.

Best Dirt Bike Helmet Brands

I prefer the Bell dirt bike helmet brand because they’re comfortable and can withstand strong impacts.

The Protrax Off Road Tire Pt1021 Rear Soft is a good choice for riders who want to have an intermediate dirt bike tire.

2. Shinko SR241 Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Trail Dirt Bike Tire

Quick Summary
  • Suitable with different kind of terrain conditions
  • Equipped with high dimpled knobs for better ride
  • Comes with a solid nylon tire carcass for maximum durability
  • Has excellent sidewall strength that imparts high resistance
  • Strong traction support

Another great quality tire from Shinko, this model will impress you with its amazing features. Whether your requirements are convenience and great service or something that is simple and reliable, this one ticks all the boxes. It has smart features and a strong build, which will impress any biker.

A strong and high-quality product from Shinko, this tires comes with excellent features that will change your whole dirt biking experience.

This intermediate compound surpasses in harsh off-road conditions offering maximum support in different terrain variations. The powerful traction support has a role in providing excellent service for your dirt biking adventures.

With an excellent nylon carcass construction, this wears longer than many other brands out there. It maintains a good balance during performance without compromising on the quality of the performance.

Razor MX350 Review

The Razor MX350 is a great way to get started in motocross. After all, it’s one of the most powerful electric bikes!

The intermediate terrain tires also have some cornering ability that offers the biker to change speeds according to convenience. Such a good blending of features improves the overall potential of the bikes, which is why it is considered a top pick.

3. Bridgestone Battlecross X20 Rear Tire- Best Tire for Trail Riding Dirt Bike

Quick Summary
  • Specifications include 18 inches of rim size and a tire aspect ratio of 100, which is great for dirt bikes
  • 110 millimeters of section width offers maximum grip
  • High-quality block pattern design ensures sturdiness on the roads
  • Built with Caste Block technology to ensure maximum traction
  • Works with sand, mud, and soft terrain conditions

Bridgestone makes the best dirt bike tires. This design from Bridgestone is also one of their best tire options. It has some great features and solid construction that are bound to make your dirt biking game stronger. Let’s see what this dirt bike tire offers;

The first thing you’ll notice about the tire is its wide profile design that keeps it stable in various weather conditions.

This is a versatile soft race compound tire that is designed to offer the best experience of dirt biking to professional rider. It is built to last long and designed to adapt well to soft and mud-terrain conditions.

The addition of a block pattern layout with this tire expands the stiffness and working range. This hard-ground variant of this tire makes it easy for beginners to gain maximum control. Besides, the Castle Block technology that comes with the tire plays an important role in improving the traction.

The set of tires is built to withstand anything a rider may encounter out on the track.

Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review

The Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike is the perfect vehicle to take to the desert. It’s big enough for large groups, but it doesn’t cost too much.

It is an amazing tubeless tire that works well for woods riding due to the presence of a higher edge effect. You also get the feature of larger tread bars that improves the wearing of the motocross tires.

4. Artrax TG5 Dirt Bike Front Hard Terrain Tire Compound- Best Dirt Bike Front Tire for Trail Riding

Quick Summary
  • Incorporated with tough construction that provides maximum durability of the product
  • Comes with an advanced tread design that ensures longevity and better potential
  • Better quality of braking grip offered with tread design
  • Improved traction quality and easy control option

This great quality tire from Artrax is sure to win your hearts with its well-defined features! With top-notch construction and the ability to provide a great ride, you can’t beat the quality of this dirt bike tire. Let’s have a quick inspection of all that it comes with;

The Artrax TG5 hard terrain tire is built to last long with its standard quality and durable construction. You can enjoy your dirt biking adventures perfectly well with this tire. It is designed to support your dirt bike under soft and intermediate terrain and still manages to provide good traction.

Razor MX400 Review

When it comes to electric scooters, the Razor MX400 is one of the best you can find. It’s got a powerful motor and a sturdy frame that makes it perfect for people of all ages!

A fairly stiff compound, you can’t go wrong with this product. The high-quality tread pattern not only plays a role in the performance but also improves the braking grip of the tire. You can also expect excellent traction with this tire. Such features make this tire a top pick for us.

5. Maxxis MaxxCross-IT M7305 Rear Tire- Best Dirt Bike Tire for Rocky Trails

Quick Summary
  • 18 inches of rim diameter makes it ideal for driving at any angle
  • Comes with solid construction and rubber compound tires
  • Ideal for street riding and mud-terrain conditions
  • Provides more ground support and facilitates the operation of dirt bikes
  • Offers maximum control and great traction
  • The company’s pricing is at the higher end of any other tire mentioned in this article

If you’ve been into dirt biking for some time, Maxxis MaxxCross is a brand you couldn’t have missed. They make some supreme mud-terrain tires that are bound to impress you! This rear dirt bike tire from their range is no exception. It has similar qualities that will make any biker’s trail riding experiences stronger.

This is a top pick because of its solid grip and long-wearing features that make it stand out in the crowd. The tire has a great low durometer rubber compound and knob bridges that provide the best output possible.

Whether you’re planning to take your tires on rock trails, slippery sand, and even mud, these tires will work for them all. Thanks to the knobby pattern, these mud-terrain tires work efficiently.

Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike Review

For someone who is just starting out, the Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike might be a great option. It’s affordable and easy to ride.

The front tire that can be paired with this has a stiff carcass, while the rear tire uses soft shoulder knobs and center knobs that ensure complete straight-line traction. Overall, it has some great features that can totally improve your dirt biking experiences to a stronger level.

6. MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire-110/90-19 62M

Quick Summary
  • Versatile tires designed to serve under different kind of soil conditions
  • Has an 81-mph speed rating which is perfect for trail riding
  • Can also work with rocky terrain and hard terrain, so it is ideal for professionals who love to take their biking adventures to a higher level
  • Excellent grip
  • Top-notch build of the tires ensures maximum durability and longevity

MICHELIN is another popular brand when it comes to dirt bike tires. Its exceptional quality and strong build make it a good option for those who are looking for decent quality dirt bike tires.

Let’s look at what this set of tires from MICHELIN StarCross 5 can offer-

Michelin Starcross 5 offers a great tread pattern that supports the driving scene and ensures a firm grip. The versatility of the tires ensures good functioning in different soil conditions, whether it’s intermediate terrain or rocky trails, etc.

These tires come with solid control that allows you to skip changes when driving on different grounds. They are also built with maximum resistance, and you don’t have to worry about them wearing out easily.

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Review

The Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike is a fairly budget-friendly dirt bike. It gives you everything you need to get started!

Of course, it doesn’t cost cheap, which is why it’s so advanced in quality and features. The traction strength and impeccable quality of the tires are worth every penny you spend on them.

7. Dunlop Geomax MX52 Rear Tire – 110/100-18

Quick Summary
  • Built with progressive corner blocking technology that offers to block pattern and cornering ability
  • Designed with a carcass tension control system that allows you to enjoy a smooth riding experience
  • Comes with a convenient, stylish, and unique design that attracts anyone
  • Knobby pattern helps the tires achieve stronger traction support for trail riding
  • Excellent sidewall strength

Another one by Dunlop, this one will meet all your requirements for a standard quality tire.

It comes with unique technology that will provide the best service and meet all your requirements. This tires is a perfect pick for trail riding. Here’s an outline of what this product can offer-

This high-quality tire from Dunlop is definitely going to be the best ally for your dirt bike.

It is composed of a resistant compound and well-developed knob pattern that will combat chipping, frequent wear, and tear. If you’re looking for something for off-road biking, you can pick this tires for sure, as it will offer additional traction support. It also works well on rocky terrain, sand as well as mud.

SSR 50cc Dirt Bike Review

If you’re looking for a bike that’s absolutely perfect, I recommend the SSR 50cc Dirt Bike. It has an easy-to-use design and it comes with a lot of features.

This tire also features 4 nylon ply stiff construction that ensures good sidewall strength. The addition of carcass tension control system technology makes the riding experiences free of harshness. These tires are able to follow lines accurately, thanks to the strategic recesses.

Overall, it is a great option for your dirt bikes.

8. Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires 110/90-19

Quick Summary
  • Built to support blue-groove traction
  • Features cross-patch tread pattern that ensures cornering traction
  • Works efficiently well with muddy and rocky terrain
  • Provides a smooth surface for trail riding
  • Maximum durability with a solid construction

This is a great quality dirt bike tire, and its features will be perfect for anyone- beginner or professional. Sedona has always been ahead of their game when it comes to creating amazing dirt bike tires. This tires here also has the same quality any other Sedona tire has. Let’s look at some of its features-

The MX907HP is an amazing option for anyone looking for premium tires for experiencing dirt biking and trail riding to an exceptional level. With a stylish and solid design, this product will meet all your requirements.

This is also perfect for your racing competitions as it comes with impeccably strong traction. With adjustable knobs, you can’t find such stability anywhere else. From blue-groove traction to in-line traction and cornering traction, these tires can surpass them all.

Razor MX650 Review

I love the Razor MX650 because it is stylish and fast. You can race with your friends on this razor, and you’ll always win!

It is designed to work with hard terrain so that your dirt biking adventures can embark on a different ride. This is a top pick because of its versatility with different soil types as well as good traction support.

In addition to being economical, another great thing about these tires is that they have good longevity.

9. Pirelli 90/100-21 Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Terrain

Quick Summary
  • Specifications include 90 mm of section width and 21 inches of rim size, which are perfect for trail riding
  • Tire aspect ratio of 100 makes this an amazing tire for dirt biking
  • Features a tri-ply carcass
  • Improved cornering ability and traction
  • Comes with stable contact patch for enhanced grip feature

Another great option for dirt bikers is this tires from Pirelli. It has pretty unique features, and its specifications are perfect for trail riding. You can’t go wrong with this front tire from Pirelli. Let’s have a look at what this tire can offer-

The hard terrain dirt bike tire comes with a large block size that plays a role in improving the durability, longevity, and contact patch. The result is excellent grip and firm support provided by the contact patch.

It also features maximum resistance against cuts, wears, and tears and thus lasts for a long time. This tire has a unique design of tri-ply carcass that prevents the incidence of rollovers to a great extent.

Razor MX500 Review

The Razor MX500 is a great scooter with two wheels, ideal for people who want to get to work quickly.

With good sidewall strength and improved traction, you can totally go for this product. If you want your trail riding experiences to be simple and effortless, this tires should be your ultimate pick.

10. Kenda K760 Trakmaster II – 130/90R17

Quick Summary
  • Features a 6-ply radial construction
  • Specifications include 120 mm section width and 106 mph speed rating that ensures the best trail riding experience
  • Equipped with rubber casting for offering better longevity
  • Designed to work with different terrain type, i.e., muddy, sand, etc.
  • Provided with enhanced gripping and easy control features

Last but not least, we have this tires from Kenda, which is an amazing option for dirt bikers. It has a durable build, convenient and smart features that will be your strong support during trail riding.

The best intermediate dirt bike tires are difficult to find, but when only the softest of terrain will do, you need a Kenda tire that can handle it.

Here’s an abstract of some of the features this dirt bike tire can offer-

Kenda K760 is an excellent product that you can get for your dirt bike. It comes with aggressive knobs and side lugs that ensure better service in different terrain conditions and off-road biking.

The best thing about these tires is that they’re dual-compound. This means they’re each constructed with a different type of rubber, so you get the grip and durability of an all-terrain tire.

With a maximum speed rating of 106 MPH, you can expect this tire to deliver an amazing trail riding experience for you. It has a classic design that will enhance the overall exterior of your bike.

The rubber casing that comes with the tire resists breakages and thus improves the longevity of the tires. Besides, the natural, durable rubber compound also has an effective role in fitting with muddy and deep sand terrain as well as extended tread life.

Coolster 125cc Dirt Bike Review

The Coolster 125cc is a bike that’s small but powerful. It can go very fast and the acceleration is impressive.

All these features are truly incredible enough to pick this tires.

Buying Guide- Best Dirt Bike Tire for Trails

Now that you know all about different dirt bike tires, it’s time to choose one for your trail-riding adventures. It is not easy finding the best dirt bike tire, especially since there are so many options available.

Let’s see what points you need to figure out before choosing one for your dirt bike;

Size of the tire

This is an important feature that you need to look for before buying a tire for your dirt bike. Usually, the sidewall of a tire bears the size of the tire. The tire size has an influence on the safety and driving performance of the bike.

Make sure that the tire size pairs well with the rim; otherwise, there might be chances of an accident for the rider, and that will be a poor driving performance for the dirt bike.

Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet: Guide to off-road motocross helmets

The thing I like most about the AGV AX-8 Dual Evo Helmet is that it looks awesome. I also love its compact shape and its high quality.


This is probably the most important feature for a dirt bike tire as the efficiency of the tire depends on how well it works under different terrain. Usually, there are hard, soft, and intermediate terrain options and the bike tire’s versatility depends on adaptability with these terrain options.

There are many differences between soft, intermediate, and hard terrain tires. Soft terrain tires are built with hard and tough compounds.

Intermediate terrain dirt bike tires are those tires that comprise a softer compound in their build. Intermediate terrain dirt bike tire is perfect for the rider who wants to go on a longer ride, but doesn’t want too much of an adventure.

On the other hand, the hard terrain dirt bike tires are built with more high-quality, durable, and long-lasting compounds. If your woods riding tracks involve multiple ground variants, then it’s best to go for intermediate terrain dirt bike tires.

Try to choose the tire that works with the terrain condition you prefer to ride in. It is also a great idea to go for the tires that can work under mud, deep sandy as well as rocky terrain for a better driving experience.


Mounting is also important to enjoy a better riding experience. It not only allows you to enjoy a smooth drive but also minimizes the risk of harm and damage.

A good mounting process reduces any chances for slippage and thus acts as a safety guard for dirt bike tires. So, try looking for dirt bike tires that come with easy and simple counting facilities.

Best Dirt Bike Helmets: Safety and Innovation without Regard for Budget

If you are thinking about getting a dirt bike helmet then you might want to read this article.

Tread Pattern

Tread pattern can also affect the overall performance of the tires during riding. So, try to look for block pattern tread design or cross-patch pattern for your treads of the tires. These patterns ensure a good cornering ability for your tires and also maintain traction during riding.

Also, these tread patterns ensure smooth driving performance and help you enjoy your trail riding experiences to a different level.

Trials Tires VS Knobbies

Another confusing point when it comes to choosing dirt bike tires is to pick between trials tire or knobbies. Both are quite efficient in function, but they tend to differ a lot which makes it hard to select one.

Trial tires feature a crowning and are built with a flat base that makes them ideal for large contact patches. They also bear dense tread designs and even shaped lugs.

These tires also consist of low durometer rubber compounds and provide strong traction support as well as grip.

If you want improved terrain compatibility for your tires, the trial tire will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, knobbies are not provided with such strong traction and excellent grip options. However, they do a good job at fulfilling the aggressive knobs and can work soft and intermediate terrain options.

So, if you had to choose the best dirt bike tires, a trial tire will be the ideal option.

Best Youth Dirt Bike Helmet

A youth dirt bike helmet is the best way to protect your head while you’re racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure you get the right tire type and treads for the motocross track rider?

To get the right tire for dirt bike riders, it is important to choose intermediate terrain tires and tires that come with an ideal size of 21 inches for front tires and 19 inches for rear tires.

Most motocross riders prefer tires with asymmetric tread pattern for their tires. So, you can choose such tire types and tread patterns for dirt bike rider.

Which tires is better- a motocross track vs. a single-track trail?

Motocross track trails are lighter and require upgrades on a frequent basis. On the other hand, single-track trails are heavier and comprise of upgrades already present with them. So, single-track trails are much better in comparison to motocross tracks.

Picking the Best Trail Tire for Dirt Bike for You

As we come to an end, it’s now time to reveal which one among all our ideal options will be the best dirt bike tire for trail riding for you.

We’ve talked about all the important features of each product in detail.

However, according to performance and convenient designs, we’ve chosen Bridgestone Battlecross X20 Rear Tire as the best one for your dirt biking journey.

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