Tested: The Best Dirt Bike Tires Reviews (2021): Enhanced All-Terrain Traction

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Extreme sports are one of the most popular pastimes in the 21st century. Daredevils and adrenaline seekers simply love the thrill of performing death-defying tricks while surprising everyone with the aesthetics.

Motocross Dirt bike racing happens to be one of the most popular formats in this genre. You will need a great deal of skill and luck to excel in this sport.

Michelin StarCross 5


MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire-100/90-19 57M

  • Fit for racing
  • Reliable
  • Superior grip
  • Well-equipped for complex tracks
Sedona MX907HP

Budget Friendly

Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Tire - Rear - 100/90-19 , Position: Rear, Tire Size: 100/90-19, Rim Size: 19, Tire Ply: 4, Tire Type: Offroad, Tire Application: Hard MX1009019HP

  • Tight tread pattern
  • Perfect for regular use
  • Max consistency
  • Smart infrastructural
Battlecross X30

Editors Pick

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Rear Tire (120/80-19)

  • Strong punch
  • Universal track
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent grip and traction

Getting yourself the most premium components for your vehicle is pivotal in dirt bike racing. You need to buy the best dirt bike tire available to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the mud or crash because of losing balance.

So, let’s get going!

10 Best Dirt Bike Tire for All Types of Terrain To Buy in 2021

Below are 10 of the best dirt bike tires you will find available in the present market. Continue reading to find out why they are worth purchasing and the features they have to offer.

1. Protrax PT1106 Motocross Off-Roading Soft Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Intermediate Dirt Bike Tire

  • Durable, resistive build ingredients
  • Perfect infrastructural design with geometric construction
  • Long-term longevity with consistent performance

Every rider needs a dependable set of hard or soft terrain tires. The Protrax PT1106 Dirt Bike Tires Set took the top spot on our best dirt bike tires list and has been tested by some serious riders to ensure it can withstand anything that comes its way.

It is famous worldwide for manufacturing dirt bike tires that are hardy and durable. The PT1106 trial tires wonderfully fulfills this statement.

The ProTrax is one of the best dirt bike tires because it has such an excellent frame. You’ll be able to use this for years, even through tough terrain and canny weather conditions!

Our first reason is the presence of a tough rubber compound that goes into making each tire, providing it with robust and four-ply construction, genuinely worthy of mud conditions.

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Moreover, you won’t have to worry about this issue when using these tires. Protrax Soft Intermediate Terrain Tire constructs it with standard height lugs while keeping the treads spaced moderately for smooth dirt ejection.

The evenly formed contact patch works as a welcome bonus. Lastly, it’s constructed with super hard rubber to ensure that it will serve you well for a long time.

2. Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires- Best Dirt Bike Trail Tire

  • Packs a strong punch with devastating control
  • Universal track use
  • Innovative knob design for better handling

There are very few people in the world who are motocross riders about automobiles and haven’t heard of Bridgestone. This Japanese company has been manufacturing world-class terrain tires for almost a century now.

Bridgestone tires makes one of the best dirt bike tires for soft terrain and hard terrain. They are lightweight, strong, and have a great grip. If you’re looking to buy a new set of dirt bike tires, I highly recommend Bridgestones!

The Battlecross X30 hard terrain dirt bike tire is a great commodity of this tire brand. It’s famous for combating tricky terrain types with its unparalleled power and traction. A significant reason is the fact that Bridgestone’s superior artistry and manufacturing benchmarks are vividly visible with this motocross dirt bike tire.

Furthermore, it’s perfectly tailored for racetracks and dirt tracks alike, with a tread pattern that is extensively optimized to increase efficiency.

Moreover, the broad block pattern allows it to perform well on the soil. Choosing the Battlecross X30 Hard Terrain Tires is an intelligent decision as its knob is narrow to get a firm grasp on soft terrain types.

3. Sedona MX907HP Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tires- Best Sand Tire for Dirt Bike

  • Intelligent exterior construction
  • All-rounder in handling various surfaces
  • Self-optimizing for maximum consistency

Many dirt bike enthusiasts might not know of Sedona hard terrain tires, but it is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in this sport. One look into its wheels for off-road vehicles is enough to convince anyone of the high quality the brand promises and its artistry. The MX907HP hard terrain dirt bike tire is the perfect example of their standards.

The first obvious indicator of its suitability is its tight tread pattern which provides users with traction few alternatives can. Very few alternatives can match its value as it performs equally well on blue groove, mud, sand, and rock, making it prepared for every possible scenario.

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Additionally, it’s perfect for regular use as it specializes in hard terrain with excellent traction. As an extra protective measure, the brand has also made its knobs adaptive so that it can quickly stabilize itself on most surfaces.

4. Michelin StarCross 5 Medium- Best Dirt Bike Tire for Hare Scramble

  • Intense control mechanisms
  • Handles well in extreme regions
  • Battle-tested and fit for racing

There are very few places relevant to motorbike racing where Michelin isn’t present, from racetracks to home garages. The brand has been making solid, reliable motocross tires for a long time now. Among its many tire, the Michelin Starcross 5 Medium is one of the very best.

Multiple obvious reasons contribute to the Starcross 5 tires being an excellent choice. Its side knobs offer superior grip during critical lean angles that separate itself from its competitors.

The tires is well-equipped for complex tracks as the knob patterns are slightly elevated so that you can quickly get a firm grip on this uneven surface. Finally, buying the Starcross 5 will be a wise decision as its primary goal is to combat these conditions and give you the ultimate experience.

5. Dunlop Geomax MX33- Best Front Tire Dirt Bike

  • Tunable to perform in all situations
  • Smart infrastructural design
  • Great traction
  • Innovative technological integration

You don’t have to be an autosport fan to know about Dunlop. This tire brand is famous for sponsoring some of the most noteworthy competitions in the 21st century. Its terrain tires are masterstrokes, and the Dunlop Geomax tires brilliantly attests to this statement.

A major reason why Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires is one of the finest is its Carcass Tension Control System, which elaborates the customization option for a smooth experience. The tires are at their best when it comes to absorbing bumps and providing a smooth ride for desert riding.

Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires has numerous block distribution in the tread design, which helps refine the contact patch and gives you fantastic traction and slide control on firm base soil.

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Finally, a praiseworthy quality of this tire happens to be its exceptional innovation. Dunlop tires introduces the impressive Block-In-A-Block technology in the front tire, which significantly upgrades the linear tracking and handling of the motorbike.

6. Pirelli Scorpion MX32 Mid Hard Front Tire (Mid to Soft terrain)- Best Hard Terrain Dirt Bike Tire

  • Suitable for expert dirt biking
  • Extensive layers of protection
  • Fit for all types of terrain

Many automobile enthusiasts believe that Pirelli tire is suitable for making wheels that are best off road dirt bike tire. They cannot be more wrong, and the Scorpion MX32 Hard Terrain Tires is the ideal example of its excellence in dirt roads.

A couple of things that you can expect from these tires are high performance and longevity, which certainly rank highly on most dirt bike buyer’s checklists.

Among the many reasons Pirelli Scorpion MX32 tires is worth the purchase, the prime one is its ability to execute critical lean angles and turns because its knobs feature dimples. Moreover, a combination of the tri-ply carcass on rear wheels, mammoth knob power makes its traction strength substantially higher.

You will be able to ride down muddy conditions and maintain control while facing critically-edged bumps. Universality plays a major role in what makes the MX32 tires so desirable. It handles itself smoothly on all types of terrain while laying particular emphasis on rocky ground.

7. Maxxis M7304 Maxxcross Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire- Best Paddle Tire for 450 Dirt Bike

  • Insanely well-rounded handling
  • Robust build ingredients
  • Awesome traction
  • Extensive maintenance perks

We know you want the best dirt bike tires out there, so we’ve found Maxxis M730 tire that is perfect for anyone who wants to ride. Maxxis is undoubtedly one of the finest companies out there for making superb dirt bike wheels. The M730 Maxxcross tires is perhaps the most premium tires of this Taiwanese tire brand.

No other alternatives can achieve the superior traction it offers, thanks to the enhanced rubber compound that goes into making it.

Design and structure play a vital role in the improvement of the performance of this tire. It boasts an impressive broad paddle design which is exceptionally efficient for maintaining a solid traction on soft terrain. Furthermore, it’s also helpful for preserving the cleanliness of the wheel.

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A significant factor about the M7304 Maxxcross tires is its stability and efficiency when dealing with difficult surfaces. Its rear dirt bike tires provide excellent support on the ground so that you can balance your body conveniently.

8. Kenda K760 Motorcycle Tire- Best Single Track Dirt Bike Tire

  • Bears most of the stress
  • Perfect for navigation in different soil types and conditions
  • Extremely lucrative value considering the compatibility

Among the many dirt bike tire brands dominating the market over the years, no one is as big of an indie darling as Kenda tire. Their terrain tires are incredibly affordable and perform wonderfully. The K760 Motorcycle Tire is the perfect example in this regard.

A huge selling point of the K760 tires is its sidewalls are soft and flexible to overcome obstacles without tiring the vehicle’s suspensions quickly. Owning these tires will put you at ease. Its knobs are pretty large and competitively designed to pull the motorcycle through the dirt efficiently.

You will rarely find another alternative that is as well-rounded as the K760 Motorcycle Tires. Kenda has manufactured it to perform brilliantly on most conventional surfaces. It maintains perfect traction and control on both straight and dirt roads for maximum value.

9. MMG Off-Road Tire Set- Best DOT Dirt Bike Tire

  • Outperforms most competitors in handling
  • Pulls dirt bikes from sticky surfaces effortlessly
  • Smooth maintenance process

You will be able to find all the things that we are talking about in a great tires for your dirt bike. MMG tire might seem like an off-brand option to many.

However, writing it off as an inferior option will be a big mistake. Its off-road tire set is one of the most competitive options in the present market.

Very few of its competitors have the level of fortification its side knobs have. Its extra protective measure means that it can balance itself out on corners in an instant.

You won’t face any difficulties on smooth roads with this item as its knob pattern makes it perfectly suitable for hard terrain. MMG tires has made cleaning this unit easy with this tire as its tread pattern is essentially self-cleaning, which performs well in maximum surfaces.

10. Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Rear Tire- Best Rear Dirt Bike Tire

  • Wonderful combination of raw power and smart design
  • Dual compatibility in use
  • Extremely hardy with superior handling

Closing off our list is yet another brilliant tires by Michelin. The Starcross series includes some of the best commodities this tire brand has produced so far. Similar to that benchmark, the MH3 Motocross Tire promises the same superior quality.

I’m rating this as my number one choice for an intermediate terrain tire. Because it performs well in various conditions, I can use it without worrying about sliding on ice and getting stuck.

A combination of unparalleled strength and huge knobby tread design gives it extreme versatility. Universality is a unique feature of these tires. It easily outweighs its competitors in value and performanc.

You can effortlessly use it for both races and casual driving. The ability to function ceaselessly in maximum terrain makes it an ideal all-rounder.

Not only is it an efficient dirt biking option, but it’s also ideal for pulling off high-flying tricks. It promises excellent ground support, which helps your vehicle navigate complex circuits with ease.

Durability is also evident through its casing which can easily manage square edges and absorb brake bumps better while lessening tire rebound. The presence of rugged shoulder knobs wonderfully sums it up.

Good luck shopping for the best dirt bike tires, and don’t forget to check out our accompanying FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best dirt bike tires

Types of Terrain for Dirt Bike Tires
  • Soft Terrain
  • Intermediate Terrain
  • Hard Terrain
What Are Intermediate Terrain Tires?

The Intermediate terrain dirt bike tire is a “do it all” kind of tire. It’s great for beginners, intermediate riders. Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tires are wheel variations with more traction. They typically have a more intense tread pattern which makes them more durable than other models while also giving excellent grip and traction.

What is a Soft terrain dirt bike tire?

Soft terrain dirt bike tires are wheel variations that are designed to get a firm grip on unpredictable and soft terrain. Its broad scoop and large tread gaps let it free itself from mud instantly.

Motocross track vs. a single-track trail.

Motocross tracks and single-tracks trails are widely different trails. While the former is all about dirt races and high-flying tricks, the latter is all about control and handling. When it comes to choosing vehicles, dirt bikes pair well with motocross tracks, while mountain bikes are more suitable for single-track trails.

What are DOT-approved dirt bike tires?

DOT-approved dirt bike tires are wheels that are perfect for use on dual-track conditions. They possess the caliber to combat dirt roads while also functioning effortlessly on public roads. These motocross tires are all street-legal components, with all of them licensed and registered for use.

Why Paddle tires are the best dirt bike tires for sand?

Paddle tires are ideal for the sand due to their ability to prevent the vehicle from sinking into the depths of the fine particles. Sand getting stuck in dirt bike tires is quite common and can be a dangerous situation for the rider. Equipping your motorcycle with this tire can help it trudge through the land without damaging the vehicle.

How often should you replace your dirt bike tires?

Dirt bike tires tend to have varying longevities. Therefore, there is no exact timeframe within which a replacement is necessary, as the answer tends to vary.

However, it’s best to go for a change every 4 years to be on the safe side. Furthermore, monitor the wheel bodies if the performance falters, in which case an early replacement might be necessary.

What dirt bike tires do supercross rider use?

Dunlop dirt bike tires are the protocol choice for use in supercross races. A rider participating in the 250 and 450 formats must use wheels from this tire brand to compete in the race.

What makes the traction so great on dirt bike tires?

Loads of design factors go into contributing to the overall grip and traction of a dirt bike tire. Tread patterns play a vital role as the format helps dictate which kind of region it will provide the best handling experience. On the other hand, lug patterns and spacing also help to increase the total traction in them.

What Is The Best Dirt Bike Tire Pressure For Sand?

Getting the tire pressure is extremely vital when taking your dirt bike onto the sand. If it’s too much, then it will not be able to maintain control, and a lack of it will result in the motorcycle getting stuck on the ground. The perfect air pressure for this region is 12psi.

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Without further ado, our top pick is the Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Rear Tire.

It is by far the most professional option for dirt bike riding. You will not find another option that can provide you with instant stability and balance as this tire.

Furthermore, its strength level is ideal for zipping across motocross tracks while maintaining enough traction. Whether it is a matter of speed, control, or aesthetics, you will not find a better option with similar value.