10 Best Dirt Jumper Tires | Reviews 2021

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Did you do your homework on dirt jump/street tires?

Well, I did mine. With my years of expertise, I thought why not help you get the best dirt jump tire that offer you high-end features at an affordable cost?

With a recent rise in off-roading, many bikers are looking for the perfect tire to ride on. Our reviews will help you find the best tires so that when your bike is kicking up dirt and mud, it’s not yours!

Flybikes Rear BMX Bike Tire


Flybikes Ruben Callejera Ligera Rear

  • Good traction, and durability
  • Maintain balance and stability
  • Rubber compounds
  • Aggressive knobs
Maxxis Holy Rollers

Budget Friendly

Maxxis Holy Roller BMX/Urban Bike Tire (Wire Beaded 70a, 20x1.95)

  • Balance of tread life
  • Durable
  • Good grip
  • Made for trail riding
Kenda K-Rads

Editors Pick

Kenda K-Rad Standard BMX/Mountain/Commuting Bike Tire, 20x1.95-Inch

  • Good compounds
  • Effective grip
  • Inverted tread
  • Maximize tire use

10 Best Dirt Jump Tire

Dirt Jump tyres are becoming more popular for trail and enduro riding, but not all of them. There is a specific list which showcases what we have found to be the best Dirt Jumps on the market so far this year.

Let’s find out which deserves a gold medal from these top-rated dirt jump/street tires. Read on!

1. Kenda K-Rads Standard BMX/Mountain/Commuting Bike Tires

Kenda K-Rad Tire includes an “old school” tread pattern, which you’ll find on mountain dirt jump bikes and dirt riders. Indeed, it’s pretty common to get a dirt jump tire with an inverted tread type if you get your hands on an intermediate or beginner DJ bike.

Speaking of the compounds, these are well-equipped with rubber and comparatively softer. You’ll be able to feel the difference with these rubber compounds. In order to help you maximize your tire use, Kenda has got large knobs instead of small ones.

Don’t worry about riding in dusty conditions; the dirt jump tire is able to keep up with any terrain, thanks to its effective grip.

The “clincher type” is comparatively cheaper, and it’s highly capable of handling more torture at the maximum speed with minimal inflation, the credit goes to its 60TPI.

So, turn your dirt jumper into a “real beast” by replacing the old tires with the latest Kendra 024S4NH2!

2. Kenda Small Block 8 XC Mountain Bike Tires

The Kenda is the tire of choice for many bike riders. Whether you’re a leisurely rider or an intense athlete, there’s no better option than this one!

Specially designed for smooth terrains, Kendra 4272001 is hands down, one of the quickest rolling tires I’ve ever seen so far! Not only for dirt jumping, but the champ right here is compatible with park-style riding, slalom, and pump track as well.

The 2.1” width provides stability when you’re traversing rocky terrain, while still being narrow enough to fit between trees in tight spaces so that nothing slows down your momentum.

The Kenda Small Block Eight XC only tips the scales at 580g! That’s far less weight that most other tires on your bicycle and it can be up to 2lbs lighter.

In my research, I’ve found the reviews of some riders who have clearly mentioned the capability of using the Kendra on a wide variety of terrains, from loose dirt to mulch and gravel to sand.

To make the carrying speed a breeze and decrease the rolling resistance, the maker of this Kenda Small Block 8 XC has used tread patterns that are less extreme compared to others.

On top of that, the tread pattern uses a ‘nevegal shape’ for a precise and better ‘bite.’ And the effective “dual tread compound” offers you an excellent and safe dirt jumping experience.

3. Maxxis Holy Rollers TB29478000 Tires

Maxxis is one of the top brands when it comes to tires. Let’s give you a whole new perspective on how their products can change your life. I’ve been driving for 10 years and Maxxis has changed my tire game in so many ways!

Maxxis Holy Rollers are made for trail riding. Provides a good balance of tread life and ride comfort, which is perfect for the kind of terrain you’ll encounter while off-roading.

Specially tested for durability, this excellent model from Maxxis is a more effective choice than the others when it comes to off-road riding.

The overall design of this dirt jump tire makes it superb for the urban bike as well as BMX. Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, it’s possible to get the best result with the Maxxis.

Let it be pump tracks or dirt jump tracks, it’s tread patterns give you a good grip in such conditions. But keep in mind, it won’t perform like a champion on muddy or watery surfaces.

4. Flybikes Rear BMX Bike Tires- Best BMX Dirt Jump Tire

The Flybikes Rear BMX Bike Tire includes comparatively thin casings in the thread for decreased weight and improved traction. I’ve found it ideal for dirt riders, especially for those people who would like to have a tire with an effective cost-effective price.

But having the dirt jump tire has a disadvantage in the winter and autumn. If you’re someone who has got forks with a comparatively tiny gap between the forks bottom and the tire’s top, it’ll be a bummer to use Flybikes BMX Ruben Callejera Ligera Rear in cold weather conditions.

BMX bikes with every little part, suspension, and brake is required in order to ride on a mountain bike trail.

I am impressed by the tire fork travel. The way it effortlessly glides over bumps in the road and still being able to maintain balance on your bike is so cool.

5. Tioga 122071 Tires

Tioga tires are constructed from the best materials and at a price that will make any buyer’s eyes light up with joy. They have an excellent warranty on their products, which is pretty rare these days for so many companies to offer this kind of guarantee. These wheels might be just what you need!

Team Tioga has manufactured this particular model for not only dirt jumps but also skatepark and pump tracks. It has a sturdy build quality! It’s great for people who want to drive and keep their tires in good condition.

As a bike rider, you can easily take your mountain biking performance to the next level by getting yourself the Tioga. The dirt jump tire won’t slip so easily, and it maintains a sufficient amount of stability a beginner rider looks for.

Tioga Comp Race tire is made for racing and have a width of 1.75”, which is an excellent size to help you maintain grip on those sharp turns while going fast!

And I personally loved the round rubber compounds it has got for ultimate durability and flexibility. Even though it requires less maintenance than the typical models out there, you’ll be able to get an optimum jumping experience.

6. Maxxis Grifter BMX Tires

Here I’m presenting a versatile BMX tire from Maxxis that’s quite popular for its lightweight structure, and flexibility. Interestingly, it’s compatible with both dirt and park and can be used on any surface.

Let me tell you one thing – Maxxis Grifter BMX Tire is strongly capable of gripping on multiple terrains, including intermediate, soft, and hard. Yep, it means you can keep up with all surfaces without any hassle!

Don’t be afraid of losing the quality too soon, this particular model is tested by experts for stability and durability. So this one won’t let you down if you’re wondering about getting tires for your mountain bikes.

7. Schwalbe 11600717.01 Tirs

The 26-inch folding tire from Schwalbe is designed for those who are able to spend a fortune on a premium-quality dirt jump tire. If you have the fat bikes and you want to utilize it for jumping, you better rely on this one.

With a tensile strength of nearly 30 PSI, it seems to be extremely lighter for better flexibility while jumping constantly.

The dirt jump tire has included comparatively large volume, and more importantly, you can keep on riding smoothly, even with low air pressure. This is what makes it fantastic for every dirt rider.

Did I say anything about the compatibility? Well, it’s ideal for loose, rough, and deep soils. These are the surfaces where you can jump with maximum stability possible.

8. Mavic Tubeless Tire L378109002.35 Tires

Mavic tires are known for their exceptional durability. The company is headquartered in France, with a primary focus on producing bicycle components such as wheels, brake pads, saddles or grips – but they also produce other bikes parts like chainsets and cassettes too!

The Mavic Tubeless Tires are well-equipped with a “super contact compound,” offering the best needed while riding your BMX or mountain bikes. It’s a brand well known for its quality and reliability.

This is so powerful that it can only point in one direction!

Along with that, you’ll find higher knobs (side) engineered for tighter concerning, plus, aggressive knobs (center) for quick-responsive braking. I can guarantee that this single feature will help you a lot in terms of dirt jumping.

It has got a large volume of air, assisting in absorbing shock. Besides, the double-ply 2.4 casing enables the tubeless tire to minimize the chances of flats.

What about the material? The Mavic is included with a high-quality rubber that is puncture-resistant and suitable for all terrains, including soft and intermediate.

9. Panaracher 26”Tires- Best 26 Inch Dirt Jump Tire

Right now, I want to show an urban-friendly dirt jump tire named Panaracher 26” Tire. This clincher type model requires less maintenance, and it suits “wall jumping” most.

You can also go with this dirt jump tire for woods riding as it’s suitable for both soft and intermediate terrains.

I’ve seen a lot of tire tread patterns in my life, but I’ll never forget the first time seeing these. You’ll be happy to hear that this one can be suited for trails as well on account of its amazing tread pattern and its width that can handle any obstacle you throw at it. Apart from that, the tire is built for safety with an inner layer of steel that provides protection in the event of a blowout.

We have a full review of the Shoei Neotec Youth helmets that you can read here.

This is built to withstand the weight of a mountain, and its brakes are designed for stopping power.

Talking about the construction, this one has included high-quality rubber that is puncture-resistant and takes a long time to wear down. So if you’re looking for a long-lasting dirt jump tire, feel free to purchase it!

 10. Schwinn Mountain Bike Tires

Let me wrap the list with a budget-friendly mountain bike tire from Schwinn that gives a lot of value to its price. Manufactured with durable rubber, it measures 26 x 1.95 inches for both on and off-road riding.

To add more durability, the maker has added a steel bead additionally. With its assistance, you will be able to jump without any risks.

Do you want to know more about dirt bike helmets? Here’s a list of the best dirt bike helmets to learn on.

Here, you’ll find comparatively blocky and wide knobs, which are designed to perform exceptionally on rocky and loose terrains.

And the wow factor? Its unique “puncture guard” offers some additional layers of resistance, keeps the tires away from getting punctured and flat. As you can see, it offers more bang for your buck, and I think it’s not that easy to find such a model at this price range!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are dirt jumpers worth it?

Of course! Dirt riders are one of the best vehicles you’ll ever find for jumping safely. These are well-equipped with safety brakes, excellent build quality, and most importantly, top-notch dirt jump tires for the best operation.

Do you have a budget problem? Dirt Bike Helmets are affordable and they look excellent, so if you’re interested in this kind of helmet you should check them out.

What size tire should use for dirt jumping?

A size 2.3 tire or a 2.5 will work for dirt jumps. Also, make sure to get some tubes that match your tires so you can ride safely!

What are some creative ways in which reducing your tires’ rotational weight can benefit you and your dirt bike?

In general, dirt jump tires are one of the quickest places in order to reduce weight. So in my opinion, it’s necessary to maintain the proper riding, good traction, and durability.

Since rotational weight is crucial on dirt jump bikes, it becomes necessary to reduce it as much as possible for the benefit of your dirt jump bikes.

Is there a dirt bike tire that will make it easier for me to ride in hard-packed dirt?

Yep, I’ve handpicked some of the models here, which can help you ride even in hard-packed dirt. Kendra 024S4NH2 has the capability of keeping up with dusty conditions.

Do you think soft compounds offer great grip because it offers better traction and improved performance?

I don’t think so! A hard compound can also offer better stability, and improved biking. So you better choose wisely, and there is no need be stick with a specific one. Pay more focus on the quality of material, which actually plays a significant role in providing a greater amount of safety, efficiency, and control over your bikes.

You should keep in mind that helmets are very important because it is a way to protect your head from any injury.

I see a dent in the wheel, did you get that fixed before riding it again?

No, wheel was fixed after I rode it, when I kind of noticed.

How important is your contact point with the ground when buying a dirt bike tire?

Before purchasing a dirt jump tire for your dirt bike, be sure to get on the surface of the ground and have a look at there. If the bike you’re going to buy is running aftermarket tires, you’ll notice that the actual tire size is slightly different than the owner’s manual.

Picking the Best Dirt Jump Tire for You!

All of my selected products are in great demand, and most of them are tested by experts for quality and durability. However, I think getting the Kendra 024S4NH2 will be your best decision if you want to get your hands on the best type of dirt jumps tire. The choice is yours!