Best Electric Dirt Bike For Kids

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Get your children away from their gadgets, videogames and social media by encouraging them to enjoy the outdoors!

What better way to do so than to get each one of them, if necessary, the perfect age-appropriate best electric dirt bikes for kids, show them the works, and start a family tradition.

You and your children will have more quality time with each other, away from the stress of high school and work.

Razor SX500


Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

  • Retractable kickstand
  • Steel frame
  • Long running times
  • Powerful motors
Tao Tao DB14

Budget Friendly

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)

  • 110 cc
  • Max speed 40 mph
  • Auto transmission
  • Heavily built frame
Burromax TT250

Editors Pick

Burromax Black TT250 Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike for Kids | Fast and Long Lasting 24V 250W Charge | Ride On Mini Pocket Bike for Street & Off Road

  • Kick start
  • 500W motor
  • 3-speed setting
  • Good braking system

With the shift towards electric bike nowadays, it makes perfect sense to get the kids electric bike for children instead of their gasoline dirt bikes alternatives. Sure, gas-powered dirt bikes for kids are more powerful but electric ones also do have zero emissions and have lower top speed. As a result, they can be more attractive options for many different reasons.

If you’re thinking of getting one for your child, let our guide help you choose the best children’s electric dirt bike.

9 Best Electric Dirt Bike for Kids

Children’s dirt bike is not easy to find considering that there are dozens, even hundreds, of choices. Fortunately, we made it easier to make your choice by testing numerous electric dirt bikes and compiling customer reviews.

Here are nine of the cream of the crop that we believe will meet your stringent standards in children-appropriate products.

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bike -Best Razor Dirt Bike

  • This off road bike operates quietly and hand brakes control rear brakes
  • Retractable kickstand
  • Maximum power transfer
  • 8 hours battery life, after a full charge and will allow for up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Battery recharging time: 8 hours
  • The bike comes with 24V 7Ah SLA deep cycle battery pack
  • Bike claims to run for over 10 miles per hour
  • This fully electric bike comes in 4 fun color options
  • 250W high torque
  • The razor mx350 has been equipped with large knobby tires which measure 12 inch
  • Welded tube metal frame with a mono-shock suspension and aluminum alloy wheels
  • 54 lbs weight capacity
  • Suitable for kids of all age range

 The Razor MX350 dirt rocket closely resembles the dirt bikes for kids used by professionals, from the adjustable handlebars to the front and rear suspension, large knobby tires and seat.  With such an appealing design coupled with great features, it isn’t surprising that it’s among the best under 500 dollars.

As with many the electric bike, it’s equipped with a 24V battery consisting of two 12V batteries; it’s a sealed lead acid rechargeable system so regular charging is a must. Be make sure to charge it for 10 hours before letting your child use it since it isn’t pre-charged. Once fully charged, the battery usually lasts for 30 minutes of continuous riding, max, although the actual duration depends on factors like the rider’s weight, the terrain, and the level of riding aggressiveness.

Razor dirt rocket electric bike is the best electric dirt bikes for teenagers with little to no riding experience as well as an excellent transition bike for younger who have outgrown their smaller bikes for kids.

Versatile use

MX350 beginner bike can be used on both smooth and rough road, thanks to its pneumatic large knobby tires, and powerful engine.  Its metal dirt bike frame, which has a similar geometry as professional bikes, can withstand the stress, too.  It’s among the most durable Razor products we’ve seen with many customers saying that it lasts for a few years, even with regular use.

We suggest choosing an engine size that your child can handle and will give you peace of mind.

Easy-to-use controls

Everything necessary to control the bike is in the handlebars so it’s easy to maneuver on nearly all types of terrain. Both the rear brake and the throttle are in the handlebars, which allows for quick adjustments on speed (i.e., turning corners, braking at the finish line).

If you’re looking for a dirt bike helmet that won’t break the bank, look no further. I highly recommend this product because it’s stylish and secure.

Fast speed

While it won’t go from zero to 14 mph in a couple of seconds, its maximum top speed is electric bikes for teens who want more adrenaline rush and for parents who want their kids to stay within safe speed control.

  • Fairly long riding time
  • AUX jack for even more musical options
  • Adjustable handlebars features
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable ride
  • No dual suspension
  • May be too small for larger teens

2. Razor MX400 – Best Small Electric Dirt Bike for 6 Year Old

  • Maximum power transfer
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous riding
  • The bike comes with 2 12V (24V) SLA battery pack system
  • Stainless steel and abs plastic body construction
  • An indicator light will let you know the battery charge level
  • Retractable kickstand
  • 350watt electric motor
  • This fully electric dirt bike comes in 4 fun color scheme
  • Battery recharging time: 12 hours
  • 59 lbs product maximum weight capacity
  • 14 mph top speeds limit
  • Recommended for ages 13 and up but due to Razor’s sizing, some buyers recommend it for  6 and above years old

Rocket electric motocross bike razor is big hits among parents who are looking for great options for their little ones who are interested in dirt bikes. The Razor MX400 is one of their many offerings that are making a name for its itself due to its design and performance.

As a scaled-down electric one, the MX400 is a strong contender for the best mini electric dirt bike title, if you’ll ask us. It has everything your child will need in a starter bike and bike also give you some peace of mind regarding their safety features.

Since it’s like other popular supercross motorbikes that do not go too fast, it could be the leading bikes for the parents who are not yet sure if their kids can handle powered ride-on toys. Its 14 mph speed limit makes it fun enough for young kids to ride but not too scary for parents.

Single-speed Design

Aside from the limited top speed, the MX400 is also equipped with a single-speed engine so you don’t need to worry too much about your little ones going too fast. Even with insistent twisting of the grip, they won’t speed up a lot and their speed acceleration will be rather steady.

This will help you ensure that your child will get a better hang of controlling their electric children’s battery-powered bike and prevent possible accidents.


While heavy bikes promise sturdiness, lightweight ones are still better options for young riders as they’re easier to control and won’t pose too much danger to your child. Even if they fall and tip over to the side, you don’t worry about them getting crushed by a heavy bike.

Our blog contains a variety of dirt bike tire reviews, come check them out today.

Attractive Appearance

Razor’s products are always nicely designed, fashioned after the sharpest-looking bikes. As a result, you can expect the MX400 to have an appealing look.

Easy Operation

As mentioned above, the MX400 is easy to handle. Aside from being lightweight, its controls are also not very fussy. Turning it on only requires your child to flip a switch and to throttle the hand rubber grips. Breaking is hand-controlled as well, so your little one doesn’t have to struggle in stopping their bikes during their rides.

  • Friendly price range
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Promote hand eye coordination
  • Simple operation
  • Available in different colors
  • Heavier riders can speed up battery depletion
  • No storage compartment
  • Can be too small for kids older 13 and above

3. Razor MX500- Best Motocross Bike

  • 40 minutes of continuous riding
  • The motor bike comes with 3 12V (36V) SLA battery with sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • Authentic dirt bike frame geometry
  • Hand operated Dual suspension
  • Stainless steel and plastic body construction
  • 500W chain driven motor
  • Battery recharging time: 12 hours
  • The engine can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour
  • 98 lbs body weight
  • 15 mph speed limit
  • Age recommendations fo 14 years old and above but is more suitably sized for kids older 8 to 12

If you’re looking for the best value, the Razor MX500 dirt rocket electric motocross bike would be a great choice for you. The manufacturer may say that this mini bike is for kids older 14 and above but with its sizing, it’s a better fit for kits aged 8 to 12. Therefore, if you want your child to get more out of this toy, you might want to get it earlier.

What makes this product one of the top rated for its solid build. Weighing 98 lbs, it’s not like the other starter children bikes from Razor. This one is a lot heavier so it’s a bit more challenging to work with. As a result, it’s a better pick for bigger kids who are more skilled or are after a more challenging ride-on toy.

With a slightly higher top speed and weight limit, it can be easily said that the MX500 is a step up from the more affordable offerings of the manufacturer. It can certainly be a more exciting pick for your child without you having to worry about them going too fast on their Chain driven motor bike.

More Powerful electric Motor

With a 500 watt electric motor and a 36V battery, the MX500 is definitely more powerful than lots of the other starter bikes in Razor’s range. This makes it a more suitable choice for bigger kids. It can already let them take on dirt trails and bumpy terrains with greater ease.

Smooth Ride

Equipped with a dual suspension and large pneumatic tires, the MX500 also guarantees a comfortable ride the bike . This will make off-road riding and trail riding more enjoyable for younger riders.

More Challenging

Since the MX500 is double the weight of other children dirt bikes for starters, it can make handling and riding more challenging. This isn’t always a bad thing as some kids might enjoy being challenged when trying out new things. Operating the dirt bike is not hard, though, so you don’t worry about your child’s safety.

Mini Motocross Design

Another enticing thing about this dirt bike for kids is the fact that it’s fashioned after chain driven motor bikes. This gives it a more rugged and daring look.

If you’re looking for one of the best dirt bike helmets in terms of safety and comfort, I recommend AGV.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Rugged appeal
  • More comfortable and safe ride
  • More challenging than other Razor models
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for kids who started out later in learning off-road riding
  • Painless assembly
  • Real electric motocross bike frame geometry
  • Quite pricey
  • No storage compartment
  • Doesn’t comes with helmets and knee pads and other safety gear
  • Battery concerns

4. Razor MX650 Rocket- Best Electric Kids Dirt Bike for 10 Year Old

  • On/off switch
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Single charge will 60 minutes of continuous use
  • The bike comes with 36V battery pack
  • Hand operated Dual suspension
  • Steel frame with plastic coverings
  • 650W electric motor
  • 12 hours initial battery recharging time; 8 hours on subsequent charging
  • 2 pounds
  • 220 pounds weight limit capacity
  • Measures 56”x24.5”x 36”
  • The rocket electric motocross bike carries a great silencer of high quality resisting the noise of the bike’s motor
  • It is powered by a 65-watt battery, and the motor can reach speeds of 17 mph
  • 17 mph maximum speed, per manufacturer
  • The age recommendation is 16 years and older

Speed is the great thing about the Razor MX650 dirt rocket electric motocross bike, thanks to its high torque motor and variable twist grip throttle control. Your child will like its responsive throttle, especially when changing speeds are necessary (e.g. rough road or tight corners) or when doing stunts. Keep in mind that while it has a top speed of 17 mph, it varies depending on the rider’s weight and type of terrain; it’s fully capable, nonetheless, of off-road use.

The bike’s speed can be manually adjusted, according to some users, so that it can reach a top speed of 25 mph on smooth terrain. The 17 mph top speed, out of the box, is nearly twice as fast as the speed of other dirt electric bikes for younger, nonetheless.

The powerful engine runs quietly and smoothly so there’s no risk of waking up the neighbors and disturbing the peace in the forest.

Fast charging time

While motocross bike razor should be initially charged for 12 hours, the subsequent recharging time can be as little as eight hours although 12 hours is still recommended. Regular monthly charging is a must to make sure that the battery will continue charging for several more years.

Long usable time

When fully charged, it can run for as long as an hour on smooth terrain. But its runtime will be decreased when it’s used uphill, on the rough road, and on top speed. Plus, it has such a strong and sturdy frame that it can last for years of regular use, even by an older child who likes to ride it rough, so to speak.

Fast speed

With its variable speed, it’s a suitable bike for teens although it can also be used by younger kids with more riding experience with electric bikes.  At its top speed, it’s still a fairly comfortable and safe ride, thanks to pneumatic knobby tires and front and rear suspension.

Have you seen the article on dirt bike tire for Hare Scrambles? We compiled all of our research into one single place.

  • Goes for 17-25 mph
  • Stable steel frame made of durable materials
  • Strong disk brake system
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Appealing design for teens
  • The battery takes a long time to recharge
  • Limited-period warranty

5. Burromax Red Lightening TT350R- Best Small Electric Dirt Bike for Adults

  • 14-20 miles running range when fully charged
  • Variable twist grip throttle control
  • 24V lithium battery
  • Battery recharging time: 3 hours
  • Battery life is durable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 350W electric motor
  • Two selectable riding modes
  • It is designed as a scaled down a cross between a TT Enduro and a Flat Tracker
  • The bike is also packed with accessories like the Burromax training wheels to keep your junior safe
  • 7 lbs body weight
  • 150 lbs off-road, 250 lbs flat road maximum weight limit
  • 17 mph maximum speed with 2 speed modes (8 mph)
  • Suitable for older child

For bigger kids, it’s all about getting more out of their electric bikes. This is why the Burromax Red Lightening TT350R is our pick for the best value electric dirt bike. It’s not as simple as the other items listed above but it still shares a lot of similar features so parents don’t have to worry too much about their kids’ safety.

The fact that it’s made like an actual electric dirt bike makes this dirt bike a top-rated for older children. It has a full suspension that works the way it’s meant to so your child can have a smooth ride. It has a dual disc brakes for efficient stopping. It also has speed throttle controllers so your child can be more proactive in driving this motocross bikes for adults. All in all, the TT350R can really make your kid feel like they’re driving an actual dirt bike for adult ones.

Quick Recharging Time

One of the most important things to know about this product is that it has a quick recharging time of just 3 hours. That’s just a fraction of the time the batteries of the other products on this best dirt electric motocross bikes list charge fully. This means shorter maintenance time, freeing you from one of the fussiest things that come with such toys.

Why is this dirt bike quick charging? It uses a lithium-ion battery which also explains why it’s quite pricey.

Built Like an electric dirt bike

As we have elaborated above, the TT350R is designed to function in a similar way to regular electrci motocross bike. This makes it a lot more exciting to have and more suitable for older children to play with.

Attractive Design

You and your child might also find yourselves attracted to the modern and sleek look of the TT350R. Its rugged styling makes it look very cool for a young teenager’s.

  • Lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Has similar features to a real electric motocross bike
  • Will prove to be challenging and exciting for kids to use
  • Smooth ride
  • Quite pricey

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6. Burromax Black TT250- Best Small Electric Dirt Bike

  • Keyed ignition
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Variable speed throttle control
  • 45-60 minutes of continuous use
  • 24V SLA deep cycle battery
  • Steel frame with plastic components in some areas
  • 250W motor
  • Battery recharging time: 5 hours initial
  • Battery life is durable
  • Riding modes can change top speeds up to 14 mph
  • 64 pounds
  • 250 pounds maximum weight limit capacity
  • Measures 44”x25”x11”
  • 14 mph top speeds

The Burromax Black TT250 bike has a unique design than most of the electric dirt bikes for kids, from its adjustable riser handlebars to its large rear tire with dual disc brakes. Indeed, it looks like a real bike from a distance and even handles like one! The heavy-duty steel tube frame makes it a suitable ride for experienced riders who like rough rides, not to mention that its telescopic front fork and mono shock rear dual absorbs the shock from the ground.

It’s easy to ride, too, thanks to the fact that every control is right on your child’s fingertips! It has a responsive twist  throttle and a brake lever on the handlebar; the rear disc brakes  can stop on a dime, a feature we like since it’s a safer brake type, too.

Great design and steel construction

The bike is built to last for years with proper care and maintenance, thanks to its sturdy metal frame that looks like a real motocross bike instead of a toy. Indeed, it looks and feels like a scaled-down dirt bike complete with the disc brake, front fork, and sloping seat! It handles well on nearly all types of terrain, runs quietly and quickly, and looks great on the road.

Bike Comes with two-speed settings

This is a small one for kids of all ages because it also comes with two speed settings, a unique feature that most other products don’t offer. The speed settings are regular for beginners and sport for more dirt bike experience; the former has a top speed of 7 mph while the latter goes for as fast as 14 mph.

Long ride times

On a full charge, the bike can be used for as long as an hour on slow speed setting and on smooth terrain. But the ride time can be reduced when it’s used by heavier riders, or on rough surfaces, or on fast speeds. 

  • Comfortable ride
  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • Short recharging time 3 hours and long runtimes
  • Real bike look
  • More expensive

7. SAY YEAH- Best Small Electric Dirt Bike for 8 Years Old

  • Keyed start
  • 30 minutes of continuous riding
  • The bike claims to run for over 10 miles
  • Metal frame and plastic fittings
  • 500W motor
  • 4-6 hours recharge
  • 66 pounds
  • Max bike rider weight: 150 lbs
  • 150 pounds weight limit capacity
  • Selectable riding modes
  • Measures 49”x22”x32” (23” seat height)
  • 15 mph top speeds

While the Say Yeah brand is the new kid on the block, it’s making its mark with the likes of the Rocket. With a design that screams “motocross bike”, it’s appealing to older kids and teens who want a more genuine dirt bike experience, especially when they have more advanced motor skills.

The three speed setting means that it can be enjoyed by beginner and intermediate riders; the speed varies between 5 and 15 mph. The chain driven motor can easily be controlled via the twist hand grip throttle, too.  This is an electric dirt bike that your child can actually say, “Yeah, Dad, it’s the best bike for 8 years old ever!”

Numerous safety features

Kids riding should be safe for kids and the Say Yeah Rocket electric dirt bike is among the safest ride we’ve come across. It has a key lock and a speed setting – 5, 10 and 15 mph – so your child can ride safely depending on his or her rider experience. It has two front shocks and one rear shock, both of which function well to absorb the shock from riding on rough road.

Plus, it’s equipped with both front and rear brakes that can stop almost as soon as the lever is activated. The braking system is particularly important for younger or for less experienced.

Good battery power

The average runtime is 30- 40 minutes of continuous use, just enough time for your child to enjoy playing outdoors. But it quickly recharges within 4-6 hours depending on the juice left; it’s a faster recharging time than most of the electric dirt bikes mentioned here.  The battery charger port also displays the amount of juice left in the battery.

Appealing design

Your child will look like a professional driver while on it, thanks to its nearly-genuine design. It has a strong metal frame accented by colourful plastic parts so it has the right balance between a toy and a ride.

  • Selectable speeds
  • Reduction drive helps with lower torque climbing and off roading
  • Easy to assemble; also bikes come with installation tools
  • Great ride for kids
  • Expensive price

8. Taotao DB14 110cc- Best Mini Electric Dirt bike for 6 Year Old

  • Kick start system
  • 1-gallon fuel capacity
  • Steel body construction
  • High torque variable speed motor
  • Semi-automatic transmission
  • 150 lbs body weight
  • A double crown fork is included for safety purposes
  • 28 inches seat height
  • 110 cc
  • 4-stroke air-cooled 1-cylinder engine
  • Selectable riding modes
  • 42 mph top speed
  • The age recommendation is 12 and above

Kids who are becoming more serious in riding electric dirt bikes should sooner or later transition from just the mini dirt bike to an actual entry-level dirt bike. One possible pick for such is the Taotao DB14 110cc.

While this dirt bike isn’t an electric ride-on toy, it’s a solid contender for the off-road mini bike due to its solid construction and great set of features. It’s already a mini item in the literal sense of the word as it already has the same functionalities as actual electric dirt bikes but is just a bit smaller in size. Because of this, it can be a good pick as your little one’s entry-level electric-powered dirt bike.

With its generous speed limit, semi-automatic transmission, and hydraulic disc brakes, your little one will already get the feel of riding an actual kids bike with this product. Just make sure that they’re ready for the challenge before having them ride this dirt bike as this is a different beast than the other electric powered with electric start.

Actual dirt bike Features

The design and workings of the Taotao DB14 110cc are more complicated and sophisticated than the motor bike listed above. This is why it’s more exciting and challenging to have. It can be a best electric dirt bikes for those who are not completely clueless about the activity and the said vehicles, however.

Attractive Design

The DB14 looks like a smaller electric bike so it can certainly be very appealing to many. Its rugged charm will surely excite riders who are ready to graduate from their tiny electric mini bikes.

  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for kids who are becoming more serious about dirt biking
  • Bike Offers value for the money
  • Solid construction
  • Generous ground clearance
  • Not an electric bike
  • Can be too tall for some older children

9. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 McGrath- Best Electric Dirt Bikes for 5 Year Old

  • Retractable kickstand
  • 75 minutes of continuous use
  • 36V battery with sealed lead acid rechargeable battery system
  • Steel frame
  • High torque variable speed motor
  • 5 hours of recharging time
  • 175 pounds weight capacity
  • Measures 56” x 36” x 24.5”
  • It is built for safety with a chain guard
  • A double crown fork is included for safety purposes
  • 15 mph top speed
  • It is known as the “King of Supercross,” as a credit to his excellence on the motocross track
  • Suitable for 14 years old and up

The Razor razor dirt rocket SX500 McGrath is an electric one inspired by Jeremy McGrath, a champion rider, so it’s as true to form as it can get. It has a durable metal frame complete with McGrath graphics, an appealing design that will make your child feel like he’s the champion rider.

With its riser handlebars, padded seat, and deal suspension systems, it provides a comfortable ride in smooth and rough terrains. These features also contribute to the rider’s safety and the bike’s usability – the riser handlebars makes it easier to maneuver and the hand operated dual suspension system protects against excessive strain on the limbs.

Plus, the bike’s as sturdy as it can get without actually being the real thing! Your child can ride up and down hills, through the woods, and over shallow puddles.

Safe and comfortable ride

The large, knobby pneumatic tires coupled with the front and rear suspension system makes it a fairly comfortable ride for teens, a must when dirt bike riding over rough terrain. The front suspension absorbs the shock from the ground better than expected, especially for a min-bike.

Long-running times

While the manufacturer says that it can last for 40 minutes, testing showed that it can last for as long as two hours depending on the rider’s weight, riding speed, and type of terrain; its battery lasts longer on smooth terrain than on rough terrain, as well as for lighter riders. The charging time’s relatively short, too, even when the battery’s nearly dead so it your child can get on it as soon as he wants to.

Powerful motor

The razor sx500 mcgrath motor is powerful enough to handle climbing or and off roading over small hills – it’s fast enough, too, so that the rider stays balanced on rough terrain. The 15mph top speed is true over smooth terrain and it’s still a safe speed for teens and older kids.

  • High quality and durable
  • Closed system so there’s less risk of snags and burns
  • Sturdy frame construction
  • Easy to ride
  • Fairly long battery time
  • Batteries may require replacement within a year of use


How many cycles/charges can a battery make?

Most electric dirt bikes have lithium ion batteries that can provide at least 500 full charges; some manufacturers say that the battery can hold up to 1,000 full charges. But once these full charges are used up, so to speak, the battery will only hold about 80%.

How much electricity does it take to charge a battery?

It depends on the battery’s capacity. In general, it takes about 400 to 500 watt hours or 0.4 to 0.7 kwh to fully charge a nearly depleted battery. It’s such a small expense compared to the enjoyment your child will have, not to mention the exercise and time away from gadgets.

Should an electric dirt bike be used in rainy conditions?

No, we don’t recommend it since exposing the battery to rain is akin to pressure washing it (i.e., damage can be irreversible). Plus, it isn’t a safe idea for kids to be dirt bike riding their bikes during a thunderstorm and the like. 

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Picking the Best Dirt bike for Your Kids

Yes, the three Razor and one Say Yeah dirt children’s bikes have their merits. The Razor bikes are built for durability and versatility as well as comes with reasonable prices and wide range of features, as is the Say Yeah bike.

But in our opinion, the Burromax Black TT250 is the best buy electric dirt bike because of its wide range of features that both kids and adults will love. You and your kid may even love it at first sight because it looks so much like the real deal – an electric bike that professionals actually ride during daredevil-like contests.

It even feels like a professional electric bike because of its heavy-duty welded metal frame, which can carry lightweight electric dirt bikes for adults or a heavyset teen, while its large tire and suspension system make for a great ride on rough road.  It just doesn’t have a front suspension system but a rear mono shock system, too, which means a smoother ride like no other.

Plus, its battery holds more juice and discharges it slower so the runtime is longer.

No matter your choice in this 9 dirtbike, you’re still making the right choice. The most important thing here is that your kid learns to ride it well and enjoys it for a few years to come.