10 Best Enduro Dirt Bike Tires in 2021

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With my years of experience, I was searching for the best Enduro motocross tires? First, I thought, I’ll get at least 20 Enduro dirt bike tires.

Later, I’ve ended up with just 10. If you want to know about these tires, consider reading the reviews.

10 Best Enduro Dirt Bike Tire Review

Sit tight and start reading the review of some of the dirt biker tires designed specifically for enduro riders.

1. Dunlop MX71 Hard Terrain Tire

DUNLOP Geomax AT81 Rear Tire (110/100-18)

As a motocross rider, buying the Dunlop MX71 might be your best decision, especially if you’re looking for a tire that’s both long-lasting and well-made.

MX71 is a good all-around hard terrain tire. Dunlop has always been known for making strong tires that can handle anything you throw at them – the MX71 lives up to this reputation with its durability and versatility.

Speaking of its overall performance, it seems fantastic to me, and I suggest you get this one specifically for hard and rocky terrain.

The Dunlop MX71 guarantees unbeatable grip in both wet or dry conditions with its hard compound tires that will never go flat! The tread pattern on this motocross tire model provides you a variety of traction options to triumph over the toughest terrain imaginable. You’ll have no problem conquering your next obstacle course race when using these incredible rubber compounds which provide unparalleled handling even at high speeds and big jumps.

Get ready to enter some new territory because there are so many benefits awaiting those who choose these remarkable vehicles: they’re durable enough for off-road trails but smart enough not get caught up in rocks; tough as nails yet gentle on landings.

I’ve found the thread pattern quite impressive; it aids in increasing the grip as much as possible. Thanks to its hard compound, making it sturdier, and at the same time, with an increased capacity for tear resistance, these tires are ideal for different tracks.

Specially manufactured for enduro conditions, the hard terrain tires enhance power, provides slide control along with the best braking grip to help you ride motocross smoothly and safely.

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  • Corner block technology helps in an efficient blocking pattern
  • Excellent traction potential good for smooth performance
  • Versatile for different grounds
  • Ideal sidewall strength contributes to the overall action
  • Small tire size

2. Artrax ‎3268-90100210 Intermediate Tires

Artrax MX-Pro Dirt Bike Front Tire (80/100-21)

If you ask me to give you a wallet-friendly dirt bike terrain for enduro conditions, I’ll show you this one from Artrax intermediate terrain dirt bike tire without a second thought!

Despite being cheaper, it’s a pretty popular choice among bikers due to the better traction it offers. It helps you maintain a proper balance through its un-rivaled grip.

Artrax offers a variety of options for high-quality intermediate tires that will get you safely to new destinations and back again home, no matter what type of adventures your heart desires.

When it comes down to the tread spacing, it assists in keeping the tire spick-and-span, especially while moving on rough and muddy terrains.

And guess what? It works pretty well on trails as well due to the excellent tread pattern, which excels on intermediate to soft terrains. As you can see, it gives enough value to its price, which is why it might be your go-to hard terrain dirt bike tire even if durability matters a lot to you!

But keep in mind, it’s not the best choice for hard terrains.

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  • Designed for soft & intermediate terrain
  • Solid construction offers resilience
  • Tread design improves the driving performance
  • Control options help in smooth execution
  • Hard to install

3. Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Rear Tire (120/80-19)

Let me show you another affordable choice from Bridgestone designed for those who are looking for intermediate terrain tires at a fair price.

The Battlecross X30 is a great intermediate terrain tire. It’s tough enough for any type of track and supports rapid acceleration, cornering, and braking thanks to its 3-ply tire construction with dual rubber compounds that provide extra grip in wet or dry conditions.

Talking about the tires grip level, the soft terrain dirt bike tire appears to be excellent on account of its aggressive tread pattern.

Besides, the lug pattern along with the overall design improves traction in the best way possible. And thankfully, it assists a biker in avoiding obstacles, the credit goes to the outstanding contact feel and gap absorption.

In order to give you the maximum durability possible, the manufacturer has made the thread bars slightly larger than the average. So I can guarantee that you’re getting awesome rear tires for your enduro dirt bike, and that too at a reasonable price range.

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  • Improved traction helps in fine driving
  • Versatile terrain support for bikes
  • Easy mounting options help in reducing workload
  • Tubeless design helps in wood riding
  • Needs soap for cleaning

4. MICHELIN ‎11799

MICHELIN StarCross 5 Medium Motocross Bias Tire-80/100-21 51M

If you’re looking to break the most extreme of obstacles with your motocross tire, then look no farther than Trials Tires. With a reinforced outer shell and an ultra-thick treaded rubber compound that is even more durable on trails like rocks and gravel, MICHELIN ‎11799 is perfect for any challenge in front of them.

Motocross riders face their steepest and most challenging obstacles on rocky surfaces. The MICHELIN ‎11799 tire deals with these challenges well, while still providing a sturdy grip for those who prefer to ride off-road.

As for loading capacity, the soft terrain dirt bike tire is easily able to take a total of 430lbs weight, ensuring greater strength. The best part? It comes in MICHIELN’s CCT (Comfort Casing Technology), including materials with higher density so that it can smoothly move on both curved and straight lines.

These tires are specifically made up of high-density materials that help reduce weight by 10%. Other tires with the same level of performance have a heavier, less efficient design.

But keep in mind, there is a little chance of damaging the wheels if you go dirt biking with low tire pressure. So maintaining the suggested tire pressure will be obligatory, in my opinion.

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  • Easy and solid control provides smooth function
  • Ideal grip options for strong support
  • Impressive traction helps in easy driving
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Does not work with soft terrain

5. Pirelli Scorpion XC 1768100 Hard Rear Tire

Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid Hard Rear Tire (120/100-18)

Let me show you an effective hard terrain dirt bike tire that’s friendly with both rocky and rough terrains – The Pirelli Scorpion 1768100. To increase the concerning performance, this one right here features a more rounded profile compared to trails tire.

Since they grip well on hard and intermediate surfaces, you don’t need to be worried about stability. The overall tire construction, along with the tread pattern, makes everything convenient!

The Pirelli Scorpian is an impressive tire that will help your car get around with ease. This rear wheel has a heat shield to protect it from the intense temperatures of being so close to the engine, and its tread design helps provide maximum traction for those rough rainy days you might encounter on your commute home.

You’ll find comparatively wide spaces between knobs central, delivering great traction on terrains. And I personally loved its sharp knobs, which are designed for offering excelling support on hard terrains.

On top of that, it also plays an essential role in enhancing traction on intermediate terrains. Considering these facts, I think it’ll be a smart choice to rely on the Pirelli Scorpion, especially if you need hard terrain tires for enduro conditions.

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  • Excellent grip facilities help in offering strong support
  • Tough build for maximum resistance against cuts
  • Robust traction support helps in driving performance
  • Excellent sidewall strength good for smooth trail riding
  • Not ideal for all kinds of terrain

6. Kenda K760 Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire

Kenda K760 Dual/Enduro Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire - 80/100-12 41C

A beefy tire is a perfect choice for any off-roading adventure. Kenda’s best, and one of our favorites has to be their K760 model.

The first thing I want to mention is the deep tread pattern it comes with. It gives you the best grip on any surface, from intermediate to soft terrains.

Aggressive knobs with a stiff sidewall bead allow you to take on your enduro course in true control and stability.

Interestingly, this DOT-approved soft terrain dirt bike tire is 100% legal for highways, and it can keep up with hard stuff.

However, the tire appears kind of skinny, resulting in inadequate stability at times if you aren’t an expert rider. But apart from this single issue, it’s a quality soft terrain dirt bike tire.

Passionate riders will enjoy all the features in this motocross tire. With its many tread patterns, you’ll be able to find a bite that suits your particular terrain and riding style effortlessly. The K760’s puncture protection is also top-notch so you can spend less time repairing flats and more time enjoying yourself on the track.

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  • High-speed rating offers impressive drive
  • Improved traction delivers efficient performance
  • Adjusts with different terrain for better action
  • Tough construction provides resistance against breakage and wearing
  • May feature a slight buzzing sound

7. Protrax PT1072 Rear and Front Tire

ProTrax Tire Kit Front 80/100-21 & Rear 120/80-19 Inch Tire Combo

Undoubtedly, the overall tire size of the Protrax PT1072 is perfect for soft and intermediate terrains. So choosing this one is going to be a smart decision if you’re wondering about increasing your riding skill.

Due to the efficiency of these soft terrain tires, feel free to use them for trail riding. No need to worry about the weather, location, or trail traffic, Protrax is able to deal with each and every condition.

Speaking of gripping, it’ll be pretty well on both intermediate and soft surfaces. And guess what? The tires are capable of increasing the traction and they’ll help you avoid obstacles.

The loading capacity of these motocross tires is praiseworthy; they can take as much weight as possible to give you the optimum stability needed. And I think installing them on your dirt bike will be nothing but a snap.

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  • Durable construction helps in lasting long
  • Can be mounted easily
  • Good quality traction helps in better performance
  • Flexibility with soft and mud-terrain ensures effective conduction
  • Does not work on different terrain

8. Mitas Enduro Soft Terrain Dirt Bike Tire

Mitas Enduro FIM EF-07 140/80-18 Rear Motorcycle Tire Green Stripe

Mitas is a tire manufacturer with great experience in the dirt bike and motocross market, but they’ve recently begun to branch out into street bikes. The Enduro model offers softer tires for comfort on asphalt as well as for increased traction when riding off-road.

The effective tread spacing of this tire helps keep it tires clean so that when you come out on dry hard surfaces again the ground will grip better underfoot.

This amazing rear tire is well-equipped with a green strip, making it quite unique to look at. Not only it looks great, but the overall tire construction makes it more stable and durable than the typical choices.

Coming in a rim size of about 18 inches, you can enjoy a smooth ride with the Mitas Enduro Dirt Bike Tire. And as the name suggests, it can easily keep up with enduro conditions to help you get the maximum benefit from it.

  • Versatile traction design helps in adaptability
  • Built to offer incredible performance
  • Professional design good for racing competitions
  • Stylish and convenient outlook
  • Comes with a sketchy feeling within the treads

9. Maxxis M7304 Intermediate Terrain Dirt Bike Tire (Soft Ground)

Maxxis M7304 Maxxcross IT INT to Hard Front Tire Medium 80/100-21

Are you new to the world of riding sport? If so, then get your hands on the Maxxis M7304, a suitable choice for easy-to-handle dirt bikes.

The Maxxis M7304 is a reliable, durable tire that delivers an excellent grip on the ground for maximum control. This trial tires’ unique tread pattern ensures optimal traction and provides you with more stability when maneuvering tight frames in rough terrain.

Here, the 21” rim diameter makes the soft terrain dirt bike tire comparatively easy to drive, enabling you to pay more attention to mastering the moves or turns. You’ll have a blast riding your bike on these tires. The tread pattern is designed to handle loose rocks and other rough terrains while making sure you stay balanced no matter what.

The tread pattern has got your back if you’re wondering about climbing up higher mountains. On top of that, the knob design gives you more accurate steering in several soil conditions.

What’s more? The effective rubber compound is designed for keeping the edges of the knobs way longer, and it offers a greater grip for great riding.

The Maxxis M7304 is a specially designed off-road tire perfect for the muddy surfaces of racing. Made with an ultra supple compound, this taillight will give you an advantage over your competition in any terrain and condition no matter how tough it gets.

Overall, I think it’s one of the best soft terrain tires for intermediate terrains!

  • Solid design for lasting long
  • Good traction support helps to give an impressive performance
  • Easy control on off-road bikes promotes versatility
  • Better and improved ground support helps in different terrain
  • Tire is comparatively thin

10. Motoz Arena BFM Gummy Tires

Motoz Arena Hybrid Gummy BFM Tire 110/100x18 Tube Type for Husqvarna FE 501 2014-2018

My last and final pick goes to the Motoz Arena BFM Tire, which is a great option for professional enduro riders and experts.

Trials tire is used in Motoz Arena because they provide a smooth, comfortable ride. Gummy tires were specifically designed for motocross and offer the traction you need to make it through some of the toughest terrain around.

Speaking of the construction, this one comes in a blend of thicker synthetic rubber for durability. Along with that, it offers a knobby, large-sized tread design to keep the tires dirt-free while moving on dusty or muddy terrain.

Surprisingly, it can smoothly run around rough and uneven surfaces. And guess what? This won’t wear down too soon, even after using them for a longer period in enduro conditions. And this is what makes it ideal for professional dirt bike riders!

  • Adaptable with various terrain
  • Tough traction support helps in smooth driving
  • Long-wearing and sturdy build ensures longevity
  • Nylon construction ensures perfect balance during biking
  • Does not perform well on rocks

Hybrid and Enduro Tires

Usually, enduro rider likes to use “Enduro dirt bike tires” instead of anything else for trail riding and enduro practicing. These off road tires are durable and capable of keeping up with multiple terrains, including soft, hard, and intermediate.

That’s why most of my selected products are enduro tires.

Besides, hybrid tire usually larger in size, which is why they ensure the proper safety and stability needed. But they require too much maintenance, and the recommendation of air pressure will be slightly higher than the enduro tires.

Picking the Best Enduro Dirt Bike Tire for You

Selecting the right tire seems to be easier than before, as I’ve shown you all the top-quality models you’re looking for. But if you ask me which one stands head and shoulders above the rest, I’ll say it’s the Dunlop MX71 for its excellent grip, durable construction, and unique thread pattern!