Best Handguards for Dirt Bike: 10 of the Best for Every Budget

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Thinking about how handguards these days are getting their upgrades, and you’re still using the old-school one?

While most of the brands are getting these changes in their products, it’s pretty relevant that you’re going to get confused a bit.

I did my research to make sure you can choose the standard handguards of dirt biking with peace of mind. Lightweight construction, spacious design, and something that absorbs all the impacts to keep you well-protected – these were our priorities.

PowerMadd 34280


PowerMadd 34280 PowerX Handguard - Black

  • Removable vent covers
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Large color selection
Cycra Stealth MX

Budget Friendly

Cycra 1CYC-0025-42X White Stealth DX Racer Pack

  • The dropped design keeps hands from catching on bar
  • Replaceable plastic guards
  • Made in the USA
Acerbis X-Future

Editors Pick

Acerbis X-Future Handguard (Blue/Black)

  • Durable backbone
  • Easy to install
  • Reasonably priced

Plus, I made sure the products we’re going to show you aren’t too expensive as well. Why don’t you check ’em out all by yourself? Dive into the reviews.

What are the types of handguards?

Primarily, there are two types of handguards available out there. These types are MX or Open Style and the Full Wrap-around handguards.

MX Handguard for MX bike

These shields handguards are completely opened on your hand’s outer side and installed on a single bracket towards the middle of the handlebars. You will get amazing adjustability, protective gear and your maneuverability won’t be restrained while riding if you choose to go with this one.

In addition, this protector is more on the lightweight side. And so, it is perfectly suitable for any dual sport motorcycle ride without any doubt.

Full Wrap-Around Handguards

This full wrap around handguards will ensure the ultimate protection for the professional riders, levers, handles. It is the most robust thing you can get to protect yourself while driving through unfavorable terrain.

However, due to the heavyweight construction, you may feel a little restless on your ride. If you can deal with this minor issue, you can get this particular type for a better experience.

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10 Best Dirt Bike Handguards Reviews

Well, to save you from the ordeal, here are my top ten reviews. Once you finish reading this, there will be no confusion for the best dirt bike handguards ever again!

So without wasting much, let’s hop on the ride, shall we?

1. Acerbis X-Future- Best off Road Handguards

Acerbis X-Future Handguard (BLACK/16 Orange)

When looking for the best dirt bike handguards, you can start your journey with this one. These Acerbis handguards are the superior choice for sure to other handguards. You will get all the innovative features a handle guard has to offer, and it is available within an affordable price range; what else do you need?

These protector handguards come with an open design that allows you to move your hands without any struggle. In this way, you will have better flexibility while riding your motorcycle.

Furthermore, this dirt bike handguard is well-ventilated; thus, your hands will always be cool and dry, even if you are riding during the hottest weather. And it’s a notable feature, don’t you think?

On top of everything, the dual-injection construction makes the whole thing exceptionally lightweight yet super durable. Therefore, when it’s about a comfortable ride, you can rely on these handguards without any hesitation!

And yes, you will get tons of color options to make the most suitable choice. Well, that’s just the cherry on the top!

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Which weather suits Acerbis Uniko most?

The Acerbis Uniko is entirely ideal for hot weather and pretty simple to mount. Rigorously tested by the great Pro riders, the Acerbis Uniko handguard was developed and lightweight.

2. Cycra Stealth MX- Best Handguards for KTM

Cycra Stealth MX Handguards (Black)

I have gone through plenty of products to gather these reviews. And from my experience, I can tell you, such Cycra handguards are one of the most stylish and professional-looking shields you can get for your dirt bikes.

One of the most admirable things about such Cycra handguards is that it comes with MX-style construction. Hence, you will never feel uncomfortable while riding. And this cycra handguard offers different color options, so any rider can get the most appropriate one according to their personality.

Thanks to its ergonomic alloy bars, you can easily install it on your bike. So when you are all about effortless experience, picking this shield seems like a wise idea.

Additionally, the spacious design will let you have enough space for the lever and your hand movement. The inner bar of these handguards is made with aluminum bars to provide the utmost protection. Consequently, your maneuverability will never be interrupted, which is all we need during high-chase dirt bike handguards.

Despite being loaded with high-end features, this shield isn’t crazy expensive! So when you are looking for a breezy experience.

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What is the brief idea of Cycra probend crm handguards?

These handguards are well-reputed for their plastic bodywork. Fortunately, you can use it on any lower locations such as offroad, motocross.

Even for the harsh environment like cold weather, the Cycra probend crm handguards are capable of giving consistent support to the riders. Hence, the premium trail riders favor most the Cycra probend crm handguards.

Another option of Cycra Stealth DX Handguards is lightweight and made up of aluminum mounting bracket. Finally, you can keep this D-flex Pro handguards in your collection as they are the strongest and best-defending handguards.

3. PowerMadd 34280 PowerX- Best Dual Sport Handguards

PowerMadd 34280 PowerX Handguard - Black

This PowerMadd PowerX handguard is one of the best dirt bike handguards for those who are into rough dirt bike rides. As this product comes with a super heavy-duty construction, you can rely on this one for your ultimate safety.

Unlike most competitors, it is more on the heavyweight side that gives maximum protection. Well, if you are light shields, this one might not be your cup of tea, to be honest!

When you are running on a tight budget, you can consider getting such amazingly stylish handguards. It is the cheapest yet most durable shield in the market that concludes injection-molded nylon composite and great offers; there is no doubt about that!

You can call the Power Madd PowerX handguard the vented handguard by another name. Undeniably, the vented handguard is very well reputed as a multi-purpose universal handguard.

You will get to choose from multiple color options, which makes your shopping experience easier than ever. A rider can pick a guard according to their bike’s color combination, brake line, or durable anodized Aluminum bar and that’s surely mind-blowing!

However, this handguard isn’t the most excellent one when it comes to ventilation. Well, if you are not bothered by this fact, nothing should stop you from getting this top-notch shield.

In the bargain, the Powermadd star series handguards surely do not distract you during riding.

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What are cables and brake lines?

Although you might have to bend the aluminum brackets using it, you have numerous facilities to adapt to the cables and brake lines. However, the brake lines will offer you additional space for graceful grip and maneuvering.

4. Zeta Impact X3- Best MX Handguards

Zeta Impact X3 Handguard, Blue

The Zeta Impact X3 handguard is another hardwearing product you can get for keeping your hands safe from any harsh conditions. Moreover, it doesn’t burn holes in your pocket, which is astonishing!

Thanks to the super robust plastic construction, wrap handguard , and throttle tube it can withstand all the abuse you can throw at it while riding your dirt bike. But this material also makes the whole thing extraordinarily lightweight because of the hand shield, which ensures enhanced maneuverability on the road.

The most admirable thing about those handguards is that they have indexed steel bar end and can absorb the impacts of a collision. The indexed steel bar-end inserted mounts firmly and might not protect them from rotating in a crash. Instead of cracking, it will tolerate all the shocks to keep you safe in the event of an accident. Isn’t that amazing?

You can easily adjust the clamp mount if you want a comfortable ride. Additionally, the master cylinder guards can be removed or tuned whenever you want.

These dirt bike handguards have a Multi-purpose softer colored body of the removable vent covers are require an installation kit. If you want to get the best protection, the vent cover and wrap-around guards are used and available on the market.

Considering all its incredible features, you can purchase this one for a well-protected ride. And that’s all we need, don’t we?

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How can you define the best Enduro handguards?

The best Enduro handguards are deliberate for protecting your hands and forearms. You don’t need to fear the Ultra violet rays, rocks, or debris if you employ Enduro racing handguards while enduro riding on rocky terrain. Perhaps, the enduro handguard saves the damage of lever and even best for handlebars.

5. Renthal HG-100-WT Handguards

Renthal HG-100-WT Hand Guard with Universal Mounts

As soon as you take a peek at these best dirt bike handguards, you will realize that it is one of the high-flying ones in the market. And it comes with a posh outlook, which will give you a style upgrade effortlessly!

The super lightweight construction of these dirt bike hand guards will permit you to move your hands effortlessly while on your dirt bike ride.

Therefore, if you don’t like to have any restrictions on your movement, this protector can be the one for a secure experience.

On top of everything, you will get several mounting positions. As a result, you can install this pair in seconds, and you can adjust the whole thing according to your comfort whenever you want.

Moreover, it has several vents, brake lever, threaded insert that will ensure optimal airflow while riding. In this way, your hands won’t get wet during the summer days, which is a relief!

Besides getting superior hand protection, you will have easy access to all the controls while riding. And it doesn’t have a bulky price tag; that’s just the icing on the cake!

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All are these versatile kinds of handguards of different brands. The Acerbis rally pro x strong has come with a mounting kit and mounting brackets combinedly.

The MX handguards pairs conclude mount kit for all handlebars and mounts solidly. Yet, the rally pro x strong might not include an aluminum bar in the mounting kit.

The rotating bolt plate is known as the mount kit and adjoined to the handlebars. These are used to enclose the center reach mount camera and get another vision equipment straight to the machine.

6. JFG RACING- Best Motorcycle Handguards

JFG RACING Motorcycle Universal Handguards Dirt Bike Hand Guards For ATV Pit Bike off Road Motocross Enduro MX- Black

Now it is time to review the best dirt bike handguards that can be used for any motorcycle or motocross riding. From dirt bikes to ATVs or ride motocross, this shield will keep you secure in any condition.

The heavy-duty plastic construction will tolerate all the abuse, and you will be safe during the collision. There is no doubt about that. Hence, it is one of the best motocross handguards for motocross riders that we have seen.

However, the design is also pretty lightweight, so your flexibility will not get restricted. Well, that’s great news!

Moreover, the attachments of this shield are made with a premium-grade aluminum bar behind the plastic shield. And all are including plastic shield suitable for trail riding. Therefore, you will have enough sturdiness but not the annoyance of heavier weight. In this way, you will feel super cozy during longer rides.

As the package contains all the mounting tools, the installation will be easier than ever. And it is a cost-effective product; hence buying this protector won’t be an issue for any rider.

In addition, motorcycle handguards offer plenty of vibrant color choices. Thus, making the ideal choice will be child’s play, trust me!

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Let’s learn

How can you differ from motocross hand guards and dirt bike hand guards?

Briefly, Motocross is a racing sport and the simple form of a dirt bike. Indeed, all the dirt bike hand guards do not provide a universal mounting system.

Motocross handguards are lightweight and might cut down on the cold wind that hits your hands.

The motocross handguard also protects only hands from mud, rocks, and possibly break if you drop them.

Conversely, the dirt bike hand guards are mainly manufactured for protecting hands, levers from branches, bushes, or rocks.

7. AnXin Motorcycle Handle Protector

22mm 7/8”Handlebar Hand Guards Handguards safe for Motorcycle motocross Handle Protector Alloy Insert For Dirt Pit Bike off Road ATV Quad(Black)

To ensure a trouble-free experience, this AnXin Motorcycle handle guard arrives with all the tools you need for mounting. And it is made to provide optimal protection; hence, it has made my special list!

This shield will give excellent protection to your hands and parts of your motorcycle.So if you tend to become a daredevil at riding dirt bikes,these probend handguards will be a fantastic choice, to be honest.

The reinforced plastic construction is guaranteed to protect you from weather, rocks, and debris when you are enjoying the time of your life. Moreover, it offers a long-lasting service within an inexpensive price range, that’s a bit surprising these days!

However, it will go perfectly with any 7/8″ 22mm handlebars, so keep that in mind while making the purchase.

Thanks to the aluminum alloy mounting parts, this shield is exceptionally lightweight and perfectly compatible with trail riding. Therefore, you won’t have to feel any irritation while driving. So we can definitely say that the manufacturer has invested some real thought while designing this product.

Besides having several color options, this handguard is within your means. Thus, you can go for this one to assure better security when you are not in the mood to spend bulky checks.

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Let’s learn

What do you mean by clutch levers?

The clutch levers are positioned on the left region of the handlebar. A clutch lever is working appropriately to engage and disengage the power from the engine to the rear wheel.

8. GOOFIT 7/8″ Handlebar Handguards

GOOFIT 7/8" Handlebar Hand Brush Guards Handguards Assy with Aluminium Alloy Lever Replacement for Kawasaki Suzuki Motocross Motorcycle Off-Road Pit Dirt Bike ATV White

This GOOFIT dirt bike handguards pair are designed with a futuristic outlook. Therefore, all the classy riders are attracted to it for dirt bike racing, and I am not surprised!

Despite being aesthetically pleasing, this shield is tremendously functional. And yes, you can use this for any kind of bike ride, which certainly offers a greater value for the money.

The aluminum interior and mounting parts of this product are heat treated. As a result, they don’t tend to bend under pressure. Additionally, the PP plastic guard gives a robust service in the moment of a crash, which is our topmost priority.

These handguards will give you the level of protection in molded rubber edges you are looking for. These are closer to the handlebar bar clamp during rocking stock handlebars.

It will fit most 7/8″ handlebars without any complications. The deflectors protect the inside of the car from the rain.

And the color choices are inspiring, so you won’t feel any pressure while making a choice whatsoever.

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What is the purpose of handguards?

The main purpose of handguards is to protect your hands from rocks, debris, and impacts during motorcycle rides. Moreover, when you are driving in terrible weather conditions, it will keep you safe from the elements.

If you love to ride like the wind, there are always chances of having accidents. And this shield will absorb all the shocks and impacts to prevent damages, so you can have the most secure ride in any situation.

9. Tusk D-Flex Handguards

Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards Black 1 1/8" Bars 1760390001

From the ease of installation to reasonably priced, this Tusk D-Flex handguard has got everything. So for a smooth regular or trail riding experience, picking these dirt bike handguards will be a sensible choice.

It will protect your hand from the impacts while rough riding; that’s no secret. But this shield will also protect you from awry weather conditions. Well, that’s a feature worthy of our paychecks, I must say!

This protector is consists of both aluminum and premium-grade plastic. Consequently, you will have extraordinary shelter during any clash. The handlebar end set comes with Powergrip alloy bar ends and it sounds comforting.

If any parts get damaged over time, you can easily replace them with a brand new one. And so, you can use the same guard for a long time without any trouble.

While wearing it, your movement will never be restrained. Hence, for a safe riding session, you take a glance at this one while shopping.

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What about Acerbis rally Pro dirt bike Handguards?

Last but not least, the Acerbis Rally Pro put forward an assortment of unique dirt bike products and accessories. We would love to remind you of your assistance, and these Acerbis Rally Pro handguards are of top-notch quality, budget-friendly, and user interactive.

10. JIAYAN Motorcycle HandGuards

Motorcycle Handle Bar Hand Guards Plastic Protector replacement for SX SXF EXC XCW Dirt Bike Motocross ATV 22mm 7/8" BLACK

The final product on my list is JIAYAN, and it is a simple-looking handguard with advanced features. To be honest, the goal of this guard is to make you feel safe and comfortable during rides. And that’s all we want, don’t we?

It is made with a top-grade PP plastic material and is ideal for motocross handguards. Consequently, you will get all the amazing sturdiness, yet none of the heavyweight burden. Thus, you can keep this one with yourself when you are longing for a comfy and secure ride.

In addition, the nylon closure system of motocross handguards will allow the motocross riders to have an easy fitting. You can adjust the shield according to your preference, and you don’t have to struggle a bit while doing that.

The rider will have enough flexibility to gracefully control their dirt bike handguards as it has a spacious design. Moreover, this feature will prevent hand fatigue even during longer rides. Isn’t that inspiring?

However, this model doesn’t offer many color options, and that’s a bummer!

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Will Handguards distract me or limit my riding ability?

Well, the handguard may cause some annoyance while riding a motorcycle if you fail to get an ergonomic product. When the shield is stiff, heavyweight, and doesn’t offer enough flexibility, you will feel some restrictions while driving.

However, in this article, you will get all the top-tier options to guarantee you a comfortable ride. Therefore, you can pick one from this list for a praiseworthy service.

Picking the Best Motocross Handguards for You

Finally, we are at the end of my reviews, and trust me – it was not an easy task! After thorough research and going through tons of customer feedback, I would love to present the crown jewel, the Acerbis X-Future Handguard.

This X-Future handguard by Acerbis comes with a premium-grade construction, is exceptionally lightweight, ensures maximum safety,less bar clutter, and has an inexpensive price tag. So in the race of the finest handguards for dirt bike, this one by Acerbins wins for sure.

However, every shield that I have mentioned in this article is designed to give you satisfactory service. Whichever you pick from here, you will never be disappointed!

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