The Best Intermediate Dirt Bike Tire| Top 10 Picks

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Getting the best intermediate terrain dirt bike tire wasn’t tough for me since I’m already into dirt bikes.

However, I believe not everyone does the homework as I do. So I thought of sharing my experience with these dirt bike tires so that you can get them too. Read the reviews for a better understanding.

Pirelli Scorpion XC Tire


  • Premium construction
  • Top-notch slide control
  • Excellent braking
  • Great grip
Michelin Starcross Tire

Budget Friendly

  • Enhanced durability
  • Wide central knob
  • Tough tire construction
  • Symmetrical tread pattern
Kenda K270 Dual Trail Tire

Editors Pick

  • Excellent tread pattern
  • Secure grip
  • Perfect for soft terrain
  • Easy installation

Top 10 Best Intermediate Motocross Tire Reviews

So after investing hours of researching, I have prepared this list for you. By the time you finish reading, you will be able to make a confident purchase!

Let’s hit the road right away!

1. Kenda K270 Dual Sport Trail Tire – 120x80R18

The first product I am going to tell you about the Kenda K270 dual sport tire. These tires grip better than ever before. They come with excellent tread patterns that make for safer rides than you have experienced in the past.

This is perfect for soft terrain. It’s pretty versatile and long lasting. You can expect to get about 8,000 miles out of it with proper care.

Moreover, the deep and aggressive knob pattern allows the tire to have more biting edges. Hence, it will be excellent for driving through both dirt trails and off-road! No matter how fast you are going, your safety won’t be compromised!

Thanks to this tire’s heavy-duty optimized rubber compound construction, you don’t have to worry about damages while going through the rough terrains. On top of that, the tubeless design ensures easy installation. And that’s the icing on the cake!

One of the most incredible things about these dirt bike tires is that it is made with offset tread sips. Therefore, you can go for a trip even in the pouring rain without losing control. So for adventures, this should be the option you pick.

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If you love to ride motorcycles on hard or intermediate terrain, these dirt bike tires are going to be your soul mate! So for excellent traction and secure grip on the roads, getting them will be the wisest idea, trust me!

2. Michelin Starcross MH3 Motocross Tires – 2.50-12

Are you looking for wheels that come with enhanced durability but won’t burn holes in your pocket? Michelin Starcross off road tires are for those who want a tire that guarantees top-notch service. These dirt bike intermediate tires have the perfect qualities to get you going.

For your off-road bikes, this will be an excellent choice because of the feature it offers. Thanks to its wide central knob designs, you can drive and pull your bikes through any terrain. It doesn’t matter if the road is rocky or even; you can ride smoothly without any struggle.

As it comes with a tough tire construction, you can install these tires for heavy-duty trips. Moreover, these dirt bike tires are not vulnerable to wear and tear; hence you don’t have to go for another product in a long time!

The knobs on this tire have symmetrical tread pattern that will stick to any type of surface and make you feel like you’re trail riding in mud. In this way, you can prevent accidents even if you are racing at full speed.

There is one thing about this tire that impresses me the most. It is equipped with comfort casing technology that allow you to have flexibility when dirt biking through trails. In this way, you can make your journey more enjoyable than ever.

The Tire is gives the best grip on soft terrain. This makes it ideal for terrains with mud, sand, and snow.

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However, as it is a road-tire, it won’t perform silently. If you can deal with that, you will get something that you can pick repeatedly.

3. Pirelli Scorpion XC Midsoft Terrain Tire 

Nothing can be better for handling any off-road situation smoothly than Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid Soft Rear Tires. It comes with a premium-grade construction hence; you don’t have to worry about any bitter experience.

This wheel is equipped with top-notch slide control, which makes it perfectly suitable for racing. Moreover, the V-shaped block ensures excellent braking to keep you safe from accidents.

In addition, the ergonomic built of this tire allows you to install it effortlessly. So beginners to experts, anyone can use these dirt bike tires without any trouble.

Pirelli Scorpion XC is one of the best dirt bike tires on the market for off-road dirt biking. They’re tough, and they can give you a great grip in difficult terrain.

These dirt bike tires provide an extraordinary performance on intermediate and soft terrain. Hence, you can expect amazing versatility from this wheel, which is pretty impressive!

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However, I must admit that it is not the most affordable equipment that you can get for your motorcycle. But when you compare the price with the service, you are definitely getting a greater value.

4. Bridgestone M204 Motocross Tires 100/100-18

If you’re looking for a tire that’s perfect for soft terrain, take a look at the Bridgestone M204 Motocross Tire.

This pair of dirt bike tires by Bridgestone is made with an ergonomic design so you can have the most excellent slide control while riding. Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg as this product has much more to offer.

Thanks to the race-proven pattern, you can use these dirt bike tires for heavy-duty usage and aggressive usage. Moreover, it is built to provide the stickiest grip, making this pair suitable for any occasion.

If your motorcycle is equipped with an enhanced four-stroke engine, you can install this dirt bike tire without any hesitation. You will get the most amazing traction.

Bridgestone M204 intermediate terrain tires are equipped with tall tread blocks and a steeper base angle radius, which make them more efficient on any surface. These are the best dirt bike tires I’ve ever used. It lasts for a long time and has great traction.

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On top of everything, they’re so durable, they can be used on intermediate and hard surfaces or other rough terrain without worry of getting a flat tire. Once you start using this one, you don’t have to go for another pair in a long time; mark my words!

5. Sedona MX907HP Hard-Pack Terrain Tire 110/90-19

If you want to get something that offers high-end benefits yet comes within an affordable budget, this one MX907HP hard terrain tires by Sedona is your buddy!

The Sedona MX907HP tire features a radial construction that provides precise handling on the road. It has a hard-packed, long-lasting tread compound for excellent durability and traction in soft terrain.

Sometimes while riding a dirt bike, users may feel some troubles or discomfort with the cornering traction. That won’t be an issue anymore as this pair comes with an innovative, cross-patch tread pattern. And that’s what makes it more user-friendly than it already is!

If you want to go for a larger footprint, you should keep these dirt tires in your wishlist as it has a multi knob pattern. And it is built to provide a top-grade performance in icy weather, making it suitable for riding in snowy terrains without any struggle.

My experience with the Sedona MX907HP intermediate terrain tires tells me that it was made to last. The reinforced rubber-blend construction is what makes this hard terrain tires just so tough and long lasting.

For superior traction qualities, this tire also features siped and dimpled knobs. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the safest ride, picking it will be a fantastic idea on different terrain!

6. DUNLOP Trailmax Mission Front Tire (90/90-21)

It is no secret that DUNLOP manufactures premium-grade tires for your dirt bikes. And this Trailmax hard terrain tire is one of their greatest creations that ensure a breezy experience for the user.

If you want to go for off-road competition, you should install this one in your ride to outrun everyone. As it is a hard terrain tire that has been designed for use in heavy-duty tasks, you will never be disappointed with its service.

For going through the harder terrain, these wheels are the safest choice, according to my research. Thanks to its aggressive tread pattern, you’ll be able to ride motocross at full speed without worrying about tripping. What else could we need?

The rugged construction makes sure that you can use these wheels for an extended period. They are not vulnerable to wear and tear, making them amazingly suitable for use on rough and uneven roads.

The staggered-step design ensures better traction, and the step-down feature is there for supreme rigidity. And you are getting all these benefits with affordable price points, which sounds like a dream come true.

When it’s about ergonomics, nothing can beat these front tires. The wrap-around lug design protects it from sharp debris and provides some extra traction. It comes in really handy if you love to enjoy carefree rides.

Once you install them on your dirt bike, you don’t have to worry about any terrain conditions. And I believe this thing makes me want to invest in these wheels. Reliability is important, isn’t it?

 7. Bridgestone Battlecross X30 Rear Tire (120/80-19)

This is another rear tire for your bikes that you can get for an optimal experience. The Bridgestone is well-known for making top-grade wheels within budget; that’s something that attracts tons of users.

When it is about terrain riding, the Battlecross X30 tires are an excellent choice. They are designed with large tread bars that are slightly raised around the lugs. Therefore, you will get enhanced traction while riding like the wind!

These wheels can take extra pressure. Hence, you will never have to worry about slipping or tripping over, which is a relief!

The gap absorption design is another thing that makes this hard terrain tire different from their competitors. This feature really ensures greater benefits while riding through the uneven surface. You will get a contact feel which is pretty necessary for dirt bikers.

While cornering or avoiding obstacles, you won’t face any issues. Therefore, to ride smoothly, you can think about getting these tires without any hesitation.

Bridgestone Battlecross X30 intermediate terrain tires are a great choice. The cooling fins help to disperse heat and there is no other product that can compete with it!

It’s suitable for riding in any weather condition, no matter how hot or cold the temperature is. You can go through muddy and wet roads without the chance of falling, which is an attractive feature of this tire. Well, I believe so!

Bridgestone has designed a rear wheel for all of those rugged adventurers out there! And these wheels are a fantastic choice if you own a heavier motorbike.

8. MMG Set of 2 Knobby Tire 3.00-10

This pair of tires by MMG is easy to install and offers superb durability. If you are not ready to spend a heavy load of money on wheels, you can think about getting this set for an optimum experience.

Once you get this for your dirt bikes, you can go for the most exciting trail ride. These wheels ensure superior traction on different terrains, which makes them more desirable!

Besides provides a top-notch grip, the rubber construction ensures enhanced flexibility. So don’t be scared if you have to perform any corner traction or avoid any obstacle on your way. These wheels can handle anything.

It is an amazing choice for intermediate terrains. Moreover, the compound rubber construction makes it suitable for any weather condition. Isn’t that impressive?

You will get a stable and balanced ride no matter how fast you are going. So if you are not a skilled biker, this pair will make your rides more manageable.

The outward motion design makes these wheels somehow unique. And it is responsible for providing some extra traction, which is always a priority.

These knobby tires allow you to have fun on muddy and wet roads. Moreover, the steel belt construction guarantees a comfortable experience through rough terrains, and that’s something we really expect from a dirt bike wheel.

9. Protrax Pt1016 Motocross Offroad Dirt Bike Tire 80/100-21

 Do you want to get something super inexpensive? Then this Protax Pt1016 hard terrain tires is the option for you to get for trail riding on your dirt bike.

These reliable wheels are absolutely perfect for going through intermediate and terrains. As it is made with super thick rubber, you can’t doubt its durability for a single minute.

The unique pattern of these wheels is designed to provide the safest grip on the road. The thick and durable tire construction of the tire treads on this model is perfect for hard terrain such as bumpy roads, rocky terrain, and uneven terrains.

Tire pressure is important to ensure that your tire has the best grip and handling. A Protrax Pt1016 Motocross Tire can work well for you if it’s at a recommended tire pressure of 18 PSI or higher but never more than 24 psi, as this will cause excessive wear on your treads.

This tire is a combination of power and affordability, which is amazing, to be honest. So for a comfortable experience, you can choose to invest your money in it without any doubts.

10. Maxxis Maxxcross SI Soft Terrain Tire 90/100-16

Maxxis offers a diverse array of tires for cars, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles – but their intermediate terrain tire is one that stands out as the manufacturer’s best. This is a super-soft race compound that grips well in muddy conditions.

These wheels for dirt bikes are another budget option I have for you. If you are not looking for something high-end for trail riding, you can choose to stick with this one.

Why would you want anything less than the most? The open tread pattern of this tire is top-of-the line, providing maximum traction on any condition. This is a super-soft race compound that grips well in intermediate, and muddy terrain conditions.

The wide knobs are the most impressive feature of these wheels. It makes this product eligible for avoiding obstacles smoothly. No matter what your skill level is, you can comfortably use this thing.

If you are aggressive cornering, you can do that with this equipment, thanks to the ergonomic height of the knob. And it comes with a race rubber tire construction that makes it suitable for both MX and off roads, which we need for breezy rides.

The anti-flex knobs make sure that you are getting maximum stability while trail riding fast. And that’s music to my ear, what about you?

Picking the Best Dirt Bike Tire

Well, finally, we are at the end of this review! Every product mentioned here has earned its place after eliminating hundreds of models as they were not unique enough to be on this list!

Hopefully, you won’t feel any confusion after reading this while buying the best dirt bike tires, as the choices are clear!

However, let me make things easier for you once again. For the ultimate trail riding experience with your dirt bike, you can pick the Kenda K270 Dual Sport Trail Tire – 120x80R18 without any doubt. And if you want something more affordable, you can go for the Pirelli Scorpion XC Mid Soft Rear Tire.