Best Kids Dirt Bike – How to Pick the Best One

Show me a kid’s dirt bike, and I’ll show you a future champion. Well, no one actually said this, but there’s a pretty good chance it is an unspoken rule in the motorbiking world. The best kids dirt bike should be safe enough for little kids to use while being relevant enough for them to understandably operate.

Dirt bikes for kids are continually being upgraded, modified, and re-modeled to best suit a growing demand for the best performing and trendy motocross bike.

From gas-powered bikes to electric-powered bikes, there are several features unique to every dirt bike that just works for every kid enthusiastic about biking.

Here are 10 among the Best Kids Dirt Bike worth looking at:

Make no mistake, though; there are some pretty powerful dirtbikes today designed for kids. With all standardized safety features included, these powerful machines are gentle beasts and, as such, will sharpen a kid’s technique in the sport.

There are a variety of best dirt bikes for kids out there. Every brand offers a unique set of what they would deem a dirt bike fit for an enthusiastic kid out there.

1. Burromax Black TT250- Best Street Legal Dirt Bike

Look at it this way, when it comes to the best dirt bikes for 10 year old, few in the world can claim to offer what the British made Burromax Black TT250 is capable of offering. At least as far as dirt bikes for kids of the age of between 8 years and 12 years are concerned.

Quick Summary
  • 250w 24v high torque BDC motor
  • 21″ seat height
  • 2-12v 7Ah batteries
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Alloyed rims
  • Adjustable throttle limiter

Many at times, specific dirt bikes for kids for 10 years old are undeniably passed off for what they really are not in terms of what they can really do. With this pit bike, however, Kids get to witness on a first-hand basis the thrill of riding on a technically superior bike.

1. Powered by a strong motor

It is powered by an intricately built 250W 24V BDC motor, featuring hydraulic disc brakes, alloyed rims, and an array of impressive add-ons. The Burromax Black TT250 is the best dirt biking machine for the younger enthusiasts of the sport.

For an electric powered bike, this particular bike emits some pretty impressive levels of power to give its young riders an experience like no other in off-road racing.

2. best dirt bikes for amateur young riders

The Burromax Black is as well best dirt bikes for mountain trails for 12 years old new to the sport. This is owing to their electrically powered nature. Taking into consideration the installed safety features, including a throttle limiter, this would necessarily require a rider to simply flick their wrist after ignition for a substantive motion of the bike.

For kids, it is critical to learn how to effectively navigate a motocross bike while handling its various controls. This continually improves their confidence and knowledge on how to handle themselves while riding a kids dirt bike.

Best Budget Dirt Bike Helmet

I recommend the Bell MX-9 Adventure because it’s affordable and comfortable.


  • Being an electric powered kids dirt bike, it is effectively environmentally conscious.
  • Being electric as well means low maintenance and service costs
  • Throttle limiter to complement installed adjustable speed controls
  • Fast charge


  • Limited battery life would be the most definitive vice facing this bike. This, in turn, limits the engine’s performance.

2. Razor SX500 – Best Electric Power Dirt Bike for Kids

Razor SX500 is a perfect example of a kids dirt bike that will provide for an ultimate experience in dirt bike riding without being too harsh on the pocket.

Quick Summary
  • Electric powered
  • Electric start system
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • 14mph top speed
  • There is a kill switch if needed in an emergency
  • Disc brakes

The Razor Dirt Rocket McGrath is one of the best beginner dirt bike for 14 year old or above even though they can quite comfortably be used by significantly younger riders considering this particular bike max’s out at a top speed of 14 miles per hour. A lot of kids above the age of 14 years would certainly yearn for something a little quicker.

1. Automated

The automated nature of the Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath gives the motocross bike an advantageous edge when it comes to the protection of otherwise exposed parts. This minimizes the need for any frequent or unnecessary service or maintenance expenses.

2. Reliable due to its electric

This, coupled up with the electric nature of the motocross bike, which means no fuel to burn and no hot exhaust to harm a motorbiking kid, makes this particular dirt bike best small electric dirt bike for 14 years old looking to be seasoned dirt bike riders.

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3. Quality addons

With additional details like the disc brake, suspensions, and throttle limiter, the Razor SX500 Dirt Rocket McGrath makes complete best racing dirt bikes for kids and is very affordable.


  • Favorable price
  • Fully automated and enclosed parts significantly reducing on potential damage risk while as well as keeping maintenance requirements at a convenient minimal
  • Allowance for attachment of training wheels.
  • Inclusion of adjustable features.


  • Inconvenient and unpleasant battery life.
  • Unreliable battery longevity

3. Apollo New 110cc Youth DB34- Best Cheap Dirt Bike

The Apollo New 110cc Youth DB34 for kids is another best dirt bikes for trail riding choice for a start in the motor sporting world. Making sure to maintain an emphasis on racing and having fun, this pit bike promises to give kids a full experience in dirt bike riding.

Quick Summary
  • Gas-powered
  • Electric start system
  • 110cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine
  • 4-speed semi-auto
  • 6.9HP max power
  • 44.26mph top speed
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • Low height saddle of 27”
1. Impressive design and strong build

Apollo’s New 110cc dirt bike comes adequately featured and would be everything that a young rider would need in a dirt bike for 13 years old. It is indeed remarkably built. The 110cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine provides some impressive power of up to 6.9HP.

2. A genuine off-road performer

‘A lot has been put into making sure the New 110cc Youth DB34 Apollo machine delivers nothing short of the ultimate off-road performer. Riders sitting on saddles 27” of height on this bike can reach speeds of up to 44.26mph. Not to worry too much, though. There are safety measures such as an adjustable throttle limiter to keep a check on a young riders’ speed.

3. Very safe for young riders

With such an iconic name to it, the New 110cc is clearly built for an off-road experience. Both safety, as well as the performance of the motocross bike, are considerations justly made by the designers of the bike. A throttle limiter will tame the bike’s power and will have a young rider under control the entire time. There is a best 100cc dirt bike for 14 years old deal of experience to be earned with this bike.


  • Effectively treaded tires for an enhanced grip
  • Kick start ignition
  • Technically advanced motor
  • Rear suspension and disc brakes
  • Favorable price


  • Kids outgrowing the dirt bike

4. Coolster 70cc Pit Bike- Best Gas Dirt Bikes for Kids

First up, we look at the highly-rated Coolster Kids Gas powered Mini Bike. Technically made a motocross bike and as well as best dirt bikes for trails and track for 7 to 13 years old, this bike would quite easily fit the description of an best dirt biking machine. Expressing defined off-road superiority, the 70cc pit bike is rightfully regarded as top of the line with dirtbikes for kids.

Quick Summary
  • 70cc 4-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder gas engine
  • Semi-automatic transmission
  • Electric start system
  • Foot brake
  • Easy to maintain
  • There is a kill switch if needed in an emergency
  • 420 chain with 14T front and 37T rear sprocket
  • High-performance suspensions
  • Low height 24.5″ saddle

1. Best dirt bikes for short rider

Designed for kids aged anywhere between 7 to 13 years of age, the Gas mini bike features a powerfully built kick start system 70cc gas-powered, semi-automatic 4-gear engine. a clutchless transmission allows the young rider to master switching between gears confidently without having to be distracted by the clutch. 5.44HP/8500rpm isn’t too bad as well, considering kids enthusiastic about motorbiking have a knack for that powerful thrill.

Kenda K785 Millville II Radial Tire - 110/80R19

Best Dirt Bike Tire for Woods Riding

A good bike tire is very important for dirt riding enthusiasts, and this article will help you find the best one.

2. Convenient for beginners

If you are a kid or a beginner in the motor sporting world, the Coolster Kids Gas Mini Bike would definitely be an advisable choice. Having fun while at the same time fulfilling a passion and a prospective ambition in a sport has been encapsulated within the performance function of this kids dirt bike. The 5.44HP produced by the 70cc engine of the Coolster Kids Gas Mini Dirt Bike is enough to propel it to an impressive 30+mph on a dirt road. An included throttle limiter can conveniently limit this.


  • Off-road efficient
  • Foot brake
  • Best street dirt bike for 7 to 13 years old


  • Kids outgrowing the bike
  • No electric start system

5. Coolster QG-213A 110cc- Best 4 Stroke Dirt Bike

 The Coolster QG-213A 110cc both looks the part and as well fits the role. There have been accusations of mini bikes or dirtbikes for kids showing that some of them might not be meeting the “machine” threshold and therefore viewed as more of toys than actual bikes.

Quick Summary
  • 110cc air-cooled 4-stroke single-cylinder engine
  • Saddle height of 23.2″
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • Disc brakes
  • 183lbs
  • 40mph top speed
  • 7.75HP/7500rpm max power

With this model, though, young riders, as well as beginners in the motor sporting world, get to experience an authentic feel of actually riding a bike. The QG-213A will provide a kid with a thrilling experience in both fun and skill-building exposure.

1. Endorsed with distinctive and quality features

The bike distinctively features a 4-stroke, single-cylinder 110 cc engine that generates an impressive 7.75HP/7500rpm. The air-cooled electric engine can hit speeds of 40mph depending on different variables, including the terrain as well as the riders’ skill level.

With a chain drive system and an automated transmission system, this bike gives a young rider the opportunity to learn the crucial basics of motor sporting. This 183lbs machine has a seat height of 23.2 inches, making it the best dirt bikes for beginner child.

2. Stylish sleek exterior design

The Coolster QG-213A is definitely one of those bikes for kids that a kid enthusiastic about motorsport would definitely be impressive. The sleek exterior design is as well an appealing and trendy feature attributed to the bike. Safety features, including the throttle limiter, are well covered.

Frequent and guided sessions on this bike and your kid will blossom into exactly what motorsport championship material is made of in no time.


  • Controllable and adjustable power modes and throttle limiter
  • Automated system
  • Appropriately sized for younger riders
  • Safety-oriented
  • Favorably priced
  • Kids outgrowing the dirt bike

6. Tao Tao Bike DB14- Best Trail Dirt Bike for Beginners

A kid looking to become a professional or seasoned bike rider will most certainly get just the ideal start from this humble yet feisty bike. Among the best starter dirt bikes for kids, the Tao Tao Bike makes a case for itself owing to its defining characteristics, including a taller physical outlook that, in turn, allows for appropriate and effective suspensions to be fitted.

Quick Summary
  • Automatic transmission
  • 40mph top speed
  • Adjustable throttle limiter
  • 40cc air-cooled engine
  • disc brakes
  • 4-stroke engine

An ultimate off-road experience for a kid harboring motorbiking ambitions, this model is a legitimate option specifically for this purpose.

1. Gets appropriate supply of power

The Tao Tao Bike DB14 is impressively supplied by power from a 4-stroke 110ccir-cooled single-cylinder engine capable of generating enough HP capable of propelling the kids dirt bike to a maximum speed of 40iles an hour.

Coupled up with a conveniently installed throttle limiter, that maximum speed of 40iles per hour could actually be cut down and limited to a much safer and preferred speed of anywhere between 5mph and 40mph.t is, therefore, a safety-oriented kids dirt bike, which is good for the well-being of every kids motorbiking.

2. Long-lasting

The 4-stroke engine build gives the Tao Tao Bike DB14 some longevity in terms of the need to frequently check on the extent of damage owing to continued use of the dirt bike. This bike goes for a pocket-friendly price. Safe to say it definitely the best dirt bikes for 12 year old.


  • Automated gearbox for ease of use
  • Taller kids are considered with the relatively high placed a high saddle
  • Off-road enhancement to the bike’s suspensions.


  • Inadequate safety features
  • Some riders have expressed displeasure in the pull starter feature

7. Taotao DB17 125cc- Best 125cc Dirt Bike

It isn’t a dirt bikes for kids conversation without a mention of the Tao brand, as the best beginner dirt bike for adults. The very noticeable machine from the manufacturing power-house in the Tao company definitely fits the bill when it comes to best dirt bikes for kids considerations.

Quick Summary
  • 125cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine
  • 4-speed transmission
  • Kick starters
  • Chain drive system
  • CDI ignition system
  • Low height 30.72″ saddle

The Taotao DB17 was introduced in the same line as its dirt bike counterpart, the Tao DB17. For any young rider in the motocross biking world, this would be a best beginner dirt bike for trail riding as well as fulfilling sport.

1. Powerful with an excellent weight

The Taotao DB17 weighs in at 154lbs and derives its power from its 125cc, 4-stroke air-cooled engine. It features an automated three-speed gearbox, which gives the young riders some invaluable experience in navigating between gears without having to engage the clutch, a kick start system as well as a useful throttle limiter as part of the safety measures installed on the dirt bike.

2. Convenient and comfy height

The low saddle height is considered to the extent that it provides a convenient and comfortable height for the younger riders to navigate the course while on the bike effectively. The complete package a bike rider would be looking for in the best dirt bikes for 13 year old wouldn’t be too far from this bike.


  • Younger rider-friendly thanks to its automated systems
  • Pocket friendly
  • Included safety features
  • Clutchless transmission


  • Kick start system only

8. TAO Dirt Bike DB10- Best Dirt Bikes for Kids Beginners

TAO is a brand that has established itself over the years as a reliable and safety-oriented brand in its designing strategies. The TAO DB10 embodies an all-in-one concept of a dirt bike. Making versatile considerations in the bike’s design to incorporate high performance, stability, safety, and the whole rider experience.

Quick Summary
  • 110cc air-cooled 4-stroke engine
  • Single cylinder
  • Clutchless gearbox
  • Adjustable throttle
  • Low height 21.6″ saddle
  • Rear shock absorbers

The best gas for 4 stroke dirt bikes for kids aspiring to conquer the motorcycling world some-day, this dirt bike certainly makes for an excellent place to start.

1. Adequate technical and mechanical inclusions

The TAO DB10 features a tone of impressive and adequate technical and mechanical inclusions to enhance its potential on the dirt road.

A 4-stroke 110cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine generates the power to feed the dirt bike, a clutchless gearbox that allows for transmission conveniently without the use of a clutch, a fully adjustable throttle limiter, and 21.6 inches of seat height stable saddle, complete the highlighting prowess of this bike.

It essentially means that kids get to enjoy an enhanced experience in motorbiking. In contrast, their parents get some sense of security from the useful safety installations like the throttle limiter.

2. Sturdy mechanical build

Considering the superior mechanical build of the DB10 TAO, which includes drum brakes on both wheels, hand brakes, and an adjustable rear shock, it is no surprise that the bike comes highly recommended.

  • Included safety features including key ignition and throttle limiter
  • The off-road experience is enhanced by the inclusion of the drum and hand brakes as well as the adjustable rear shock
  • Efficient reliability with the 4-stroke engine which doesn’t require pre-mixed fuel.
  • The complexity that might be brought about by the transmission system might not be best dirt bikes for 16 year old riders who are beginners in the sport.
  • It can prove to be luck-luster with the lack of a clutch.
  • The kick start only dirt bike may be a bit inconvenient for some young dirt bike riders.

9. SAY YEAH- Best 2 Stroke Dirt Bike

Another option that gives every kids dirt bike enthusiast out there the best dirt biking companion. The SAY YEAH has had a reputable as well as an impeccable record when it comes to its off-road performance.

Quick Summary
  • Standard steel design
  •  49cc Mini Gas Dirt Bike
  • Three speed options, 5, 10 and 15 mph
  • 2-stroke engine
  • A low seat height of 12″

For an ultimate experience in motor biking, a biker won’t have to look any further than this dirt bike. Ideally designed for the younger riders in motor biking, the SAY YEAH Dirt Bike will not only race but will do so in the most effective manner possible.

1. Powerful and convenient for kids

SAY YEAH comes fully equipped with a powerful 2-stroke engine. This Is a best two stroke dirt bikes for kids option for kids from the age of 12 to 13 years. The bike can easily support the kids weight-a maximum of 150 pounds. SAY YEAH Dirt Bikes for kids is indeed impressive with the inclusion of a unique speed control feature to help kids choose the best and safest speed option.

2. Very safe for young riders

For safety measures, the bike features a 3-speed selection option. Young kids have three options of speeds to choose from. They have to choose the safest speed to avoid unnecessary over speeding accidents while riding. Furthermore, a lot of power is saved since the dirtbikes for kids uses less power while running on gear one.


  • 15 miles per hour maximum speed
  • Safe and best dirt bikes for beginner child or younger riders.
  • Comes with a speed control feature that saves power


  • Designed for younger riders who outgrow the bike fairly quickly

10. AR DONGFANG 49cc 50cc- Best 50cc Dirt Bikes for Kids

A best dirt bike for 13 year old electric-powered option for the enthusiastic young riders would be the AR DONGFANG. Taking into consideration high performance, the all crucial racing factor along with the considerate safety features included on the bike, this bike is definitely the best dirt bikes for 13 year old looking to learn the basics around pit biking.

Quick Summary
  • 49cc single-cylinder engine
  • Easy to maintain
  • Clutchless 3-speed transmission
  • Air-cooled 4-stroke engine
  • Low height 26.4″ saddle
  • Adjustable throttle controller
  • Key ignition

1. Powerful and reliable 49cc single-cylinder engine

A powerful compact air-cooled, four-stroke, 49cc single-cylinder engine delivers smooth and impressively controllable power to the final drive chain. The AR DONGFANG as well features a key ignition that gives an adult controlling authority over when and how the bike is used, which is a complementing feature reassuring of safety along with the controllable throttle which usefully limits a kid’s access to potentially dangerous power.

2. Convenient height

The AR DONGFANG comes complete with a 26.4 inches of seat height on its frame while its sleek finish and its racing designed outlook give the dirt bike some unique distinction. Best dirt bikes for short riders aged between 4years of age and 10years of age, it could be just but the beginning of a potentially glorious journey in the sport of motocross biking.

  • 4-stroke engine with no fuel-pre-mixing requirement.
  • An enhanced feel to the riding experience thanks to the semi-automatic, clutchless 3-speed transmission engine.
  • Throttle control and key ignition for safety enhancement purposes.
  • Electric start only. This can be very inconvenient in the event of inconveniently encountering a flat tire.
  • Even though the 4-stroke engine is highly dependable, the complexities involved in fixing a broken one could prove somewhat inconvenient of a task.
  • Understandability of the workings of the transmissions for the younger riders could be too complicated of a task

Choosing The Best Dirt Bikes for Kids – The Ultimate Buying Guide with Tips

Kids are like unmolded wet clay waiting to be sculpted into world-influencing and world-changing individuals responsible for inspiring future generations to the same spectacular sport. Nurturing the expressed skills of kids with a dream or a simple interest in motorbiking or the motorsport industry could make an inadvertently monumental difference in a particular kid’s life.

Does My Kid Need a Dirt Bike?

Does my kid need a dirt bike?

Kids often display their interests in different activities at some point in their lives. It is no different when it comes to motorbiking. For any given particular reason, including parental influence, a kid could develop an interest in dirtbikes for kids and the sport as a whole. Their success while venturing through this thrilling motorbiking endeavor heavily depends on whether they are able to get the exposure and experience necessary for engaging in the sport. It is, therefore, crucial for motorbiking enthusiastic kids as well as kids aspiring to have careers in motorsport to have access to a dirt bike best suited to their unique skills.

Can My Kid Use a Road-Bike as an Alternative to a Dirt Bike?

Can my kid use a road-bike as an alternative to a dirt bike?

Well, there are several satisfactorily dissuading reasons that add up to why dirt roads are most ideal and preferred for off-road use as well as for kids training and practice. Without going too much into it, motorbiking for little one is meant to provide kids with a learning environment that is capable of both offering some invaluable learning opportunities for kids as well as provide a safe platform for kids to have fun while learning the critical basics of motorbiking. Off-road sites are the best dirt bikes sites for these purposes. Dirt bikes for kids or little one are specially designed to provide essential grip and safety features necessary for a developing mind in riding.

Is Your Kid Ready to Ride?

Is Your Kid Ready to Ride?

If the passion is there and the means comfortably available, then it would be the most reasonable option. It might just surprise you how far your kid could end up if they were to pursue their passion for motorbiking.

If your child is at least three years old, he or she can already ride an electric-powered dirt bike! But be sure to choose the right size for safety reasons as well as to make sure that your child has the right safety gear, such as helmet, knee and elbow pads, and goggles. Think of the electric-powered bike as a typical bike but without the pedaling involved.

Also, it’s important to make sure that your child has good hand-eye coordination since it’s necessary for controlling the dirt bike. Be sure to teach your child the basics of dirt biking, too, such as keeping an eye on the road and on traffic, keeping to maximum speed, and keeping to the safe paths.

Kids’ Four-Wheelers vs. Kid’s Dirt Bikes

Kids’ Four-Wheelers vs. Kid's Dirt Bikes

Both four-wheelers (quads) and dirtbikes for kids have their merits so it’s best to consider your needs and wants in a recreational vehicle for your kids first before making a decision. In general, nonetheless, dirt bikes are great for thrilling rides, as well as for mastering long-term driving skills and for easy transport while quads are suitable for taking leisurely rides and for small hauling jobs suitable for little one.

Other things to consider when choosing between the two are:

1. Safety

Did you know that studies have suggested that the risk of injuries, even of death, is higher on quads than on dirt bikes for kids? This is because a quads’ stable platform gives a false sense of security and its huge weight can seriously injure its rider during a crash, particularly when it rolls over; a quads’ high center of gravity can cause rollovers, too.

With a dirt bike, these risks are significantly decreased because these are lighter, easier to ride for kids who have basic bike skills, and easier to maneuver in most types of terrain.

Some dirt bikes for kids have been likened to glorified toys owing to their lack-luster technical and mechanical creativity. The need for a kid’s bike to be optimally and maximally safe while as well fulfilling some kid-level satisfaction level has resulted in the creation of models that frankly cannot provide a thrill and adventure-seeking kid any form of motor sporting satisfaction.

2. Use

In terms of use, quads have a longer season since it can be used on snow and ice while a dirt bike of any kind shouldn’t be used on these surfaces. But remember, too, that motorbiking in winter in an open vehicle isn’t recommended for kids lest they experience hypothermia.

3. Cost

The cost of a brand-new quads is typically higher than the price of a brand-new dirt bike. In many cases, it can be as much as 100% higher!

4. Terrain

Quads are great for leisurely rides around the farm, perhaps for fun races on flat ground; don’t allow your kids to race in quads over rough terrain due to the high risk of accidents. But with dirtbikes for kids, your kids can explore the trails in the woods and the park, even the single track trails that quads can’t go into.

5. Ease of use

Quads are easier to learn – just hop on it, know the hand controls, and off you go. Even with the best mini dirt bike for adults, it can take a few days to really get the hang of it, unless your child already has the basic biking skills.

13 Most Important Factors to Consider and Must Know Before Getting a Kid’s Dirt Bike

14 Tips to consider and must know before getting a dirt bike for kids

The best vintage dirt bikes for kids has features designed for the comfort, safety, and ease of control for its rider. We then suggest looking at these features before making your choice.

Your child may want a dirt bike because it has the whole nine yards, among other reasons, but remember that you’re the parent so the final decision’s yours. You should consider these three factors in your final choice.

1. consider the 3 P’s

The 3 P’s are making a popular appearance with the best dirt bikes for kids as well. Before getting a motor bike for your child, it is vital to consider the 3 P’s which stand for Power, Price, and Purpose. Take a look at the price, is a particular dirt bike comfortably within your planned budget?

2. Apurpose of the dirt bike

Next, take a look at the purpose of the bike. Dirt bikes for kids are primarily designed to be beginner-friendly and offer training opportunities to the younger aspiring riders. It would, therefore, be viable to consider the purpose for which a particular bike was built for and the intended purpose for which it is designed to be used for. There are several details that complete the purpose of a dirtbike. This would include the saddle height, which is critical for kid riders trying to learn the basics of the sport.

3. Posture

Keep in mind that core body strength is a must for the safe and effective handling of a dirtbike. As such, the dirt bike’s overall weight should be well within safe limits, say, 200 pounds for a dirtbike for teens.

Check the weight capacity of the bike because it will affect the suspension system’s performance.  For example, if the weight limit says 150 pounds, then the bike should only be used by teens and tweens – adults riding it will likely damage the suspension system, perhaps even break the frame.

It’s also important to teach your kid about proper posture when getting on and off the bike as well as when riding it.  Your child has to be in an upright position when motorbiking so as to maintain balance when turning around corners, hitting bumps, and motorbiking on smooth surfaces. Balance is the key in keeping safe on a dirtbike.

Many older kids and teens perform stunts on their bikes for kids in their effort to imitate the professionals. You should discourage them from doing stunts for their own safety.

4. Hand Strength

Does your child have sufficient hand strength to control the handlebar and its controls, such as the throttle and brake? If your child can ride a bike well, without the training wheels, then he or she is most likely ready for a dirtbike.

5. Starter System

 Dirt bikes for kids are equipped with an on/off switch while others have keyed systems. We suggest these types of dirt bikes since these are easy to start – no Kickstarter system to deal with.

6. Tires Size

Most kid-friendly dirt bikes for kids have large, knobby pneumatic tires since these have higher resistance against potholes, bumps, and other obstacles on the road. This means a smoother ride on smooth and rough terrains, as well as a more stable and supportive ride for the rider.

But some dirt bikes have smaller tires, especially the ones for teens since these make for easier and faster maneuvering in tight spaces. These tires are also lighter so the rider feels more confident on the bike.

7. Motor Type

Take a look at the power. Here, you will want to separate the 2-stroke engines from the 4-stroke engines and the battery-powered dirt bikes for kids. The 2-stroke engine is much more simplistic and features minimum complexities. Even though the fuel to power the engine will require pre-mixing, this dirtbike is best value dirt bikes for kids and beginners alike.

Its 4-stroke counterpart, on the other hand, is profoundly technically defined as compared to the 2-cylinder engine and does not require fuel pre-mixing. It also means that for this reason, the 4-stroke engine would need lesser maintenance expenses compared to the 2-engine dirtbike.

As for the battery-powered dirtbike, riders get to enjoy the beauty of a fully automated and environmentally friendly experience in motorbiking. Battery use implies zero waste emissions and, in turn, less harm to the environment. Keep in mind that electric bikes for kids don’t have engines so there’s no need for fossil fuel. Instead, these are powered by a combination of a rechargeable battery and a motor.

These kids’ dirtbikes all have their limitations, as is with every other usable product out there. They, however, provide the best platform for motor-racing and auto-sport familiarization and technique development. It is indeed the most best pit biking place to start for a kid.

When choosing, you should consider the capacity of the motor. As a rule of thumb, the higher the wattage, the more powerful the motor, the faster the speed, and the longer the runtime.

8. Max Speed

Most kid-friendly dirtbikes have a top speed of 25 mph although it must also be said that 20 mph is more realistic. You can find best dirt bikes with tops speeds between 15-17 mph, which should be sufficient for older kids and teens. You may also consider a kid’s dirtbike with selectable speed settings, such as the Burromax TT250, if a few kids will be using it (i.e., from 10 to 13 year old).

There’s a reason why manufacturers place age limits on their bikes and that’s speed. Younger children shouldn’t be allowed to ride larger kid’s dirtbikes since these aren’t only inappropriate for their size but these also tend to run faster.

10. Dirt Bike size

It is recommended that kids ranging from the age of 3 to 6 years of age are best suited for saddle heights ranging from 19″ to 22″, kids from 10-12 years of age are best suited for bikes with saddle heights ranging from 26″ to 31″, while kids averaging at least 5’2″ are best suited for 31″ to 35″ saddle to seat height dirtbikes.

11. Age Limit

Manufacturers usually provide a minimum age for users, such as kid’s dirtbikes for an 8-year old and for a 16-year old. We suggest following these recommendations first since the bikes are typically designed with size and features for the specific age group.

Nonetheless, you should also consider your child’s height and biking skills. Your 10-year old child, for example, may be tall and skilled enough for a larger dirtbike.

12. Budget

Price tags are often a reflection of what a product potentially promises to deliver. It would, therefore, not be too far of a stretch to expect significant variance in quality as the price fluctuates from one bike to the next.

Start with a budget, say, $250 before looking at your options. You may have to decrease or increase your budget depending on the available dirtbikes and their features but $250 is usually a good start. You should consider whether the bells and whistles are worth the extra cost, too.

Since electric dirt bikes don’t have high maintenance costs unlike their gas-powered counterparts, these are appealing for budget-conscious parents.  The main maintenance cost is for the battery replacement and the electricity expense for charging.

13. completely maintain the bike

And after acquiring the dirtbike, are you going to be able to effectively easy to maintain the bike? Once these questions are answered, a determination should be able to be made on whether or not it would be viable enough to gain a particular dirtbike.

Manufacturers and dealers all around the world have endeavored to facilitate different markets with versatile dirtbikes for kids to bridge the gap brought about by the growing demand for dirtbikes for kids. Making absolutely sure that safety considerations are prioritized while maintaining an authentic feel for a racing experience for younger kids has been a win for the motorsport industry and is proving to be an attractive venture for high spirited kids.

How to Size a Dirt Bike for a Kid

How to Size a Dirt Bike for a Kid

In many cases, it’s easy to find the right size of the dirt bikes for your child – just ask about the age suitability of the bike and then go from there. But since your child has unique proportions, such as when he or she is taller than most kids his or her age, then you have to look for other options.

A few tips for proper sizing:

  • Let your child sit on the bike.
  • Check that both of his feet touch the ground but only with the ball of his or her feet and toes. Plus, the heel of his or her feet should be in the air, as if on tiptoes but still maintaining a comfortable upright posture.

But you have to consider whether your child feels comfortable on the bike instead of being overwhelmed or intimidated by its size. You may want to choose a dirtbike that can grow, so to speak, with your kid. You will then get more value for your money and your kid will have more thrilling rides; adjustable seats and handlebars are great features.

How to Maintain the Battery for Electric powered Bikes?

How to Maintain the Battery?

Think of the battery as the heart of the electric bike so it’s important to maintain it properly.

  • Only use the charger and adapter supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid recharging the battery immediately after use; let it cool down after use before recharging, perhaps for an hour.
  • Regularly charge the battery every month or a couple of months – check the manufacturer’s instructions – even when the bike isn’t being used.
  • Keep the dirtbike in a cool and dry place to protect the battery, when it isn’t being used. (Keep it away from heat sources)
  • Remove the battery when cleaning and doing any work on the electric dirt bike; battery and water aren’t great companions.
  • Wipe off the dirt from the battery’s surface with a damp cloth only.


What is the price of a bike?
Putting a wide variety of factors into consideration, including the features and manufacturer of a particular dirtbike, one dirtbike can cost anywhere between $200 to a more pocket reaching $5,000.
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Again, depending on the manufacturer as well as the rider’s skill level, a 50cc dirtbike is comfortably able to reach speeds ranging from 25mph to 40mph. As alarming as this might seem, bikes are adequately equipped with safety measures like the throttle limiter that allows for the much-needed supervision while overseeing a motorbiking kid.
How do I determine the right engine cc for a bike?
For kid riders as well as adult beginners in motorbike riding, it is highly recommended that a dirtbike with an engine capacity not exceeding 110cc be used. This is considered to be much more manageable and beginner-friendly.
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Picking the Best Dirt Bike For Kids for You

Every manufacturer of dirtbikes for kids has their own techniques and features unique to their visions. Ultimately, all efforts are aimed at nurturing and developing young talents and molding them into future formidable and passionate professionals in the motorsport industry.

One model that stands out would be the Burrowmax Black TT250. Fun, efficient, trendy, sleek, and to top it all off, it is environmentally friendly. The future holds toxic fewer emissions from future technological creations. Not only is this model environmentally friendly, but your kid will also get the whole motorbike riding experience. No emissions on the bike mean no exposed burning parts. This is good news for any young driver out there.