Best Taotao Dirt Bike Reviews of 2020: An In Depth Review

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Who doesn’t enjoy riding a bike? No one, Right? Due to the popularity of dirt bikes all over the globe, there has been an increase in these bikes. Do you know what happens when the demand for a particular product increases?

Well, many firms arise in creating the same product but improved models to beat the competition. This case is the same thing that has happened to dirt bikes.

QG-213A 110cc


Coolster QG-213A 110cc Dirt Bike Blue

  • Air-cooled engine
  • Semi-automatic
  • No clutch
  • Lightweight
110cc Dirt Bike

Budget Friendly

110cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Mini Gas Dirt Bike Kids Youth Dirt Bike Pit Bike 110cc Gas Dirt Pitbike,Black

  • Hydraulic brake
  • 4-stroke
  • Air-cooled
  • Maximum control
Tao Tao DB14

Editors Pick

Tao Tao Dirt Bike DB14 (Green)

  • 110cc motor
  • 40 MPH
  • Air Cooled
  • Gas-powered

TaoTao is one brand that brings you the best taotao dirt bike in different designs and colors. Taotao dirt bikes are also high quality and affordable. To ensure that they are among the best, Taotao has integrated improved features to their bikes. Let’s check the Best Taotao Dirt Bike Reviews.

Best Taotao Dirt Bike Reviews

If you are considering to buy tour kid this bike, we have several options that you can check. They include the following:

1. TAOTAO DB14- Tao Tao 110cc Dirt Bike Review

  • This taotao model features a 110cc motor that is capable of supplying a perfect control level.
  • It uses a 40 MPH top speed for excellent acceleration.
  • Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Cooling: Air Cooled
  • Seat Height:28 inches
  • This dirt bike also contains rear and front hydraulic brakes that ensure that you can stop the bike when you want to.

Some people prefer a modest but at the same time an uncomplicated bike. If you are one of those, we bring the best design, tao dirt bike 110cc review. You will be sure to save a ton of money if you choose this chinese bike. Besides that, if you want to ride in style, Taotao 110cc dirt bike has got you covered on that. I think this is the best gift for your teen son. I think you should get him one. It will make him happy, and you the best dad.

The best thing about DB14 110cc is that it can be used for many purposes, from transport to just riding for fun. This taotao design mostly suits racetrack users. Get one for yourself and organize an off-road trip with your buddies. Trust me; this model will not disappoint you. Its flexibility is well handled, making it operate efficiently at any type of terrain.

  • Simple to regulate and acquire control over the ride
  • Its gears can shift up to number 4
  • This taotao model is gas-powered
  • It is a light-weight bike, perfect for young kids
  • It has a relatively high speed of 40MPH
  • Hard to assemble
  • The speed is too high for kids.

2. TAOTAO DB17- Tao 125cc Dirt Bike Review

  • This chinese bike is one of the fastest with a 125cc engine.
  • The engine is also 4- stroke air-cooled with single cylinder, which makes it an excellent choice for purchasing it at a friendly price.
  • Transmission: 4-speed, Manual Clutch
  • Taotao DB17 125cc dirt bike also offers an impressive suspension.
  • Its replacement parts are also accessible at a low price.

If you are searching for tao tao 125 dirt bike reviews, you are the right place. Evaluating 125cc dirt bikes, check the review. This is an ideal dirt bike for your kids, which comes in colors red. Your kids love red. Do they? That’s an absolute yes, I mean who can resist such an attractive color. Its weight limit makes it suitable for smaller adults wishing to start the bike riding experience.

Taotao DB17 125cc dirt bike features a four-stroke engine that contains a single cylinder. This taotao model’s engine is also 125cc air-cooled with a mechanism of four-speed gears. Taotao DB17 has a wheel that is broad enough to give a great balance. What is a bike without brake? A complete disaster. This bike contains a rare and front hydraulic brakes to help you stop and offers a kick start.

Do you like to go fast? Get the best helmet for your dirt bike right now! With a great price, this helmet will be sure to get you noticed.

  • Taotao DB17 dirt bike engine is potent
  • Assembling taotao DB17 125cc is straightforward
  • This model lasts for a very long period
  • It has a reasonable and friendly price
  • Taotao DB17 125cc dirt bike has a high speed
  • Extensive customer service
  • The Taotao DB17 125cc dirt bike is relatively heavy for young kids

3. TAO DIRT BIKE DB10- Tao 110cc Dirt Bike Review

  • DB14 dirt bike is an overall excellent model.
  • It features a hydraulic brake system to help in immediate stopping, thus ensuring your safety.
  • Its fuel capacity, 4 liters is enough for your kids to have a fun time.
  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, air-cooled, 110cc
  • Finally, its design is stylish and durable.
  • This is the best deal you have ever had.

Do you want to keep your kids entertained every time? Then, why don’t you get them a tao dirt bike DB10? Many people have been looking for db14 review, and here we are bringing you one. Sit back and relax as you get to know more about DB10. This model is one of the most stylish and high performing dirt bike. Similar to taotao DB14, this model also has a 110cc engine. This makes it perfect for young toddlers.

DB14 dirt bike offers a kick start, which makes it very real and fun to young kids. It has an automatic transmission that makes it excellent for young kids and also beginners. What are you waiting for? With this dirt bike, your kids will also stay in a good mood. I think that’s an advantage to you too. The best thing is that it does not consume a lot of gas.

Looking for a helmet? Check out our reviews of the best dirt bike helmets and get back to riding.

  • Its hydraulic brake system ensures that there is maximum safety
  • DB14 dirt bike is very powerful
  • This model provides stability and maximum control to the use
  • It is ideal for all beginners
  • Extensive customer service
  • It is relatively small for the much older kids
  • The life of DB10 battery can be better

Tao Tao Dirt Bike Review Buyer’s Guide In 2021

Top 10 thing why I love TaoTao dirt bike

Riding a Tao Tao dirt bike is the most exhilarating activity anyone can try. The bike provides fun and adventure which has made it popular among people looking for adventurous experiences. TaoTao bike always gives me the best riding experience. Below are the things why I love TaoTao dirt bikes.

1)    The power of the bike

This is another factor that makes me love TaoTao bikes. It has a favorable power for both new rider and experienced rider. For the new rider, they can use less powered bike while experienced one they can use the one with more power

2)    The gas tanks

This is another thing why I love TaoTao bikes. They have the best gas tank which is made up of plastic making the bike to be lighter hence moving fast. The tank is big and in addition to that, you are not needed to refill it daily.

3)    The first kick

Tao Tao dirt bikes are very easy to start compared to other dirt bikes. You just need to kick it and use start. You don’t have to sweat while starting because it is very easy. It is even better if you have an electric start.

4)    Break of the bike

The breaks are very sensitive and they are the same in all bikes. In TaoTao bikes the breaks come above than the below. When it is on the below it may be damaged or stuck when the bike bends down however TaoTao breaks cannot be damaged.

5)    The oil cool

This is another thing why I love TaoTao bikes. It is good to know whether your bike has an oil cooler that will keep your oil cool rather than running the gear on a hard time. TaoTao may last longer compared to other bikes with no oil cool. This is because the engine will not overheat.

6)    Its exhauster

It has nice clean exhauster compared to other bikes that why I love it.

7)    Gold fox

This makes me love TaoTao bike I like bikes with gold because they look different. The gold fox makes it look cleaner.

8)    The panel of the bike

The panel of TaoTao bike are very good looking, they are very clean making it look like a Chinese bike. The panel is easy to take off compared to other bikes. TaoTao panel comes off as one panel and when cleaning the bike, you just feel better to have everything organized.

9)    The seat of the bike

The height of the seat is high compared to another bike. It is thin but taller making it be compatible for one to sit on it and ride. The height of the seat makes the bike look big.

10)    The engine of the bike

This is another thing why I love TaoTao bikes.  It has two choices for both a new rider and an experienced rider. For a new rider, you are advised to use a bike with 2 stroke engines while for experienced rider you can use a bike with four stroke engines.

Quick tips when choosing the specific TaoTao dirt bike

Apart from features, you need to make sure you know all the tips to consider when choosing a dirt bike that is will suit you. They are many tips to consider for example size, weight and the style of the bike. Below are some of the tips which can help you when choosing a bike.

Experience or skill level

The skill level is a critical tip that you have to consider when choosing TaoTao bike. If you are buying it for the first time, then you most look off these affordable for a new rider and consider going with the much lighter variants. These bikes are much easy to use to a person with no experience.


When purchasing a TaoTao bike you have to consider weight because it is a critical tip. If you are a new rider you should avoid starting with dirt that are too small since their weight could affect the suspension

Shock and suspension

This is another critical tip to consider when purchasing TaoTao bike, as you know dirt bikes can be ridden on rough and bumpy roads hence make sure you purchase one that can withstand such exploitation.

The style of a bike

This is another tip to consider when purchasing a Tao Tao bike. Make sure the bike that you choose matches your personality and style. When riding a bike, you will defiantly like to look good. Then consider not judging the bike by its look but keep the parameter ahead of factor to enjoy an amazing ride.

The engine

This is the first tip to consider when choosing the bike. You have to know whether you want a2 stroke or 4 stroke engines, you have to decide first. If you are a new rider then 2 stroke engines will be the right choice for you because it is lighter and easier to handle, but if you have experience 4 stroke engine is ideal for you.

Are TaoTao worth it?

With all the experience of riding TaoTao bike, I have gained a lot of insight into the TaoTao bike. The TaoTao brand is making an impact in the world of dirt bikes. One of the top choices is DB10 and it is targeted to the new rider. It comes with steel frame 4 stroke 110cc air cool engine and 1-gallon fuel capacity.

If you enjoy riding in the woods, then these dirt bike tires are for your off-road adventures.

The tires of both front and rear are rated 2.75-10. The bike is started by kick start. The tires have a drum brake and disk brake which is found at the front. This bike is among affordable types. It has an amazing design and it is powerful.

TaoTao DB17 125cc dirt bike this is best for young one. It comes with a quality steel framework that retains its integrity. It has a powerful 125cc, 4 stroke engine that is linked to 4 speed manual clutches. The bike comes with 1.5-gallon fuel. This bike is well made, it has plenty of power and it is very responsive.

How Long To TaoTao Dirt Bike Last

TaoTao bikes are blast to ride. They are suitable for someone who is taller, learning how to do stunts and trail riding one will enjoy because of it perfect for it. If you want to purchase dirt bike you should be ready to do some wrenching; it makes wrenching to a new rider less intimidating from what I know if you take good care of it will last forever. With no doubt, I can assure you that all you have to do is to maintain your bike.

TaoTao Dirt Bike Height (Will It Fit Me?)

How strong and tall are you? Ask yourself this question before buying the bike. If you are not strong, arms stretching power of 2 stroke 250cc may be too powerful for you. However, if you are tall and strong you need dirt with suspension and sufficient power to accommodate you. Adjust the seat of your bike before walking away. You can confirm this with your salesperson if the bike is a little bit tall.

When purchasing a bike for a fast-growing kid, you have to consider height. Purchase a dirt bike that is your match that is height, weight, strength and skill level this will allow you to ride safely and effectively. One way of knowing whether the bike suits you is to get on the bike, try sitting and see whether the feet will touch the ground then you can now conclude that the bike is ideal for you.

 TaoTao Dirt Bike Speed Test

The TaoTao dirt bike most of them have a given speed average. TaoTao DB27 bike are sold pit bike down their core with a very strong rear shock suspension. The rear shock suspension will provide one with more comfortability when riding in rough and on the bumpy roads.

The DB27 dirt bike it is equipped with 125cc speed hand engine that is 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine, Honda engine has a style gas which has a kick start large oversized hidrotic disc brakes and a big knobby off-road tire. It can hold up to 250 pounds and comes in with a different color that is black, white and orange.

TaoTao Pit Bike Assembly Overview

First, you have to put the pit bike on a stand, then turn down the shock in both the one in the bottom and the other one on the top. The second step is putting the handlebar hanging which it is a very simple step, you just have to loosen the bolt up and use the gloves to take your handlebar off.

The next step is to put on the front wheel by unloosening and just have them hanging loose. Some bikes come with a plastic keeper after removing the plastic keeper your bike should be on the stand always. After preparing your fox and your first spacer which going to be the little one, then push through your first fox.

Use the pressure in your wheel to hold the spacer on its place. Take the second spacer to hold it in the place and you slide the fox. The long spacer always goes on left

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Picking the Right Tao Dirt Bike Reviews for Your kids

Taotao is a brand that has led to significant changes in the dirt bikes’ world. Its models that have great bike features target both beginners and intermediate riders.

Our best taotao, in this case, is Taotao DB17 125cc dirt bike. Although it’s a bit heavy, the weight is something that most can handle. What it can offer is more compared to other models. The decision is yours to make now. Choose the best to get the best.