Dirt Bike Gift Ideas for Your Kids

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If you are planning to get your kid a gift, then you would probably be wondering what to buy on wish. Additionally, if you know nothing about biking, then you will be stumped between ideas, just thinking of what you can get for your rider kid.

However, a lot of people will opt to go for toys and stuff, but if you want to get them something that they will treasure and appreciate, then this guide will be of great use to you. It has a lot of pretty general ideas that most kid dirt bike enthusiasts will love.

Dirt gift ideas for your kids


These are usually precisions that are made from aluminum, light-weight, and of high quality. Getting your kid and dirt bike peg can help keep them away from accidental tip-overs, thus prevent injuries. Usually, the footpegs are perfect for providing your kid with grip when they brake or hold while on the bike. It can just be the best gift as it offers comfort during biking.

Boot washstand

Boot washstand can be the perfect Christmas gift for your kid rider. This is simply because when your kid rides dirt bikes, it means that they are going to get dirty. Moreover, as a parent, you would want to protect them from dust and mud and keep their gear looking fresh. This boot comes in handy when rising off motocross boots. They stay suspended, and you can rotate the boots or stand when cleaning. It makes cleaning your kid’s boots work much easier.

Motorcycle helmet hook

It is among one of the items that bike riders forget on their list. Usually, the hook is a simple metallic hook that you can attach on the helmet of the kid to keep it firm. Imagine how the kid feels when they have an idea that the helmet is stiff on their heads? Well, I guess they will gain confidence and enjoy bike trips. On top of that, the hook is designed in a way that it can fit any helmet and makes it easy to air out a sweaty dirt bike helmet.

Do you like to do trail riding? If so, then this is a product for you. This tire has the ability to grip even when it’s wet and muddy.

Maintenance timer

The timer is mostly used by those who love biking as a sport and would like to time themselves. Kids also grow the love for biking when they are timed. This is a unique gift idea for a motorcycle enthusiast as it makes it easier for them to maintain intervals on their dirt bike. Hats great about this is that it will allow you to rest the timer after maintenance is performed; thus, you have an idea of when to perform maintenance on the bike again.


Gloves provide comfort and airflow while reducing the risk of catching blisters. Kids can tend to withstand long hours of cycling without getting tired. So getting your kid gloves can play a crucial role during riding. In most instances, bike riders often match the color of the gloves with their outfit. Most kids would prefer colorful gloves, and you should check them out if you are interested in this gift idea.

Dirt bike helmet

You want your kid to protect your kid from dangers during biking, right? Well, any parent would opt to go for this gift idea for their kids. There are a lot of helmets in the market, and the quality is never-ending. You should opt to go for high quality, safety, and hard to beat helmets. Helmets are essential because they absorb impact and reduce rotational forces imparted on the head. Helmets are among the best gift ideas for bikers as they offer protection.

Gear bag

Kids cannot carry all their stuff together if they are not well packed. Getting the roller gear bag for your kid can make it possible for them to keep their stuff intact during biking. Since dirt bike riders haul a lot of gear with them, this bag features storage areas such as the main compartment, separate ventilated compartments for boots and helmet. It also features smaller compartments for things like socks-shirts, among others. Besides, the bag has a changing point where the kid can change without stepping in the mud.

Riding gear

Purchasing a new riding attire for your kid might spice up the mood of the kid. Although it may seem like an easy task, you need to know the right size attire for the kid. Kids always feel happy in new attires. It is good to remember the preferences of your kid on clothes to help you choose the right gear for the kid.


Dirt bike grips are always in need of bikers. This is because they always tend to wear down easily when riding, and you have to replace them. Getting this as the best gift for the kid will help them ride with confidence as they will always have spare grips to change at any time. The grips feature a tube that enables you to tighten the grip on the handlebar. Changing the bike grips for the kid occasionally can be an awesome gift for the kid. Try out this gift idea.

Launch control device

Do you often ask yourself what gift to get a biker for Christmas? Do you feel you want your kid to have the best moment at the start of the bike ride? Well, this is the gift idea to consider as it allows the rider to put more weight on the front of the bike for an effective start.

If you’re looking for a good tire to ride in the woods, the Maxxis Ignitor is one of the best choices. It’s durable and has a great tread pattern that grips well on difficult terrain.

 Gift Ideas for Bike Lovers

Bell stoker bike helmet

We all want to give out gifts that will make someone proud. Bike helmets are among the best gift for bike riders as they protect their noggin. This gift will ensure that their head is kept safe and well equipped for airflow to ensure comfort during riding. These helmets also reduce rotational forces when the helmet gets hit at an angle. Check this gift idea out, and let’s surprise bike lovers.

Bike hitch rack

If you know a bike lover who is still using an old bike rack, then this might be the best gift to give out. This upgraded rack does the most, and they might appreciate you for this gift. On top of it, this can accommodate most bikes regardless of the wheel size, frame size, and suspension. The secure hook arm can hold the front arm secure in place so that riders have a smooth ride.

Smart bike trainer

Let’s try and move from giving surprises that are used once in a while and move to things that can be used daily by bikers. This can be a good gift idea for motorcycle riders as it ensures that there is no off day for cyclists. This trainer is mostly designed for indoor training as it helps riders keep up with their progressive rides. Additionally, its compatibility with the phone enables riders to track, analyze, and share their workout data with their phones.

Hydration pack

Surprise them with a gift that will keep them going. The hydration pack is a unique pack that has a lot of space and offers an easy gathering of their riding. Its design keeps the riders comfort and user ability effectively. The pack is also lightweight and has straps that help the riders to carry it easily. Moreover, cyclists don’t have to worry about the leakage since the valve shuts securely.


This helps bike lovers to cycle at night with easy visibility. For cyclists, their security comes first. So this gift idea has a digital display that shows the remaining time. With this, cyclists will rejoice in not having to guess the amount of time remaining before the light goes off. This backlight conserves energy by using a battery conserving mode that lasts for long hours.

Thermal arm warmer

Biking can tend to be cold at times, especially in winter areas. This pair of thermal arm warmer can offer warmth on longer rides. An elastic band and a silicone gripper are used to hold the warmer in place. The upper arm has an interface that will perfectly fit in your riding gear. This is a gift that will essentially be of need to most bike riders as it is of longer usability.

Bike repair stand

Bike riders are not aware of what can happen on a ride. It takes a hole, a pothole to get the bike temporarily damaged. This is a gift that can help address standard repairs on the bike. The stand offers maximum stability or uneven or flat surfaces. Equip bike lovers with this to ensure they ride the best.


Planning on getting a present for cyclists might be a hard task. With the gift ideas above, I am sure you will have a better choice of what to purchase. Bike lovers are always in love with the cycling idea. Inspire the memorable moments of the cyclists in your life by gifting them with some of these awesome presents. You will surely put a smile on their faces as they will feel appreciated.  Additionally, getting a gift for a bike lover allows them to learn that people care for their safety when it comes to riding. Besides, safety comes first.