Dirt Bike Size Chart: What’s The Best Fit For You or Your Child

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Dirt bikes are great and fun for kids. However, in some instances, you need to be able to distinguish between the kind of dirt bike for your kid. It is not an easy task finding the right dirt bike for your kid. Well, we have narrowed the difficult task for you. Here is some resourceful information on what to look for when purchasing a kid’s dirt bike. This way you will have the right recommendation as well as be equipped with awesome ideas on dirt bikes.

Dirt Bike Size Chart

There are a wide variety of dirt bikes, and you need to make sure that you choose the right bike, depending on the age of your kid.

For 3 to 6 years

Kids at this age, you will probably be asking yourself what size of a dirt bike I should get? As a guideline, you should go for dirt bikes with a low speed, such as 10mph. Speed is the main factor to consider as it helps in reducing injuries. Additionally, ensure that the smallest dirt bike for a 3year old should notgo faster than 3mph.

For 7 to 9 years

This is the most common time to get into dirt bike riding. At this age, the kids have a desire for larger and fast kicking bikes. Moreover, they have developed biking skills and the ability to handle larger bikes. This means that you can consider dirt bikes with50cc to be the best dirt bike for an 8-year-old. The size of the dirt bike and type is usually not as important as the engine size and speed.

For 10 to 11 years

At this age, the kids are way grown up and have some courage. They can easily jump on bikes from 50cc to 70cc. You can probably go for bigger bikes with higher speeds and stability. Razor dirt bikes are well known and always cross-check for the best razor for 11 years old.

A great tire for the right bike is a must if you want to have fun on your dirt bike trail.

For 12 to 14 years

Kids at this age can ride on bikes that start from 50cc up to 125cc as it will hold boundaries and secure the kid from danger. Choose any dirt bike from that range that best suits your kid. In some instances, the kids can ride a dirt dike of 250cc. However, give them this opportunity after you have accessed their ability with the 50 to 125 cc dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Seat Height Chart

It is not appropriate to estimate and conclude that the height of the seat should be matched off with the actual height of the kid just to come up with the seat height of the dirt bike. This is what happens with most parents, and in my view, it is an improper way of estimation. You might find out that some people have longer legs, and some have longer upper bodies. However, the below chart will help you determine what size of a seat height you will need before you get on the dirt bike.

Always remember that this chart offers approximations of the sizes to go for and not the actual measurements. Mostly the dirt bikes with low seat heights are perfect for short people and kids.

HeightSeat height
182 cmFrom 37.5 inches seat height
178 cmBetween 35  to 39 inches tall
167 cm34 to 37 inches tall
162 cm33 to 36 inches seat height
157 cm31 to 35 inches tall
Kids 10 -12 years26 to 31 inches seat height
Kids 8 to 9 yearsRanges between 24 to 28 inches tall
Kids 3 to 6 years old50 cc bike

How to Choose a Dirt Bike Size

Always make sure that you select the right dirt bike depending on the age of your kid. However, you might have problems getting the right size of a dirt bike. You are probably asking yourself what size of a dirt bike you should get for your kid. Well, you should consider these tips when choosing a dirt bike size for your kid.


Weight is an essential factor to consider when choosing a dirt bike. The overall weight of your body determines the suspension and stability of your dirt bike. This one of the key reasons why you should consider your weight before buying a dirt bike. A person weighing 150 pounds or less should consider purchasing a bike that is 250cc. It is advisable to avoid purchasing a dirt bike that is too small because your weight might fail to accommodate it. Those weighing 100 pounds and less, consider buying a dirt bike that is 100cc and less.

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It is crucial to always think of your height before purchasing a dirt bike. Additionally, know the strength of your bones as it may affect your arm-stretching power. Make sure that you go for the dirt bike that suits your height and can accommodate you.

Height is an important factor to check out for, especially if you are buying a bike for a fast-growing kid. Purchasing the right bike allows them to grow into the biking sport quickly and effectively. Always try fitting on the bike by sitting on it and check if your feet touch the ground. If one-third of your feet approximately touch the ground, then that might just be the perfect size for you.


Before you purchase a dirt bike, sit down, and have an estimate for the money you want to spend. However, of what happens, make sure that the quality dirt bike you buying offers the value of your money. Budget is also an essential factor that might affect the size of a bike one will want to purchase.

Ask for support from the dealers

If you have less information on the right size of the dirt bike you want to purchase, consider inquiring from the experts. Being in a position to shop for the right size of a dirt bike might be a tough task, and you might need a qualified and experienced person to be of help.

Biking time

The amount of time is also an essential factor that will determine the size of a dirt bike to purchase. How much time you are planning to spend on the bike riding, are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before purchasing a dirt bike. For instance, if you are planning on taking longer hours riding, then find the right size that is suited for that. Don’t go for purchasing the bigger beasts in the market if you probably know that it can’t withstand tough longer hours. You should always have an idea of how many hours you will be riding before you go for bike shopping.

How to Know the Size of a Bike to Buy

One of the most important decisions to make on bikes is finding and selecting the perfect size of a bike. The size of the bike affects the comfort, the fun, and the safety, so getting it right will just be a plus. The steps below will guide you on how to pick the perfect size with minimal effort.

Measure the bike:

Ensure that you take measurements of the seat height. This is because it is the most crucial measurement to your comfort. The seat height typical refers to the distance between the seat of the bike and the pedal when it’s at the bottom of its rotation. Take correct measurements because this is what will decide the size of the bike that will suit your body height.

Take measurements of the inside of your leg length:

Always ensure that you are standing with your legs flat on the ground for accurate measurements. This will help you determine the frame size of the bike. For instance, if it ranges between 68 to 78 centimeters, choose a frame size that ranges between 16 to 17 inches.

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Size the measurements:

It is good to size the measurement on the seat height chart when you are purchasing a bike. This will help you get the right size of a bike with the correct seat height for your body. Moreover, if you visit the dealer’s shop, you can do the practical measurements of the bike. By this, I mean, you get on the bike and adjust the seat to your comfortable height and test if the bike can accommodate you perfectly.

Take a short test ride:

This is the most crucial part of knowing the right bike. It is crucial to note that personal preferences are different from real-time experience. Make changes wherever you feel that the bike is not comfortable.


Whenever you are choosing a bike, always put in mind that your safety and comfortability comes first. Most of people might go for smaller bikes due to the fear and perceptions that large bikes are heavy. However, that might not just be the case, choose a bike that can accommodate your weight and height.

Additionally, choosing a bike for the kids is way different, as there are few additional things to consider. The kids might also take more time to learn the art of biking. Ensure that you have a rough idea of the things to consider before purchasing a bike for your kid.

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