How to Get Your Kid Started Racing Dirt Bikes

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How do you get your kid racing dirt bikes? Do you feel that your kid is old enough to race dirt bikes? But how do you even tell that they are ready? If you cannot answer these questions, do not worry. This guide presents to you some of the most effective tips on how to get your kid started racing dirt bikes.

Once you get to understand what you need to do as a parent cum trainer, you will realize that it is not as difficult as you may have anticipated. Starting young is probably the easiest and most effective way to do it. It is also cheaper to identify your child’s talent in this sport if you invest in them at an earlier age. From this guide, you will get some important dirt gift ideas for your kids.

How old do you have to be to ride a dirt bike?

There is no specific age for this. Some kids start riding as young as four years in age. You will find 50 cc bikes with training wheels on them. So, the age to get your child started can depend on various factors. Remember, younger children should train with their parents standing next to the tracks.

That way, such parents can keep a closer watch on their children as they ride so that they can help the kids up when they fall. It becomes easier when they are out near the tracks. At the age of 14, your child should be good enough for most events, especially if they started training at an earlier age.

This is also the age when kid riders usually get separated based on gender so that girls ride with girls or women while boys ride with boys or men. The riding gets more serious at this age. This is the perfect time to gift your child with the best dirt bike for a 14-year-old.

Talk about the best dirt bike tire for trail. We have a review of 10 different tires and help you make your decision.

How much does a dirt bike cost?

Or, how much does a mini motorcycle cost? Regardless of the nature of cost, it all depends on, among other things, the brand, model, and engine capacity. However, you can always find the best dirt bike for the money. So this should be the least of your worries. Not many companies make the best dirt bikes for beginners, especially for kids.

For the youngest riders, make sure you buy the best 50cc specially designed to accommodate or suit child learners. If the child is older and has better riding skills, you should give them a 65cc or 70cc dirt bike. Only a few major brands make bikes that meet the necessary qualities or standards. Therefore, you need to be keen on the model to buy for your kid.

Yamaha PW50 is the most common and one of the most reputable models for starters. Other amazing models for beginner kids include the KTM 50SX Mini, the Honda CRF50F, and the Cobra CX50JR. Get your kid started with any of these machines.

One of the most important things that you should also keep a note of is that the size of the bike should correspond with the rider’s age or even his or her size. In other words, do not start your child on a too large or too small of a bike. Most kids do really well with 50 cc as their first bike on their first dirt bike rides. But if 50 cc is too small for your child, even if it is his or her first time, consider buying a bigger bike. When the bike size suits the rider, training becomes more effective. You also need to consider the fact that when the bike is too small, your child might outgrow it sooner.

Safety and Safety Gear

Safety is always a critical sub-topic to address topics like this. The good thing about dirt bike riding is that there are lots of effective safety gear available, and they can keep your child safe throughout the training or during a serious race. Find out about the necessary gear and analyze what must be put on before riding the bikes. The Safety gear that your child puts on during a race should be the same safety gear they put on while riding at home. In other words, no bike riding event needs more or better safety gear than others. You should treat all riding with the same seriousness when it comes to safety gear selection. Safety gear for dirt bike riding include:

  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Chest protector
  • Riding boots
  • Goggles

These are the minimum you can have as safety gear. They also are the basic safety gear for dirt bike riding. There may be more out there, but these are the most important among them. Your child should not get on that bike before putting on all the riding, as mentioned above gear. Also equally crucial for racing is a dirt bike Jersey and motocross pants.

Where to Ride Dirt Bikes Near Me

If you want to get your child started on this entertaining and developing sport, get a flat, straight road for a start. Likewise, make it a dirt road. This will make your kid’s practice more effective. Finding a flat, straight dirt road should not be difficult. If there is none nearby, you should extend your search a little bit further because it is the perfect training ground for beginner riders. The more deserted the dirt road is, the better.

When there is no traffic at all, your kids are bound to have so much fun training on it. Less or no traffic means minimal interference from other motorists or pedestrians. As a beginner, all they need to learn first is how to go straight and how to avoid falling. At this stage, they need not practice making 180 degrees turns. That is why they must practice on a ground with a simple topology or setting.

Teach one Fundamental at a Time

Learning to ride a dirt bike requires that you practice one fundamental on each trip. Teaching everything at once may confuse the kid. You begin with the basics. At this stage, you need to start by teaching your kids how to ride a dirt bike. Show them how to start the bike, and how to move on a straight line. Then show them the foot brake and the throttle. Put them on first gear and let them ride on it the entire time. That is enough for the first trip. It is not smart to overload them with information at once. Afterward, you can teach them how to make a 180 degrees turn on the next trip. Step by step, and they will be complete riders in no time. If you teach them one tip at a time, they are more likely to learn everything within a shorter time.

Dirt Bike Training for Beginners near Me

If you are not up for the task of training your kid, you can use dirt bike training programs for beginners near you. There are organizations out there that offer this kind of training. Some tracks require Motorcross club membership. In many cases, beginners also get a chance to sign up for classes. Members also get an opportunity to practice on the tracks every time before each race that they take part in.

 If you have big plans for your kids and if you would like them to race eventually, registering them as members at such racing clubs would be a huge step towards achieving that goal. It would also help advance their skills and develop them into mature riders in a more cost-effective way.

Likewise, your child can be trained on either indoor or outdoor tracks. For a beginning rider, the difference between indoor and outdoor racing can be huge. Though the two environments present different types and degrees of technicality to riders, younger riders are likely to experience the variance more. There are seasons when outdoor tracks are impossible to use.

During such seasons, you should train your child within indoor tracks if there is any in the neighborhood. If the season does not favor outdoor racing, indoor tracks can save the day. Also, indoor tracks tend to offer more technical dirt bike riding courses. Such environments often contain tight corners and jumps that are closer together. This may look like a disadvantage for a beginning rider, but that is not the case. Such technical terrains help trainees to gain critical riding skills.

Final Verdict

With this guide, by now, you should know how to get your kid started racing dirt bikes. There are lots of options on how to go about it. You can teach your kids by yourself, or you can sign them up for dirt bike riding classes near you. Either way, your constant support can get them going and would play a vital role in their riding skills development. Questions such as how fast do dirt bikes go can only be answered when you finally see your child racing after passing a successful training session. So, help your child realize their talent by supporting them in every way you can.