How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Dirt Bike

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It comes to a certain age when our kids will opt to get a bike for themselves. Therefore, you need to get them the best beginner dirt bike for kids. You will probably have a lot of questions on which is the best type of bike to buy your kid. If you are having such problems, then I would recommend you to try a dirt bike.

This is a kind of bike that is lightweight and occasionally is used to ride off the roads. Its design is made in a way that it can handle tough terrains; thus, your kids are at safety while riding. Here are some of the lessons on how to teach a kid to ride a dirt bike.

What Age to Teach a Child to Ride a Dirt Bike?

As they say, age is just a number. So there is no specific age for your child to start riding dirt bikes. Any child of any age can start riding dirt bikes whenever they feel like. In most instances, when the kids want to start riding bikes, as a parent, this is the most confusing and frustrating time. This is because most of you start thinking of the age recommended. Well, we get it and parents are secure of their children.

Moreover, dirt bikes are cool bikes, and your child may want to try them out as soon as possible. Follow your instincts and don’t rob the little champ their happiness whenever they feel that they are ready to start riding on dirt bikes. Remember that there are a lot of dirt bike riding protective gear that you can purchase to keep the kids safe. You can get the best electric dirt bike for 12 year old or any other age to suit the needs of your child.

One of the essential things to do is to sit down and have a candid conversation with the kid. If they insist, be open-minded on how you perceive your kid, and this can help you have a significant answer to your questions. However, if you feel that your kid is not ready, try and make them understand why you don’t want them to start riding.

How To Teach A Kid How to Ride a Dirt Bike

It is among most of the frequently asked questions every parent would want answers to. We all want tips on how to coach our kids to ride a dirt bike in a safe, enjoyable, and productive way. The first thing that you need to do is to get the best dirt bike brands for kids so you can train them easily. These are some of the ways that will help you improve your coaching sessions.

Practice turning lessons in an open field: Learning turning is a huge process for a kid. Using a two-wheeled vehicle turning the handlebars is not just effective. The kid has to learn how to learn and change direction during cycling. Turning might be a difficult task for the kids because in order to turn without falling, they have to be going fast enough. Always make sure that you use an open field that is free from moving vehicles. This is because the kids are still learning and are not familiar with how to avoid getting hit by vehicles.

For those who want to ride dirt bikes in the woods, you’ll need a tire that can take on bumps and ruts while giving you enough traction for quick turning. Love to go dirt biking in your woods? Check out our reviews of the best tires for a thrilling ride!

Break down how the bike works: Start by breaking down how the bike works. This can be done at home or on terrain. Teach your kid basics of how to handle the bike for them to feel comfortable and get rid of the fear in them. Breaking, turning, and acceleration are some of the basics things the kids need to understand before they get on that bike. More advanced information like which brakes to use comes later whenever you feel that your kid is ready.

After teaching them the basics, you can proceed to give them a little push. Always remember that constant practice will help the kid to learn faster and catch up well.

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Always teach them how to keep a good stance: When we talk about stance, it means everything when riding a dirt bike. Weight distribution is the most important of all. Teach your child to ride while sitting near to the front than the back. This is because the closer the kid sits near the front, the more traction the kid puts on the front wheel, which is beneficial when turning time arrives.

Additionally, teach your kid to ride while standing as it helps to get the balancing faster. The kids must also have an idea of riding while looking forward. Teach your kids not to trust the roads at all. Finally, teach your kids to ride with their arms up and elbows out. This is always a good position for their arms to support them. It also keeps them away from the rest of their body so that they ease their movements.

The kids must be involved: If you really want your kids to be excited about bike riding, you really have to invest a lot in making them get involved. Children like to have input in their lives, so allow them to choose a couple of things and advise them accordingly. As a parent, give them an opportunity of freedom so that they can enjoy their riding.

Best Place to Teach a Kid to Ride a Dirt Bike

Kids are mostly scared when it comes to bike riding, especially if it is their first time. So take time and look for a flat straight dirt road. Ensure the road is straight has no traffic. In most instances, sandy roads might cause harm and damage to the bike. The kids end up crushing frequently, and this can terrify them if it is their first time riding.

However, with straight flat roads, the kids will surely have more fun. Imagine the excitement on your child if she or he can stay steady on the bike and ride without crashing? I doubt if the kid can be scared. The kid will gain so much confidence and will never want to miss bike rides.

Always remember that practicing and going straight is the best thing to do on this road as your kid doesn’t have to do turns. Additionally,teach your kids in open fields. Mostly open fields and straight roads go hand in hand. Ensure that the field has no traffic to keep the kids safe and secure from being hit by vehicles. In such fields, the kids also gain the courage to take up the dirt bike lessons.

Tips on How to Teach a Child to Ride a Dirt Bike

After getting your child the best 50cc dirt bike, the next step is to train them how to ride it safely. These tips will help you.

Start them off on sizeable bike:

Always make sure that you start your kids on the right size of the bike. In most instances, kids start using a 50cc dirt bike since it is lighter, smaller, and less intimidating. This gives them the ability to gain courage during cycling. Larger bikes may look fitting on your kid, but they are usually too heavy to handle. You will find that when they try to turn, they almost dump the bike. However, if your kid is outgrown, don’t start him on a 50cc dirt bike as it will be much smaller on him.

Teach them one tip each trip:

Start from the basics, such as showing them how to start the bike and the different types of gears on the bike. Don’t overload the kids with information during their first ride. It can tend to be difficult for the kids, especially during turning since the weight of the bike might overpower them, and they end up falling.

Ditch the training wheels:

It would be better training if you start off your kids without the training wheels on the bike. It is always a good choice for your kids to start riding classes without the training wheels. It takes time, but in three to four of the rides, they will gain confidence.

Always start training your kids on a flat, straight dirt road: You wouldn’t want to scare you kids by taking them to hard roads where the bike will be impossible to ride. Take the kid to a straight flat road and make it easy and fun for them to make rides. Such roads make it easy for the kids to stay on the bike, and they hardly crash. It is also easy for the kids to ride straight and avoid falling down.

Water breaks:

When kids are around bikes, they ride like crazy, and most of the time, they wouldn’t want to stop at any time. Riding causes their body to be dehydrated as they become sweaty from handling the bike, adrenaline, and the heat in gear. Always make sure that you stop your kids after a few trips to take water breaks. This keeps them cooler and makes their ride happier.

Make sure they wear the dirt bike gear:

Most of the kids are picky about clothes they wear. It would seem impossible for most of them to wear the heavy dirt bike gear. Always ensure that they wear the dirt gear to protect and keep them safe while riding. Also, it gives the kids confidence during cycling.

Never get frustrated:

The worst thing to ever do is to get frustrated when your kids crash while you are teaching them. Always remember that they are already intimidated when by the heavy bikes, and if you put more pressure on them, they will clamp. Start by promising the kids that falling doesn’t hurt. This allows them to know what they might encounter ahead.


Having your kids ride dirt bikes is a form of leisure activity that you wouldn’t rob your kids off. Give the kids freedom and take time to teach and learn what makes your kid happy. Dirt bikes are the best catch to start your kid off in riding. As a parent, your child needs to go riding as it helps to improve the health of the child. Ensure that you find the right dirt bike for the child depending on the age of the kid since it isn’t an easy task. Finally, bike riding is the best sport you wouldn’t want your child to miss.