Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Review

You might have heard about the kid’s bike Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc from China. The one whose makers claimed it to be ‘the best Chinese dirt bike.’ Now, it was welcomed with mixed reviews at first. Some were claiming it to be incredibly good, while others were doubtful of its qualities. I saw varying opinions … Read more

 SSR 50cc Dirt Bike Review

If you are anxious about your children staying indoors on their bed all day, then we have the right thing for you, with which you will surely put all the worry aside and be stress-free. Now, the solution is simple; a bike for your child. One that is specially designed for your child. The SSR … Read more

Razor MX650 Review

One of the most popular pastimes among kids is riding bikes. Obviously, these are not the same kind of bikes we see grown-ups riding. Instead, there are dirt bikes that are made specifically for children, teenagers, and young adults. The Razor MX650 dirt bike is one of the many options you will find when you … Read more

Razor MX500 Review

Is it possible to not consider Razor while buying dirt bikes?Don’t think so. Now, I am very impressed with Razor for making such great motorbikes consistently. I mean, to produce an awesome model out of the blue is one thing, but to come with a bunch of them within a short period is something else. … Read more

Coolster 125cc Dirt Bike Review

Are you someone who is desperately trying to get their kids out of the house during the long summer vacation, or want them to do some activities in the outdoors after school? Then look no further, dirt bikes might be the solution you have been looking for. Mainly the Coolster 125cc dirt bike is a … Read more

Apollo 70cc Dirt Bike Review

Chinese dirt bikes are making a name for themselves nowadays. There are plenty of reasons why parents of young children and teenagers prefer them. One such popular Chinese brand is Apollo; they have a wide range of dirt bikes available for customers to pick from. The Apollo 70cc dirt bike is one of the options … Read more