Monster Moto Mini Bike Review

Kids need a lot of distraction in order to stay away from getting sucked into the digital world. And we have the perfect distraction for you – Mega Moto Gas Mini Bike, which is designed particularly for 4-15-year-olds, will keep your child busy and in the real world of fun and learning. It will be … Read more

Razor MX350 Review

These days riding electric dirt bikes seem to be a hobby engrossing the youngsters of this generation. Just nothing seems to water down these youngsters’ enthusiasm in wanting to learn the technicalities of the device. So as parents, we are only left with one of two options: To keep on refusing them because we think … Read more

Apollo 250cc Dirt Bike Review

Dirt bikes are undoubtedly one of the most fun two-wheelers you are ever going to have the delight of riding. They offer dynamic features like shock-absorbent suspensions, knobby tires, high torque, twist-grip acceleration control, and other such multitudes. Dirk bikes are knowledgeably engineered to confront the toughest of terrains. From mountains to desert, professional motocross … Read more

Razor MX400 Review

A nice little electric dirt bike would make the next birthday of your little one the best day of his life. Lately, there have been some incredible bikes produced by different brands. Among them, Razor is one. It’s a very well-known name in the bike industry. That’s because guys over there know how to make … Read more

Coolster 70cc Dirt Bike Review

Thinking how to lure your kids from holing up in their rooms playing video games or browsing the internet all day long? Well, introducing them to dirt bikes could be one way of doing it! The exhilarating thrill and joy that a dirt bike offers is an incentive that few kids can refuse. Hence, teaching … Read more

Apollo DB-X18 125cc Dirt Bike Review

You might have heard about the kid’s bike Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc from China. The one whose makers claimed it to be ‘the best Chinese dirt bike.’ Now, it was welcomed with mixed reviews at first. Some were claiming it to be incredibly good, while others were doubtful of its qualities. I saw varying opinions … Read more