What Are the Best Dirt Bike Safety Gears for Kids

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Just like bike riding is an exciting activity for teenagers, it is also as exciting to kids. When they are introduced to it, they feel loved by their parents. Are you planning to surprise your kid with a gift? Giving him or her a bike to enjoy during her free time will be a fantastic idea at hand, although there are some safety measures to consider as you know injuries might happen at any point.

 Dirt bike riding is enjoyable since one will ride hard and compete with other kids, but the safety measures are to be considered to be safe in case of any injury. The problem will start if you allow your kid to use that dirt bike without having a protective gear. Remember, life is precious. Therefore, in this Best dirt bike safety gears for Kids review, I will discuss some of the things to consider to ensure the kid’s safety before letting them out with their bikes.

Best protective Gears required for riding dirt bikes

The following are some dirt gift ideas for your kids that ensure they are safe when riding a dirt bike.


Having protective clothing does not only protect the kid from rain or harsh climatic conditions while riding. Being a dirt bike ride, it might be fast and later leads to accidents. Yes, you had a gift idea for your kid, but remember to protect both the hands, fingers, chest, legs, and knuckles as well.

Chest protector

Never overlook this feature. Protecting the chest will ensure the safety of other vital parts of the body. Although most kids like rough terrain when they are with others, ensure your kid has a chest protector. It protects the spine and other parts. The best thing is to select dirt bike chest protector for kids that is lightly weighted to allow easy and flexibility while riding. Consider the chest protectors that suits the kids’ freedom while riding and contains a soft foam to ensure protection to the kid in case of any injury. A good example is Webotop Kids Dirt Bike Body Chest Spine Protector Vest that includes the following features;

  • Easily adjustable
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s safe and breathable

Dirt bike goggles

Goggles do not only make them look pretty as they say, but it is effective for the protection of their eyes against dust, grit, or any other dirt while riding. Taking the right size of goggles is the best thing. This means although you wanted to surprise your kid with that specific gift, letting him accompany you will give you a better chance to allow him to fit the perfect goggles. They must be comfortable and fit well in the helmet, and this will ensure a nice vision while riding hence giving him an enjoyable dirt ride. These goggles include JAMIEWIN Goggles ATV, which have outstanding features that will perfectly fit your kid. They include; to

  • Being comfortable to fit any face of the kid
  • They are light weighted and long-lasting
  • One can easily adjust the straps
  • They are unisex and multipurpose depending on the needs

Just finished up a review of the tires I use for my dirt bike rides. See if you find anything interesting about them or not.


Having a helmet protects the head as a whole. Remember, it’s a crucial part of the body since it contains the skull and the body. If not well protected, an accident can lead to death or damage the brain. Why risk and see your kiddie? Take precautions and get the best helmet for 4 years old! There are several helmets on the market but make a good choice. TMS Kids Red Flame does all you need. This is because of its outstanding features that are;

  • Enough ventilation that prevents sweating while riding
  • Light-weighted and durable thus easy to use
  • Has a snug inside and soft to easily wash it
  • Removable padding and an easily washable pad

Elbow and Neck guards

Although most of the parents might ignore this tool and say that it is less critical. What is your view? All the time, let us make sure our kids are safe. Having an elbow guard protects your elbow and forearm. While your kid has this protection, when he falls on the ground, he will not hit directly on the ground. This will protect himself from being injured. Don’t purchase something that is too heavy hence giving a hard time for your kid to enjoy the dirt ride.

Your kid’s neck can easily twist in case of an accident. This protection comfortably sits on the neck of the kid while riding. It also prevents him from unnecessary movements. Also, in case of an accident, your kid is always safe. When you teach your kid to use this type of while dirt riding, he will be used to them and always reminds you in case you forget to protect him. Sometimes it might be difficult to choose the best items for your kid. Having an expert by your side will help you make a right and perfect choice that you will never regret.

Dirt bike boots

These boots are very much essential while dirt riding since they protect the ankles, calves, and feet as well. Do you have a problem with selecting the best dirt bike boots for your kid? Don’t worry, and this review will help you out. Generally, you have to choose boots that your kids perfectly. While riding, a lot of strength is released; therefore, the boots given to the kid should be sturdy to protect the feet against any injury.

Do not rush for cheap boots that will tear after a short period. Purchase boots that will last for long, even though they might be a bit large, your kid will get an opportunity of growing having them. For the perfect choice, O’Neal Dirt Bike Boots and Fox Off-Road Boots for children are recommended since they are of high quality, have large buckles for protection and light-weighted.

Dirt Bike Gloves

The fingers are to be protected as well while dirt riding. To ensure safety, they should provide an excellent grip to the hand to prevent them from slipping off. This is because, when they are not well fit, they can lead to serious accidents like losing a finger. As you know, kids easily fall while dirt riding. This cannot be avoided. The only thing you can do is to protect your kid. The hands can get blisters at that time while riding. Having perfect and suitable gloves will save you from seeing your kid cry.

 The gloves should have good paddling and comfortably fit the hand. Do not choose any gloves available at the market since others are of poor condition and will not offer the best to your kid. ATV Off-Road Gloves provides amazing and outstanding features that are suitable for your kid. They have an extra grip which is Velcro to ensure comfort while handling the bike. Nevertheless, they have a warmth nature that does not provide sweat while riding but offers a cooling effect as well. Since touching on the ground might be the first solution while falling, let that get your kid’s hands well-protected.

Knee guards

While on a dirt bike, the knees are also the most important part of the body prone to injury, and in case of o an accident, it might get twisted or crushed. Having the best knee guard will always protect your kid since they will protect the knee against any unnecessary movements while riding. Therefore, look for a knee guard that is adjustable to perfectly fit your kid. For better results, Fox Knee Guard for kids provides maximum safety since they are of high quality and acts as a shield to the kid’s knees. The guards are plastic in shape and as a shield to the knees when riding.

Jersey and Pants

Do you think it is safe for your kid to go for a dirt ride on a bare chest? They might think that’s the best way, but the reputation of treating him is better than precautions. During summer seasons, the climatic conditions are so hot; therefore, sunburns can profoundly affect your kid. Ensure that he has a long-sleeved shirt to offer adequate protection.

Besides, make sure that the kid has a jersey to prevent unnecessary abrasions while riding. To be on the safer side, after wearing the jersey and pant, you can add protective gear since they are comfortable and gives your kid a cooling effect while riding. It also gives kids enough space for movement without any difficulty.


At this point, I hope the worry you had of deciding on which best dirt gift idea for your kid has been solved. Keeping in mind the best dirt bike safety measures, your kid will probably enjoy every bit if his or her dirt ride. Being a parent, ensure that everything on your kid is protected before releasing him out to play with others by buying these cheap riding gear for dirt bikes.

Ensure that you buy something durable, lightweight to give your kid a comfortable environment while riding. The main tools, which are; chest protector, helmet, boots, knee guards, and others discussed above, are always considered. Make the perfect choice for your kid and you will find many best place to buy dirt bike gear.